Gran Turismo 5 Launches Worldwide

November 23rd, 2010 by Jordan Greer

After more than 5 years of development and two painful delays, I am thrilled to announce that today – November 24, 2010Gran Turismo 5 is finally released to the public.

Our forums are exploding with activity – if you aren’t registered yet, sign up here right now (it’s free!). Working your way through GT5 with more than 146,000 other die-hard fans will take your experience to an entirely new level, and I’m about to release several major new site features on GTPlanet that will transform the way you play the game.

Meanwhile, check out the new opening intro movie for the Japanese version of the game, featuring Kazunori Yamauchi’s own “Moon Over the Castle” (instead of My Chemical Romance’s “Planetary (Go!)” for US/EU regions), and stay tuned for more updates live from the world launch party here in Madrid!

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  1. Nov. 24, 8:34am

    The UPS truck should be arriving, well…sometime today. Right now my copy is about 125 miles away. And getting closer each minute :)

  2. Nov. 24, 8:33am

    i got my GT5. i live in Europe time now 14:32. (2pm)
    im working now. and my New Ps3 320GB is updating Firmware.
    17:30 i get home to install Gt5 !!! cant wait.

  3. Nov. 24, 7:06am

    It’s already the 25th here :) Loving it!

  4. Nov. 24, 6:54am

    For me its november 25 or 26… it is going my way.. I can feel the alot of turbocharged energy comming closer and closer.. and closer..

  5. Nov. 24, 6:33am

    Just waiting for posty to deliver it in an hour or so then about half hour wait for it to install then its good bye social life.

  6. Nov. 24, 6:24am

    gotta wait till after work :(…. 12 more hrs so help me god if the local wal-mart is out when i get there

  7. Nov. 24, 6:13am
    Paul Mc

    Picking up my signature edition shortly.

    Merry GT everyone!

  8. Nov. 24, 6:07am

    You could learn how to do photography with the photo mode it’s so in-depth…

  9. Nov. 24, 6:05am

    Thanks Shopto for delivering mine yesterday, a full day before the release. Late night last night, went to bed at 2.40am… Work is very hard today…

  10. Nov. 24, 5:22am

    Anyone received their amazon stealth car codes yet?

    Incidentally, I’d like to race with some real gentleman racers, as opposed to the numptys on nfs shift – add me, my psn name is anotherway82 :o)

    • Nov. 24, 5:51am
      Magic Ayrton

      Going to add you!! I am magicayrton !!

    • Nov. 24, 7:42am

      Hi Mike, some good clean racing is what we want indeed, I will add you later. Mine is Bigadz83.

    • Nov. 24, 9:23am

      Same here. I’ll add you later, I like clean racing. As for the codes, no I haven’t got mine. Do we have to wait for them to send it through? I was expecting it to be in the case but there’s nothing in there with a code on it.

    • Nov. 24, 11:05am

      As far as I’m aware they should be emailed today. No sign of ’em yet.

  11. Nov. 24, 5:14am

    I have it! Yeah!

    40 min. Install! No!

  12. Nov. 24, 5:11am

    Just drove through a very snowy Helsinki in the winter’s first blizzard to get my CE. It had better be worth the trouble.

  13. Nov. 24, 4:29am

    Merry early christmas, everyone.

  14. Nov. 24, 4:11am

    can’t sleep… omg…

  15. Nov. 24, 3:25am

    FINALLY!!!! I’m getting it on the 9th though :(

  16. Nov. 24, 3:18am

    Good you mention it, I nearly forgot.

  17. Nov. 24, 3:07am

    Just got mine! :D
    and I’m in Oz and we got it 1 day early!

    • Nov. 24, 4:09am

      I tried my hand at possibly getting it a day early. I got a very quick and firm….. NO.

  18. Nov. 24, 2:51am

    Amazon UK despatched mine yesterday evening but whhhyyyyy did I opt for free super saver delivery? Fail.

  19. Nov. 24, 2:49am
    GT – Fiend

    I’ll be picking up my copy of Gran Turismo 5 in just over an hour, and to be honest if it’s like Gran Turismo 4 but online It’s going to be class…. anything else is a bonus.

  20. Nov. 24, 2:12am

    I will get this morning in 2-3 hours :))

  21. Nov. 24, 2:11am

    It’s 12:01 on the 24th and if it wasn’t -52c with the wind chill and the second coldest place on the globe right now I would be in line for gt5. Good old Calgary weather won’t stop me tomorrow. I’ve waited too long

  22. Nov. 24, 2:07am

    working abroad this week, so i wont be able to get to go on it till the weekend. Just hope my wife/kids answer the door to amazon man today back at home :(

    still its fun reading the comments and watching the gt news vids.

  23. Nov. 24, 1:58am

    I picked my copy up half way through my shift at work… then had to work the other half knowing it was in my locker… its a surreal feeling holding the disc. but she is safe in her new home, and installing as we speak… GOD DAMN YOU INSTALL YOU BITCH, FASTER….. *uses telepathic powers to will it to go faster*

  24. Nov. 24, 1:50am

    If by in your definition of “Worldwide” does not include Australia.

  25. Nov. 24, 1:47am
    lambo sv

    im off to go and get my signature edtion in a few minutes there was no midnight release but it is opening early today.

  26. Nov. 24, 1:45am

    Ke Nako

  27. Nov. 24, 1:26am

    Happy VGT day everyone!

  28. Nov. 24, 1:09am

    2hr 50min till I pick up my copy……..

  29. Nov. 24, 12:41am


  30. Nov. 24, 12:20am

    Now available at all good stores:
    Instant Awesome.
    Ingredients: moon over castle (100%)
    Directions: 1) Blend with item of average appeal. 2) Item is now awesome.

    Australia got moon over castle on GT4 so there’s NO reason why we shouldn’t get it this time.
    MCR you may like GT, but GT’s players dont like YOU, so boot off and don’t ruin it.

  31. Nov. 24, 12:10am

    :( you guys are lucky if you’re playing it November 24th…
    i have to wait 23 more days :(

  32. Nov. 24, 12:10am

    i will get the game today in my mail box so fingers crossed

  33. Nov. 23, 11:59pm

    Woo! Only 10 more hours for me…

  34. Nov. 23, 11:51pm

    The Dawn of a new Era…

  35. Nov. 23, 10:55pm

    this launch is only comparable to Skynet

  36. Nov. 23, 10:44pm

    I watch that video, and I think about how great tomorrow will be, and then I get a chubby. This release needs to be commemorated with a worldwide holiday.

  37. Nov. 23, 10:26pm

    Will be headed to my local game store first thing tomorrow morning :D

  38. Nov. 23, 10:13pm

    Is it just me that thinks the half that doesn’t show racing is a waste of time

  39. Nov. 23, 10:11pm

    About the new features. Is it possible we could see an iPhone app? I would even pay for something like that. Up to even $5.00 if it has good features

  40. Nov. 23, 10:04pm

    Tomorrow it begins.

  41. Nov. 23, 10:03pm

    Watch the “Awesome Reach” video on YouTube. This will be me and my friend tomorrow when we get home with our copies :)

  42. Nov. 23, 10:00pm

    EB isn’t getting the Collector’s Edition till 2 PM! Guess I won’t skip /all/ my classes tomorrow… :D

  43. Nov. 23, 10:00pm

    Can you give us a hint Jordan of what you have planned?

  44. Nov. 23, 9:52pm

    Yeah, my Amazon order shipped today. Such a surreal feeling, knowing that I’ll have GT5 in my hands tomorrow..

  45. Nov. 23, 9:47pm

    I want the Japanese version just for that intro, don’t care that I can’t read a single word in the game after that! haha

  46. Nov. 23, 9:46pm

    You didn’t want to leave this until after the game has been launched worldwide did you?

    It’s great that some have it, but at 1:45 in the afternoon we here in australia are still awaiting for the worldside release

  47. Nov. 23, 9:41pm

    I’m about to release several major new site features on GTPlanet that will transform the way you play the game.

    Anyone know what this could be?I guess since GT5 has arrived it’s time to start speculating about something else.

    • Nov. 23, 9:42pm

      The top line is what Jordan wrote in the new section at the top of the page.I forgot to quote it.

  48. Nov. 23, 9:33pm

    Nice .. Grand Turismo 5 is finally Out .. didnt think that i would say anytime soon..

  49. Nov. 23, 9:28pm

    Love the music and the integration of different cars and locations.. its pure hype. Makes me want to start playing the game.. if only I had a disc.

  50. Nov. 23, 9:23pm
    Jack Jarbas

    GRAN TURISMO 5 is being installed in my PS3 as I speak! hahaha


  51. Nov. 23, 9:18pm

    Im really glad we waited 5 years to compete in a Toyota Prius race lol

  52. Nov. 23, 9:09pm

    Whoooooooooooo amazon has shipped it. After work I will be running straight home and playing nonstop until Monday ;)Thanks what?

  53. Nov. 23, 9:00pm

    No one in Darwin is doing a midnight release! :(
    Looks like the $$8500 worth of Equipment in my loungeroom (all bought with GT5 in mind) is going to have to wait another 24 hours.

    • Nov. 23, 9:39pm

      Brag much?I am totally jealous though.

  54. Nov. 23, 8:53pm
    Sean S

    Err… *fingers*

    • Nov. 24, 5:33am

      I just got a delivery report. My Signature edition has been delivered to my home already, at 9.30am!!
      But i’m at work until 5pm :(
      Cant wait to play GT5, been so excited in the last few months :)

    • Nov. 24, 5:49am
      Magic Ayrton

      Got mine yesterday 23rd… Mainly impressive stuff :) not as good as I would have hoped, GT6 will be more complete hopefully.. very happy with it though.. no dump valve mods or sounds :(

    • Nov. 24, 8:51am

      what do you mean? there’s blow off valve sounds in the videos

    • Nov. 24, 8:57am

      My CE shipped one hour ago, and it’s only 25 miles away! I’ll be glancing out the front door a lot…

    • Nov. 24, 10:57am

      mine is in sacramento and it will take about an hour and a half but i have to go work my bro will do the install and when i come home the game will be ready

    • Nov. 24, 1:10pm

      May i ask why it wasn’t as good as you had hoped? :)

    • Nov. 24, 3:26pm

      Yes there are lots of dump valve sounds. You just need a car with dump valves.

    • Nov. 24, 5:34am

      not middles rite?

  55. Nov. 23, 8:47pm
    GranTurismo Disciple

    Three cheers for Jordan and the rest of GTPlanet for keeping us all up to date with everything on this tiresome journey HIP HIP… HIP HIP… HIP HIP… HOOORRRRRAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!.

    • Nov. 24, 12:20am


  56. Nov. 23, 8:45pm

    Just 16 hours left, and most of that is sleepy sleep time. YES!!!!!!

  57. Nov. 23, 8:44pm

    I want THAT intro movie :(
    Damn you SCEA, damn you SCEE.

  58. Nov. 23, 8:37pm

    Gamestop’s delivery date: November 30th


    • Nov. 23, 10:09pm

      same here :(

    • Nov. 24, 7:38am

      That’s pretty f*cked up mate… :O

  59. Nov. 23, 8:37pm
    Sparty McFly

    My Gawd… this may be the single greatest intro ever.

    I’ve seen both. Forever(Go) is semi-catchy, but kind of ruins the main cutscene for me. If MCR’s goal was to gain a new fan, sorry guys: Fission Mailed. (But I have to admit: the ending shot of the X1 was awesome).

    Either way, with Moon Over The Castle, this made this introduction the single greatest one I have ever heard. Cheers to Polyphony.

    • Nov. 23, 8:37pm
      Sparty McFly

      Short addendum: Upon further review, MCR’s song also kind of doesn’t fit the GT5 thing, which is supposed to be “once you get into it, it is damn awesome.”

    • Nov. 23, 8:50pm

      Sony’s intention was for them to catch new fans out of us.

    • Nov. 23, 9:27pm

      I think both are good songs. Neither is actually amazing, but I do feel the (Planetary Go) video is better edited to the music. This felt like when you watch someone make their first anime music video and they choose good scenes, but totally forget to match the music’s beat and pacing. I actually like the car building set to piano half the best. I think it would have been cool to either do a piano version of Moon Over The Castle, or a full orchestral, possibly with choir included version. That’s just me…..

  60. Nov. 23, 8:33pm


  61. Nov. 23, 8:29pm

    Alot of people getting excited here in NZ, Just been notifed from my local retailer EB Games that they are havig a midnight launch so 9 1/2 hours to go..woohoo

    • Nov. 23, 9:26pm

      Great news!!!(for you)enjoy

  62. Nov. 23, 8:29pm

    In my opinion, the only part I like about the US intro is when it switches to all of the gameplay videos… I mean, I don’t care about seeing the making of a car I don’t even care about, then seeing cars driving around a city. I think it would’ve been cooler if that part were made with in-game graphics.

    • Nov. 23, 9:25pm

      I thought that too but after watching several dozen times I have come to appreciate Yamauchi-sans underlying message…agreed that the first 3 minutes could have been shortened up a bit.

  63. Nov. 23, 8:27pm

    Man, that looks sweet. cant wait to get it in the mourning! i love that song. Too bad stupid my chemical romance has to be on our us version.

  64. Nov. 23, 8:27pm

    WOW, the I love the Japanese intro.

  65. Nov. 23, 8:24pm

    It is so much better with Moon Over The Castle. Kaz, you’re killing the rest of the world with the intro music.

  66. Nov. 23, 8:22pm

    It’s still the 23rd in the US… *sigh…*

  67. Nov. 23, 8:15pm

    i wish i just didnt have to go work tomorrow

    • Nov. 23, 9:23pm


    • Nov. 23, 9:46pm

      I took the day off!

  68. Nov. 23, 8:13pm

    If GT5 has been released worldwide I must not be in this world! LOL GameStop would not sell me my reserved copy ahead of the 11/24 release date. oh well…14h to go! :)

    • Nov. 23, 8:22pm

      hey just stay busy and time will FLY trust me hehe

    • Nov. 23, 9:15pm

      Indeed who has gotten the copy since it is not the 24th in many places yet? 12hrs 45mins plus 45 to download the game to the ps3 : (

    • Nov. 23, 9:22pm

      I tried to bribe 2 of the younger kids who work at my Gamestop to let me have it when it arrived at their store yesterday. $100US wasn’t enough to sway them! WTF??? You only make $8US/hour, that’s just poor decision making…idiots.

    • Nov. 24, 1:10am

      I bought it yesterday in a small games shop. Took a long time to install. I don’t like the menu, but the physics are great. However it’s hard to get any damage at all – only a front hit at 100 km/h gives a little dent. Normal racing does not leave any scratches on your car – that was quite surprising to me. But anyway it is the greatest racing game still!

  69. Nov. 23, 8:11pm

    Just keep waiting, just keep waiting….
    Australia… Tomorrow :)

    • Nov. 23, 11:37pm

      Agreed. My Signature Edition should be sitting at JB hifi for collection already. Bring on 9am!!

  70. Nov. 23, 8:11pm

    I got the game 23th Nov, 8am in morning :D

    • Nov. 23, 9:19pm

      I want to hate you, but I can’t. To much goodness about to unfold…

  71. Nov. 23, 8:08pm

    lol in canada its 8:00 pm, and its still november 23…. i gotta wait basically anohter 24 hours because i cant get it until 8 tomorrow…. i have no time otherwize… I CANT WAIT

    • Nov. 23, 8:11pm

      In Mexico we get the game until November 30th, which is a bummer, Sony Mexico is the one to blame here.

      Anyways I preordered CE and can’t wait to pick it up.

      Best GT5 Intro easily.

  72. Nov. 23, 8:04pm

    GT5 here i come. Ya will see me as Freddy-is-ready

  73. Nov. 23, 7:58pm

    Well… Its finally here and What a ride its been!! My signature edition will be here when i get home from work tomorrow and i cant wait! Im sure i speak for the whole community on here when i say thank you jordan for all the hard work youve put in over the years keeping us all “in the know” on all the latest developments. This site has been my home page for a long time now and that is how its going to stay

    I hope to see you all on the track tomorrow (well in my rear view mirror anyways) lol :)

    • Nov. 23, 8:03pm

      true man, it was good getting on GT planet and sharing all of our opinions and joining conversations and anxiously waiting and being updated every step of the way

    • Nov. 23, 9:18pm

      Agreed, all thanks to Jordan. This wait would have been so much worse without all of your hard work and dedication to truth-telling. Cheers, Jordan! See you on the track…

  74. Nov. 23, 7:55pm

    For all my fellow American GT5 players, may the fastest man win the GT Academy contest!

    • Nov. 23, 8:00pm

      i just got email from amazon saying they have shipped my collectors edition it will arrive tomorrow. it cost me $75 with the gift card from the bank

    • Nov. 23, 9:16pm

      See you soon…see you real soon.

  75. Nov. 23, 7:55pm

    btw anyone wanna add me for a real race, just add robbm

  76. Nov. 23, 7:54pm

    finally got it, just getting it all ready for later and even had my dad, god bless him, buy me the steering wheel too….cannot wait to get it installed :D

  77. Nov. 23, 7:53pm

    I have my signature edition now. Midnight release from Game in the UK. -Sigh-….Can’t play it yet though. Gotta go to work later first…:S….;-))…

  78. Nov. 23, 7:52pm

    14 more hours for me. Getting ready to play GT4 for what will presumably be the last time for long, long while…

  79. Nov. 23, 7:51pm

    14 more hours until 10 A.M. Wednesday where my local Gamestop opens. I can’t wait to un-box my Collector’s Edition!

    • Nov. 23, 9:15pm

      Hells YES!!!

  80. Nov. 23, 7:50pm

    cant wait to play so excited

  81. Nov. 23, 7:50pm

    You guys suck! it’s not the 24th yet here!

  82. Nov. 23, 7:48pm

    Nice thing is, it seems you can download in GTtv the Japanese intro and switch them? or am i wrong here.

  83. Nov. 23, 7:44pm

    Hallelujah! Enjoy everyone! See you online!

    • Nov. 23, 7:51pm

      royal mail best be on early duties fellow Brits.(i cant get no sleep)blowing out of every speaker/woofer in this house.

  84. Nov. 23, 7:36pm
    Alex N.

    I may have only waited since 2008, but I’m as die-hard as they come and I even went back to Gran Turismo 1 while I was waiting, I’m glad the release is finally here.

  85. Nov. 23, 7:34pm

    I think this news was leaked a day early.

  86. Nov. 23, 7:30pm

    What a nice opening movie! I’m going to watch it many times in a row.

  87. Nov. 23, 7:29pm
    George Washington

    “posted November 23rd by Jordan”

    • Nov. 23, 7:39pm

      It’s the 24th in most parts of the world Mr. President. Let us all enjoy racing in High Definition glory. It’s truly a masterpiece!

    • Nov. 23, 7:47pm

      nope, posted exaclty on midnight for me, wich is btw “a nice touch”…

    • Nov. 23, 7:54pm

      The server is located in New York and calculates the time stamp for the post by the current date there.

    • Nov. 24, 12:35am

      Jordan you have a lot of patience with people lol

  88. Nov. 23, 7:23pm

    I am glad they did not put this intro because I would watch it every time I boot GT.

    • Nov. 23, 7:57pm

      Hahaha, Im tempted to buy the JP edition of the game just to view that on HD with surround sound!!

  89. Nov. 23, 7:22pm

    My pre-order has officialy shipped!!!

    Its like Christmas eve!

  90. Nov. 23, 7:21pm

    Its been a long time. It was cool to wait with this forum, with its pros and cons.

  91. Nov. 23, 7:21pm

    I got to work tomorrow all day. I am going to pick up GT5 during lunch… think I might be ‘sick’ after lunch :)

    • Nov. 23, 7:47pm

      tell ya boss you ate a dodgy prawn

  92. Nov. 23, 7:21pm

    Oh… so they hoarded Moon Over The Castle for themselves.

    • Nov. 23, 8:35pm

      yes :(

    • Nov. 24, 12:04am
      L8 Apex

      They always have.

  93. Nov. 23, 7:20pm

    Yaaayyyy!!! Getting my copy with my friend 1st thing tomorow (24th for us in canada)

    • Nov. 23, 9:13pm

      Same here, brotha! YEAAAA!!!

    • Nov. 23, 10:54pm

      Waiting for Canada Post tomorrow.

    • Nov. 23, 11:46pm


      EB games called and said the Collector’s Ed. was short shipped (Toronto, Can). Might not even have it before the weekend. Gonna have a frikin’ heart attack if i play the message again.
      Happy Driving, see you all soon….

    • Nov. 24, 8:04am

      @GTP_Hydro : Same thing here (I’m in Rivière-du-Loup, QC), EB called me yesterday to tell me I might get it before the weekend, or by the beginning of next week :S I was thinking about going over there and giving them all sorts of crap, but I know it won’t get me the game faster (would probably feel better after that though)… Hoping to get a phonecall in the coming days…

  94. Nov. 23, 7:18pm


  95. Nov. 23, 7:17pm

    We really need a patch to fix our intro music up. Oh well, in 15 hours 43 minutes I’ll finally find out if how much ‘awesome’ Kevin Butler added Man Furismo Jive.

  96. Nov. 23, 7:17pm

    This intro kills the US one.

    • Nov. 23, 7:30pm
      George Washington

      really? the game is dead before it even starts?

    • Nov. 23, 7:48pm

      ^LOL! idiot!

    • Nov. 23, 8:34pm

      George Washington you fool! Why did you make the loyalists have such a hard time… if you are George Washington…..

    • Nov. 23, 9:12pm


  97. Nov. 23, 7:13pm

    Happy Driving!

    • Nov. 23, 8:24pm

      i really dont feel like driving out to get the game but cant wait to drive in the game :D

  98. Nov. 23, 7:13pm

    5 more hours!

    • Nov. 23, 9:07pm

      We are in Alaska and I have to wait another 17 hours before I can pick up our pre-ordered CE. Brutal!!!

    • Nov. 23, 11:03pm

      That does suck, I’m eastern time so one more hour!! I’m just picking up the non-CE at the 24 hour walmart.

  99. Nov. 23, 7:12pm

    Been a long road of delays and whatnot, here’s to a great game!

    • Nov. 23, 8:04pm


    • Nov. 23, 9:40pm

      SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION: what does jordan mean by kazunori’s own ‘moon over castle”? does kaz write or play music?

    • Nov. 24, 3:46am

      @ VEYRON STANDARD? OMFGWTFQQ!! Maybe he plays music, but I think what Jordan means is that “Moon Over the Castle” is the Gran Turismo series theme, hence Kazunori’s own.

    • Nov. 24, 7:47am

      He is/was involved in the production of the song, and wrote the “lyrics” according to the credits in Gran Turismo 4.

  100. Nov. 23, 7:09pm

    Except for us in Japan, Aus and NZ.

    /grumble.. one more day.

    • Nov. 23, 7:14pm

      I wish this was the intro of the US version. I really can’t stand MCR

    • Nov. 23, 7:15pm

      Yeah.. “worldwide”.

    • Nov. 23, 7:28pm

      Well unfortunately for NZ/AUS/JAP we see the sun before the rest of the world.

      Eg. Before Madrid could have its release party. You can’t have a GT5 Release party in Madrid when its been out in New Zealand for 12 hours. hence we got demoted to the 25th release date.

      Good thing is though we only have to wait 10.5 hours now (12.5 hours for you guys who live in Old Zealand/Australia)

      Bring it on !!!!!

    • Nov. 23, 7:41pm

      Its released here in Hong Kong today (24th), so its been out here nearly 9 hours already, we didnt get pushed back to the 25th. I havent got it though, no time off was available for work :(, tonight though!

    • Nov. 23, 8:22pm

      yeah, us aussies have to wait(like always)i will be playing it it about 22 hours but i just want every1 else out there that is playing it to know….. i am extremely envious of you!

    • Nov. 23, 8:53pm

      There is a store on Akihabara and Shibuya already selling the game,I know that its cost a bit of money to get to those places but have a look they are already selling GT5(well if you life in Tokyo,my bud get his copy a couple of hours ago it was like 8:00 am so maybe they are still selling them).

    • Nov. 23, 9:01pm

      Well, i bought a ps3 in preperation for this day. FINALLY

    • Nov. 23, 9:45pm

      Was that from Yodabashi camera in Akihibara ???

      I love that place !!!!!

      Almost as much as Pepper Lunch !!!!!!

      Peppa suraki ichi ban resuran desu !!!

      oiishikata !!!

      Gomennasai watashi wa baka gaijin desu !

      LOL !

    • Nov. 24, 1:52am


    • Nov. 24, 4:36am

      Hey, but my European, continental version has the very same intro with the very same music.

    • Nov. 24, 4:39am

      Oh, and it looks really awesome on big screen in HD!

    • Nov. 24, 6:16am

      For those how live on Brazil also.
      but we don’t even have a date to launch yet.
      they said we get the game on Nov 30 in Latin America but it will take a little longer to get to Brazil

    • Nov. 24, 7:35am

      I got mine today. EB Games in Rundle Mall, Adelaide, was selling preorders and regulars today. Maybe some other stores in Aus are too.

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