Gran Turismo 6 to Get Updated Engine Sounds, AI, & More: GTPlanet Interviews Kazunori Yamauchi at E3

I had the special opportunity to spend time one-on-one with Kazunori Yamauchi at E3, where we were able to discuss a few of the most pressing questions Gran Turismo fans have about GT6. GTPlanet also had the opportunity to participate in a “round table” discussion with Kazunori which included other gaming journalists, the full transcript of which will be posted soon.

Thanks to SCEA for their assistance in arranging this interview, and thanks to Kazunori Yamauchi for taking his time to discuss these issues with the GTPlanet community!

GTP: Are the engine sounds that we hear in the demo representative of what we will hear in the final game?

KY: “No, those are just in there as sound effects.”

GTP: So we will see some changes in that area?

KY: “Actually, we are doing research right now to generate the sounds in a completely different way. I’m not sure if it is actually going to make it into GT6 in time yet, but we’ll have to see.”

GTP: The artificial intelligence of the other drivers, will that see any changes or improvements in GT6?

KY: “Like the sounds, that is something that we’re rebuilding for GT6. It won’t be the same as GT5.

“In addition to the things we’ve already announced, like the new rendering engine, the new physics, suspension, and handling modeling, the AI and the sound simulation is something that we are working on.

“As with pretty much everything in the game, we are going back to the basics and rebuilding it. We don’t know when the results of all that effort will come out yet, but of course, it’s not going to be the same as GT5.

“I know there were some rumors that the sound for GT wasn’t recorded with the engine under load. That was actually true until GT4 was produced, but for GT5 all of the sounds that we’ve taken were from cars that were on a dynamometer and placed under load.

“That’s not the whole of the problem, though, and obviously that’s not good enough for GT6 and for the future. We’ve been working on a new system for generating sounds for a few years now, we just haven’t made that breakthrough yet, and we’re still working.  That’s what we’re aiming for – to make that breakthrough – so that we have something of a high quality to show.

“In terms of physics we were able to show that, but for sound simulation, not yet.”

GTP: Regarding car damage, will that be roughly the same that we see currently in GT5?

KY: “Yes.”

GTP: At Silverstone, you described GT6 as a modular platform that can easily be expanded upon. How will you decide what content to include within the game and what to add later as DLC?

KY: “Well, that’s really not been decided yet!”

GTP: Will time-of-day changes be available on all tracks in GT6, or will this only apply to new tracks in the game?

KY: “On Silverstone and Willow Springs, you can see they have time changes. They will be compatible with weather as well. Whether or not that will be applied to all tracks in GT6 hasn’t been decided yet.

“The issue is that if you set a certain time and set certain weather conditions, and build it to those conditions, you get a better quality result.

“However, when we do weather simulations or atmospheric simulations, if we can get it right, it’s going to raise the overall quality of the actual track beyond having it in a fixed condition where things are always going to be the same.

“That’s what we are aiming for and that’s the breakthrough we want to make, but it’s something else that we still don’t know if it will make it in time for GT6.

“We still haven’t given up on that dream of making a breakthrough, and that’s why Silverstone and Willow Springs have changing weather and changing time, as you saw on the show floor.”

GTP: What are some of the most interesting or surprising things that you learned while working with Yokohama and KW suspension to improve GT6?

KY: “When working with Yokohama tire, we got to work with their testing equipment to really see the differences between racing tires, sports tires, and comfort tires.

“Being able to perform this type of test is really a big deal. You’re able to do a bench test on the equipment they have, and at the same time you can perform actual road tests, like, for example, what we did on the Nurburgring.

“That GT-R that we ran in the 24 Hour Race, it has a lot of sensors mounted all over it for research. We can also compare that with the simulation in Gran Turismo. All of that is available for us.

“As for KW, they have a testing setup called the “Seven Post Rig”, and it’s a rig that allows you to move a car in a variety of different directions so you can see the vibrational characteristics of a car. The data that we can get from that equipment is really interesting to us.

“The body and the chassis of the car are a spring and damper in themselves, and the bushings that go into a car are a spring as well, and the tires. All of those things move separately and independently of each other, and we couldn’t tell how all of those things moved together until we actually were able to take these measurements.

“That’s really going into detail, but what we did at KW was very interesting to us in terms of data, and we learned a lot about synchronous vibrational dampening characteristics measurements. It’s just a major thing for us to be able to learn more about the things that we really need to know.”

GTP: One more question – will we ever find out what car is below that blue cover? (This has been an on-going topic of debate in the GTPlanet forums!)

KY: “Ha! That’s a very good question, but I can’t answer that yet! I’m glad you noticed. If you look at it carefully, you will see it is kind of a strange shape, with some interesting characteristics!”

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Comments (524)

  1. jujunosuke

    So basically Kazunori said that all the awaited features and improvement may not be done in time for GT6?

  2. chuckie2000

    Though I think it may be the New Viper, a lot of the trailers are of the BMW Zed 4 Touring. Minus the wing the outline could be the Zed 4.

    1. Nelsonatormjn16

      well the front of it looks like the new NSX so i think that body belongs to the new NSX concept.

  3. chuckie2000

    Since GT began the Viper has been a recurring dominant car for the series. Considering the fact the Viper is a brand new beast for 2014 and GT is releasing a brand new beast in GT6 it seems logical. The silhouette looks so much like the Viper it reinforces my theory.

  4. Alfasudson

    Kaz doesn’t exactly say the new engine sounds are going to make into GT6 for sure ! Look, I have owned every single GT title & will own every following one, it’s the only reason I ever bought & buy PlayStations, like prob a lot of us, but the engine sounds have to be fixed ! DEFINITELY have to be fixed for PS4 ! You can’t have such a graphically & dynamically brilliant car sim that has been worked on since the start of time & then produce washing machine engine sounds. Some cars are actually ok, but some are terrible. I don’t think we want Forza Motorsport ridiculous levels, but … Anyway, being as an Aussie I CAN”T WAIT for the Bathurst circuit ! Maybe chuck a few FPV’s & HSV’s in or something haha At least we will have the Falcon V8 supercar to drive on Mount Panorama.

    1. chuckie2000

      I tend to agree the silhouette looks like the new Viper. Since the Viper has been such a dominant car on GT and has a new platform for 2014 it seems logical.

  5. jaydenyoung

    I am a GT fan from Oz and i would like more Australian cars to be on GT6 because theres gonna be the iconic bathurst track.


    Firstly i want to say im new to this forum and hope this message gets seen by the creators of GT6. I am a huge fan of Gran turismo and own all five of the games, I love playing them and having the abillity to drive some of the worlds best and iconic cars. I’l get straight to the point with this coment, I am very eager for GT6 to be released and was over the moon when i saw that my all time favorite car the Audi S1 would finally be on the game as this car deserves a place in the game by a big margain. It is the most iconic car from the group B rally and will be amazing to drive one on the game, its the closest im going to get to driving this amazing car anyway. i do have one worrie though and that is the engine sound, This car is probably most famous for the engine sound and i am seriously hoping that you guys designing the game and engine sounds get this right, Please get the 5 cylinder noise and the waste gate noise correct and you will have made a big Gran turismo fan VERY happy.

  7. forzaturismo

    The winner of the game” find out what car bellow the blue cover” will win a big prize!!!!

    1. Pit Crew

      The Silohuette is similar to a number of Cars but the 2014 Vettes front doesn’t arch that much. My moneys still on the 2014 370Z.

  8. Keef

    The car’s silhouette is extremely similar to the Honda HSV-010 race car. Differences include smaller front fender arches (the race car has rule-based wheel and tire sizes which dictate oversized tires), and obviously the rear wing is missing.

    Similarities include the nose which dives downward in front of the front wheel (again, the race car body is generally lower so it looks more extreme), the flat section of the hood between the front wheel and windshield, the wing mirror at the base of the A-pillar, the surprisingly upright windshield, the overall greenhouse shape which starts low at the cowl but end at a higher trunk lid, the fastback rear window which blends directly to the trunk lid, rear fender arches which are a similar shape, and some odd shaping on the rear face of the car where the rear fender steps up to meet the higher trunk lid like the Bangle Butt trunks on newer BMWs.

    Here’s a side view of the HSV-010 race car for reference:

  9. Automotive

    It’s A Nissan 350z or 370z of maybe a GT-R, But it’s definitely a Nissan. Look at the roof line….. Then I think GT-R cause of the way the hump is in the front pane. A Nissan make sense to me cause who is the star of the up coming GT Academy??????


      Good thought but the xx has a bit of a spoiler in the back and not as much slope in the front I think it’s the new Z car

  10. moparmanmike

    I see no wheels so my money on the mystery car is a hovercar or UFO from Kaz’s home planet. And I base this guess on absolutely nothing.

  11. SaintSaiya

    Also we need more cadillacs and lincolns in the gt series,like the cadillac V series, and the lincoln rear wheel drive MKR concept that is hot!!! And some production models like the mks AWD ecoboost

  12. nissankidd85

    so this guy had about 3 yrs to create gt6 and there’s im pretty sure this game is going to be release as “not completed” just like gt5 was….soooo expect to see everything that was suppose to be done in this game to be on the next gran turismo lol…so wtf did they do the whole time jag off? smh cant even make cars sound like they are suppose to..3 yrs in the making lol

    1. Pit Crew

      SMH at this pointless OP. Your right Quigz, nissankidd85 is definitely out of touch with whats been going on. Still dwelling on GT5 shortcomings, transplanting those critiques on to GT6, a title none of us have played yet.

  13. Crowood

    Yeah, placeholder enginesounds confirmed. Looking forward to “hear” the changes. Otherwise, i guess it might be possible that the new soundeffekts my not be completely included on release date.

    1. TokoTurismo

      The one I’ll be looking at is the 370Z. What we hear now, I’ll be looking into to listen to (hopefully) hear its new sound at release.

  14. BTR330

    Ah yeah cheers for da info’s btw GTP,this probably the most enlightening article about GT i read for a long time,good interview job you did here! Now i can layback again,finish my beer and my ciggy and just chillouuut until GT6 is coming out..lmao ;D

  15. Quigz125

    Anyone see the new Lamborgini Veneno or the Ferrari LaFerarri? Both are dream cars but unlikely to be in this game. :(

  16. magsolid

    Unfortunately, under that blue cover lies something no one as expected before until I do.
    It is very thin made of cheap material, that is a floating cardboard box.
    Yamauchi tease his fan again!!

  17. pepeferrari

    If they include the Koenigsegg Agera R and the Ariel Atom (both versions, the 300 & 500) I will be the happiest person alive, or even if they include it later as DLC. I just want to drive those cars so bad …

    1. Quigz125

      Omg I sooo hope they include a Keonigsegg. At least the Agera but even the Agera R. Any Keonigsegg would make me happy. And I don’t want to buy a different simulator for one either. I want a Keonigsegg in Gran Turismo. Period.

    2. HarVee

      What’s the fascination with Koenigsegg? All of their cars look the same. If you’ve driven one Koenigsegg you’ve driven them all. But I guess some people feel the need to play Pokemon with Gran Turismo.

    3. pepeferrari

      I know other sims include those cars, but I dont have the money to buid a gaming PC. Koenigseggs are amazing. They are engineering at its finest, and no, I´ve taken a ride in a Agera R and in a ccx and they have nothing in common. they are very different. aaand, yeah, they look quite similar, same shape since their first model, but with different headlights haha. nah, they different, the Agera R is beautiful in every single way

    4. Quigz125

      Yea the Koenigseggs are built by a very dedicated company. Any of the interviews with Christian Koenigsegg just have so much knowledge and dedication. He knows what a car does inside and out and he fine tunes every detail for perfection. His intelegence is incredible and u can tell he loves his job. That’s a true car built buy a true car enthusiast.

    1. another_jakhole

      lmao Takei. I wish I could so it’d make me smile every time I read what Kaz says. But no, I don’t.

  18. Rage9one

    The car under the cover sure is a tricky one.. either way it’ll be in the game so I’ll just wait and find out

  19. Nuuj

    After looking at most of the vehicles that resemble that silhouette, I came up at a loss–it doesn’t quite fit a Nismo 370Z, Maserati Gran Turismo, or a Ferrari 599, and (as someone pointed out earlier) the Mirror spacing and overall length dismisses it from being any iteration of the 86..

    Besides the 86, most of the cars we’ve all focused on have been around for a few years at least, and I’d think PD would pick something brand new for this–that being said I’m personally throwing in my bet (and hope) that this new BMW/Toyota collaboration Project is the Mystery Car (the Copyright for the “Supra” name was renewed by Toyota recently) and it would be pretty cool in my opinion to see an exclusive unveil with it in GT6.. They’ve done this before with others (even the Ferrari 458)..

    But.. Being realistic, since nothing so much as a Spy Shot has been seen nor even word of confirmation that the New Toyota Sports Car even has one single Prototype yet; I’m also thinking that this could be Nissan’s new Z (since they are very cozy with that Brand in particular)..

    1. KiroKai

      I’d rather have a Premium Land Rover Sport. With an automatic and the ability to make it sit even higher than stock level. Yeah, that’d be awesome. Let’s pretend it’s a Land Rover. It’s a Land Rover. It is!! Don’t question me!!

  20. Quigz125

    I wonder if the car under the cover is a new 2013 or 2014 Ferrari. Who knows it might be something brand new that we never saw before. That’s why I love the virtual world, anything is possible.

    1. StaticVariable

      I was thinking the same. Looks like it may be a Ferrari 599 GTO or a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. I would love to see the Berlinetta in GT6.

  21. Both Barrels

    I’m sure the car under the cover is meant to have an air of ambiguity to it; an amalgamation of several cars.

  22. Madertus

    I’m wondering if people actually look at that cover’s shape before posting their guess what’s under it.

    1. StaticVariable

      I did look at side shots of the Ferrari 598 GTO and it seems pretty close. I honestly have no idea if it is. Just a guess and having fun with it. Ha ha!

  23. Kite

    All tracks will have day/night transitions and weather effects? Oh man, can you imagine SSR5 in the daytime? or Trial Mountain at night? Or Deep Forest in the rain?!!

    1. MeanElf

      Yes, eventually – otherwise you’ll be setting yourselves up for some disappointment when all are not like that. It will come…

    2. ScotteDawg

      Daytona at night, Grand Valley at night, Rome at night and Spa at night…

      And all of the night-time tracks at day…

      What if they brought back Seattle and did THAT on a 24 hour cycle? Impressed I’d be!

  24. leeson

    Bill Lumbergh: YEAAAH, Kaz, if you could go ahead and, have that breakthrough ready for us by say, 10am, that’d be great.

    Kaz: That should be possible.

    Bill Lumbergh: Yeah, it’s just that we’re now requiring all breakthroughs to go ahead and, you know, get all finished up.

    Kaz: We’ll have to see.

    Bill Lumbergh: Hmmm, yeah. If you could just go ahead and make sure you do that, that would be great.

    Kaz: I still haven’t given up on the dream of making the breakthrough.

    Bobs: What exactly is it that you would say you do here?

    Kaz: That’s really going into detail, but what we did at KW was very interesting to us in terms of data, and we learned a lot about synchronous vibrational dampening characteristics measurements. It’s just a major thing for us to be able to learn more about the things that we really need to know.

  25. Toyota2jz

    I just want kaz to know and take consideration that the vibration of the car should have an affect on the car sound as in real life also when struggling to hit top speed.

    1. ScotteDawg

      hardvibes, how bout YOU prove it is the Toyota 86 then!

      Spoiler shape, roof shape, bonnet (hood) length and mirror position DO NOT fit!

      It will most likely be something that is not already in the game! I’d be looking more at the Honda HSV-010 Road Car or the Acura NSX Prototype PD made a big song and dance about last year!

  26. hardvibes

    So the sounds we heard in the demos are not the same we will hear in GT6?

    How can I believe this?…

    1. MeanElf

      Well, it’s not for definite that the fully improved sounds will be in GT6 at launch, or even later on in the game’s life – but that is the direction PD is heading.

  27. NewCadillac

    Kinda looks like the new Stingray Corvette under that blue cover. Definitely a front engine rear wheel drive car though…

  28. fureddo

    Jordan, brilliant work as usual!
    So far, GT6 release seemed to be on the good track (excuse the pun). This interview has waken old demons that I hoped to be burried for ever. This “I don’t know if this can be implemented” thing reminds me too well of what happened with GT5; the development wandered in too many different directions which eventually ended on an unpolished product. I just hope that what Kaz is talking about is some addition to an existing and solid base. Most likely, the game will be released in less than 6 months; I hope that they’re focusing on polishing what they’ve been doing for three years, not dedicating all their resources on new experimental stuff. To end on an optimistic tone, it’s good to hear PD is striving to offer the best engine sounds possible.

  29. magsolid

    Crashing collision and Penalty systems are the two that really needed to be imrpoved ASAP.
    Otherwise no buy and no money gain for you!!

    1. Quigz125

      Gran Turismo is not about the crashes, it’s about the actual driving and skill required to drive good. Not a demolition derby. If you want good crash models go to Forza. But if you want pure driving simulation and near realistic elements, Gran Turismo is it.

    2. townnet

      They rather use the ps3 limited space to implement main core which are physics as good as possible on this game instead of damage. Damage are not helping you improve your driving skill.

    3. RobGT81

      iRacing has quite a good damage model. It hardly gets noticed though, as soon as I crash and realise my car is done I exit back to pits. It doesn’t really matter in a racing game, its not “Mechanical Fitter Simulator”.

  30. JohnyPiston

    Excellent Kaz – I am liking what I hear. The “research” thing is fantastic. I work for a company that is maintaining its place (and lead in most cases) in the marketplace through a strong research component. If you are hard working and have bright people – there is great potential there. And Kaz take your time. From the sound of things, as I am sure you have been able to tell by reading the comments on GTPlanet, you are going to lose a couple of million customers. Personally I think its to be expected. The marketplace is getting more and more simulators and some people are liking what they see elsewhere. GT6 will never please them and I can assure you, neither will GT7. So please, for us who are patient and believe in this series, take your time to get it right. Nail this new engine sound thing, keep improving the suspension model, have the research guys keep a constant eye on that physics engine and keep those car and track DLCs coming. People like me will be among the millions who will smile through every lap. I wish you and your developers the best.

    1. Quigz125

      Gran Turismo is not about the crashes, it’s about the actual driving and skill required to drive good. Not a demolition derby. If you want good crash models go to Forza. But if you want pure driving simulation and near realistic elements, Gran Turismo is it.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Obviously you didn’t read everything above, did you!?

      Jordan was NOT the only person at the interview asking questions!

      A full transcript of the interview will be posted soon. Then you can read what other questions were asked and what the answers were!

  31. Bfc_1882

    My question for everyone is if they do bring gt6 to ps4 will you be able to still play your friends that still play the game on ps3 or will you only be able to play your friends who have the game on ps4?

    1. Quigz125

      They won’t bring it to ps4. It’s too far into development and at this stage will cost too much money to port to the ps4. Plus the PS4 already and driveclub as a launch title so PD won’t make a mistake and compete with a game for next gen consoles. The ps3 has a much larger population and more will buy it on ps3 than ps4 at launch.

  32. Tacobell18

    Wish you asked him about livery editor. If theyre including clubs etc in gt6 wouldnt it be obvious to implement it?

  33. SaintSaiya

    What about convertible cars? I loved them in gt4 when you could drive them with the top down in 3rd person view and see the driver using the stickshift will that be back? And also the 3rd person chase camera from gt3

    1. HuskyGT

      The BMW Z4, Honda S2000, Honda Beat, Nissan 350Z convertible and MG-F too! It was a really nice feature and the animations were well made for a PS2 game. Cars even had 900° steering animations.

      I’m not a fan of convertibles, but it would be nice if we could choose whether to have the top up or down. Cars like the Ferrari California look much better in their coupe form.

  34. lancashirelad

    To all the fan boys who doubted me,the man who made the game admits the sound ain’t right. Read it and weep. Lets hope gt7 is an improvement.

    1. HuskyGT

      HAHA! No one is weeping. I’m actually glad that Kazunori admitted it. That gives hope that they will be improved eventually.

    2. KiroKai

      Kaz genuinely avoided to actually say that the sounds are bad, he didn’t make the game himself alone and the one coming off as a fanboy is you.

      And like you say yourself, we won’t see much improvement until GT7.

    1. another_jakhole

      Because there would have been a goldmine of information and details about car customization, right?

    2. TokoTurismo

      Why ask about the same thing when it was already asked before. Such a waste IMO, would rather wait till Gamescom since may have a huge surprise there instead….

    3. FuzzyFassbender

      Driving simulator that doesn’t simulate correct sounds, damage, standing start grid racing…
      Not a bad GAME if you look past these and if you like collecting helmets, horns, paint chips.
      They will get it right later than sooner.

    1. HuskyGT

      There better be! Also an E36. If that doesn’t happen, I hope that at lest they made one of the three E46 Premium.

    2. MLRSparco

      I hope these bimmers are in GT6, especially the e36 ,I hope were able to put turbos n superchargers in them to,that was a huge disappointment in GT5

  35. amitlr

    Here is part of an interview with Kazunori Yamauchi circa 1998 on Gran Turismo 1 (taken From Wikipedia):

    “Yamauchi estimated that Gran Turismo utilized around 75% of the Playstation’s maximum performance. Sound design was one aspect that Yamauchi believed was compromised due to a lack of time. And although Kazunori considered the game’s artificial intelligence to be superior to its competitors, he remained unsatisfied with its development.”

    Its amazing how nothing has changed in 15 years……. My bet is that GT is still, and always will be,
    A great racing/simulator game that will always lack in sound and AI.

    1. Ferrari Alonso

      You can’t use that to criticize the man. It’s not like he’s developing for PS1 still.
      He’s on a different platform, different technology/architecture, different methods, and certainly not all things get easier with time.

      Let’s hope for the best, can’t wait to play GT6

  36. blackstallion32

    I would like to know if there will be a drag strip or anything close to that.
    But they never ask lol.

    1. another_jakhole


      I’m not into that scene, but there needs to be a strip with features that go along with it.

    2. Tacobell18

      I am sure I saw that question asked in a previous interview with kaz. He answered that they’d like to support that.

    3. HuskyGT

      I think he said “There could be.” At least that’s not a straight NO. XD

      Still not a function I really would use, but sometimes I like doing 1/4 mile drags with my friends.SSRX work as a good substitute since it has markings every 100 meters, but it would be good to have a dedicated feature/track so launching and measuring time would be easier. I know that SSRX speed tests basically does this, but I’m talking about a one-on-one feature too.

    4. Ferrari Alonso

      Hopefully there will be, so I stop seeing people parking themselves on the Nürburgring back straight when I’m doing a hot lap -,-

  37. japlkofk69

    You had to ask the most important question a human being can ask Kaz right now:
    “Is there going to be a premium Supra?”

  38. OtakuTaikun

    The sillhouette looks much like a GT86, but different… maybe its the toyota/bmw collab supra successor

  39. HuskyGT

    That car is such a mystery. All of the options that you guys suggest seem to match at some point, but then there is something in that outline that ends up not matching.

    I think the problem is that the shape has become a common norm among sports coupes all around the world.

  40. RobDoggy05

    Im very pleased to hear about the sounds and the AI.

    But to my understanding, the whole interview was answered (besides physics and tyres and suspension) in a “still researching” and “we aiming too” and “hoping for the breakthrough” and “not decided yet” and “we still don’t know” and “we still working on it” and “we have to see”

    6 months till the end of 2013 for the supposed or estimated release date is like nothing at all on PD’s time keeping watch.
    I will have to wait and see for myself when it comes out, and not take what Kaz says too seriously because he has said some empty promises before.

    I will most definitely still buy GT6 and I do really hope the above statements becomes true.

    1. mef

      Good in one hand to hear PD admit their sounds + AI were lacking, but for Yamauchi to not being able to promise improved behaviour in GT6 has got to be a disappointment

  41. gt5racer97

    im not sure, but i think the car which covered on the gt6 picture, it might be a 2014 mazda 6 or 2014 toyota supra

  42. HuskyGT

    Awesome choice of questions, Jordan! Kazunori San had no chance XD Very good interview. Now I’m way more excited to see the final product.

    I never imagined they would be working on a new way of recording sounds. This is very good news! In my humble opinion, sounds, although far from being great, they are okay. Just some cars that need to be given the right sounds for their engine type and cars retaining their characteristic engine note when the exhaust is changed, although louder and raspier. Anyhow, knowing PD’s way of achieving near perfection (most of the times), I’m curious about this and if it means that GT6 might get delayed (I don’t mind if it’s for something good), will the new sounds make it on time, or if they will eventually add it as an update (which I think it’s the most logical thing to do).

    Another great question and answer was the time change and weather cycle in most tracks. At least we have it clear that not all tracks will have it for, but at least it’s good to know that there will be more tracks that will have the feature. You have no idea how much the time cycle or weather adds to the gameplay experience. I’ve been playing for years Arcade races in the Nurburgring 24H time/Weather change and I’m still not bored of it.

    Regarding the physics. It seems that PD has learned things they weren’t aware of with their own methods of replicating physics. With his answer I’m even more excited to put GT6 to the test. I’m hoping the game is going to feel fantastic.

    And last; A.I. I don’t care how they change it, but if they at least keep A.I from braking at the middle of the corner, sand bagging you or getting unrealistic advantages in short races, then I say it’s welcome! I love playing in Arcade mode just for fun or just doing random events, and the game needs other than a more challenging A.I, a more self-aware A.I; an A.I that can keep with you throughout the race in equal conditions. Some other racing games I’ve played have better and more fun A.I than GT and these games are far from being the best.

    This was great to read. Can’t wait to get my hands in this game!

  43. BWX

    About the sound
    “Actually, we are doing research right now to generate the sounds in a completely different way. I’m not sure if it is actually going to make it into GT6 in time yet, but we’ll have to see.”

    About AI:
    Kaz: We don’t know when the results of all that effort will come out yet, but of course, it’s not going to be the same as GT5″

    So basically Kaz is being cagey and vague as usual. When I hear answers like this from him, I know exactly what to expect. Absolutely nothing. The whole story will be, wait for GT7 on the PS4 for better AI, then after that it will be, wait till the update, then, wait till GT8. Same old story. Now his new word is “breakthrough”. “We’re waiting for a breakthrough”. Whatever. Hire someone that knows what they’re doing and fix the huge glaring problems, do not “wait for a breakthrough”.

    I know one thing for sure, PD and Kaz won’t see any of my money again until they fix the huge problems with GT.

    1. KiroKai

      I got a different impression from this interview. I agree, the answers are too vague, but it’s clear that Kaz knows that the sounds and AI racing need major improvement. It wasn’t mentioned in the GT6 presentations at all and it seemed like PD just blatantly ignored these aspects and wouldn’t bother to improve them at all. Now I know that they are aware of the problems and try to fix it.

      Here’s hope they actually manage to hire proper workers who do their job properly in these game’s sections. Indeed a bit late to start that now tho, sounds have been similar to GT5 on the demos, so they won’t be improved a lot more for GT6.

    1. another_jakhole

      The first guy. haha We posted at almost the exact same time. I had one word to type though. Close finish! :D

    2. Feldynn

      Sure they’re not straight answers, but at least “Yes, we’re working on it right now” is less vague than previous answers to other questions. IMO it’s at least an encouraging step in the right direction.

    3. GT5 Level 41

      C’mon. Go play Forza? You could do better then that. Btw, I tried Forza. Not a fan of pay as you go M$ games.

      Aren’t y’all tired of PD’s terrible customer relations yet? I’ve played and enjoyed every edition so far. Today’s Information Age requires better answers than he gave us. The Silverstone press event promised E3 game detail reveals. Other than two tracks and a few cars, we got nothing. PD has a long history of poor communications. Just stating the facts.

    4. another_jakhole

      Is it really that important that he pleases your mind through an interview? Just take a step back and picture what his role is. There’s many other things that you might not know about, I suppose.

    5. GT5 Level 41

      His role? Seriously? Lately his role has been announce a release date and push it back multiple times. Announce DLC every three months and not keep his word. His role is more about his hobby weekend racing, not running PD.
      His role has been approving cookie cutter chase the rabbit weekly events.

  44. The Prodigy

    look up pictures of the 2014 supra and it takes after the 86 but has some different properties. hence the reason most people seem to say its a 86gt

  45. grandgabri

    It could be completely strange, but in the mid of the car there is a curve that could be a car with 6 wheels

  46. Dooblewasur

    As per the car, I too would say GT 86 or a Nissan. Nissan makes sense because of the huge amount of Nissan-ness going on with GT, but the same could be said for the GT 86…and none of this explains the SLS on the cover of GT5. So we’ll see in due time.

  47. GTHEAD87

    Glad to hear the sounds are gonna be different. Cant wait for this. Asking about a clutch for pad feature would have good question. Customisation would too. My guess would be roughly the same as GT4. None the less will be an awesome game.

    1. ScotteDawg

      You put the word “actually” at the end of your guess like you know that that is the car on there!

      How do you know? Do you work at Polyphony Digital? Did you design the cover?

      Just sayin….

  48. occasionalracer

    Good questions, cool answers… perhaps the most in-depth we have ever gotten. We are on our way to the real simulator we’ve been waiting for folks! Go PD!!! Keep up the the complex mathematics work you’re doing!

  49. Cssgareth

    That car under wraps looks like a Porsche 988. I read the other day that Porsche isn’t launching on forza 5 “from launch” which means that the door is wide open for gt6. If this is the case, it would be amazing!

    1. Pit Crew

      You might wanna do some research there Cssgareth. Your not seeing the bigger picture. I’ll give you a hint as to why your wrong; Electronic Arts.

  50. Encyclopedia

    @Kirokai – I don’t think you understood what I meant. The exactly referred to that this is indeed GT, but the rest of my post was in disagreement of what GT is about car-wise.

  51. Radracing

    I see the sound improvement making it into GT6 but in the PS4 not the PS3. It would be a good marketing tactic for people to want to buy GT6 twice. Plus other added features like better AI and weather change on all tracks.

  52. KiroKai

    Thank you Jordan, this interview certainly contains lots of interesting info. I like it more than the last one from the presentation.

    I hope their work actually will make that ‘breakthrough’ they ‘dream’ of then. It still sounds very far but at least it’s great news to know they work on sounds and AI racing.

  53. JackC8

    From all those “We’re working on it, waiting for a breakthrough, it may or may not make it into the game.” answers, it sounds like we’re still two years from launch.

  54. ILoveCars

    Yes!!! I will preorder it today now! Sounds are very important to me, they are up there among physics and gameplay. I was honestly going yo skip gt6 and play gt5 but sounds got me back on it again. Even if it is just a 10 percent from improvement from gt5.

    I bet they were going to wait till gt7 to get improved sounds, but Now because they saw the power that the consumer has due to the xbox 1 shenanigans, every publisher is Now scared. Tell even ea is trying yo drop off the online passes

    1. tpark103

      That one wasn’t even on my radar. I’m on a plane so I don’t have time to line up the body of the sheathed car with a profile pic of a vette but, maybe your right.

    2. another_jakhole

      To be serious, I don’t think it’ll be anything we’ve had or seen yet in GT6. Completely new type of model or even manufacturer and I’m not hinting at Porsche.

  55. TheGTGuy

    I’m glad Kaz answered these questions and this is only June, I wreckon GT6 will be out in Oct/Nov of this year so there is a lot to do but I’m confident that Kaz and PD can get it done in time for GT6.

    1. infamousphil

      I want it to be the new Viper. The long nose (front engine) and driver’s position gives me reason to believe. But, that slanted rear end is difficult to identity.

      Anyhow, I am hoping at least 75% or 150 of those new cars are of the “supercar” type. Not really interested in anything with less than 500hp and a top speed under 200mph. This is, after all, GT.

    2. KiroKai

      Of course! My personal servant reads everything out for me. Do you really expect me to read these comments myself? Pfff

    3. infamousphil

      I understand that GT offers us the multitude of different types of cars and am cool with that. It’s just that I’d rather see more of what I don’t see everyday. Vipers and 599s over Demios and Civics any day.

      Me thinks most would rather experience a more raw and exotic simulation than plain and boring grocery getters. Look at the ratio of coupes vs sedans, rwd vs fwd cars, cars vs trucks. GT, Grand Touring… it’s a mode of travel from Chicago to Detroit or Rome to Paris a person would choose to take. If in a car for more than 2hrs, driving or as a passenger, which would you prefer? Judging by your response, Encyclopedia, l would say it doesn’t matter to you. However, if I find myself in a cross country rally, a well rounded coupe with 500hp and capable of 200mph would be my choice of whip.

      You got something against my preferences? That’s OK with me. To each his own. Whilst searching the rooms, I see your 500pp rooms with no tire restriction and roll right over you, not even a bump in the road. If I don’t see anything, cool, it’s just HighPerformanceStreet time.

      Yup, l think 75 percent of the cars aught to be of a GT nature. Twenty five percent of 1200 is 300. That’s a majority in FM’s world and exceeds all other console racers’ repertoire.

  56. JaySamurai

    Would have been nice to find out a little more about car customizing, and if we will have the option for grid starts in offline mode, but i’m happy with the interview. They seem to be addressing the meat and potato’s of the game.

  57. HKSBro92

    Research to generate sounds? Just get some mics, place them around the exhausts and let the cars rip on a empty airfield. That’s what NFS does and their sounds are REALLY accurate.

    1. PepeMickey

      Nfs does much more than that, they place mics on very specific spots to get various samples of the car of various and then they mix everything together and loop them

    2. HKSBro92

      Yeah I know I was just cutting it short. I mean I’m no sound expert but it doesn’t sound THAT difficult. A new nfs comes out every year. But I could be wrong or maybe PD wants the sounds to be 110%. They are a bunch of perfectionist after all lol

    3. Griffith500

      You think recording stuff is all there is to interactively generating sounds in real time? I know the kinds of things that are possible with a little bit of research and experiment, and this “simulation” approach really excites me. PS4 will be interesting.

  58. juanmassa

    “It is being developed and we don’t know if it’ll make it into GT6” and “that hasn’t been decided yet.” are pretty much his only answers.
    So we’ll be getting a GT6 that feels only half-finished, or it’ll be totally finished game but the launch date will be postponed endlessly. That’s what I’m getting from this interview.

    1. eclipsee

      I don’t think we’ll see more delays, they know they can release GT6 and improve it on the fly with a patch, as they did with GT5.

  59. Flagmo-T

    I don’t know aBout the Car answer though – for me it looks like so many other Car shapes today – not saying that the car underneath is boring – but it could look like so many cars we already know and classical as well ..:P

  60. Flagmo-T

    Great interview and truthful answers from K.Y – yes is sad that all the issues discussed heavily here, is somthing that is probably first ready for GT7, but it sounds like a Pro way to deal with it, and can make the end result groundbreaking for Audio creation for a Race game .. A.I IS a sad little thingy, it’s simply fail, that they haven’t got a more strong A.I in GT, and that we should wait for that long time, to get a Artificial intelligence in these A.I as they are called, I understand that they are taking it serious now, and they a working on it, and that they accept that it’s a no good thing, but it’s still a big big question in GT, so get done quickly K.Y, lots of people don’t like to or can’t go Online to race, they rely on the Seasonals and Career mode, so AI should be top nutz Already K.Y / P.D :o)

    Keep up the Good work – PS.The New Rendering engine is the best seen on PS3 ever ;)

    1. Rafael F

      I agree with you, P.D. may get long to do things, but when they do, they do greatly.
      But he said the sounds and A.I. are not going to be the same of GT5.
      Should we wait for at least partial improvement?

    2. Logoncal21

      I think PD is challenging theirselves to make a great game on PS3.
      C’mon, a game company should do that, and the PS3’s life is not going to end RIGHT after the PS4 release. maybe 4 or 5 years

  61. KamperAssassin

    The car under the sheet… I think is the new supra under development between Toyota and BMW

  62. ANFD

    My biggest complaint with the AI is that even the strongest competitor will “give up” once you finally get past him. I’ve raced AI that were so fast that it took me many laps to catch him, then several laps to finally squeeze by and then once past, I could hardly see him in the mirror anymore.

    As for the distinction between “The Real Driving Simulator” and being a “Racing Game”, the biggest factor for me is the size of the field. I know of very few racing series that have a maximum of 12 cars in the field (other than Indy Lights). I realize that the hardware limitations (RAM) in the PS3 are mainly to blame but until a remedy is found, GT will never be a true racing game for me.

    1. Logoncal21

      The AI always bugs me. Almost every GT game had a Horrendous AI(the first and second i will forgive, because the PSX isn’t like PS3). It’s really annoying to get a 690hp GT-ONE to fight against the same car and the AI gets like 5 SECONDS behind you

    1. sibbystiggy

      i said that but you see the front bonnet doesn’t match, the nsx’s is too short and its not as curvy, the windscreen is shorter and comes steeper down then the nsx

    2. Madertus

      Yeah, keep complaining and whining what was wrong in GT5. Also, please tell me what’s going to be wrong with GT6, tell me how much more than everyone else do you know.

      Stop complaining and be happy with the fact that we have Gran Turismo AT ALL.

    1. ScotteDawg

      It’s not a Honda Weider, it is a Honda HSV-010!

      Weider is the team that uses this car! There is the Weider, Arta, Raybrig, Epson and a few others!!

  63. Ingenting87

    I couldnt care less about wich car is under the cover.

    Really great to hear about the new engine sounds and the new AI.
    Why are people still complaining, thought this was what you guys wanted..?

    Now we just need confirmation that engine swap will be a new feature in GT6..
    And they better have upgraded Supra RZ, 200sx, S14 Kouki & Zenki to PREMIUM.

    Its simply a joke that these epic drift cars are not premium.

    I WANT MORE PRO DRIFT CARS like Falken, Blitz and HKS.

    Out of 1000+ cars only 4 or 5 PRO DRIFT Cars??????

    1. sibbystiggy

      you know what I can’t care less about? Forza and maybe some other PC games with a engine swap feature,
      i mean what do you want from it eh?
      stick a lambo engine in a civic? so you rock up to a online race with a civic and your like “i got a lambo under the hood”? in real life it would be a FAIL, it doesn’t work, GT is a REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR, not a fictional game to mess around with, these fiddly and over the top features get old quick and people get bored of it,

      basically what your saying is, you buy a car entirely on it’s looks and you do not accept what the car is in other aspects, im sorry but every car is different, unique and special in it’s own way, e.g. a civic can do things and drive in a way that a Merc SLS can ever do, before I got into GT i used to think more than half of the cars in the world are crap, after playing GT3-4 i found that all cars are different and good at what they do in their own way, gran turismo does very well at making every car differ from one another, you want that to go?

      you basically don’t accept what a car offer to you, you are picking and mixing, thats not how it works, e.g. you love a person for who they are and what they are like, not choosing what they should be, GT is suppose to be close to reality not a fictional mess,

      If forza of any other game does it, it doesn’t mean GT has to, GT has it’s own charms that you cannot find anywhere else so stop comparing cus GT is it’s own self just like ever car is (unless if it’s entirely copied)

      Adding engine swaps will corrupt the realism of the game,
      the things you can do in real life is what GT offers, its what doesn’t happen in real life in the game that are suppose to be the disappointments or a lack of

    2. Streeto

      “Sibbystiggy”… talk about blowing something out of proportion. Engine swaps, if implemented, would be realistic same-manufacturer swaps that can’t exceed a percentage of the original displacement. E.G. if it originally had a 2.0L, you couldn’t put anything over a 3.0L into it etc. or something like that.

      Engine swaps ARE popular in real life so don’t get your head mixed up thinking you know everything fella. There’s nothing UNREALISTIC about doing an engine swap as long as the engine itself could physically be put into the cars engine bay without altering the chassis or bodywork.

    3. MuoNiuLa

      @sibbystiggy: Your entire comment shows you have NO idea of what you’re talking about. First, you would never be able to stick a Lamborghini engine inside of a Civic for licenseing reasons. Second, engine swapping is a very REAL feature that’s done in REAL life. And again, with the “GT doesn’t have it, so it’s a worthless feature” nonsense. Please do everyone a favor and stop trying to stagnate the series.

    4. PepeMickey

      It’s not unrealistic but it’s a rather childish feature. I wouldn’t mind it but I would never use it, I don’t use it in FM4 nor Shift 2, it’s like the whole ”hybrid” thing, modders thought they were revolutionary just because they could make a car look retarded and useless. Give me a break. The serious part of car culture couldn’t care less, leave the ”ricer” stuff for the kids…

    5. MuoNiuLa

      Please stop sounding so ignorant. Engine swaps are used even in REAL racing. Nismo put a Nissan Titan engine inside of a GT-R for FIA GT1. That’s childish and ricy to you? That’s not serious car culture? Give ME a break.

    6. tpark103

      I’m starting to get more and more respect for this forum. The immaturity is still here but, it gets stymied abruptly with factual comments. Good stuff

    7. another_jakhole

      sibbystiggy,I totally understand and feel for your perspective, but you’re looking at it wrongly as has been pointed out by the others.

  64. jimbo0

    Poor Kaz can’t win. He gets chastised for not achieving his goals for every game then gets criticised for not committing to anything before an official statement release. Who’d be Kaz eh?

    1. Flagmo-T

      ;o) – The idea of GT6 being a GT6’Prologue is getting closer..

      So basicly! all the heavily discussed issues here on GTp Forums and News, are still Hanging as a develop thingy for GT6-7, which sounds like a really pro approach to the issues, and the end result could be groundbreaking for dealing with Sounds for a Race game, But it’s a very long wait ? ‘
      The IA is just something that PD apparently haven’t got too much man hours in. It must have been less important for K.Y at the time for GT5 – But for many, that is where the Illusion gets disturbed ‘ Because you often think that they act like morons and that AI programming is totally wasted on these “I’ve got No! intelligence at all – I’m Simply a Kamikaze Gentlemen’s driver..

      ANyways – Happy for the overall View in GT6 demo is actually stunning to watch, and the life in the cars that drives around in the videos, are also looking very soulful and alive in the way everything has a life on the cars ..

  65. sibbystiggy

    about the ai,
    i think the problem is that e.g. if you start 12th in a 5lap race around tsukuba and the ai are very competitive, you will never get passed the alot, in professional racing that is highly unlikely that when you race in a series you would make up 12 places in 5laps,

    the way it can work is that you can have good ai drivers in the back of the grid including the yourself and you work up the slow grid while competing with good and competitive ai, cus if everyone is really going for it, you will never win a race,

    another way is if there is qualifying, that would make alot of sense, a bit like TOCA race driver, that game was very challenging but still alot of fun, GT6 should have qualifying too, it would be a step closer to real racing as its done in online racing and it would make sense if its in single player too.

    the aim of the ai should be to set good lap times but all they do in GT5 is driver slow and get very bad lap times when they try getting out of your way and parking, in GT5 they are focusing more on ai being more aware of you then the wining the race itself

    however, despite all this and how much people hate GT5’s ai,
    in endurance races ive got owned by an ai twice! by the same car in both races,
    a S2000 GT1 beat me in the 4hr nurburgring race vs my M3
    and another S2000 GT1 beats me in the 9hr tsukuba vs my Mugen S2000 just last night

    a huge factor in racing is damage to the race in racing, the car’s parts start to wear away as the race goes on, its a big thing is racing, it needs to be in GT6, it would be a big step closer to the real thing when you have a certain car with a reliability rating or somin like that and the car would break down and parts would wear away the more its driven, so it would make more sense to engine overhaul and restore body rigidity of your car and take care of it (it would add to the feature of the current car maintenance like washing it etc.) doing this will keep the car more reliable for races,

    If not in GT6 due to limited content PS3 can hold and work on, these features should be added in the future of GT games cus i think we are going very far with physics, rendering etc. but we are not provided with all the basics and important aspects that occur when doing a race,

    Codemasters are doing a better job with stuff like this

    1. sibbystiggy

      yes “The real DRIVING simulator”
      but they did go through the efforts of adding racing series to GT6 to improve the racing aspect as well as many other features that are more towards racing then simulation so i think this should be considered for future releases, to me this is all there is missing really, simulation is still the highest priority and PD have it covered which is great so for other game improvements this is important,

      whenever you watch a race mechanical damage is considered a big factor, even for KAZ’s races, they are working hard on suspension and tyres, this type of damage is a part of it in a way

    2. hyyperactive

      I think the goal of ai is to offer offline competition mode for everybody according to what level of challenge and skill they want and have. So for a super hardcore person who wants to simulate a true 20 lapper race on nordschleife against really difficult opposition that matches his own level of skill then a good ai can do that and run fast enough laps to keep up with him and race him without constant brake checking and other strangenesses.

      Just like if someone just wants to grab a controller and do 3 lap races around highspeed ring starting from last and winning every time despite not being very good driver then good ai can also do that. And also provide that kind of adjustability for all skill levels depending what they want.

      The main thing about ai is the adjustable level of challenge. The way the ai is now is that it is so uselessly slow and bad that it cannot provide any challenge to anyone. Unless you happen to find a sweet spot in arcade mode but even then you are just racing a rabbit car while going through the field.

    3. sibbystiggy

      the ai stays the same throughout the levels of the game in GT5, they should start easy and as you go on, they should become more competitive.

      I liked the GT4 ai, they didn’t care where you were, they didn’t detect you on the track which may not be very realistic however they were competitive because their aim was to set very good lap times repeatedly in the car they were in on the tracks,

      I’d prefer that over the new intelligence of the ai that looks out for not crashing into you or coming in your way more than the race in hand

  66. sind3ntosca

    I think it’s Nissan… Nissan again??? …yeah look at the shape… it’s DeltaWing… easy guess :p

  67. CJSpencer77

    They dont have the sound ready, they dont know if time change for all tracks and they are rebuilding the AI, i thought they were nearly done, I dont want to be negative but i hope a PD style delay isnt in the post

  68. Ittybitty Stigy

    Your all saying that it looks like a corvette or some other street car. But if you look at the bottom, it’s not flat like most cars, it curves up toward the window…

  69. sebastien130879

    je pense qu’il y aura des porshe dans gt6 et que la voture qui se trouve sous la couverture est une 911


    could it be that new car that toyota and bmw are working on it right now ? some people say its the new supra

  71. Snorevette

    The car almost looks like a Nissan GTR, but it looks like someone’s dropped a very heavy object on it and flattened it. My theory is that GT6 is going to have an option to crush all the unwanted skylines that you receive.

    1. abso

      HAHAHAHAHA i would pay it as an addition just to see that in the game ;d , although it seems that the front indeed looks look a GTR but in the back kind of reminds me the Audi R8

  72. hyyperactive

    I really really hope gt6 will finally improve and upgrade the a-spec. It has literally been the same for all 5 games and is in need of major improvements. Some kind of event generator would be nice but at the same time it would be almost utterly pointless unless the ai is made significantly and I mean significantly better. If the ai is good then a-spec can be really good as well.

    1. Logoncal21

      and being longer. seriously, GT4 had series of 3 single races, 5 single races, 5 races tournaments, 10 race tournaments, FIFTEEN races tournaments and endurance. IT TAKES TIME to finish that game. compare GT4 to GT5: the A-spec from gt4 is way longer than GT5. the main thing i want is a longer A-spec mode on GT6 and a better AI, because i’m tired of having dumb AIs racing against me and finish 30 seconds behind me. i know what i’m saying about AI because i also play forza 3 on hard, and i easily note the differences. Forza’s AI is much more agressive and jerkish aswell(thanks rewind for exisiting on the third game) than GT’s.

  73. counter345

    I’m very surprised they are “rebuilding” a lot of aspects, despite GT5 being said to be used as the basic platform for GT6. I see content issues arising again if they are rebuilding a lot of aspects. That said, sounds especially are one of the things that the community, both casual and hardcore, want to see improved, and it sounds like they’re improving it.

  74. Deko Wolf-GTPT

    GTP always ask the right questions, every time. You might as well be get GTP as the one and only allowed to make these interviews for the English community.

    Other journalists are asking stuff like “does it have cars?” “Is it pretty?” “What’s so special about this game?” All general and vague questions asked from a journalists who is not interested in the series in the first place.

    The quality of these interviews conducted by GTP are top quality! You can see Kazanuri enjoys the technical questions and he gives complex answers. Perfect chemistry!

    1. counter345

      I agree. Jordan always asks the right questions and pries the right answers out of him – sometimes.

  75. phil_75

    Also answers everything with “we don’t know if it will make it into GT6 yet?”
    Well if you don’t know this late in development its fairly obvious it won’t and they are more than likely holding back stuff for PS4 & GT7.

    I see another GT5 unfinished release with loads of little updates/patches.

    A big question is if it will be running at 720p now seeing as they are adding extra effects to a game that struggled with framerates without them.
    Much rather they concentrate on 60fps than adding more stuff to slow it down.
    Some of the demo vids have quite bad slow down and thats with only 1 car on track!

    1. Lord Protector

      It’s running 1080p still. However, this is just upscaled resolution from 1280×1080 in GT5 and maybe only 720p for GT6, upscaled to 1080p

  76. phil_75

    Forget that, its not an F12.

    More than likely a made up collaboration between PD and a manufacturer (Nissan? zzzzz) or a different part of many cars joined together.

    1. V12FREAK

      Hey don´t be so rude man. It definately is a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta… Look at this picture and you will see it. You are a faggot for sayin this could be a Nissan hahahahahaha

    2. drift501

      So in the first sentence you say not to be rude but then in the last you call Phil a faggot? Personally I think it is the new Corvette

    3. The Stig Farmer

      V12Freak, how polite.

      The bottom line is that NO cars perfectly match. Go look on the forums.

  77. CodeName

    So what he’s saying is that they’re working hard for sounds and AI, but they don’t know if they’ll have time until the release. Anyway,, i’m really sure it’ll be out on GT6 one day. If not at launch, then in updates, like all the big updates they did for us for GT5.

  78. lbpomg95

    Surprisingly detailed interview. Good to see they are at least working on the engine sounds. It would be rather fantastic if the SLS GT3 is close to real, though would they have to recreate making the ground vibrate as it goes past?

    The car under the cover has got to be one of the GT86/FR-S/BR-Z brothers right? The rear end is a bit too curvy for a C7 Vette I think. A 370Z doesn’t have those rear wheel arches and boot lip spoiler either I’m sure of it.

    1. another_jakhole

      Until we know more about the “new system of generating sounds”, it takes approximately one month to three years to do it seeing as how they’ve been updating/altering them since GT5 released.

  79. GTP_Versatile

    I wanted to say the car under the sheet was the F12 Berlinetta so bad, but after looking at side pictures of the F12, the front isn’t sloped enough :\

  80. Longa23

    Common Guys…. Jordan asked Kaz what we all wanted to hear about the Sounds and KI…
    I think the time is limited and i hope in the next month that PD creates new sounds to incorporate into GT6. That was my biggest that was my personal biggest construction site for real racing feeling.
    Go on PD and BIG THANK’s to JORDAN….
    “THANK YOU” Sorry it is not my Mother Language :)

  81. smskeeter23

    Ok so I haven’t caught up on all the posts yet (but I will tomorrow) and idk if it’s that I had too many doppelbocks tonight or what but…

    I am a pretty big self admitted GT fanboy of 15yrs… and I am upset by this. Kaz, seriously… just mentioning something, anything, about sounds when asked does NOT constitute big news.

    I’ve been living moment to moment all week waiting for said big news at E3 and all I saw this week is a demo that we won’t get, only GTA. Thank you for that but, damn, why cant we get the E3 demo? That would make ALOT of people shut up including me.

    And I NEVER make comments like this, ever, until now :-(

    1. liampage123

      How about you just appreciate what PD is doing for us. At least be thankful that they are actually listening to our pleads for better AI and sound.

    2. another_jakhole

      Focus on something other than info about a game that won’t be out for another 150-ish days.

    3. smskeeter23

      I think mainly what I was getting at is the typical Kaz “we dont know if it’ll make it in”.

      I’ll be shocked if there aren’t a ton of comments in this thread complaining about that very thing (off to catch up now).

    4. another_jakhole

      I’m just happy that he elaborated quite a bit with his answers. He could have said what you quoted for most of the questions and it would have been a terrible interview. PD is unique in that they’re always thinking about the future. If big features can’t make it into the upcoming game, they’ll continue working on those features nonetheless. How do you think PD got weather and time change into their games while T10…

    1. another_jakhole

      Kaz wouldn’t likely wouldn’t go into a decent amount of detail talk nor about something like the new Course Maker. We won’t know a whole lot about a whole lot of things until Gamescom at the very earliest.

    2. another_jakhole

      rewrite: Kaz wouldn’t likely go into a decent amount of detail talk nor about something like the new Course Maker.

    3. another_jakhole

      rewrite #2: Kaz wouldn’t likely go into a decent amount of detail nor about something like the new Course Maker.

    4. Jordan

      We touched on car customization in our Silverstone interview just a few weeks ago, and, since nothing was announced at E3, I didn’t believe his answer would change and didn’t waste a question on it. He would never confirm or announce such a major new feature in an interview, anyway.

  82. TruGenTimeless

    GT6 is going to be an awesome installment. I think change of day would be good for all tracks. Like in GT4 and GT3 there were times whereas driving can be done in midday to afternoon. That and the test were actually more challenging than it is in GT5.

  83. hennessey86

    Updated engine sounds…………………I’m sorry but if the original recordings are not of high quality you can update them all you want, but they still won’t sound realistic. They need to record at least the premium cars from scratch.

  84. Quakebass

    Saw title of news article.

    Crossed fingers.


    I’m somewhat satisfied… It isn’t clear on the quality of the AI and engine notes, but Kaz is honest about the progress, unlike GT5. He’s admitting stuff may not make it to GT6, whereas with GT5 he was saying things along the lines of “we could release it whenever, we just want to keep adding stuff…”

    Considering te confidence in other information, I’m betting GT6 is going to be really good. Right now the only thing I’m concerned about is the AI. Sounds, or at least the accuracy of the engine notes, aren’t as important to me. I’d like to know more about the customization options, but it’s looking decent enough. The physics will be keeping me with the game for a LONG time…

    1. TruGenTimeless

      I agree with you there (most times when I’m racing with my earbuds in to drown out sound) driving by GT’s standards in terms of gaming makes it addicting, but at the same time rewarding since this game literally teaches a lot about cars.

  85. gold_ultima

    I’d really like to hear about something like a custom race. A race where you can set up how many and what cars your opponents can use on what track. Maybe even letting them use cars from your garage. I wouldn’t even care if winning provided credits or not. Though, with the PP system setting how credits work wouldn’t be too hard.

  86. vr6cas

    And besides it makes sense for GT to want that car in the game, it was supposed to be the nsx replacement before they scraped it, to I guess redesign the body and use a v6/electric hybrid, type in nsx v10 on youtube and you will see it. And by the way it was going around the ring I bet that was a near finished car, and a fast one, it look like it could run a 7.30 all day… so it makes sense for pd to immortilize a car that might never see production, that finished car is probly sitting in the honda warehouse somewhere, and pd snucked in and modeled it for GT6, but boy o boy pd please get that beautiful sound right, almost sounds better than the LFA, almost.

  87. vr6cas

    I could care less about that car under that cover, what I do care about is the cars that is going to be behind that cover. GT6s car list please. It is the Honda NSX street car, a couple of years ago they was testing it at the ring, it was said to have a v10, awd, and they wanted it to compete with the LFA and GTR.

  88. joetruckv8

    Cough*split times from driver to driver vs driver to P1 only* cough. And A race start setting to pick timed slots vs only laps plz

    1. Whitefalcon63

      I’m really hoping we get the F12. That car is amazing. I’d put the MC12 and LaFerrari on that wish list too.

  89. Logoncal21

    it looks like a GT-R for me……. and when it’s about Kaz, yeah.
    i was joking, but i still think it’s a gt-r

  90. mwpuga

    I believe the car under the blue cover could be the Ferrari 599GTO. It has a rear spoiler too. I wish they include the 599xxx man that car is badass :)

  91. TomBrady

    I think his words on the engine sounds means that, some cars will have great engine sound, and some won’t . Just like in GT5, except probably a lot more cars will have better sounds this time.

    Also, not done yet, to me means we will see that sort of stuff with an update. It’s kind of stupid considering they’ve been working on this for another 2 years, and it’s still not finished. I like what they did with the physics, but I think they shouldn’t have spent time improving the graphics. I don’t really see the need for that. The only graphical issue with GT5 was screen tearing.

    And as far as the damage, don’t care about the visual, but I’d really like to see the ability to total cars, and I’d like to see heavy damage be on all the time. It would really improve the quality of online racing if all A Spec events had heavy damage forced on.

    1. Logoncal21

      i wish that the tyre wear was on for all the Events

    2. MeanElf

      Compulsory heavy damage would pretty much kill online back to a few hundred people. As you can already set up a lobby like that, why not just leave it upto the lobby hosts? Now, an A-spec with full damage as a hardcore option, yes, that I would like.

    3. TomBrady

      It would not kill online at all. It would improve it. People would finally learn how to race with other cars. Especially if A Spec had it always on, they would be used to it.

  92. QuikSlvr223

    Almost certain it’s the production NSX. You have to make some body changes to fit regulations, and I mean, look at that sharp curve at the edge of the hood. Exactly like the concept car. Got the same basic shape, too.

    1. vr6cas

      /\ Because that car, the HSV-010 street car was not a MR, it was a front engine AWD V10. I think a first for honda.

    2. ScotteDawg

      vr6cas, Chico and QuikSlvr were talking about the Hybrid Acura NSX (USA) not the Honda HSV-010 (JPN)!! And the HSV-010 was NOT an AWD, it was a rear wheel drive but you’re right about the engine being in the front.

      As for the Hybrid Acura NSX, the long hood has always been a part of the NSX design. Why change it now?

  93. ADTR

    That’s what I hate with these guys .. we are now in June, the game is due in not event 6 months and there are plenty of important stuff that are “not decided yet” .. something is not working right in there .. Plan everyting you want to make before making it. That way you have a general idea of what’s to be done and you can plan an efficient schedule (reduce the risk of delays). You don’t decide important stuff on the fly. My 2cent.

    1. eran0004

      You think that they’re working blindly? That the sound engineers by themselves came to think of “maybe we should be working on a new way to simulate the sounds?” and the management had no idea about it?

      Of course everything is planned. What is not certain is if the results will be good enough to make the cut to GT6, or if they have to work on it more before coming to a breakthrough. What use to GT6 is new sounds or new AI if it is worse than GT5? You don’t plan to include everything you’re working on, you wait until you see the results.

    2. ADTR

      I was more talking about the weather/DLC part.

      It’s more a general though that the article I read gave me .. like we saw with GT5 .. nothing was really clear and in the end, when it (GT5) was released it we could tell the game was not finished because they didn’t have time to make it right or some other reason we probably don’t know .. Anyway, how many uptades were needed to make GT5 decent..? That’s more my point.

      And for your comment, I don’t want to sound rude but the way you would do things seems like a great way to lose money. It’s like “Hey, we’ll get a team to work and develop a new thing, and if it doesn’t give a good result we’ll just not put it on the game, keep working on it or forget it. You don’t create something by thinking like that. You have things to do, you do them right or you find the right people to make it happen.

      I don’t have the experience of managing such large scale projects, but I do have my fair share of project management and the more you plan on paper before working the easier it is for almost everything .. briefing briefing briefing .. After that if their team cannot achieve the level of quality they want in the given time, then that’s an other problem .. get more people or better qualified people. (I’m not saying the guys at PD don’t know what they are doing, just to be clear)

    3. Quakebass

      What? You don’t think much can get done in 4-5 months…?

      There’s still a chance. All the time developers produce demos showing the parts of the product that’s ready. Look at many of the other games at E3 – they lagged out in the ON-STAGE demonstration, and most of them are expected to come out in about 5-10 months time. It isn’t “undecided” – it’s “uncertain” if it will make it into the game INITIALLY.

    4. ADTR

      Ridiculour Quakebass!
      There’s a difference between creating and optimizing. Optimizing is a couple of steps forward in the process.

  94. PepeMickey

    Finally, some words of truth, now KY please take your time with GT6 to be able to give us a taste of that “breakthrough” and then release GT6/7 on PS4 with a redefined concept of Gran Turismo.

    1. TomBrady

      Actually I think and hope that’s it, the Ferrari F12. It’s not the corvette, we already have that.

    2. Quakebass

      Considering Kaz is keeping it under wraps, I doubt it’s something that the public already knows about. I know there’s a new Z coming out, and there’s supposedly a new Supra concept… There’s been discussion on this in the forums.

    3. TomBrady

      Either the F12 or the new Viper. It looks like it could be either but I don’t think it’s the vette. That wouldn’t make sense, we already have the vette

  95. deviln3

    I don’t like the penalty system, instead its more fun to play with high damage and warn everyone ahead of the race that its set to high. You may need to kick some people out initially but once you have a good group of racers, the races are a lot of fun. Also tire/fuel usage set to high, 7-8 laps to force a pit stop, and the race is magical =D

    1. TomBrady

      Agreed except not a big fan of the high fuel/tire thing though for shorter races I suppose it is the most practical idea.

      I definitely would like to see heavy damage on at all times for online races and A Spec events. That would really improve the quality of racing online. So much less idiots would play bumper cars.

    1. JoRdY105

      It’s ridiculous. But you can never please everyone.

      I’m over the moon about everything I’ve read so far! But each to their own.

  96. Rich S

    Its disappointing to hear that damage will stay the same… One of the problems with GT5 has been public lobbies and dirty random racers that use the car in front as a brake, with the car in front always getting damage and the car doing the bumping always benefiting. It would have been nice to atleast see a safety rating rather than the insanely bad penalty system the lobbies have which penalize you 15 secs if you put 2 wheels off the kerb.

    1. SavageEvil

      They need a flag system, but actually have a system that can figure out who did wrong would be a bit tougher than we think. I think flagging for more than two wheels off the track(not air) and cutting would work wonders 3 flags and it’s race over. I also think that magically slowing cars down off the road or your throttle input is cut is stupid and really unnecessary. Let’s put that tire and suspension simulation to use when people go off roading in low slung race cars(undercarriage damage, wear on suspension and even damage to the front spoiler can happen).
      Really hope that they have a better penalty system that the schizophrenic one in GT5.

  97. neopheX

    The car under the blue cover is probably an Aston Martin going by the ass end of the car and possibly the front, or it could be a Ferrari.. But my bet is an Aston martin

    1. SavageEvil

      Which Aston? I want to look up the photo for reference. I checked the 370Z and it’s roof line doesn’t match. Only things close to this were the 599 GTB but it didn’t have the vertical spoiler on the end. The rear quarter panel really throws me as it would fit the 2014 Viper but the rear spoiler things kills it. This is like where’s waldo for me. Lol.

    2. Pit Crew

      ^Please the roofline matches very well. I also checked the overlays other GTP members have done regarding this issue and amongst the masses the 370Z is just as good a guess as any other.

    3. SavageEvil

      ^I just eliminate cars as i go through them against the tarp car is all. For my own purposes, not saying you’re wrong. All I know is whatever car it is the rear deck is rather short and sports a near vertical lip spoiler which sweeps into the rear quarter panel, the front end is really hard to visualize but the fender flares suggest roadster i.e. Viper, 599 GTB. I’m on a hunt and I’m finding some impressive cars like this two seater Aston Martin omg I want that in GT. Any cars you have that you think it could be aside from the 370z?

    4. ScotteDawg

      Honda HSV-010!
      Hybrid Acura NSX!
      A new Aston Martin Concept or TVR Concept that only PD have been privy to!
      A Smart Car Roadster!
      A Toyota Prius???

      PD added 200 cars! It won’t be obvious until GT6 is released…

  98. k12power

    THANK YOU JORDAN!!! Sounds and AI are my favorite questions i would like to be answered!!!

    Because English it’s not my first language, when Kaz said about sounds ”I’m not sure if it is actually going to make it into GT6 in time yet, but we’ll have to see.” what does he mean??? Are we gonna hear better sounds in GT6 or more latter in GT7???

    THANKS AGAIN!!!!!! :)

    1. Wiki

      He meant that probably those changes or improvements are not going to make it in time for GT6 or probably yes

    2. Redline900

      Well, if the sound improvements don’t make it in time for launch, I hope they put them up as DLC!

    3. ScotteDawg

      If the sound improvements are not made in time for launch, they will NOT be put up as DLC but included as an update during the inevitable server maintenance!

  99. gtone339

    Great to see Kaz is still focusing on updating Car Engine sounds & ai (artifical intelligence). No questions asked about:

    – Livery editor
    – Avatar/drivatar creator
    – sell cars online – own your car dealership online
    – other upcoming real world / fictional tracks to be added in to GT6 , e.g Pikes Peak, Apricot Hill, El Capitain
    – 2 player mode
    – Arcade mode
    – 20 million credit limiter removed
    – manufacturer races
    – endurance races
    – Rally
    – online multi-player pass
    – adding easter eggs

    Oh by the way, the car under the blue cover is a Toyota S___a. ;)

    1. hobanator24

      Please, God No. Not that hideous ‘thing’ that dare call itself a Supra. But it’s probably not it because the hood is too long.

    2. Logoncal21

      AI is for me the most important
      why? because the thing that i hate from gran turismo is the difficulty. it’s not cheap, it’s not hard, IT’S TOO GOD DANM EASY!

    3. ScotteDawg

      The reason why there were no questions asked about the things you mentioned is because there were other journalists also asking questions. Jordan only told us what HE asked!
      Jordan also told us that a full transcript will be posted soon and that should fill in the blanks…

      Under the blue cover – Honda HSV-010 Road Car or Hybrid Acura NSX!

    1. gtone339

      Would take 2 GT games to correct the car sounds.

      Maybe P.D will focus heavily on to for the next GT game, GT7.

      If not then a slight sound improvement for GT6?

  100. austindeckerGT5

    I think that the car under the blue cover looks like a viper rear end but an ft-86 front….So maybe the new 2014 Viper?

  101. AlexDug

    I’m glad they’re trying to fix the core flaws of GT series. All it’ll be missing after they fix sounds and the AI are pretty much only damage, more content, and an adaptation for the PS4 to have the best graphics possible.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I really see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m really hyped right now!

  102. Amac500

    Making GT6 reminds me alot of filming the movie Le Mans. Steve McQueen of corse had camera race cars entered in the race and they got footage for the film. Kaz is mounting cars with equipment to make GT more realistic. If it turned out like it did for Steve McQueen, we’re in for a treat!

  103. Mubble

    I don’t understand why they’re rebuilding GT6 from scratch. Just use GT5 and add more cars and features then get working on GT7 for the PS4. All this waste of man hours on stuff that doesn’t need attention. Why?

    1. vr6cas

      Toko, how are they using GT5s game engine when he said they are rebuilding from scratch. At least that what he says, he said as with everything they are rebuilding. He also says he does not know when we will be able to see the results from all the work. I smell a delay, and the smell is getting strong.

    2. Pit Crew

      Agreed TT. GT5s game engine was the blueprint for GT6. Its been taken apart and rebuilt from the ground up.

    3. SavageEvil

      Because when you have something done and you realize that you could build it better, this is what you call not resting on your laurels. They rebuilt the core engine to accommodate new physics, aerodynamics, suspension and adaptive tessalation, they more than likely knew that patchworking it on GT5 would create a bigger mess that that game already is. Just rebuild the underlying engine so that it’s easier to add new things when they complete them like better simulation of tuned engine exhaust, more finely tuned physics etc. This engine Kaz said was built with ease of upgrading in the future, meaning less rewrites of code when adding version updates. Perhaps you prefer if Kaz went the CoD route, cut and paste and sell a new one every year :)

  104. 2012GT325

    The car on the cover, clearly, is the Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ. Why is there a debate about that?

    As for DLC content, GT6 needs to include many new and upcoming cars to remain relevant. The new Mustang GT/GT500, Cadillac V-series (ATS, CTS wagon/coupe/sedan), RUF (if they can’t get Porsche), Chrysler 300 SRT8/300C, BMW 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 series and their M-versions, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Audi A/S 4, 5, 8, Lexus IS/GS/LS, Acura NSX, TSX, RL, MClaren P1, new Dodge Viper, Jaguar F Type, all Aston Martins (except the IQ), Land Rover Ranger Rover Sport, Jaguar XJ, and many others need to be included or be available for DLC after release.

    I’m not bashing GT and will buy GT6 on release day, but I just want them to stay aware of the cars/content that other racing titles are getting/have gotten and Gran Turismo series has been left behind in some instances. New tracks, better physics, better sounds are all important, but new cars are better as well and those brands (especially Porsche) are too big a players in the automotive world to ignore them and not include them in Gran Turismo.

    1. Logoncal21

      keep dreaming about porsche, as i highly doubt that PD is going to waste a bunch of money for the license instead for improvements.
      again, screw you EA and your license ownership

    2. Supermelon

      There is a debate because I don’t agree that it’s a Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ.

      The lip spoiler on that car, clearly, resembles the C7 Corvette, and there’s nothing on the 86 that is similar.

    3. SavageEvil

      Wrong about that Scion/BR-z/FT86. I’m going with the 2014 Stingray, hard to tell from the angle precisely but the tail end matches partly but then you have the tarp shifted slightly on the rear deck so it doesn’t look cleanly, but the mirror looks about in the correct place as is front quarter panel flare. I’m checking up other cars with these curves and such. For now it’s more than likely the 2014 Stingray.

    4. Pit Crew

      2012GT325 there’s ongoing debate about the car under the cover because no one including you knows for sure. You say its the Toyota 86 or one of its sibblings, someone else says Viper, another opinion is a 2014 Vette, Even the Aston Martin has been speculated. I think its a 2014 370Z, but im not that arrogant to think just cause I feel so sure about my guess, that i’m right and everyone else is wrong.

      Another car we haven’t discovered the name of is the White one from the Pre GT6 announcement, with Jann driving the GTseries TimeLine.

    5. Pit Crew

      And yeah stop dreaming of Porsche and do your research on that, though you’ve been told many times why that car maker isn’t in Gran Turismo. I can fault PD and Kaz for many things, but Porsches absence from the GTseries is not one of them.

    6. lebes14

      ^agreed, I thought it was a gt86 at first, then I gave it a better look and realized there was no way it could be. The back is all wrong, and the front slopes too much. Only thing that looks similar is the middle section, but that would be similar to a grip of other cars as well. The back actually reminds me a bit of the z4, but I doubt that is what it is.

    7. ScotteDawg

      Honda HSV-010 Road Car
      Hybrid Acura NSX
      2014 Corvette

      PD are adding 200 cars, so it could be something we haven’t seen yet that is being included. It will just be a surprise!

  105. Johnnypenso

    Well done Jordan, appreciate the effort. Some interesting stuff in there, looking forward to GT6 even more now.

  106. SZRT Ice

    Would’ve liked some clarity on the whole “car customization” debacle from the last GT6 reveal, but meh. Sos.

  107. Codename6

    I really like the honesty from Kaz. I hope we get some decent sounds for GT6. Thanks for the interview.

  108. vr6cas

    The good news is he is working on the sounds. The bad news is we are going to get another uncomplete gran turismo. I bet we are going to have to update to version 1.01 when GT6 releases, I guess we are all going to grow old before we get a complete finished product, I guess GT7 or 8 will be it. Everythings not yet or we are working on it, well what have you been doing for the past three years? My patients is getting thin with this waiting stuff, and polyphonys lack of getting things done in a timely fashion but hey at least we will have alot of great other games to enjoy this winter and next year, oh yeah we will also have a new playstation 4 and next gen games to go with it!

    1. gt5 brad gt5

      Go play them games then, nobody is forcing you to stay.

      Serious note though…They’ve done quite a lot it seems, to me anyway.

      New physics engine,suspension model, tyre model, aero model, lighting engine, rendering engine, some new premium cars, tracks and its been confirmed by the man himself that they’re working on new sounds and AI. And I wouldn’t exactly call them a large team comparing them to dev teams like Turn 10.

      Or maybe I don’ have a clue what I’m talking about as I just like to play the games. ;) However it seems to me that they’re finally pulling their finger out to create a solid game.


    2. ScotteDawg

      Another thing you seem to have not taken into consideration is the vast amount of cars Polyphony has put into the game for us!

      Forza has maybe 200 cars, each with 4 or 5 different sounds depending on the mods made.

      GT5 has over 1000 cars with about 10 or 12 different sounds, again, depending on the mods made!

      GT6 will have 1200 cars (plus DLC)…

      What else do want – blood? Polyphony Digital is, as Brad said, a small team and they have been working their proverbials off to make GT6 AND keep us as happy as possible with GT5!!!

  109. sangdude82

    I’m glad to hear that Kaz is aware of our complaints & requests and taking an action do improve or implement them into GT6 and future titles. So, it looks like that they are heading in the right direction with the game. Unlike before, Kaz has admitted the things that fans/gamers are not happy or unsatisfied with the game and telling us that he and the PD are trying to make the breakthroughs/improvements. Before, he will just go ‘they are too realistic or gamers aren’t understanding what we have done, etc, etc’. Thanks for making improvements for GT6, Kaz. Hopefully some of the things that he has mentioned make into GT6 by the time it gets released (especially the sounds).

  110. pepeferrari

    Now that I look at it, it kind of makes sense. Maybe the car below the blue sheet is the new NSX. It kind of has the shape of it.Or maybe not, the region where the windshield meets the roof is too high or I don´t know, it will be interesting finding it out. :)

  111. Daisey273

    Regarding AI: “As with pretty much everything in the game, we are going back to the basics and rebuilding it. We don’t know when the results of all that effort will come out yet, but of course, it’s not going to be the same as GT5.”

    He just confirmed the AI is going to be better by process of elimination ;-)

  112. Gyro1780

    You need to change the title!! I saw this first “Gran Turismo 6 to Get Updated Engine Sounds” & got all excited until i saw this “I’m not sure if it is actually going to make it into GT6 in time yet, but we’ll have to see”
    Fingers crossed though. I’d rather have the release date delayed a little if it means we get better sounds.

    1. Jordan

      He is uncertain if the complete overhaul of the sound generation system will be complete by the time GT6 is released. He notes several times, however, that the sounds and AI in GT6 will be different/changed/updated from what’s in GT5 and the GT6 demo shown at Silverstone and E3.

  113. ZoidFile

    Thank you Jordan, much appreciated.

    I have to say, Kaz is really wordy (in a good way) in his last couple of interviews.

  114. TokoTurismo

    AT LEAST Kaz was honest about the sounds of the cars from trailer were just sound effects. Not just “Oh well maybe.” :P

  115. Roxa_p

    To bad the damage stays the same.. for me there’s no need for visual damage. take it out of the game.. more space for other featers like a good physical damage system.

    1. ScotteDawg

      OR it could be:-
      Honda HSV-010!
      Hybrid Acura NSX!
      McLaren P1!
      2014 Corvette!
      An Aston Martin or TVR we don’t know about yet but PD may have been privy to!
      As OrangeSquid said – A new Viper!

      It will not be the TZ3 Strdale because it has already been shown to us and we KNOW it’s in the game! The car under the blue cover is most likely a surprise inclusion that, once seen in GT6, may not even be recognised as the car on the dust cover!

  116. masterrawad

    Our questions have been answered, and quite frankly, I’m contented enough to remain faithful to Gran Turismo. Very excited for the new AI and sounds. But…

    no answers on customization?!

  117. researchALLwars

    “GTP: Are the engine sounds that we hear in the demo representative of what we will hear in the final game?”

    ok so do you mean “gt6 demo” gameplay, which sounds like GT5, maybe a touch more guttoral- or the video clip “promos” showing off all kinds of scenes and actually feature fantastic, nasty racing car sounds as they fly by ?

    1. researchALLwars

      -really good questions by the way. Sounds and A.I. are certainly at the top of the importance scale for most of us.

    2. another_jakhole

      Jordan – June 14th, 2013 at 9:37 pm – #
      “He is uncertain if the complete overhaul of the sound generation system will be complete by the time GT6 is released. He notes several times, however, that the sounds and AI in GT6 will be different/changed/updated from what’s in GT5 and the GT6 demo shown at Silverstone and E3.”

      As if anyone somehow can oversee when Jordan comments lol. We might not get a release date before two months of its launch at the most. I don’t think it’s unlikely. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets a release date just six weeks prior to its launch.

  118. Nato_777

    Excellent Jordan – finally some good questions and with good answers to boot.
    I fully expect GT6 to be released on time in an “unfinished” state and for it to receive online updates as and when these “breakthroughs” happen. I hope the A.I. breakthrough is made before release though.

  119. TokoTurismo

    That was an grear interview Jordan. I’m really interested in seeing sounds and A.I. get improved. Although, I’m hoping for almost all tracks at least be day/night. If weather is possible in some tracks, go right ahead PD. :)

    1. SavageEvil

      I want that too, but I am doubtful on the existing non weather day/night courses getting the time shift. The thing that’s probably holding it back is actual lighting to be used during the night, not every course is like Nurb and La Sarthe aside from the start/finish line on la Sarthe lighting on the course is scarce as is with 24hr Nurb. I just loved the fact that they even put that in the game to begin with, I am willing to bet that the PS4 GT will have all courses with day and night and weather.

      Jordan you forgot to ask Kaz about weather being specific to the actual region and not just limited to rain. I would love to see snow falling and the course actually getting cold to the point where your grip is compromised. These are things that I would love to see, rain already makes tires run at lower temps but snow would further reduce that.

      I am all stoked to start my collection all over again and tune all my cars again with a brand new physics engine and race with better aerodynamics and put on more aero on all my cars. I am so piqued to get this game into my PS3 and play blissfully. Jordan you also didn’t get a chance to find about if we get a Livery Editior so something that makes having car clubs meaninful in the grand scheme of things.

    2. ScotteDawg

      @SavageEvil – The questions above are what Jordan asked as you know, but there were others asking questions too!

      Before the questions and answers you read, Jordan said that a full transcript will be provided soon. We can read that and find out what the others asked and what the answers were!!

    1. ScotteDawg

      You know, now that you mention it, yes! I can see that…

      All racing vehicles must have a road going version so, since we haven’t seen (or been provided with) a stock HSV-010 in the game so far, it’s being kept under wraps until GT6!

      Either that or the hybrid Acura NSX! I mean, they made a big song and dance about it, put together a good video with a kick butt song, and we still haven’t seen it yet!!

      OR, PD also got the rights to the McLaren P1, it could be the new 2014 Corvette, maybe a new Aston Martin or even a new TVR!

      But for now, I’ll go with the HSV-010…!

  120. omgitsbees

    “I’m not sure if it is actually going to make it into GT6 in time yet, but we’ll have to see.”

    So GT6 will probably be shipping unfinished. No surprises there though.

  121. PinappleJuice

    This makes sense now, glad that the sounds that will appear in the demo aren’t going to be in the
    Finished product. As for time/weather on all tracks, that sounds interesting. Imagine racing Trial Mountain at sunset, kinda deadly but beautiful.

  122. Ridox2JZGTE

    Wow, awesome interview Jordan, You Are A Legend :D and lots of great news there from Kaz, big thumbs up :D

  123. SpeedyishOlly

    Nice, glad to hear the sounds from the demo aren’t the sounds for gt6. Hopefully they get it right this time.

    1. ZoidFile

      I know this is meant to be a joke, butI actually read somewhere, that it is kind of rude for the Japanese to open say no.

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