Gran Turismo 6: Gameplay Footage and Hands-On Impressions

May 15th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

By participating in the big Gran Turismo 6 reveal at Silverstone, I had the opportunity to be one of the first people in the world outside of Polyphony Digital to get some hands-on time with the game. It was, sadly, all too brief, but it was enough to give me a good idea of what the game’s new physics engine feels like, and to capture some of the first gameplay video footage.

Above, you’ll see a few (admittedly quite slow) laps around Silverstone’s International Circuit in one of GT6‘s new cars, the KTM X-Bow R, along with a brief replay.

So, what does Polyphony Digital’s all-new physics engine feel like? It’s hard to describe, but let’s just say I think it will be hard to go back to Gran Turismo 5 after having experiencing GT6.

With traction control disabled and ABS set to 1 (I didn’t notice SRF was “on”…ugh, sorry!), it felt difficult to be “quick” around the track. However, the car was also easier to control, as if I had a better sense of the level of grip available at each wheel and exactly what the car was doing. It felt good.

When I play an older Gran Turismo game, I notice a kind of “numbness” or “dullness” in the handling characteristics of the cars, after having become accustomed to GT5. Now, I think I will feel the same way about GT5 the next time I play it.

The audio which you hear in the video was recorded via the television’s line-out headphone jack. It’s mono (single channel) sound, and doesn’t quite represent the sound that I could hear through the TV’s speakers. Although it’s not a radical change, I did notice a rougher, more visceral texture in the engine note that was more satisfying than what’s provided in GT5.

Regardless, Polyphony Digital’s work with Yokohama and suspension company KW Automotive has no doubt paid off, and the changes were immediately apparent to me after having spent only a very short time with the new game. Stay tuned for more exclusive GT6 gameplay and menu footage coming over the next several days.

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  1. May. 16, 4:47am

    Its incredible, this site is for Gran Turismo fans, here we have the announcement of GT6 the game we are all waiting for and now we have the first hands on in game footage, i just can’t believe some of the comments, everything i have read and seen is so positive and looks great yet people are finding a way to complain, i don’t think these individuals are true fans, more than likely Turn 10/MS plants on here to stick the boot and do as much damage as possible, its rediculous. Everything so far about GT6 looks fantastic, this game is going to show Turn 10 and other developers how its done, a true return to form from the greatest racing sim franchise on the planet.

    • May. 16, 5:03am

      it’s called having an opinion.

    • May. 16, 5:04am

      Just let them complain as much as they want.

      I really really really care about what they think.


    • May. 16, 5:05am

      I agree, GT6 is taking some hard knocks, but it’s still standing. Everything so far looks great!

    • May. 16, 5:07am

      ^ Hyped. :)

    • May. 16, 5:20am

      It’s probably disappointment shining through. If you were expecting GT6 to be all about new cars and new tracks it doesn’t seem like it’s going to have much to offer initially. We’ll see about the DLC, but personally I’m a little sceptic to that “every month” quote from the presentation – as it was said more or less indirectly and wasn’t printed on the screen. So I can understand if some people are upset about that.

      In the end it’s a question of buying the game or not. I will definitely buy it, so far it sounds like a massive upgrade from GT5 in many areas.

    • May. 16, 10:29am

      It’s been M$’s m.o. this whole generation. You see, M$ brainwashes their gamers, so whenever there’s big Sony PlayStation related news on the internet, those brainwashed shills spam every comments section on the web related to that Sony news with negative thoughts and reactions to the awesome news.

      And Turn 10 employees in particular are known to do the same thing as the brainwashed M$ fanboys (which I call Xombies) in regards to any Gran Turismo news or updates. They and their half-arse-sim-racing-game loving fans coordinate negative comments. You can even see them teaming up

      It’s an effective tactic for controlling people’s thoughts, even though it makes them some of the niggest lowlifes in the gaming industry and community. People are starting to see MS and their shills for the scum they are, and in turn gamers with a mind of their own left are distancing themselves from the Xbox brand.

  2. May. 16, 4:36am

    same boring slow,made for and by a retard crap , absolute supercars still beats this!just kidding! great job pd!

    • May. 16, 4:41am


  3. May. 16, 4:32am

    My farts sound better.

    • May. 16, 4:53am

      Well go sniff them if you want,If Jordan say’s they sound better,then i believe him.
      Way to many whiners.

    • May. 16, 8:13am
      Pit Crew

      Spoken like a true 10 year old.

  4. May. 16, 4:15am
    Scuderia Paul

    That looks great! I am so looking forward to playing GT6. Also, we saw the Jaguar XK-R S at the beginning so we can add that to our list of confirmed cars.

    Would love to try the Silverstone GP Circuit in a Toyota TS030-HYBRID or Audi R18 e-tron quattro. Kaz make it happen please…

  5. May. 16, 4:12am

    so, this is going to be going head-to-head with PS4 and Drive Club? possibly Nextbox and Forza 5? good luck with that Kaz.

    Sony’s really milking the last drops out of this particular cash cow.

    • May. 16, 8:24am

      I personally don’t particularly mind because they need the money. I do however think it won’t help with ps4 adoption for some people although I now know I’m likely to go for Drive Club (even if is not a simulation racer) as long as its got plenty of options (maybe others will feel the same).

      In some ways, it could be a blessing in disguise for GT7 even if it does mean we may need to wait up to another 4 years for it. It may be built from the ground up with most of the leg work done on GT6. Nah….who am I kidding, they’ll probably still do a GT6 port as well as a GT7 prologue version so then it will be more like 4 years plus!

      I may have to take a media blackout though for all GT6 and GT6 dlc in the future cos I sure know it will do my nut in if I see some tracks I’d like! Arrrrrrrrrgh!

    • May. 17, 4:04am

      Check the threads because you won’t be waiting four or more years for GT7. Anything on the PS4 will be more like half the development time.

  6. May. 16, 4:09am

    The new suspension is looking really good! The way the weight transfer makes the wheels bounce off the track is amazing! I can imagine the downhill races on this.. and I can also imagine the roll overs! :D

    • May. 16, 5:22am

      I can’t imagine Nordschleife without drooling.

    • May. 16, 8:24am

      Sounds very nice :-)

  7. May. 16, 4:01am

    Silverstone looks fantastic, looks the real deal.

    Jordan, thanks for your coverage. And now I know what you look like, sort of!

  8. May. 16, 4:00am

    Wow! i’m actually really hyped about those new suspension system, looks cool! i will buy this game for shure on release.

  9. May. 16, 3:54am


    Did you drive Countach 74′ in this demo?

    Is this car really premium with fully modeled interior?

  10. May. 16, 3:50am

    *Forgets to turn SRF off*…

    *Spins out* lol

  11. May. 16, 3:48am

    I’m not going to judge the game yet! But, If this is how the game is going to be as far as audio i seriously am going to consider passing on this game. On GT games I’ve always preferred to drive Rwd V8 Muscle cars because i would rather own a 65 Shelby Cobra or a Gt500 or a Cuda over any super/hypercar in the world. But as we seen with GT5 V8’s quickly turn into honda civics with fart cans. Hearing the sound of a proper v8 adds so much to the experience Forza’s audio isn’t the greatest but at least they get you damn close. This just being a quick demo i’m hoping they fix this issue because i’d rather have real sounds an no rims then have 1000 rims with crap sound. I wont scratch this game yet but if they fail to impress me like they failed with gt5 then i won’t buy this game an i’ll just buy Driveclub an pass on gt altogether. PD DON’T TURN GRAN TURISMO INTO ANOTHER COD. But i’m thinking around thanksgiving we’ll finally see the full game so there plenty of time to see whats coming an if this games worth spending the extra money on.

    • May. 16, 4:04am

      Here here I almost totally agree. I will still buy the game but I would rather PD put more effort into the “driving experience” i.e. sound than stupid damage models and rims

  12. May. 16, 3:44am

    My goodness me, the constant whiners about the engine noise, did you not read Jordan’s post???

    “The audio which you hear in the video was recorded via the television’s line-out headphone jack. It’s mono (single channel) sound, and doesn’t quite represent the sound that I could hear through the TV’s speakers. Although it’s not a radical change, I did notice a rougher, more visceral texture in the engine note that was more satisfying than what’s provided in GT5.”

    He is like us and wants the best of this game and I for one am looking forward to this improvement. It’s looking fantastic – the game has not yet been completed. Lets stop the GT6 bashing one day after what we have all been hanging for – a peek at the next GT. By the sounds of things PD has taken a lot of what the we, the fans have requested into account.

    • May. 16, 4:14am
      C Takahashi

      It’s not how the sound is transmitted, but the sound sample its self. It just sounds so dull and boring no matter how much you crank up the volume. That’s just my 2 cents.

  13. May. 16, 3:43am

    2013 models vacuum cleaner

    • May. 16, 4:11am

      My goodness me he drove ONE car with a decent noise. There are a couple of cars in GT5 that sound adequate, NOT all 1000+ unless you consider “adequate” to be that the car makes some semblance if an engine noise.

      We pay money for this game, we would like to get out moneys worth out of the game. PD and Kaz tout the GT series as a simulator we expect the cars to simulate their real life counterparts sounds as well as their looks and handling

    • May. 16, 4:24am

      you and other people here don’t no nothing about engines to play this games like gt or forza.
      did you know that this car has a 2 liter from a golf r and not an American 5.5 v8?

      great video by the way, all cars premium and this game is to play every day

  14. May. 16, 3:40am

    With srf on I don’t think there is anything qorthwhile to be said about the physics. Srf just adds some much strangeness that it just pointless to make any comments about the handling. That may sound harsh but it is also true.

    Overall I’m getting just a huge dejavu with this annoucement. Just like with gt5 there are tons of new different things mentioned and in the end the final product that was shipped did not have any innovative features in it. But in that sense it should be really easy to improve from gt5 on so many areas. Only thing that remains to be seen is that whether pd can do it. Their history says no but being optimistic does not cost anything either…

  15. May. 16, 3:35am

    So, Engine’s sound seem a bit better than GT5????

  16. May. 16, 3:21am

    Oh come on people. Stop bashing the sounds. After I did my homework (I knew nothing about the X-Bow, reason why I criticized the sound in my first post) the sound IS more than correct for this car considering the type of engine.

    Yes, it has the same sample than the VW Scirocco, but isn’t it a 2.0 TFSi form Audi/VW what this car has? I think it’s spot on! And if it’s the loudness what you’re all mad about, can’t you see that this was recorded of a screen? I’m sure the sound effects are as good or better than in GT5.

    The only thing that could be improved is the turbo sound though.

    (My apologies, PD. You really did a great job in this one.)

    • May. 16, 3:28am

      it’s got Audi S3’s TFSI engine with 300 hp

    • May. 16, 4:13am

      I have NOTHING to apologize for. I pay for this game and as a paying customs I have issues with the sound quality of the product I pay for

  17. May. 16, 3:09am

    Any vids with other cars? Maybe a vintage?

    • May. 16, 4:40am

      “Stay tuned for more exclusive GT6 gameplay and menu footage coming over the next several days.”

  18. May. 16, 3:06am

    You guys have to remember that the KTM is often criticised for having almost no audible engine sound so don’t take this as a benchmark for new engine sounds.

  19. May. 16, 2:56am

    Sound a lot like my old Electrolux vacuum cleaner with the power head attached.

    • May. 16, 3:37am

      LOL i thought it had more of a Hoover or Dyson tone, but yeah you’re right.

  20. May. 16, 2:51am

    I though us old fellas were meant to be the grumpy ones – jeez, I’m seriously surprised at the amount of negativity that apparently can be extrapolated from a sample.

    • May. 16, 2:57am

      Well that’s what PD get. GT5 didn’t get the core gameplay, racing (especially against AI), right. Than there were huge lacking areas like the sound engine and standard cars.

      And now it all seems to hint at GT6 doing all that wrong again, with the exception of the things we haven’t seen yet (like actual racing… like it matters for Gran Turismo anyway).

      I’m glad people don’t blindly overhype GT6, if PD thinks they get away with all the flaws from the previous game on a new full title release 3 YEARS later, then they are a little too arrogant, and hopefully their sale numbers will be insanely low.

    • May. 16, 3:06am

      I’m just surprised as you are MeanElf. Over one little sample and there are annoying babies crying already…

    • May. 16, 3:14am

      …and the fanbois are defending already…

      Toko, I’m actually worried about GT’s future and PD’s attitude, because I don’t want it to turn into a bad, few innovating game series. Right now it does from what we’ve seen and what info was given. Has nothing to do with being a baby.

    • May. 16, 4:46am

      Really? Well. Lets wait for Jordan’s Q&A to be posted up, I’m sure it may cheer you up. ;)

    • May. 16, 1:38pm

      That’s rather my point KiroKai, people commenting on ‘what seems to be the case’. Wait until the Q&A and more gameplay is probably fairer, dont you think?

      And you should know by now that calling people fanyboys, even if you respell it, isn’t cool on this site. I’m still amazed at what can be squeezed with regards to improvements out of an older console. So I for one will take what we get because I have enjoyed my time with GT5…actually a lot more than I did with GT4 or 3 neither of which I have replayed – possibly for the reasons Jordan mentioned in the covering article.

  21. May. 16, 2:46am

    No improvement in sound?

    • May. 17, 4:07am

      Admitting to not reading the srticle that went with the pretty pictures?

  22. May. 16, 2:42am

    Great engine sound can do half the experience with a car and what a shame, this is exactly another vacuum cleaner. They didn’t touch the sound engine a bit :o(

  23. May. 16, 2:41am

    So far, it looks like GT5 extended and not a whole new version of the game.
    Honestly, I’m not as excited as I was in the prerelease of GT2, GT3, GT4 and GT5.

    • May. 16, 2:46am


      The static chase cam remains, as does the poor sound, which is only rather decent when you use…
      chase cam! GT5 all over again. And let me guess, 80% of the custom exhausts, especially the ‘titanium racing’ ones, will still sound like fartcans just like they did in GT5?

      I really don’t see what’s the fuss about when this could just as well be GT5 Spec 3. Actually it IS Spec 3, just named different so they can sell it for money.

    • May. 16, 3:47am

      its a GT5 evolution.
      But have to wait E3 for further informations about it.

  24. May. 16, 2:38am

    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. announced today that Gran Turismo ® 6 (GT6 ™), the latest title in the best-selling PlayStation ® series, will be released in the third quarter of 2013. The news was announced today by the legendary “Gran Turismo ®” creator Kazunori Yamauchi at an event on the occasion of the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the series sold over 70 million copies. Thats what they saying 3 quarter not 4

  25. May. 16, 2:27am

    Oh my lord. Looks like my wallet’s going on a diet later this year, with Saints Row IV, GTA V, and GT6 all coming out within 5 months of each other!

    • May. 16, 2:48am

      HAHA! Be ready, because I’m sure there will be a collectors edition for both. Prepare your wallet!

  26. May. 16, 2:27am

    I’m so hyped for GT6!!

    • May. 16, 2:40am

      Me too!!! :D

  27. May. 16, 2:26am


    Did you manage to run an arcade race?

    I was wondering if they’ve update the split times to the car in front of you instead of the car out in front….

  28. May. 16, 2:17am


    No, really, I want to see some gameplay with the Audi with that new tire and suspension engine. That’s going to be epic!

    • May. 16, 2:36am

      Yeah I too would like to see how they end up crashing because of the understeer ;)

    • May. 16, 2:53am

      Yeah. An old Quattro with 800 hp and a heavy 5 cylinder hanging from the nose isn’t really the best choice for a tight tarmac track.

  29. May. 16, 2:15am

    Physics look very Good ! THX PD THIS IS WHAT COUNTS IN GT

  30. May. 16, 2:11am

    Hmm, the visuals look very cheerful (that’s not necessarily a bad thing), and the shadows don’t look quite as blotchy as GT5’s.

  31. May. 16, 2:06am
    C Takahashi

    Very cool! except I have to be honest, the car sound isn’t very good. :(

    • May. 16, 2:19am

      Yeah. Wasn’t expecting that at all for a 3 year game development!

    • May. 16, 2:20am

      Seems that P.D forgot to clean their ears out!

  32. May. 16, 2:05am

    Looking good, great job PD

  33. May. 16, 1:59am

    The car that was in the video sounds like I think either the VW Golf r, or VW Scirocco r in GT5

  34. May. 16, 1:59am

    Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks Jordan :)

  35. May. 16, 1:54am

    All I know is that these will be the longest 6 months of my life… That is if the game doesn’t get delayed, which for some reason, I feel it won’t this time.

    • May. 16, 1:57am

      I hope it doesn’t either. Come Kaz and PD, you’re doing just as good as Sony are doing with the PS4. Don’t give up. :)

    • May. 16, 2:25am

      I’ll tell you the reason why you feel it won’t be delayed: it’s GT5 spec III.

    • May. 16, 2:34am

      It’s a whole new game for me. I really wouldn’t dare to say is GT5 Spec III. Besides, how much do we know about the game, really?

      GT5.5, GT5 Spec III, GT6. I really don’t care. It’s a new GT and I’m glad I’ll have a decent (if not the best) racing game for at least the next three years or so until GT7 comes out for the PS4.

    • May. 16, 2:39am

      Well said HuskyGT, and I highly agree with you on that. GT6 will be the best game ever.

      Kobooi….. Get over yourself calling GT6 that crap. Nuff said……..

  36. May. 16, 1:53am

    Honestly, Gran Turismo has always been a victim of its own paraphernalia. Never fully achieves what they advertise, or what the community out of exaggerated reactions expect. It is just a mild simulator with huge budget on a console. That is it, guys. No whining would be as nice as no blind worshipping.

    • May. 16, 1:54am

      Basically everything that I have said in one post.

    • May. 16, 2:00am

      Speak for yourself mate, If u don’t like GT5 then don’t play it, simple!

    • May. 16, 2:05am

      I like it, I’ve played the franchise to death from 1 to 5. I just don’t blindly worship stuff like some, and try to provide constructive criticism to the devs. If we all said this is amazing they will never improve the game… Oh wait… :)

    • May. 16, 2:18am
      Pit Crew

      It’s a Demo, and being supportive of PDs effort to enhance our experience, is not blind worship. It’s being Positive. As usual Haterade reigns supreme.

  37. May. 16, 1:42am
    Pit Crew

    Jordan had a ball. Ill bet he’s still smiling from ear to ear. Like MeanElf said, good job.

    3 cheers for Jordan, Hip Hip Hooray Hip Hip Hooray Hip Hip Hooray. :)

  38. May. 16, 1:41am

    The Turn10 employees are working hard on GTP tonight. lol

    • May. 16, 1:46am

      No, it’s not that I’m a Forza fan.. Don’t even go into that. I’m just sick of the people getting mad for criticism and pointing back to the age old excuse of ‘it’s just a demo’. Most games that show at briefings during the summer with fall release dates don’t see much change because the game has most-likely been extremely far into development so major changes will not be seen. If PD surprisingly makes radical changes to graphics cars ect. then I would have something to say.

    • May. 16, 1:50am
      Pit Crew

      You got all that from a demo? Unbelieveable.

    • May. 16, 1:55am

      I honestly don’t understand what the complaint is about towards a DEMO…

  39. May. 16, 1:40am

    I love the morons arguing over the fact that it’s a demo. Either they will delay the game and release it later than the fall date or PD will try and iron out as many bugs as they can. I don’t see this changing much from the demos other than some graphical and physics tweaks. Stop making excuses.

    • May. 16, 1:45am

      My ass Sony will let PD delay a HOLIDAY SEASON this year. Just stop, seriously….

    • May. 16, 1:47am
      Pit Crew

      I expect a delay, it comes with the territory, just like negativity comes spawns from misery. Im still buying GT6.

    • May. 16, 2:03am

      I played the Battlefield 3 Beta a month or so before the full game came out; aside from the obvious, like bugs and glitches, the graphics weren’t smoothed out and the physics didn’t work correctly. Are you seriously telling me that you believe a press demo six months before release will be an accurate representation of the final game? Battlefield 3 was vastly improved in one month from being hands on with members of the public (which caused some to claim it’d be terrible… I found them amusingly naïve too), Gran Turismo 6 has six to fix whatever issues you saw that you feel would detract from the experience.

    • May. 16, 2:06am

      As I said, I expect some graphical changes and physics tweaks and nothing much else.

    • May. 16, 2:19am

      You also like the sound of your own opinions enough to repeat them. And calling people morons…never a smart move.

      Naturally, you’re entitled to your opinion, but stating it once is usually enough, okay?

    • May. 16, 3:40am

      It also seems like he knows very little about game development, six months is an immense amount of time. In thirty they’ve:

      Created a new game engine.
      Worked on a new way to make car models.
      Improved the lighting and shadows (from what I could see on the demo footage).
      Improved the course creator.

      If they have the manpower, they could make many changes. It’s even possible that they’ve found or will find a method to model standard cars closer to premium, including cockpits, in time for launch. Of course, it’s always possible that it’s going to be released half broken or late, but all parties involved in development and release would need a special level of stupidity to allow that to happen again, as it would likely kill any credibility left in the franchise.

  40. May. 16, 1:40am

    I’m super excited for GT6 and will preorder it as soon as it’s available. I do wish, however, that different styles of replay would come back to Gran Turismo. While the replays are okay in GT5, they are nowhere near as exciting as the ones (with fast effects, etc) on prior games. Also, I wish and pray that all cars are premium now.

  41. May. 16, 1:35am

    Everyone remembers how much better GT5 was over the GT5 Prologue right? (I’m sure some will still find a way to argue it wasn’t) but just imagine this, like that. The finished product will be better, I’m sure.

    • May. 16, 1:42am

      I’m also sure the finished product will be better. This demo won’t be able to compare once its released I bet. :)

    • May. 16, 2:33am

      You do a lot of betting Toko. Just like you bet GT5 DLC was gonna be great after the 1st DLC, and then after the 2nd DLC, and then the next DLC. And you lost.

    • May. 16, 5:55am

      ^ What the? When and where did I bet on that? (Like you’ll search for it, impossible). *Chuckles*

  42. May. 16, 1:32am

    It’s still a demo…. c’mon guys get over it… just let PD focusing on perfecting the final product

    • May. 16, 1:33am


    • May. 16, 1:34am

      speaking of which, what’s that “driving physics” in the set menu options for?

      My god, DAT suspension movement is amazing… I like that!!, finally GT’s car got a natural bodyroll =D

    • May. 16, 1:39am

      Driving physics option? I didn’t see that, I’ll may check. :)

      And I agree. That suspension is working so good, I can watch it all day. XD

    • May. 16, 1:42am

      I mean in the driving options menu after the SRF box… might wanna check it out =D

    • May. 16, 1:47am

      Oh okay I saw it now. :D

    • May. 16, 2:22am
      Pit Crew

      Im sorry but I sooo wanna drift this car.

  43. May. 16, 1:28am

    I feel exactly the same as I’ve felt the last years. Promises of what GT will really be once it is fully finished-released-patched-tweaked. Same thing is happening with GT6. Hope they at least fix the “just barely touch the brakes and lock them up” with ABS off. Everything else could probably be ignored if you look at it as a driving/racing experience on a console.

    • May. 16, 1:35am
      Pit Crew

      Theres actually a way around the ABS off Brake lock-up issue. Refer to the tuning forum. Plenty of good tunes there. Adrenaline, Praiano Watering Hole, etc. Just gotta look for it, and follow the guide.

    • May. 16, 1:37am

      Yes I know there’s a work around. But in my opinion that issue should be solved by correct simulation by the product itself out of the box. it is a very basic behavior that any mild sim should offer off the bat.

    • May. 16, 1:53am
      Pit Crew

      ^ Sure whatever you say…

    • May. 16, 2:13am

      You have to switch off the brake balancer too.

  44. May. 16, 1:24am
    Pit Crew

    If you look hard enough you can see the Tire tread pattern. Nice LOD there, and the working suspension, works. Im not a hater so I know Ill be happy. The Naysayers should just find a hole and jump in.

    • May. 16, 1:26am

      I know right?

  45. May. 16, 1:23am

    Ugh the whining is bacl. -_-


  46. May. 16, 1:22am

    I don’t think the sound from what I hear is that bad, it certainly sounds more gruntier but I would love to hear another vehicle considering this vehicle is open top and there’s a lot of wind.

  47. May. 16, 1:21am

    Wow This GT5 DLC sure does look nice… -_- zzzz

    • May. 16, 1:25am

      GT5 DLC, where you see that? All I see is an awesome gameplay of GT6. Get your eyes checked…

    • May. 16, 1:25am
      Pit Crew

      You should change your Profile name to Gran_Hater

    • May. 16, 1:32am

      I’m only hating because I had higher hopes.

    • May. 16, 1:37am

      Than you shouldn’t have had your hopes up. This time with E3, don’t have your hopes to high, alright? :) You can get surprised at what Kaz will bring there.

    • May. 16, 1:37am
      Pit Crew

      Just give it a chance bro. Im sure it will grow on you. :)

  48. May. 16, 1:18am

    Does anyone know if GT6 will support a wider range of steering wheels? By support I mean – fine tuning of settings for Fanatec CSR. Or will the support be generic?
    Can’t wait to try GT6 out.

  49. May. 16, 1:13am

    I just hope they can atleast put on board spectate for online. Most camera angles are garbage on GT5 (fuji)

  50. May. 16, 1:12am

    You can see the new suspension model at work. You can see the shocks moving on the car.

  51. May. 16, 1:07am

    I think I know why the engine sounds are high-pitched in Gran Turismo.

    In fact, I think Kazunori is right into saying the sound is too accurate.

    Because of the sophisticated recording instruments they used to capture almost lossless sound, and the fact that the vehicle is stationary.

    A moving car sounds different from a stationary car.

    Since a car is moving, sound waves stretch through the air and they don’t overlap because sound waves are travelling on a distance thereby the waves are distributed on varying spaces (whether you go slow or fast). It is called the Doppler effect.

    Now if an object is stationary, that means the sound waves get compressed easily and thus would produce a higher-frequency sound than if it were moving.

    Now, cars in Gran Turismo move, but the sound source of them didn’t. Will we get dynamic sound effects in video games someday where a stationary vehicle would sound different from a moving vehicle given other factors? Obviously an engine running in lower gear sounds different from an engine which is accelerating on a higher gear in a fundamental way, but a car running at 250km/h on a treadmill will sound different from a car running at 250km/h on a road (to us). Maybe we’ll get something similar someday, where the sound waves are dynamic relative to our position and how the sound source moves.

    Now on replays (the cinematic camera) we hear the faint-direct-faint effect like we would from a passing vehicle or from the siren of a passing ambulance. Sadly, I believe it isn’t really the doppler effect as the frequency is constant all throughout and so we could only hear volume and decibel changes, but not exactly the compression of sound waves as they come closer and stretch as they go farther. It’s just that the sounds get louder and fainter. Now why is that? Again, no doppler effect programmed. It’s just recorded sound playing, so not really a natural sound source that would bend and flatten as it goes through space but a constant sound that’s just moving through an artificial level.

    Orrrr….someone can correct me on this.

    • May. 16, 1:53am

      As a driver, you’re travelling with the car so you don’t notice the doppler effect. Doppler effect is only there is you’re travelling at a different speed than the source of the sound.

      The doppler effect is in the game, as well as in GT5. You hear it on replays when the car is passing, when it approaches the sound is high pitched and when it has passed the pitch drops. That’s the doppler effect.

  52. May. 16, 1:04am

    The cars could sound like cats fighting for all I care – I mostly play with no sound on account of playing at night while my wife is trying to sleep lol. If the physics have improved by as much as the GT4 to GT5 jump it’ll be amazing – I can hardly believe I used to be able to drive at all in GT4 when I go back there now!

    • May. 16, 1:47am

      Man, why not use a set of wired headphones with the ps3. If your not sure how just google it. It’s easy and the needed cables are cheap.

    • May. 16, 2:25am

      Yeah, I do night shift so play on a few of my days off at night too – headphones are a definite must. Quite a few models with microphones out there too for a good price.

  53. May. 16, 12:58am

    PD, if you read these comments. Ignore my first comment about the car’s sound! I didn’t know the engine specs of the KTM and assumed it had a high rev bike engine! You did a great job selecting the sound for this car. You don’t need to record new sounds if it isn’t necessary. Just match the sample with the car’s engine configuration like you did here. This is the Scirocco’s sample and it goes great with this car!

    I love you PD!!

    • May. 16, 1:03am

      You can’t be serious…

    • May. 16, 1:12am

      I agree!!

    • May. 16, 1:49am

      I am serious. I never felt crazy for these type of cars so I don’t know much about them. I just assumed that since it was a KTM it had a bike engine.

      PD is amazing and this game will be a monster. I feel sorry for all the people who just complain and whine… I bet they are the first in line to buy the game on release date.

  54. May. 16, 12:54am

    Looks great and can’t wait it’s going to be awesome! Gt6 baby!

  55. May. 16, 12:53am

    Relax everyone. This is only a demo of GT6 (such as a pre alpha-build). The real thing will soon come to be in the holiday season of 2013 when the game is finished and released.

  56. May. 16, 12:51am

    I hope they will improve from these tire sounds too.
    In real life tire sounds vary depending which action is being taken. Braking, Turning, Hard braking, Drifting, etc…
    Not the same sound over and over again.

  57. May. 16, 12:46am

    Should’ve crashed the cars into one of the walls to see how damage is in GT6, however, I’m not sure if visual damage would be present on a GT6 demo.

  58. May. 16, 12:40am

    Hey Jordan, there’s a new special event time trail celebrating the gt6 announcement!

    • May. 16, 12:42am
      Ferrari Alonso

      Finally someone mentions it.. I should’ve said it :/ lol

    • May. 16, 1:30am
      Pit Crew

      I hoped for this. Good looking out PD.

  59. May. 16, 12:38am

    Oh crap…Why do you do this Kaz? Sure, lots of content but the core gameplay is still broken, the sounds…the views…can’t even make a real hood cam and the 3rd person view is as boring and stale as it gets, jesus christ! What’s the problem Kaz? Is it really that hard? 15 years and 3 generations and you still can’t let it go…Evolve god damnit!

    • May. 16, 1:05am

      Please look up broken – those things you mention function and do not stop you playing the game, ergo: not broken. They may not be to your taste, but the only thing that’s broken here is the record…

    • May. 16, 1:29am
      Pit Crew

      Forget him MeanElf. Its not worth your time. People like him look for and create issues of negatively where there really is none.

    • May. 16, 2:29am

      Good point Pit Crew – I really should stay away from all of this.

      *Deep breath*

  60. May. 16, 12:37am

    Thanks once again Jordan. Nice work.

  61. May. 16, 12:36am

    Oh no not BWX. D:

  62. May. 16, 12:35am

    SRF is coming back :( That is the worst news I could possibly hear. Again, they are trying to make the game fit a broader audience by making the cars easier to control. I hope that this time they at least tell us in every replay if SRF was on, along with any other assists, hp and weight. If not shown on screen, visible in the replay file itself and/or in the data analyzer.

    Oh and it would be nice to slow a replay down again like in GT3.


    • May. 16, 12:37am

      In GT5 there is a way to see what assist your online opponent is running while watching replays

    • May. 16, 12:41am
      Grand Prix

      That’s a good point Jerome, but it could be worse. They could leave SRF on with no option to turn it off.

    • May. 16, 1:06am

      Or worse still, not make the game at all. I’m sure there will be the option to turn it off, just like in GT5.

  63. May. 16, 12:34am


  64. May. 16, 12:30am
    blue cat

    they need to adjust the tire squeel sound. it was reminding me of the old GT games. Would be nice to have different sounds for different tire grades, and different types of tire sound effect, rather than just more slip=louder squeel.

    • May. 16, 1:07am

      Listen to the KTM X-Bow vid on the GT6 coming to PS3 thread – plenty of tyre squeal on that.

  65. May. 16, 12:27am
    Grand Prix

    I want to see the Dino on Comfort Mediums next time.

    • May. 16, 12:32am


    • May. 16, 12:36am
      Ferrari Alonso

      Yesss :tup:

    • May. 16, 1:03am

      +1 And no assist – that means no ABS too :D

  66. May. 16, 12:26am

    Wow, I didn’t know a Hoover could get around Silverstone that quick!

    But all jokes aside, that looked pretty good, except for the sound quality. But I bet you had to be there to here it’s true sound.

  67. May. 16, 12:25am

    The NEW ERA of Complain and Whining begins… LOL :p

    *i’m already happy, i cannot complain… i hope the GT6 Prologue release soon :p

    • May. 16, 12:30am

      I think it’ll be the full GT6 this Holiday season. :)

    • May. 16, 1:10am

      LOL. But in all seriousness I doubt there will be a Prologue version.

    • May. 16, 1:19am
      Pit Crew

      ^What he said, No Prologue. Its not necessary.

    • May. 16, 1:55am

      Heheh… well straight to full version is fine… but i hope there’s demo we can play soon, maybe for GT Academy 2013? i wanna feel the new physics!!

  68. May. 16, 12:25am

    Thanks for the video. Can’t wait for GT6!

  69. May. 16, 12:23am

    Way to show it off when we cant see it… XD third person any one?

  70. May. 16, 12:23am

    Dont defend the sound, its rubbish.

    • May. 16, 12:25am

      ZIP IT! Are you the one playing it, no? Okay than ZIP IT!!!

    • May. 16, 12:30am

      I don’t believe you are either. Go find a khazi and change your pad will ya..

    • May. 16, 12:31am

      Haha. PD could zip it and get their act together with their “too realistic” sounds. :)

    • May. 16, 12:34am

      @Swagger897 Did I say I was? No? I thought so.

      @JvM Okay that’s it, get over here you.

    • May. 16, 12:42am

      I am terribly scared of what a kid for all I know, defending a game with 26 letters, and about 29 other keys on his keyboard could do to me…

      The way you implied it, seems that you are hiding copyrighted information, which could be used sway public opinion by false advertisement.

      Where I’m from, you are guilty until proven innocent… Who’s the “smart” one now?

    • May. 16, 12:47am

      And the last i knew, for all apparent “simulators” who have been acknowledge by major companies as certified… (Msfs, where Boeing certifies products that are close enough to be used in training for actual flight planning and knowledge)

      … have been able to create freeware that could be downloaded to enhance the quality of the “simulator experience”

      They should include a sound manager where the environment, engine noise, cockpit noise, tyre squeal, exhaust note, and miscellaneous sound can be tuned

      Real driving sim… Not on a console.. That’s a setup for failure..

    • May. 16, 12:56am

      A snob now? Cute. If you’re going to make a big deal over “DEMO SOUNDS”, than by all means go right ahead. I ain’t no whiner…

  71. May. 16, 12:23am

    They are gonna do it again I will bet any thing from seeing that replay it will just what I hoped it wasn’t going to be just another version of the same game layed out diffrently they can do the same thing with DLC. Just do that PD make GT6 a DLC pack too add on to GT5, so far I’m not impressed!!

  72. May. 16, 12:20am

    mmmmm whats the difference between GT5? of course trakc/cars) but I mean graphics looks exaclty the same as GT5, even the grass still looking too unreal, like an arcade game, come on, where is the dirt? in real life the grass is not Green in all the places, the only difference between GT5 is the menu, they should better added these new things as DLC and make GT6 better, wont be happy to see it by myself in November, 1200 cars, but . . . . . 800 standard, 70% japanese and old, just 15% are good/new cars, the rest of old GTs not even Premium, same with the tracks, route 5 and cape ring looks exactly the same, between GT4 & GT5 they have real difference but between GT5 & GT6 they dont

  73. May. 16, 12:19am

    Alright lets get something straight here. PD actually HAS the sound we all want, even in GT5! – they just mix in the microphone recording from the front of the car (with the intake sucking like a vacuum, belts whirring, valves clicking away, fans blowing) to a ridiculous degree.

    Watch a replay or do a B-spec race at Suzuka East (maybe in the beginner section/japanese classics race if you want). There will be several good sequences where our camera/point-of-view will slowly and methodically go from being in front of the car to behind it. The difference is astounding. As soon as our pov passes the back edge of the car, it’s almost ALL exhaust note, and it is beautiful. Even on my crappy TV speakers.

    It’s the mixing job that is getting us all messed up. Somebody please get inside Kaz’s head about this. We want the exhaust note to be dominant from all angles, including the cockpit. It is definitely a bit sad that after YEARS of loud protest, that whoever is greenlighting the incorrect mixing of car sounds is repeating this same old mistake.

    Sounds aren’t even at the top of my list, but to hear the sim-racing, casual gaming, and motorsport communities constantly gripe about this issue is downright painful to me- especially considering they’re mostly right! I am very excited for GT6. When Kaz mentions the Loyal fanbase, I am certainly within that maligned group. I may be in too deep.

    It looks like a TON of things are being improved for the upcoming title, but once again- simple decisions are being botched on the regular. This is easily fixable stuff. The people do not want “sexy” sounds. They want MEAN and NASTY sounds. Arrrr!

    : )

    • May. 16, 12:39am
      Ferrari Alonso

      :tup: :tup: :tup: :t–

    • May. 16, 12:42am

      You have one problem, Kaz just does not care about GT anymore, so he doesn’t fix stupid crap like that. He just lets it be messed up for eternity. I don’t think he has ever played through GT5 one time.

      A-Spec – it is tiny, has way too few races and way too few championships.. and what is there is not thought out at all, it’s a grind session if it has any length at all. Not to mention the horrible “chase the rabbit” ai that causes ALL starts to be rolling starts in GT5. The sound that has dyno whine as the dominant feature.. it can sound ok with a huge home theater adjusted just right, but still..

      Kaz is the problem, Kaz is not the solution.

    • May. 16, 1:52am

      GRRR BWX if Kaz didn’t care about GT anymore, than why does he still make it? What’s your problem!?

  74. May. 16, 12:19am

    Time to wait for someone to upload a video of the Alfa, GT-86 cockpit view this time!

  75. May. 16, 12:19am

    Lest Be Honest, that could be just another GT5 DLC.

    • May. 16, 12:23am

      A whole new physics engine, completely new UI, modes, and course editor, and adaptive tessellation could be DLC for GT5? Yeah sure, plus all of the stuff we don’t know about the game yet…

    • May. 16, 12:41am

      ^ Excatly. :tup:

    • May. 16, 12:48am

      well, about how it looks and sound. DLC all the way!!!

  76. May. 16, 12:17am

    I love the race loading screen, so fast and perfect looking with the flag pasting by. :D

    • May. 16, 12:20am

      Yeah the presentation is much better in this game!

    • May. 16, 12:21am

      Agreed. :)

    • May. 16, 12:40am

      Indeed, I’m loving it. :D

    • May. 16, 12:44am
      Ferrari Alonso

      Hopefully we’ll get podium ‘celebrations’ this time around.
      And please bring back the qualifyings and the licenses requirements for the events!

  77. May. 16, 12:16am

    Here is what I personally think should be in GT6.

    $: Would really like to see

    $ Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
    $ Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport
    $ Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse
    $ Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir
    $ Bugatti Veyron Sang Bleu
    $ Bugatti Veyron Blanc Noir
    $ Bugatti 16C Galibier
    $ Bugatti Super Veyron (?)
    Hummer H1
    $ Hummer H2
    Hummer H3
    Hummer HX Concept
    $ Lamborghini Reventòn & Reventòn Roadster
    $ Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
    $ Lamborghini Estoque
    $ Lamborghini Gallardo Concept S
    $ Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera
    $ Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni
    $ Lamborghini Diablo SV
    $ Pagani Zonda F
    $ Pagani Zonda Cinque & Cinque Roadster
    $ Pagani Huayra
    Caterham Superlight RS500
    $ Audi R8 GT (’12)
    $ Audi e-tron Concept
    $ Audi Q5
    $ Audi Q7
    $ Audi A Series
    $ Audi S Series
    Toyota Prius V
    Toyota Prius C
    $ Spyker C8 Zagato
    Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (’11)
    $ Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Concept
    $ Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7)
    $ Chrysler Firepower Concept
    Scion xB
    Scion xD
    Scion tC
    Scion iQ
    $ Dodge Viper SRT, GTS & TA
    Mitsubishi RVR
    Jeep Commander
    Jeep Compass
    Jeep Wrangler (2012)
    Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Jeep Patriot
    $ Jaguar F-Type (’12)
    $ Jaguar XK (’12)
    $ Jaguar XF (’12)
    $ Jaguar XJ (’12)
    $ Koenigsegg Agera
    $ Koenigsegg Agera R
    $ Koenigsegg CCX
    $ Koenigsegg CCXR Edition
    $ Koenigsegg CCGT
    $ Koenigsegg CC8S
    $ Koenigsegg Trevita
    $ Ford Model T
    $ Dodge Duster
    Chevrolet Sonic
    $ Ford Fusion (’13)
    $ BMW i8
    $ BMW i3
    $ Rolls Royce Phantom
    $ Rolls Royce Ghost
    $ Audi R8 (’15)
    $ Audi R8 e-tron Prototype
    $ Aston Martin Vanquish (’14)
    $ Aston Martin DB5
    $ Aston Martin One-77
    $ Buick Verano
    Buick Regal
    Geo Metro
    $ Infiniti JX
    Mazda 2
    Mazda 3
    Mazda 5
    Mazda 6
    Maserati Quattroporte GTS
    $ Maserati MC12
    $ Maserati Birdcage 75 Concept
    $ Brabham BT46B
    $ Marussia B1 & B2
    $ McLaren P1
    $ McLaren F1 LM
    $ Porsche 911 Carrera S
    $ Porsche Carrera GT
    $ Porsche 911 GT3 RS
    $ Porsche 911 GT2 RS
    $ Porsche 959
    Nissan Juke Nismo
    More NASCARs
    More Formula 1 cars
    $ Audi R18 (LMP) ’12
    More trucks (Silverado, Sierra, Ram, etc…)
    Unusual vehicles (dump trucks, ice cream vans, etc…?)
    Cadillac CTS-V
    Cadillac ATS

    • May. 16, 12:35am
      Ferrari Alonso

      No Bentley Continental GT3?
      No Bugatti Type 37A?
      No Lamborghini Aventador J? Lamborghini Veneno? Or the new concept they just made, Lamborghini Egoista (not for everyone.)
      No Ferrari LaFerrari? Ferrari F12 Berlinetta? Ferrari FF? Ferrari 250 GTO? Ferrari Testarossa? Etc etc etc
      No Porsche 918? No Porsche 356? No Porsche 961? No Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS???!!! No Porsche 917???!!!


  78. May. 16, 12:15am

    When I see bathurst my attention will be regained….meh

    a Somewhat Jaded GT lover….

  79. May. 16, 12:09am

    That suspension is one of the best that I´ve ever seen. I play a lot rFactor 2 and I think with iRacing are the bests simulators in the market but GT6 is getting closer and closer to the bests P simulators.
    Let´s see it when I have this in my hands on July.

    • May. 16, 12:13am

      Agreed Foxiol. :)

  80. May. 16, 12:09am

    Can’t wait for the demo this summer. **Cough cough** i’ll be sick for 2 weeks

  81. May. 16, 12:06am

    It looks…It looks…THE SAME!!

    • May. 16, 12:12am

      Which means it still looks like the best racing game out there. But more importantly, it seems like it feels like a whole different thing. Fantastic, I must say.

      The sounds (not the volume or effects but the sample) still need some rethinking. However this is far from being the final version.

    • May. 16, 12:17am

      Some rethinking? Name which Nissan you think this car sounds like…many.. Pick your flavor..

      I would have rather picked a distinct car tune, (Audi S1) something that has never been in the game (Audi S1 [not saying the KTM has]) but something that will give clear and distinct noise, vs a car that uses other companies engines…

      But we will all wait and see if it was just that…

    • May. 16, 12:17am

      Yes yes it does… GT needs to catch up with the real world….

      seriously if Kaz and Dave Kraemer joined forces Simracers the world arounds heads would ‘spolde from the possibilities…

    • May. 16, 12:18am

      No it doesn’t. Look at the previous news post.

    • May. 16, 12:19am

      Some rethinking? Name which Nissan you think this car sounds like…many.. Pick your flavor..

      I would have rather picked a distinct car tune, (Audi S1) something that has never been in the game (Audi S1 [not saying the KTM has]) but something that will give clear and distinct noise, vs a car that uses other companies engines…

      But we will all wait and see if it was just that

    • May. 16, 12:32am

      Sorry Swagger, I think you need your ears attending to if that sounds like a Nissan to you…a distinct difference is what I heard and even through a less than ideal sound pick up too. It sounded like a big touring motorbike.

      C’mon, I get that some of you would like the sounds as true as possible, but I’m now wondering if it’s your hearing that’s at fault.

    • May. 16, 12:34am

      I never heard anything but tyre squeal

    • May. 16, 12:37am

      I actually downloaded the file on audacity and compared the two… This to a stock 350zed, and there was not much of a difference between the overflowing air, and the the drummeling of the engine into irrecognizable miscellaneous sounds…

      Sorry, dine me research and work all ready..

      Nuff said

    • May. 16, 12:43am

      I actually made a mistake. I blame my lack of knowledge on this car since I thought it had a bike engine. It actually has a very simple 4 cylinder. The sample, even though it’s the one used in the VW Scirocco (which is very accurate from its real life counterpart) was a great choice from PD.

      I don’t mind if they use the same sample in various cars as long as it matches its engine configuration. Except for very characteristic cars like the LFA, Aventador, Viper and such which HAVE to be as close as their real counterparts.

    • May. 16, 1:13am

      Done your research eh? As Husky says, listen to the real thing – there’s a vid on the GT6 on the PS3 thread. Then wait until you get to hear the GT6 version on a comparable recording.

      Nissan my ass…

  82. May. 16, 12:05am

    I hope we see some gameplay of that Audi soon! That’s the car I want to see!

    • May. 16, 12:10am
      Ferrari Alonso

      Same here, and for that i pray to God that the sound is the closest we can get to the real thing.
      That sound..


    • May. 16, 12:15am

      As long as it sounds like a 5 cylinder, I’m okay. Heck, they can even put the R8 LM’s sample and I would be happy since it sounds very similar.

      But make it sound like 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder and let me tell you… after 6 games and 15 years, I will be very disappointed.

    • May. 16, 12:20am

      I don’t see why they won’t ask for help (ehmm… EA did pretty good on some of their exotics)

    • May. 16, 12:46am

      EA does a great job when picking the sound samples. Unfortunately the sound effects in-game are painfully distorted and horribly artificial. There are only like two NFS games that sound half decent, like Undercover and Underground 2. The rest, especially Shift, are simply a torture to play because of the sound.

  83. May. 16, 12:04am

    Would you say the graphics looked noticeably better, and if so, in what way?
    Were the textures more high-res looking?
    Did they fix some of the graphics artifacts like the lines/grid when you have alpha-blending?
    Were the cockpit views better?

  84. May. 16, 12:03am

    I’m really eager to get my three copies now.

  85. May. 16, 12:03am

    This confirms it, vacuum cleaner sounds are back, this car’s engine/exhaust note is barely even audible over the tire screeching and road noise, i’ll take a pass.

    • May. 16, 12:04am
      Ferrari Alonso

      Read the description -,-

    • May. 16, 12:09am

      The audio which you hear in the video was recorded via the television’s line-out headphone jack. It’s mono (single channel) sound, and doesn’t quite represent the sound that I could hear through the TV’s speakers. Although it’s not a radical change, I did notice a rougher, more visceral texture in the engine note that was more satisfying than what’s provided in GT5.

    • May. 16, 12:10am

      Furthermore it’s Youtube…. They compress the audio even in 1080p mode, ain’t no one got time for that!

    • May. 16, 12:12am

      @Ferrari Alonso and @Unknown? +1

      @SlowInFastOut -100, Now SHUT IT!

    • May. 16, 12:14am
      Ferrari Alonso

      I see what you did there!
      But I ain’t got time for this lol


    • May. 16, 12:23am

      It doesn’t take a genius to watch three youtube videos… This one, another game with the KTM, and the real thing, to figure out the game will be just a big unreleased DLC… Something we all complained about that we are now getting on a disk…

    • May. 16, 12:23am

      When will people understand. It’s not the loudness or the roughness of the sound. The sound is perfect since GT5. The problem is the freaking sound samples! It doesn’t matter how much you crank up the volume, how expensive your home theatre is.

  86. May. 15, 11:59pm

    Can we start compiling a list of new cars? I assume all the cars previewed but not in the game will be in it, like the new Acura NSX? And please, leave out the 99 new GT-R variants. :)

  87. May. 15, 11:57pm

    Scaff is gonna loves this. :)

  88. May. 15, 11:53pm

    Wow, I know I’ve been very positive all day, but I noticed PD is back at it again…

    That’s the sound sample from the VW Scirocco or the Golf R, and it’s the same blow off valve sounds that we’ve had for years…

    Still too soon though. I remember the first videos of the Gallardo in GT5 it had the Cizeta V16’s sample. They fixed it later. As long as cars sound as the engine they have(L4 like L4, V6 like V6, V8 like V8) I’m okay with it.

    • May. 15, 11:55pm

      Other thn that, I can only say WOW!!!! Look like an entirely new game! No more “floating” cars, if you know what I mean. They now look as if they have weight into them and no longer have that feel as if they were gliding in air.

    • May. 15, 11:56pm

      Don’t forget, that sound can be a placeholder. It is a demo after all. ;)

    • May. 16, 12:25am

      I guess I was being to rash on PD. Afterall, the car does have the same type of 4 cylinder engine than a Scirocco and many sport compact cars.

      I’m just praying to the gods that they choose the correct samples for cars this time…

    • May. 16, 12:38am

      ^ I agree.

  89. May. 15, 11:52pm

    Wow the presentation is top notch, much better than GT5’s presentation. Just by the menus and the way it shows what kind of race/track you are on while loading.

  90. May. 15, 11:50pm

    Hmmmm, that place looks familiar.

  91. May. 15, 11:41pm

    The suspension model is so perfect. 0_0

    • May. 15, 11:43pm
      gt5 brad gt5

      I know right!, looks spectacular.

    • May. 15, 11:50pm

      Agreed. :tup: Scaff is gonna love it and the tire model as well. :)

    • May. 15, 11:59pm
      gt5 brad gt5

      Speaking of tyre model, look on the concept trailer. The part where the Quattro is doing a burnout, I’m sure I see the tyre flex. Not sure if thats in GT5 already so correct me if I’m wrong but I love GT6 so far!

    • May. 16, 12:12am
      Ferrari Alonso

      We need that trailer in slow mo, pronto!

    • May. 16, 12:17am
      gt5 brad gt5

      Ill have to upload one tomorrow. Going to bed now, it’s late. :)

  92. May. 15, 11:41pm
    gt5 brad gt5

    Great job on the footage! I’m craving this game now, bar the sounds… :/

  93. May. 15, 11:40pm

    Interesting. Appreciated as usua,l Jordan.

    • May. 16, 12:18am


  94. May. 15, 11:39pm

    Anybody else here curious what that track and car list consists of?

    • May. 15, 11:53pm

      Who isn’t? ;)

  95. May. 15, 11:39pm

    question can you now spin the camera around the car in third person view??? or is that a no still for gt6

    can someone with the demo try this please

  96. May. 15, 11:38pm

    I hope the physics improve more than what we’ve seen here. Looks quite the same to GT5, in my opinion.

    • May. 15, 11:42pm

      You can’t really say that just by looking at this one video. Furthermore the SRF was on.

    • May. 16, 12:01am

      I suppose so, but if someone showed me this clip and told me it was GT5 DLC, I would have believed them. It’s still got until the end of the year but this currently looks VERY similar.

    • May. 16, 12:24am

      True. But there’s not much they can do in the graphics department. They seem to have gotten rid of those jaggy shadows which is a big plus, the suspension looks top notch if you ask me, and the sound… well Jordan said it was recorded out of the televison line’s headphone and that overall he noticed a ” rougher, more visceral texture in the engine note that was more satisfying than what’s provided in GT5″ so there is still hope for that.

  97. May. 15, 11:38pm

    looks fantastic

  98. May. 15, 11:34pm

    Gran Turismo 4 part 3.

  99. May. 15, 11:33pm

    Thank you Jordan! You all Saw it First here on GTPlanet!!! :)

  100. May. 15, 11:32pm

    The new era begins.

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