Gran Turismo 6, Silverstone Teased in GT 15th Anniversary Event Trailer, GT Academy 2013 Confirmed

May 8th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Sony has just published a video officially announcing the 15 Years of Gran Turismo event, to be held at Silverstone on May 15th.

The trailer is very suggestive of what’s to come, featuring some shots of what might be our first look at Polyphony Digital’s rendition of Silverstone (don’t forget, we discovered they scanned the legendary circuit last year).

Careful observers will also note that the virtual cars, which appear to be overlayed on actual video of GT Academy footage, display license plates that reflect each major game in the Gran Turismo series. The last car, bearing a GT5 plate, is passed at the end of the video.

The final – and most exciting – scene, features the Gran Turismo logo and a count from 1-5. After the “5” is displayed, a blank, blinking underscore suggests big things are to come for the May 15th event.

As always, stay tuned to GTPlanet and our Gran Turismo 6 forum for more analysis of the video and breaking news on the 15th Anniversary event.

UPDATE:  Nissan’s official NismoTV YouTube channel has uploaded their own copy of the trailer, and GT Academy 2013 is confirmed in the video’s description: “The world’s greatest race training programme is coming back to transform more Gran Turismo gamers into professional racing drivers – GT ACADEMY 2013!”

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  1. May. 10, 6:56pm

    Ahh good old GT Academy, I used to get excited about those until they stopped letting Australians enter. I sure hope no-one gets left out this time.

  2. May. 10, 12:56pm

    Sorry, but those who said original music, i prefer moon over the castle, 1000 times better than the original european music they used

    • May. 10, 4:36pm

      MOTC is fine and all, but it is a little annoying that it has been featured on every main title in the series.

      Time for some new blood.

  3. May. 9, 4:28pm

    Saw the new about KTM, its a good car, but the f$#” that car is old, it has been for sale for a while, we need NEW cars, GT6 should have the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti Vitesse or Super Sport, RedBull X2013 lol, but you know what I mean new cars, would be nice if a 2013/2014 game has cars of other years, or more tan 1000 cars but 60% are sh!tty like almost all the standard cars of GT5, 50 skylines, 30 miatas, 20 Imprezas, the only diference between these cars are the colors, and their are not good cars, if we ased for different versions of a same car, we should said, Lamborghini gallardo coupe, spyder, lp 550, super leggera, balboni, and the last facelift gallardo, not 50 old skylines, even forza 4 has better carlist, has less but good ones, and a lot of 2013 cars

    Another thing that GT6 should have is a better custom of the body, in GT5 we can only change the paint of the cars, inother games (again) like Forza 4, you can change the color of the cars with more tan just 1, can paint what ever you want the car, you wont see 2 same cars in online mode of Forza 4, you can take a normal Ford Fiesta, and paint it like WRC kenblock car, or créate your own designs, thats why GT5 had a lot of hackers, not just to change the hp, to custom the cars

    By the way will GT6 came for PS3 or PS4? (I wont buy a PS4 if GT6 continues doing the same mistakes over and over again, I´ll prefere to buy a XBOX only for play Forza 4

    • May. 9, 6:51pm

      Couldn’t think of a more childish way to put it

    • May. 9, 10:39pm

      then forza 4 is better choice for you

    • May. 10, 3:22am

      How old are you?

    • May. 10, 7:56am
      The Stig Farmer

      Want five different Gallardos? Go play Need for Speed…

    • May. 10, 9:40am

      sorry to disappoint you but I’ve been there, done that. I bought xbox 360, forza 4, fanatec csr steering wheel. and if you are crazy about the feel of the car in gt, the feel that forza 4 provides wont make you happy. yes other things are great, customization, online database of liveries that other users make and you buy/sell it with the in game money etc. but that car of yours that have the look just as you wanted, wont feel like a real car like it does in gt.

      I’m 26 years old if anyone interested btw :)

    • May. 10, 4:21pm

      What’s funny is that “old” cars were once “new” and that “new: cars will eventually become “old”.

  4. May. 9, 3:28pm

    They couldn’t give it away anymore, all apart of a marketing scheme

  5. May. 9, 2:44pm

    My speculation:

    – A lot of boasting about how successful the franchise has been, how far it has evolved
    – Big amount of attention and detail given for GT Academy 2013
    – They’ll announce GT6 (for either PS3 or PS4), but give no release date. We’ll get to see Silverstone, maybe Bathurst & Willow Springs too in a new trailer
    – KY will say something cryptic for all of us to analyze until E3

    • May. 9, 3:04pm

      And maybe Seattle, too. Think it was featured in the Acura NSX-trailer or in the Corvette C7 one.

    • May. 9, 3:09pm

      They don’t boast, they do tend to be thankful for people continuing to support the series, boasting is an American thing to do, Japanese tend to be more humble about things. Everything else you are pretty much spot on, GT6 will without a doubt be on everyone’s lips come E3. I just want to hear what PD plans are for PS4…delicious thoughts are abound in my head.

    • May. 9, 4:56pm

      I laughed at the cryptic part.

  6. May. 9, 2:15pm

    I wonder will they announce gt1hd

    • May. 11, 11:19am

      I’d prefer to get all GT1-4 tracks in GT6.

  7. May. 9, 12:53pm

    Who else wants a full day/night cycle so we can recreate the 24 hours of Silverstone?

    • May. 9, 1:02pm

      10/10 ^

    • May. 9, 1:39pm

      Give me that right now!!! Haha ;)

    • May. 9, 3:04pm

      I want it for every course in the game along with weather according to geographic location. This would make me a happy camper.

    • May. 9, 3:52pm

      How about T/W change for ALL tracks in GT6?! WIN.

    • May. 9, 6:37pm

      @stiggygt Best comment! Here’s hoping :)

    • May. 9, 7:07pm

      I’d say most tracks should have day/night cycles; some indy tracks don’t seem necessary, though.

      ALL tracks should have weather cycles, as weather is ALWAYS a factor in racing.

    • May. 9, 11:32pm

      yeah, i always wanted weather and time change on all tracks… let’s hope that we get it on GT6.

  8. May. 9, 12:22pm

    I recognized the music right away as being from the US release of GT1 during the title screen.

  9. May. 9, 11:44am

    Wow I’m excited! The graphics on the cars look different. Kinda like nfs or forza? Idk it might just be me????…….…… GT_

  10. May. 9, 11:42am

    I have done some research and i believe its the new Aston martin vanquish 2013, and i probably have a proof : or [IMG][/IMG]

    • May. 9, 11:49am

      I have merged two pictures and they actually fit XD

    • May. 9, 1:15pm

      Wow that’s cool, it could be. But good job!

    • May. 9, 3:15pm
      Pit Crew

      2014 370 ZX.

  11. May. 9, 8:09am

    Guys my friend said the car at 00:20 looks like a Ferrari F50 because of the split in the rear.
    End of the car. But I believe it is a saleen s7 twin turbo!

    • May. 9, 10:06am

      It looks like a Saleen S7 to me too. If it really is an S7, I wonder why it would be used in a video that’s mostly demonstrating GT Academy?

    • May. 9, 10:10am
      Pit Crew

      The white car? Its definitly not a Saleen S7. The rear lights are to big to be the Saleen.

    • May. 9, 11:09am

      The orange car is a Saleen S7.

    • May. 9, 11:18am

      Yep, I agree. It definitely looks like a Saleen to me. And i should know. lol

    • May. 9, 11:39am

      the red car at 00:18 is definitely the Saleen S7. The white car at 00:21 is unidentifiable. Even for a supercar FREAK such as I..

      The taillights are Nissan GTR-like, the mirrors are Pagani-like…. but after that it’s anyone’s guess. I will admit being quite disappointed with myself for not knowing what that thing is… :/

  12. May. 9, 7:24am

    i saw quite a few gameplay clips in that video

    • May. 9, 12:03pm

      I agree – at 0:29 the bridge and scenery look very ‘in game’.
      Cool as!

  13. May. 9, 6:36am

    GT_ hmm, could it be that it going to be called something else other than GT6? When GT6 is the name of a car…

  14. May. 9, 5:32am

    GT6, now with new and improved “chase the rabbit” ai, now featuring two rabbits! And an A-spec mode you can finish in 3 days,with max XP limit of 38.. but you can custom paint your underwear!

    • May. 9, 6:17am


    • May. 9, 6:57am


    • May. 9, 7:40am

      I hope GT6 stops with the rolling starts. I hate them

    • May. 9, 11:59am

      ^Rolling starts were used because the frame rate would take a serious hit when launching more than 8 cars from a standstill all that smoke creating wheelspin would cripple the PS3….not enough texture RAM….! I would like it if rolling starts were optional in human races that would be great since some folks couldn’t launch to save their lives and well it would definitely give you a different type of start.
      I hope A Spec isn’t so lame and it changes depending on how well you perform using certain cars and gives you race in vehicles you are weak in to better help you learn to master them. Let’s hope PD starts using real numbers for suspensions and not arbitrary digits at least for the downforce, sheesh what happened to lbs/sq. in. I want that damn wind tunnel for aero testing, it’s a must so we can set it for best balance so you don’t over do it and cause too much drag leading to slower lap times, greater fuel consumption and higher tire wear.

    • May. 9, 1:15pm

      lol @BWX… and I thought I was venomous, haha.

      +1 to Savage for the inclusion of the wind tunnel for testing in GT6. PD would then hopefully give us much more customization options in the aero arena in order to fully utilize this and reap the benefits on the track. Front lip splitters/spoilers are one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways of getting your car to drop lap times IRL. Underbody panels, vented hoods, cutting fenders/side skirts to vent air behind the front wheels, brake cooling ducts, rear diffusers (man, those are so cool), more canards, and hopefully more than the three tired, old, ridiculous ricer wings from GT4 that we are stuck with now- all of these things would be a blast to buy, install, test, and race with.

      I think a lot could be learned by the sim-racing and generally the car-loving cummunity if Gran Turismo had these options. Take us to school. Almost all streetcars, including most sports cars actually have aero LIFT at high speeds. The handling differences between street and aero-equipped cars is something that we could all benefit from understanding.

  15. May. 9, 2:34am

    Do you guys remember that technology shown years ago where one could lap in real life and save the lap time on a special usb then race against it as a ghost lap in GT5? I think that’s what they are showing that’s why the cars look like ghosts – semi transparent

    • May. 9, 3:13am

      I remember those ideas yeahhh. Good shout.

    • May. 9, 3:39am

      That’s what Toyota used in the GT86 concept car. Not sure it’s in the production version though.

    • May. 9, 10:33am
      Nuff Said163

      I feel you

    • May. 9, 7:14pm

      When they show a flashing underscore after the “GT” logo…?

      No, THIS TIME, it MUST be GT6. We KNOW it’s right around the corner. The ghosts are likely for GT Academy, as it’s obvious that that will be shown there. I’d bet this data logger stuff you’re talking about will be in GT6.

  16. May. 9, 1:58am

    Hi evevryone.

    I just want to point out that the cars aren’t real. If you look at the video at 0:19, the shadow of the car has aliasing. So the only real car here is the one that’s driving, the other cars with the GT plate numbers aren’t real.

    • May. 9, 3:28am

      Really,the cars sent real, thanks for that. Damn you Sony.
      I bet Jann never had SRF forced on in his Nissan either!

    • May. 9, 10:21am
      Pit Crew

      rumbalumba I realise your new here but ummm… we do know the cars in the video, other then janns aren’t real. No one here is that blind, that they can’t see that. (o_O)

  17. May. 9, 1:14am

    Time to wait for the next Grand Turismo!

    • May. 9, 3:26am

      Really, thanks for that. Damn you Sony, I bet Jann never had SRF forced on in his Nissan either!

    • May. 9, 3:29am

      Sorry should have been comment above!

  18. May. 9, 12:16am

    Cant wait!

  19. May. 9, 12:14am

    Everyone has a go at all the Gtr’s in gt5 I bet if there was only half them in the game ppl would cry bout that, any how I never hear any yous cry about the the 30 mx5’s that in the game

    • May. 9, 2:13am

      MX-5’s, RX-7’s, Nissan Skylines – too darn many of each! In online rooms with friends we have had a whinge about it in the past, but what’s the point of crying about it now? What’s done is done!

    • May. 9, 6:08am

      You obviously never visit the forums then.

    • May. 9, 6:10am

      That was directed at 100111 btw.

  20. May. 9, 12:14am

    Woahhh, so keen!

  21. May. 8, 11:10pm

    Everytime I watch the trailer, I just become hyped. I so can not wait for May 15, blow us away with the GT6 announcement PD! :D

    So much win. :)

  22. May. 8, 10:31pm

    It betta not be some online only MMORPGT

    • May. 8, 10:58pm


      To hell with that “human drama” concept. All I want is a pure and complete Gran Turismo that I can play alone when I want, just like the first 4 titles (and somewhat the fifth one).

    • May. 9, 5:36am


    • May. 9, 9:58am

      Come on Husky, we don’t have to race these cars all the time. You have to admit, it would be cool to drive your favorite whip to your BBF’s crib for a night of poker or virtual bar hopping. With a need to store 700+ choice rides, I’d need some serious acreage to keep them out of the weather.

  23. May. 8, 9:48pm

    Enough with the cliche tracks PD, take a page from Code masters and Slightly Mad’s Shift 2 track lists…..

  24. May. 8, 9:20pm

    Pretty sure some jaws will be touching the ground come May 16th. And that’s all good because it’s been a long drought.
    Silverstone will of course be part of Academy 13. And most likely those new black and red paint scheme Nissans.

  25. May. 8, 9:16pm

    Isn’t that music from GT1?

    • May. 8, 11:58pm

      Yes, GT1’s intro. Love that song!

    • May. 9, 3:36am

      Yep Manic Street Preachers Everything must go remixed by the chemical brothers. Have it on my PS3 and sitting on the iPhone.

  26. May. 8, 8:23pm

    Ok, my question – What is that car at 0:21…? I swear it’s familiar, but I have NO CLUE what it is. If I couldn’t see it’s tail end I would’ve maybe thought a Lotus Evora or maybe Pagani Huayra… But it obviously isn’t.

    • May. 8, 10:25pm

      I think that its a Acura HSR Concept. It has an odd paint scheme though.

    • May. 8, 10:52pm

      I paused it. It’s nothing we’ve seen before.

    • May. 9, 12:13am

      No, that isn’t it – the tail lights are a bit GT-R like. (in the video). And the rear window is a LOT skinnier. The back also doesn’t curve as much as the HSC concept…

      I’m gonna go look through the forums.

    • May. 9, 2:57am

      2014 NSX Concept?

    • May. 9, 3:27am

      Koenigsig or however you spell it?

    • May. 9, 11:51am

      It’s an S7 TT, just fire up GT5 and go into 3rd person view and and pause it then pause the video just before the GTR makes it move to the outside you can see the shape matches the S7 in GT5 but the rear window is slimmer as that of the TT revision of the S7 from 2005. If you look lower you can also see the rear exit vents with the horizontal splitter. I paused the video to verify since at first I thought it was a Ferrari of sorts but the shape was more McLaren like which the S7 does have but much wider. Not sure if I can do a screen capture with the video paused, but I stand by what I deciphered from that video and I believe that is none other than the Saleen S7 TT ’09 latest model year produced of the machine. 750hp of “pure” American muscle that can race, my lead foot itches! I’m a bit of an enthusiast for this car ever since I saw it, so I was happily awaiting it’s appearance in GT and Forza and it only showed up as the older model and never the newer more in your face neck snapping accelerating beast the TT model is. Hurray for updates PD, keep them coming.

      That black and white car looks like the concept NSX that was built after that HSR concept but never made it into the game.

    • May. 9, 7:22pm

      ^ I’ve looked, and none of the concepts had similar tail lights at all. The rear is far different as well.

      And I don’t think concept cars would be used in GT Academy, as the point is transitioning from virtual to reality, and you can’t really drive most concept cars in reality…

  27. May. 8, 8:19pm

    Ooooo an announcement of an announcement. Don’t get too worked up boys. Polyphony isn’t known for holding their release dates.

    • May. 8, 8:24pm

      Was GT1 through 5: Prologue delayed?

      …Just pointing that out…

    • May. 8, 8:29pm

      GT4 was.

    • May. 8, 9:53pm

      So, two out of seven releases is hardly a trend…

    • May. 9, 3:32am

      Looks like the arse end of a Ferrari to me, maybe an Enzo?

  28. May. 8, 7:53pm

    The original GT score was enough to get me pumped. Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to sit through another abreviated version before a full installment is released next year. Now I’m thinking of all the great tracks, cars, replay and photo modes, gadgets and gizmos that won’t be included at anytime in the future, near or far. I can here yall now… too many Skylines, they should have done Chicago by now, no return of the replay mixer and they continue to ignore engine swaps…

    Yes this is to celebrate 15yrs of Gran Turismo. OK then… DON’T BELEIVE THE HYPE ;)

  29. May. 8, 7:46pm

    It’s all about the data logger..spring 2013 was said it would be released to the racing industry and on sale later in the year..Gt 86.. This is a very important part of GT5 dont dismiss it! And show case the new academy..and Kaz will put your mines at rest for GT6…GT5 is going to get even better…free cars and silver stone for the winners….rock on! We already got the perfect racing system that competes with real world..bring it on Dudes at polly…GT5,the Internet and PS3 have come of age..lets do it.

  30. May. 8, 7:11pm

    The last car passed was actually bearing the number 4 on the plate it makes sense since GT Academy is courtesy of GT5 and it’s heading toward 6. I’m just stoked that in game shot was of the S7 TT, drooling has commenced already.

  31. May. 8, 6:41pm

    Im thinking were getting two new titles.. since it blinked twice…

    • May. 8, 8:02pm

      …It blinked three times…

      It blinks to show a missing key – if type, your cursor blinks; that’s what it’s trying to emulate.

  32. May. 8, 6:17pm

    Pause at 0:21. What car is that…?

    • May. 8, 7:05pm

      Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, yes the updated version, finally!

    • May. 8, 7:17pm

      GT has always been good updating their car models, unlike a certain game I know that doesn’t… >__>

    • May. 8, 7:26pm

      ^ Lol, I know what you mean. Still driving around in the ’04 S7 in FM4 as we speak. Was livid that they didn’t update it in that game too, so ridiculous. They added the Raptor but forgot about the mother of all Saleen cars?

    • May. 8, 7:32pm

      i’m not sure what it is but it’s not an S7

    • May. 8, 7:48pm

      I looked up photos and it’s definitely an S7, the TT had a slightly different rear end make up the rear window was slimmer and had venting running along both sides vertically. If you pause the video in full screen you can see it is definitely an S7, the rear window is a dead giveaway as to which model. Original S7 ran from 2000 to 2004 and in 2005 the car was revised and came with Twin Turbos that the design called for in the original and this also included a competition package that increased the power to 1,000 up from 750 in the TT stock model. S7 is my favorite super car coming out of the U.S., I also love the Vector M12 but that hasn’t been seen since GT2 sadly enough. Rest assured that is the S7 Twin Turbo either the 2005 or the 2009 model, with PD I’m guessing they would use the last model produced since they already have the first model year introduced.

    • May. 8, 10:57pm

      That car looks FR not MR. I paused it and the rear window is too short like a Corvette and the rear deck not long enough for an engine. Plus the lights look different sizes even considering its in perspective.

    • May. 8, 11:05pm

      PLUS!… The car almost looks more like the Mitsuoka Orochi that was in automodellista

    • May. 9, 3:17pm

      SavageEvil, at the :21 it’s the white car. Not the S7 you’ve mentioned in every post asking what the white car or the car at the :21 mark is.

  33. May. 8, 5:51pm

    Awesomeee!!! Cant wait!!

  34. May. 8, 5:50pm

    Can we expect a pack with GT GT2 GT3 GT4 and GT5 for the PS3 ?! Plus GT6 announcement !!!

    • May. 8, 5:56pm

      Apparently not, due to licensing or somesuch which would need to be re-negotiated for 1-4. A shame but I hope that’s all ironed out when it comes to the PS4 and Gaikai.

    • May. 8, 6:48pm

      GT2 at least.

    • May. 8, 7:21pm

      If they could actually get the cars scanned and updated they could just add them to GT6 in full HD Glory and include all the courses wouldn’t have to negotiate for expensive licenses just to only update some pretty old ass games. Go full out I say, brand spanking new game might as well fork over the dough and bring everything over that can be brought over.

  35. May. 8, 5:21pm

    Best new from PD since Spec two!

  36. May. 8, 5:02pm

    A section of the news article from the Gran Turismo website:

    “This mutual respect and increasing blurring of the lines between the virtual and real, has led to the Silverstone event being well supported by a host of other manufacturers as well, such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, KTM, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Toyota.”

    • May. 8, 6:09pm

      Wait.. No Nissan? Cray-zayyy!

    • May. 8, 7:10pm

      ^ I know right? And KTM? YESSSS!!!!! :D

    • May. 8, 7:35pm

      Nissan is part of it, Jordan probably missed it but Nissan are definitely a part of this. KTM means Tourist Trophy sequel in bound?

    • May. 8, 8:18pm

      No, Nissan will DEFINITELY still be a part of this.

      The “as well” means in addition to Nissan…

    • May. 8, 11:25pm

      Not TT but, the X-BOW

  37. May. 8, 4:59pm
    Mac K

    Wow, this is exciting.. Hoping GT Academy will be open to Canadians, Australians, etc this year..

    • May. 8, 5:45pm

      aren’t Canadians allowed to enter the U.S.A one? i’m in Canada but don’t really pay attention as i’m under age

  38. May. 8, 4:42pm

    Oh and btw, they are actually calling the next game GTR6, just so yal know.

    • May. 8, 5:38pm

      What does the r stand for?

    • May. 8, 5:58pm

      “R”, referring to the stupid amount of Nissan GTR’s in the game!

    • May. 8, 7:33pm


  39. May. 8, 4:37pm

    Wait so it doesn’t actually say anything in GT6? Then why is GT6 first the first headline for the artical? I do kind of believe they will announce it at this event but the video doesn’t say anything about GT6. Idk, a blinking line isn’t enough to make me headline this GT6. I do bet they use Silverstone in this years GT Academy though.

    • May. 8, 5:58pm

      The blinking cursor denotes ‘to be filled in’ or ‘yet to be written’ which in this case is GT6.

    • May. 8, 6:08pm

      The ‘blinking underscore’ after the ‘5’ is a major bit of teasing. It strongly hints towards GT6(/news).

  40. May. 8, 4:28pm

    Not sure why some folks are saying the video shows some sort of GTR lineage, sure the first car with the “GT1” plate is a Skyline but he then appears to overtake a Saleen S7 and what I *think* is that Honda concept from years ago, the one which was possibly going to replace the NSX. Also the underscore/prompt is very vague and not like a “…” but I admit I do wonder why it is there at all, and the fact that Kaz is apparently going to make an announcement regarding the future of the franchise is promising. I just hope he isn’t typically vague and ambiguous yet again.

    • May. 8, 4:39pm

      The new Acura NSX, it’s going into producing later this year. So not possibly, but is actually replacing it. But yeah, I see no lineage either.

    • May. 8, 6:58pm

      Did you notice the detail in the S7, that is the S7 Twin Turbo being passed by the GTR. Yes, finally this car has made it to a game like FM and GT, I was always upset that I hadn’t seen the most powerful Saleen in these games and looks like it’s coming to GT 6. Huzzah!

    • May. 8, 7:11pm

      ^ Agreed! :D

    • May. 8, 7:44pm

      Amac I didn’t think it was the new (hybrid) NSX, rather the older concept which I think appeared in GT5 as a standard car. I need to check the name of the model!

  41. May. 8, 4:25pm


  42. May. 8, 4:20pm

    It’s GT6. It must be!

    My predictions:-

    1. GTAcad 2013 released on PS3 as a GT5 Evolution/update (Like 2012 was kind of…)
    2. GT6 will be released on PS3 in November with Silverstone (And all of the older tracks……maybe….lol)
    3. GT6 Spec 2 demo / GT7 Prologue released on PS4 next year
    4. GT6 Spec 2 (Or GT7) will be on PS4 in three years, offering a step up in graphic performance and more content.

    And in the mean time, GT Academy mini games on both consoles………..

    Will i be right? Who knows. But this is how i think things will pan out. Damn, it’s gonna be a long wait

    • May. 9, 2:49am

      Don’t forget Bathurst! It was scanned for GT6 last year! ☺

      You do have to remember, though, technology is going forwards in leaps and bounds, so the release dates for any future games in the GT series won’t be as far apart as they have been in the past… The wait for GT5 was excruciating to ay the least!!!

      I’m reasonably confident that we’ll see GT6 on the PS3 (at a reduced price as it will mostly still be GT5, just with all the cars as premium – as promised – and a few extra tracks) then, on the PS4, we’ll see a seriously updated version which will still be GT6 because the game-play and “home page” will not have changed!

      Once on the PS4, updates will come via the interweb thingy and there will possibly be no need for a GT7 until the PS5…

  43. May. 8, 4:20pm

    Hot hatches like Renault megane RS, Renault Clio RS 197,200,EDC 2013, Opel VXR, Cupras etc etc etc

    • May. 8, 5:18pm

      Exactly!!! ;)

      Stephanos82 are you Greek by the way???

  44. May. 8, 4:10pm

    All i want to see from GT6 is no more standard cars haha more newer cars like VRXs , DS3 , X6 M6 , Twingo RS , RS500 , A4 S Line , Transit ST , CLA 45 AMG , Ferrari FF , C70 , VW cc , RCZ Coupe , Bentley , Fabia VRS , Leon K1 , Fiat 500L So many great cars that i cant ever see in GT6 looool

    • May. 8, 4:14pm

      Yeah, good luck with that. Well know every car in GT6 will be a GT-R. :sly:

    • May. 8, 4:22pm

      Transit. mmm yes please! :D

    • May. 8, 4:41pm

      @Steebz I think the biggest joke in the motoring world is that there is a sport version of the Ford Transit, haha.

    • May. 8, 5:14pm

      More different types of cars would be interesting. driving is fun for real car enthusiasts. No matter what it is. but let’s remember this is GT so it’s probably never going to happen.

  45. May. 8, 4:03pm

    Ok heres my take.

    GT Academy 2013 much like it was last year with rounds opening every few weeks. With a track being made available for the last round. Then being released for GT5 as DLC in which loads of kiddies will Slag Sony and PD off as they have to pat for it, (possibly Silverstone?).

    GT6 Prologue for the PS3 late summer release using the GT5 engine

    GT6 for the PS4 Summer release using the PS4 Engine.

    • May. 8, 4:08pm

      Why would the make a prologue of the game on a completely different console? Prologues are suppose to be like a little sample of what’s to come. If the sample is on an older system it isn’t really a sample

    • May. 9, 12:01pm


      +1 this.

  46. May. 8, 3:55pm

    Love the gt1 music there. I hope they use some of the old music in gt6, would be awesome :D

    • May. 9, 3:07am

      You know, I’ve got all the music I could find from the past GT games, compiled it into a list on my PS3, used it in-game (because GT5 allows that), then used my own, updated list of music! Over the years, my taste in music has changed, as I hope Polyphony’s has. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the old GT music and I DO listen to it from time to time, but some of the newer music is good too, particularly the dubstep!!!

    • May. 9, 11:59am

      I gotta admit I kind of miss the signature menu music I had gotten used to over the years…

  47. May. 8, 3:47pm

    Praying for GT6, expecting GT5 DLC, thinks we are all going to be annoyed at a GT6 prologue,

  48. May. 8, 3:37pm

    LOL at all the Gran Turismo conspiracy theorist.

  49. May. 8, 3:12pm

    Wait so GT6 is the 15th anniversary of the whole series? It’s gotta be spectacular than

  50. May. 8, 2:50pm

    yay it will be a silverstone DLC for GT5 and a ne GT Academy :/

  51. May. 8, 2:48pm

    What is the car at 21 second in the video.

    • May. 8, 3:15pm

      I think that it is a Prototype to the GT-R R35

  52. May. 8, 2:30pm

    Definitely GT6. Also, the cursor pulses are simply a cursor awaiting input, not indicative of other titles. Open a command line in windows or boot into dos.

    • May. 9, 11:39am

      GT Horizon lol

  53. May. 8, 2:27pm

    GT6: With over 2000 “different” versions of the same car, the Nissan GT-R. (And no other cars, because Kaz doesn’t think other kinda cars are needed).

  54. May. 8, 2:19pm

    Nice going PD

  55. May. 8, 2:18pm
    HKS racer

    HYPE TRAIN here I come!

    What ticket is needed for the HYPE TRAIN???
    I guess level 24 is enough
    2 + 4 = 6


  56. May. 8, 2:13pm

    That’s looking pretty definite for GT6. Woot woot! :)

  57. May. 8, 2:02pm

    15 years
    15 May
    1 + 5 may be…… 6
    I hope so….

    • May. 8, 3:11pm
      e30 freek

      Thats pretty realistic speculation it could be right

    • May. 8, 3:47pm

      That would be rather clever!

    • May. 9, 6:43pm

      15 years = 6
      15 may = 6
      1 + 5 = 6
      2013 = 6

      So Im guessing it’s GT “6”

  58. May. 8, 2:01pm

    15 years
    15 may
    1 + 5 may be ………. 6

  59. May. 8, 1:54pm

    Ha they used the intro song from Gran turismo 1. I listen to it everyday.

  60. May. 8, 1:51pm

    Guys that is definitely a new GT-R under the cover of the teaser image, I think this because if you look at the video at 00:17 there is an old GT-R that says GT 1 then at 00:23 for a split second there is the newish GT-R with the plate GT5…and the driver is overtaking all these signaling a new game GT6 with a new GT-R….

    I know that is a long shot but those two ‘ghost’ GT-R’s must be in the video for a reason!

    • May. 8, 1:57pm

      Nissan have only just released the Nismo GTR, this is not going to be a new GTR release. It is the shape of a car more akin to the GT86.

  61. May. 8, 1:48pm

    All the hairs on the back of my head started tingling after hear that soundtrack. Powerful Stuff!

    • May. 8, 1:52pm

      That soundtrack was used in GT2 or 3. It’s really great when your smashing around the night track.

    • May. 8, 2:01pm

      ^^ The song in the video is the intro theme for GT1.

  62. May. 8, 1:42pm

    Ugh… I knew it would be a GT Academy thing only.

    • May. 8, 1:46pm

      You actually believe its that? (T_l)

    • May. 8, 1:48pm

      Oh I see it now. But we should wait and see whats up in May 15 first, before going all downer of course imo…

    • May. 8, 1:54pm

      You’ll see. I don’t want to set my hope high this time. I mean, if they had something solid regarding GT6, why don’t they tell already? I just hate how silent PD can be. We all know PD doesn’t work in the game anymore, or at least it doesn’t put all its effort in it. It’s all about GT Academy. I almost bet GT6 will also be as limited as GT5, or even more.

      And that underscore… That honestly doesn’t mean a thing. People are just seeing what they want. I want PD or Kazunori saying “Yes, we are highly advanced in GT6 right now. It will be released for X console although we don’t know when.” Or “No, we haven’t worked on GT6 because we will fully focus on outside projects and GT Academy from now on. Do not expect a game in the next 5 years or so.”

    • May. 8, 1:56pm

      An man, I just hope I swallow my words…

    • May. 8, 2:24pm

      With Sony big shots saying there will be big titles released for PS3 this year, and that one guy (don’t remember his name or position, sorry) letting it slip that GT6 is going to be a PS3 title along with the _ at the end of the video my bet is on a GT6 announcement and release date.

      If GT6 is coming out on PS3, Sony is going to want it released before the PS4 launches to boost PS3 sales. And PD needs to hype GT6 before release. This is the perfect time to announce it.

    • May. 8, 4:12pm

      I see a 6,7 & 8. but that’s just me trying to cling onto any optimism I may have. GT & optimism does not mix very well, sadly.

    • May. 8, 8:29pm

      You hate how silent PD is being…? After Kaz specifically said he wanted to keep quiet about the game?

      Last time we started getting early info on a GT game, it wasn’t concrete, because PD was over ambitious. We ended up with a lack-luster GT5. If PD can wait until they have CONCRETE details on what they can offer, then we will have a good outcome.

      There’s NO WAY PD would put so much hype on this just for GT Academy. And why would there be a blinking underscore after the “5” was flashed? We know GT6 is coming. And this is an excellent time to announce it.

  63. May. 8, 1:42pm

    I nearly made it into GT Academy and couldve been a racedriver.

  64. May. 8, 1:41pm

    Well? I really want to go but there are no details of price and tickets ect. If anybody has found them send me a link :)

    • May. 8, 1:58pm

      It’s for media. It’s a publicity event, I doubt there will be tickets for general public

  65. May. 8, 1:34pm

    No, GT_? it will GTX !

    • May. 8, 2:10pm

      Well look at this:

      It also states:

      “Yamauchi-san is set to provide an update on the future of the Gran Turismo game at Silverstone. His passion for all things automotive is evident in the ever-increasing levels of realism and attention to detail in Gran Turismo, and the huge range of cars for which it is famous. Strong relationships with the many manufacturers that have featured in the franchise have led to some fascinating co-operations with the automotive world; such as the Red Bull X2010 ultimate race car, GTbyCitroën concept, a design co-operation for a display featuring on the real Nissan GT-R and an innovative new app developed for the Toyota GT86.

      In a close partnership with Nissan, PlayStation has taken the virtual-to-reality overlap, inspired by Gran Turismo, to a new level in the form of the Nissan PlayStation GT Academy. The now-famous racing driver development programme selects the fastest GT gamers from around the world and transfers their talent to real-world racing. The competition began in 2008 and has gone from strength to strength. Over three million people have entered since its inception, and graduates of the Academy have recorded some impressive results, including a second-place finish in the 2011 Le Mans 24 Hours LMP2 class. Five Gran Turismo gamers turned GT Academy champions will be on hand at Silverstone. The ‘Nismo Athletes’ will be showing off their real-world racing skills with some high-speed passenger laps around the famous circuit, a track that has, so far, never featured in Gran Turismo.

      This mutual respect and increasing blurring of the lines between the virtual and real, has led to the Silverstone event being well supported by a host of other manufacturers as well, such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, KTM, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Toyota. Real-life versions of their cars, old and new, familiar to the legions of passionate Gran Turismo fans will be on display and on-track as part of the event.

      “The Gran Turismo franchise continues to be extremely important to PlayStation,” explained Jim Ryan, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. “We felt that 15 years of GT was an event worth celebrating along with our colleagues from the Americas, Asia and Japan. We are very grateful to our manufacturer partners for helping us to bring together a fantastic event. As well as experiencing the development of the franchise and comparing the virtual and real, it will be a pleasure to see Yamauchi-san and hear what’s next for Gran Turismo.”

    • May. 8, 3:45pm

      Notice KTM is mentioned? Let the speculations begin…

    • May. 9, 10:23am

      I think Kaz will retire and Gran Turismo will cease its existence.

  66. May. 8, 1:30pm

    If you read this article, you can see that the event is being supported by many automobile manufacturers, such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, KTM, Mercedes Benz, Tesla and Toyota. One thing I noticed in particular, was the presence of KTM on this list, yet no KTM vehicle has ever been featured in the GT franchise (to my knowledge). Could this mean there will be the KTM X- Bow in GT6? Or perhaps the addition or bikes to the GT franchise?

  67. May. 8, 1:25pm

    I wonder if GT6 will come to the PS3 as a prologue version and the final product to the PS4.
    Just a guess.

    • May. 8, 1:45pm

      No, please don’t give PD bad ideas! Full GT title or nothing!

  68. May. 8, 1:25pm

    OMG i drop a tear with that epic music. (I hate the fag MyChemicalRomance song)

  69. May. 8, 1:24pm

    Don’t you understand that this is just GT ACADEMY 2013

    • May. 8, 1:27pm

      Don’t you understand that this IS just a GT6 announcement

    • May. 8, 1:28pm

      He’s probably right though. We won’t know 100% till the 15th

    • May. 8, 1:33pm
      Tenacious D


      Yeah… ;D

    • May. 8, 1:38pm

      GT.. Academy.. whut?

    • May. 8, 1:44pm

      @ gtrx251

      You are right. This will be only a GT Academy announcement… PRETTY lame.

    • May. 8, 1:47pm

      @ TT _GT6_on_PS4?

    • May. 8, 1:49pm

      Imagine GT6 is on both. 0.0

    • May. 8, 8:34pm

      So, they put in this trailer:

      GT1 – GT2 – GT3 – GT4 – GT5 – GT_*blinks*

      I don’t think they’d do that.

      GT Academy

      They wouldn’t do that. It HAS to be GT6. You don’t build hype like this, along with circulating rumors of the next title, JUST for GT Academy.

  70. May. 8, 1:22pm

    PD has you all frothing at the mouth for the new GT-R “Silverstone” edition DLC. Silverstone is going to be the new photomode location.

    • May. 8, 1:41pm


    • May. 8, 2:27pm


  71. May. 8, 1:20pm

    I’m surprised they didn’t have Silverstone in GT5 considering they’ve been using it for GT Academy. I’m also surprised that we got Motegi as a new DLC track instead of Silverstone. I’m so excited for this. It will probably be in GT6 though. I think that because the ending shows, GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4, GT5, GT_. GT_ has to be 6. They aren’t confirming it in the trailer, but they heavily imply it.

    • May. 8, 1:26pm

      yes _gt6_on_ps4

    • May. 8, 1:37pm

      After GT5 there were four underscores, GT6 (_6) which we know of already. _7,_8,_9.

    • May. 8, 1:44pm

      They’re just playing a dirty game with us… It will be “Gran Turismo _Academy 2013”

  72. May. 8, 1:16pm
    Pit Crew

    IMO, an Official announcement of GT6s future next week can be heavily “speculated” in this video along with GTAcademy start date. (Jann).

    Its a party, and we know Kaz loves parties.

    • May. 8, 1:35pm

      LOL Very True Pit Crew so very true.

  73. May. 8, 1:16pm

    Oh PD you are good ;) That trailer is absolutely brilliant!

  74. May. 8, 1:15pm

    I wish it also features Full collection of Formula 1 cars and also Ayrton Senna’s McLaren MP4/4.

    • May. 8, 1:34pm


  75. May. 8, 1:12pm

    It’s not a SSC Ultimate?

  76. May. 8, 1:12pm

    Hope you enjoy the promo video!

    Bigger reveal on the 15th May – subscribe to for the latest on what happens when GT Academy winners turn pro..!

  77. May. 8, 1:11pm
    i love gt5


  78. May. 8, 1:10pm

    My theory from the Jann being in the video and he chasing the ghost cars, there may be some sort of TT on Silver Stone on the 15th. Silver Stone will be in GT6, not GT5 which may mean track DLC for GT5 will stop. The R34 I did see GT1 in the plate area celebrating 15 years of Grand Turismo, May in turn GT6 may have a strong tie to GT1. The four underscores may entitle a total of 9 titles for Grand Turismo.

  79. May. 8, 1:09pm

    Ya what is that Withe car after the Slaenn S/??

  80. May. 8, 1:06pm

    The intro music to the first GT playing in the background has given me so much nostalgia that I am in a state of euphoria

    • May. 8, 1:09pm

      Dude! Its got me pumped! Im feeling what I felt being that 11year old kid that 1st heard that song!

    • May. 8, 1:13pm

      We are almost the same age then XD So many memories with GT.

  81. May. 8, 1:06pm

    I have to scream this:


    My GT bretheren.
    Im freakin stoked!

  82. May. 8, 1:04pm

    Finally some news… now all we need is to soak up all the old jokes about GT6 release date not being for decades etc etc…

  83. May. 8, 12:59pm

    KTM might be in GT6, they support the happening on the 15th and they are reported on the website!

    • May. 8, 1:28pm

      I noticed that as well. I’m calling it now… KTM X-Bow will be in GT6.

  84. May. 8, 12:59pm
    Ken Koios


  85. May. 8, 12:57pm


  86. May. 8, 12:57pm

    Ha. Its just going to be HD versions of all the past Gts for the anniversary :)
    JK. I don’t know.

  87. May. 8, 12:56pm

    Finally some news.. And the rumors seem to be true about GT6 to comes soon, but do whe get GT6 news only or a release date?
    The video looks great and the silverstone track is finished so do whe get that track after next GT-Academy or will it be for GT6?

  88. May. 8, 12:54pm
    Eager Snake

    Finally. This moments are precious. The feeling of new air, new era…
    Long live Gran Turismo.

  89. May. 8, 12:50pm

    Awesome :)

  90. May. 8, 12:50pm

    I Jizzed….

    Ah that Original Gran Turismo Music really gets my goosebumps going! I seriously can’t wait Ahhhhh! Best GT News Day In a while!

  91. May. 8, 12:50pm

    GT 1
    GT 2
    GT 3
    GT 4
    GT 5
    GT Academy 2013 coming soon.

  92. May. 8, 12:49pm

    hmm.. GT-R R34 (GT1 License plate), Then Saleen S7 (GT2 License Plate), then SSC Ultimate Aero (no Plate), then GT-R R35 (no plate)… all from in game… this could be fun!

    • May. 8, 1:24pm

      That’s not an SSC ultimate aero

    • May. 8, 2:08pm

      Unfortunately so… I’m looking into it as we speak!

  93. May. 8, 12:49pm

    Polyphony, quit teasing. Its very evil to fanboys like me. Give us GT6!!!

  94. May. 8, 12:49pm

    GT1 and GT2 were on the PS1, GT3 and GT4 were on the PS2 so maybe GT5 and GT6 will be on the PS3 with GT7 on the PS4?

    • May. 8, 12:55pm

      The number of games for each console means nothing.

    • May. 8, 12:58pm

      Prologue still counts so maybe not

    • May. 8, 1:01pm

      The number of games for each console means nothing.

  95. May. 8, 12:48pm

    :-) Keep ’em coming…

  96. May. 8, 12:48pm

    I won’t get my hopes up for anything too special. All I am a bit excited now :)

  97. May. 8, 12:48pm

    Everything Must Go is good, but why they don’t use the REAL signature theme of GT, Moon Over The Castle?

    • May. 8, 1:02pm

      They cant keep using Moon over the castle for everything… it will become stale.

  98. May. 8, 12:45pm

    Look at the end. It counts up to 5 and then has a cursor. Dead giveaway if you ask me. GT6 announcement.

  99. May. 8, 12:45pm


    • May. 8, 12:45pm

      ohhh yeaaaaaaa

  100. May. 8, 12:44pm

    First to comment!! Woohoo

    backing up my ps3 right now for a new 500gb hd

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