Silverstone Circuit Coming to the Gran Turismo Series

Ironically, England’s famous Silverstone Circuit has hosted every region’s GT Academy Race Camp every year since the competition began in 2008, yet has never actually been featured in a Gran Turismo game.

That’s about to change, according to information GTPlanet has received from local sources familiar with the matter (whom have requested their names not be disclosed). They report that Polyphony Digital engineers have visited the circuit several times to scan, photograph, and collect data from around the famous racetrack.

The team was also spotted on Stowe Circuit, driving the Nissan Navara seen here, fitted with photography and scanning equipment.

Stowe Circuit – a small, one-mile track contained entirely within the more famous Silverstone GP circuit – actually hosts the majority of the driving challenges at Race Camps.

Of course, it is not yet clear when players will be able to drive Polyphony’s virtual rendition of the circuit, be it in a Gran Turismo 5 update or in the next title to be released in the series.

Thank you to those who supplied this tip!

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    1. mcalva98

      I hope there i TX MOTOR SPEEDWAY some track from America japan get the good GT’s and we get the main ones we did not get the signiture edit. Or gt concepts games like that

  1. Peskdale61

    Silverstone actually has quite a lot of layouts. Hopefully they will include them all:
    – Grand Prix/Arena
    – Bridge (The old one)
    – National
    – South
    – Stowe (And maybe even reverse?)

    I probably haven’t used the proper names, but you get the idea…

  2. hobanator24

    I just thought of something that would be a great addition to the Gran Turismo series. I apologize if it’s already been mentioned but how ’bout the Boneville Salt Flats?

  3. JohnBM01

    It used to be that there were no real British venues to speak of in the Gran Turismo series (though the UK Nationals in GT2 took place at Trial Mountain). Then along comes the streets of London in GT5 Prologue. Then comes the Top Gear Test Track in GT5. Now Silverstone comes along? This track is by far one of the best in the world, and its inclusion into the GT universe is a very welcome one. I’m sure it will come with various configurations ranging from the shorter ones to the full circuit along with the Arena layout. Great stuff!

    1. another_jakhole

      Honestly, that’s when I most expect them to release it.

      GT2’s development overlapped GT3’s first year. With GT5 and 6, there was an arguably smaller team, than the teams who split up the work between GT2 and 3, that worked on GT5 updates for over a year/16ish months. Remember that GT3 did not even have a completely new physics engine. GT4 and 5 were the only ones.

    2. tpark103

      Just a guess but I would say around Christmas 2013 as well shortly after the release of the new platform on Sony.

    3. Tvensky

      if GT6 will be on PS3 then I think it should be out in 2013, if its on PS4 then no one could know… 2014, 2015 hope no more than that… I think PD dont want us to wait long, since so many complained about “delayed” GT5..

  4. hairystig

    Do we have any idea when the track was actually scanned? I see everyone is assuming that it was not very long ago as we’ve only just got this leak but what’s to say this informant hasn’t had this info for 6 months or more but has only now come forward with it, perhaps they purposely waited until a few other people knew about the track being scanned before leaking it so the leak couldn’t be traced back to them jeopardizing their job! Who knows………….

  5. Amac500

    It’s not related, but this comment is deserved. Just giving a call to former CART champion Alex Zanardi on his London Paralympic handcycle gold medal. Was a brilliant driver, lost his legs, died 3 times, and that was only the begin! Most insperational person in the history of motorsports if you ask me. Cheers!

  6. blackjack

    This makes me wonder if this will come out a few months after Bathurst is released, or if it will be a standard track in GT6?

    1. Amac500

      Didn’t they say Bathurst was for GT6? It might be GT5, I hope it is. If they put it in a pack with Silverstone I would pay $10!

    2. DuskTrooper

      He means a track that is not DLC, and actually available on the original game disk. He’s not talking about the track having weather effects or not.

    1. SonicConqueror

      Because, GT5 took 5 years worth of development; to make the game more complete.
      It will take 6 years development for GT6, so that the game will be more complete.

    2. TokoTurismo

      ^ Doesn’t matter. Kaz specifically said GT6 won’t take as long like GT5 did, probably because they were working on a new *ENGINE* for GT5. PLUS, PD started on GT6 right after GT5 got released, thus we’ll see GT6 probably soon.

    3. MuoNiuLa

      @Sonic: Kaz said GT6 won’t take as long to make as GT5. If you somehow think you know more about GT6’s release than the game’s producer, then no one’s going to take you seriously. Provide actual evidence GT6 will come in 2016 instead of guessing.

    4. SonicConqueror

      Wern’t all of you listening?! GT6 will be available from “2016”; a 6 year development, to make sure the future game is more reliable at first release. Updates are to be reduced to a minimum; glitches are to be abollished; and the highly wanted network overhaul is recommended.

      If you don’t like it,


    5. VeyronGlen

      It doesn’t matter, I think we’re all going to go off Kaz and the team instead of someone who sounds like he’s no idea, no point in keep on replying to him, we know what the score is. Kaz said it won’t take as long as GT5 did, (5 years) so I’ve no idea where 6 years is coming from…

    6. SonicConqueror

      You see? You’re not entirely listening. That’s why I dislike unreliable people like you, VeyronGlen. Or should I say “GayronGlen”. lol

    7. Pit Crew

      ^That goes to far Sonic, I hope you get banned someday, making statements like that.

      You are definently not listening, as you only hear and believe your own skewered logic, but calling that dude a derogatory name like that, because he/we dont accept your BS opinon, goes to far.

      You are by far the most unreliable poster on gtplanet, and will never garner respect, because you wont give it

    8. e30 freek

      just come back from a job and took a look at my comment to see for replies but I didnt expect it to cause such a stir…

    9. Quakebass

      Ok, tell me how YOU KNOW 100% that GT6 will have a 6-year development cycle – where did you get this info?

      Otherwise I will just go with the assumption that you are a troll, or attempting to be one.

      By the way, if you are in fact NOT a troll, and are simply low on intellect, what would make you “THINK” it will have a 6-year cycle? the “6” in it’s name? We already know GT6’s development should be shorter than GT5’s now that the new engine is in place, and that most of GT6 is really just finishing and/or adding in what GT5 was supposed to have and/or never got. Then likely a little extra.

      “Because, GT5 took 5 years worth of development; to make the game more complete.” – Except for that it WASN’T complete – FAR from it. IT really isn’t even close to being complete NOW. The dev time would’ve been 7+ years had Sony given PD the time (or maybe if PD hadn’t been so quick to announce the game), and likely would’ve been FAR more complete than anything we’ll see from GT5 near the end of 2012. Long story short – the dev. time wasn’t so long in order to “finish things”, it was long because PD were overly ambitious with GT5. So, If you add GT5’s dev time to whatever GT6’s will be, we can almost say that that was the entire dev. cycle for GT5, if GT6 is a complete game.

      But I still don’t know how and where you’re pulling this 6-year cycle from…

    10. SonicConqueror

      Pit Crew, YOU should be the one who will be banned from here if you don’t understang anything about gt6’s release. YOU’RE the one who should be kicked of GTP, because you don’t get anything at all. You’re the more unreliable person, not me. I made my comments VERY clear, that GT6 will be available from 2016; no exceptions.

      I tell you this, Pit Crew: unless you stop bullying me on this site, it is likely that GTP will take your account away.

      I’m NOT a troll; i’m a very smart person on this site, because it’s PD and GT who must enroll me to be their top adviser, especially for GTP. Jordan & Amac500 should be on my side for this, no matter what time it is.

      And as I said earlier, if you don’t like it,


      End of story

    11. Pit Crew

      @ Muonilla, your right but I gotta laugh at this….whatever 1 last time.

      Sonic I just dont like your style and believe me im the last one you have to worry about bullying you anymore. Your reputation on GTP is set from this day on, and youll be treated accordingly.

      Enrolled to be a GTP top adviser? Dude…your not even a Premium Member. Pay the Yearly or Lifetime membership and contribute some facts instead popping off BS for free.

      When you think your in my league “Troll King”, come into my 220 and Equal lounge anytime and show me what ya got.

    12. pporshahidy

      believe what ever you want sonic… but let me get my statement out…. theres an ongoing cycle that pd has been doing since the beginning of the gt brand…. gt1 beginning of the series…. gt2 expanded version of gt1 utilizing the same engine but including new features…. gt3 new engine for new console loss of features due to time constraints… gt4 same engine as gt3 but new features more cars online not utilized due to time constraints…. gt prolouge was released to make funds for gt5…. gt5 new engine on a more complex hardware (cell broadband) and people wanted damage and other features online…. standard cars due to time constraints… gt6 same engine new features removal of standard cars… new tracks…. revamped online structure and possibly leaderboards… and maybe a story? for human drama? not sure on that one… but anyways sonic…. your theory has no credit or enought evidence to back it up…. your not working for them…. and you have absolutly no respect for other statements…. just close your account if you’re going to hate on anyone….. be aware that this is a gt fan fourm/news site…. and this is a community open to comments and others opinions….. one last thing… you are right about one thing… a gt will be released in 2016 and it will be gt7…..

    1. tpark103

      Oh yeah I remember, and I have to say it looks amazing. It looks like something that will be implemented for GT6 and not GT6 as originally planned.

    2. tpark103

      Correction–I meant to say finished for GT6 and not GT5 as originally planned. What ever the case is, the technology as just mind blowing! Hats off to PD!!

  7. starbutt033

    Does that mean we might even get a premium 370z racecar instead of 6 more GTR racecars, hehe, sorry for the sarcasm….ohh the irony

  8. DuskTrooper

    If it supposedly takes 6-8 months to scan, model and render a real world track for the game, and if PD has just started scanning this circuit, than we all know that GT6 is at least another year away.

    1. tpark103

      Geez you would think in this modern age that things wouldn’t take such along time. I understand the Kaz and his team are meticulous and extremely artistic when it comes to the detail but COME ON. We have google earth and maps and satellite images now a days to help expedite the process. Heck I’m no expert so I’ll shut my trap.

    2. Pit Crew

      Im with that DuskT, gotta be sooner than most assume.

      Lol Tpark, I do that, start thinking what if and why not, can they just and if this technology exists why not just… then I start looking for the Advil.

    1. Amac500

      Idk, I love it, but I bet there us some half-wit somewhere who will refuse it because he couldn’t do better then 5th there in 7 attempts in the F1 2009 game, haha, I can’t wait though!

    2. Amac500

      Well if we were ranking tracks, the history of Silverstone does make it one of the biggest and most historic, regardless of personal layout preference. That makes Silverstone one of the worlds best, along with all that races there.

    3. TokoTurismo

      I love Silverstone, it’s an awesome track to race on. I’m so happy it’s coming to the GT series, totally deserves to be apart of the series, especially for GT Academy. Are we getting Dubai as well? Hope so. :)

    4. MuoNiuLa

      @Amac: Well, in my opinion, it’s not a fun track. I don’t like driving on it in Forza, so I doubt I’ll enjoy it in GT. But the more tracks, the better I suppose.

  9. BlindZenDriver

    Silverstone isn’t really a track I care for as I like tracks with elevation changes but it’s cool to know PD is working on new content.

    Now all we need is a PS4 with 4K support and GT6 :-)

  10. J91patriz

    I am now doubtful that the camera mounted on the Nissan isn’t for acquiring data to reproduce the track. Perhaps it is used to implement the Navara in the game….you know just in case there aren’t enough nissans in the game…
    More seriously it would be great of course to race at silverstone.

    1. Pit Crew

      ^ Thats a real stretch. Why make it out to be more then it is?

      Look at that Camera and the fact its stored, not fixed in a way you could assume its gonna record data of the truck.

      Thats a really weak shot to take at Nissan just because one of their vehicles is in the screenshot.

  11. A_Higher_Place

    I prefer World Circuit additions over Original Courses any day. But I’m also aware I’m not the only person playing this game. I hope PD bring back the good Original Circuits for the people who prefer those.. and not make another mistake like Cape Ring again.

    1. DuskTrooper

      What is wrong with the Cape Ring track? Despite having some oddities such as that unnatural shaped jump before the spiral turn, it’s still a fun track to drive on.

    2. Amac500

      I like the world circuits to. I would have open arms to an original one… if it didn’t have a tunnel, which is a rule for PD original tracks, and if it is a realistic layout, like a circuit that would hold big level racing events. Everytime they get close, like on Grand Valley, they go and add tunnels, and a bridge, and a cliff with water, and all that crap.

    3. Quakebass

      ^ I’d especially love Seattle to make a return – which you’ve probably heard a lot from me, it’s my home town, and the roads are accurately modeled.

    4. darkpigraph

      I’m with Dusktrooper here, except for that stupid jump and the fact that the AI takes the loop at a crawl, i really like Cape Ring as a circuit.

  12. tpark103

    I hear many people saying Silverstone isn’t a great track. Just looking at it I appears to be a high speed hard brake zone track. I see lots of places to make passes and more than one area where if you don’t use a little technique you’ll be in the dirt or a wall. I’m just not sure why we just can’t every be satisfied here. Lol

    1. LaBounti

      My issue is its in everything else……. Instead of them adding lesser known tracks that are just as good “Not” because it’s popular…. Or maybe dig into the Roots of GT and use resources on new original tracks.

    1. Raggadish

      Say they scanned the track 2-3 monts ago. A track takes 1,5 or even up to 2 years to make. Anyone still think GT6 for PS3 will release in 2014-late 2014? If you do…then it isn’t really a reasonable thought.

    2. Pit Crew

      Thats a reach.

      1,5 even 2 years ? that statements a lil off.
      1,2 even 5 years…makes more sense.

      If Kaz said up to five years to scan a course I gotta see that interview, plus some logistical dynamics must have intervened for it to take 5 years.

      Heck we would still be waiting for GT5 prologue if tracks took 3,4&5 years to scan detail and implement.

    3. another_jakhole

      ROME took Two Years. There are more people working on replicating the tracks now than before, obviously. No way in hell will this take that long.

    1. Quakebass

      It takes a while to do so… We don’t really know when PD started modeling Spa, so we don’t know the time frame for the track development.

  13. Racingworld68

    I am always in favour of excisting tracks, so Silverstone would be welcome, but we already have the best track in the world…..SPA !!

  14. SidewinderRF84

    Imola should be on there and a 34 Lap memorial race should be held in memory of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger.that should make the game.Silverstone and Stowe would be welcomed additions as well

  15. Sick Cylinder

    The tracks I enjoy the most in GT5 are the ones which create a good sensation of speed e.g. Nurburgring Nordschleife.

    On that basis I think Silverstone will not be a very entertaining track – Brands Hatch would be much better.

    Bathurst will be good and Imola would also be a nice choice.

    Some people have mentioned more small tracks – what about Lydden Hill plus the Lydden Hill Rallycross (used for the European Championship) also Brands Hatch Indy is another great short circuit.

    If they want another Kart track what about Buckmore Park, where Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button raced as kids.

    1. Amac500

      In addition to Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button add indycar’s Justin Wilson, Jay Howard, James Jakes, and of course the late Dan Wheldon. Also current Toyota LMP factory driver Anthiny Davidson, who would have been the single best driver of the year in ILMC if they awarded that. That class of karting in Britian produced some incredible drivers!

  16. Falcon787B

    On the one hand it’s always cool to see GT branch out and get new circuits in, but on the other…Silverstone? A few years ago I’d have said yay awesome, but now that Silverstone has been turned into a boring drome by Hermann Tilke to suit the F1 circus, it’s lost all character. It’s bad enough that they built an entirely new start-finish complex that looked IDENTICAL to the old one and to this day I get confused at which part of the track they’re on when watching…meh. Anyway, personal opinion I suppose, and like I said, the more the merrier :) Or maybe they’ll do like Fuji Speedway? As in, have Silverstone 80s, Silverstone 90s, and modern Silverstone? Possibly. I hope so anyway.

    Also, on an aside – should we as GT fans expect more tracks than we already have? I mean, I’ve never played F**** M*********** in my life and so don’t really know how many tracks they feature, but I figure that if modding communities in the PC gaming world can knock together some really impressive tracks without half as much R&D and tech and access to the circuits themselves, should we expect PD to make more of an effort? Not that I’m ungrateful, just feels like we’re past the days of GT2 where ONE real-world track (Laguna Seca) was seen as radical. Nowadays it’s kinda a given…just me being selfish?

  17. SonicConqueror

    Tracks from Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli must be included in the future GT game.


  18. hobanator24

    Hey since there in the UK, maybe they could scan Donnington Park and Brands Hatch too.
    But I really would love to see more american tracks too like Willow Springs or Road America

    1. Pit Crew

      The Glenn (NewYork State)
      Virginia International Raceway, Summitt Point (VA)
      Sebring (FL)
      Road Atlanta (Petite Lemans) (GA)

  19. TurboProp

    I’m glad to see ANY additional tracks but their are better ones to be included. Hockenheim would be awesome. I guess we will see this in 2 or 3 years I suppose.

    1. Aventador2012

      I like that idea the most cause I watch the american le mans series when I get the chance and I love the tracks

  20. Foxiol

    Add Hockenheimring, Zandvort, Magny Course, etc, and some hillclimbs. And i´m tired of say the same thing always…sounds bla bla bla…

    Good track. More real life tracks PD…as a real simulator should be.

  21. Amac500

    Ya know what I wish PD would do? Get more smaller level tracks into GT5. This just occurred to me to. If they got Tsukuba circuit in the game there is no reason more can’t be had. But think about it, they are in the UK getting big Silverstone. They call up good but smaller little tracks that don’t hold much or any bigger racing, tracks like Croft Circuit, since they are in the UK. Little tracks like that would be tickled to death to be invited into GT5 and welcome PD with open arms and a smile to scan their track. They wouldn’t be worried about contracts and money and all that stuff that big prestigious venues like Silverstone and other major tracks would have. And what do we get out of that as players? More tracks, and good ones to. Croft Circuit is over 2 miles and is a really sold layout I know GT players would like. Plus exposing to more smaller tracks fuels an interest in local racing, helping revolve all our local club circuits, where the real roots of all the big racing starts! I don’t care if the small track is in the UK, or Japan, or the Americas, or anywhere! Easy to add and PD could still put them each up for $1.00 a pop as DLC’s and people would eat them up! Sounds good to me, I think thats something PD should do, why not?

    1. Quakebass

      This IS a pretty good idea… But there are costs in travel, so getting some may be difficult. But like you said, they could get the small ones near the big ones being modeled…
      I wouldn’t mind seeing my local raceway, Evergreen Speedway… though THAT is a VERY tiny track, and likely wouldn’t even be worth it…

    2. MeanElf

      The article mentioned a smaller track at Silverstone was being scanned as well – but more small tracks would be good. Doesn’t croft have a rally version too?

    3. Amac500

      The small track at Silverstone is Stowe Circuit, if you watch Top Gear UK it’s where Hammond drove the Renault F1 car. But by small tracks I’m talking venues. Yeah, I couldn’t expect them to go pay a bunch to get there, but when they are in the area it would be great for GT and local racing!

  22. omgitsbees

    I avoid racing on Silverstone in other racing games that have it, I don’t know why that would be any different in Gran Turismo. This is seriously a boring track, and the GT series not having it has been a positive thing.

    1. Amac500

      It’s got 4 layouts so you’ll have more then the 1 layout used in otter games, plus it just had half of it reconfigured like 2 years ago

  23. HuskyGT

    It’s good to hear this. Tracks somewhat keep the game alive, though we don’t even know if this is for the next GT or the current one.

    But honestly, even though I will always defend Gran Turismo for being the best car game in history, I have lost all interest…

    1. gt4viper

      Husky, I’d recommend Forza 4 to you in a heartbeat, it’s totally worth the $299 for the XBOX 360 racing bundle. I though I was crazy to be buying it, but I’m so happy playing it its ridiculous. Forza 4 captures the FUN of cars better than any GT to date. And it feels very realistic; my mom can’t drive for s*** on GT, but I hand her the miata that she has in real life, and she isn’t half bad!
      Its almost hard to believe GT has such an antiquated tire model compared to Forza. I love GT5, and look forward to spec. 3.0, but now it’s just a casual wait. Anyway, I’m off to play tag/virus in my F150 raptor… Or should I grab one of my 30 Porsches? Or a maybe a Hummer… (aren’t I awful?)

    2. hairystig

      FM4 is awful! I seriously regret buying an xbox for it! Oh well the misses likes the kinect for dance games so its not a total loss.

    3. XXI

      Forza 4 is awful?
      Good god man, with a CSRE and V2 pedals it’s the most fun I’ve had in well, a very long time.
      I’ve got 20 hours in the livery editor alone, and that’s nothing.
      I love GT for many reasons, mainly for the insane graphics.
      FM4 gives me the white knuckle racing I’ve failed to find in GT.

      I’m very happy to hear Silverstone is coming.

    4. hairystig

      Yep awful. I hated the physics even in the slowest cars they never felt like they were in contact with the tarmac, felt like a poor rip off of grid to me, then I always felt ripped off by the disparity in graphics between cars in garage and on track then there comes all that dlc, having not got the game on release there was a small fortunes worth so I took the game back and bought a dfgt. :-)

    5. hairystig

      That said I played the arse off forza2! Go figure, I know im weird but I suppose forza2 didn’t really have any competition back then. Guess its just personal preference that perfer gt5 over any other console game now.

  24. Amac500

    If they have been there many times could they be capturing at different times of day for some time change? If they give me the 4 layouts I say $5 is fair, like Motegi. If it has time change then $7, maybe $8, I want Silverstone!

  25. grazbro

    As I sit in my chair, enjoying ripping around Road America in my Porsche 911 GT3 RS on Forza 4, do I really want to read another maybe/what if/could be possible article? Will it be GT5 DLC or GT6? Which is eons away anyway. I want confirmations and dates, hard evidence. GT5 for me still has life in it, but after downlaoding my 21st DLC on Forza, makes you kinda wonder if its all smoke and mirrors for now. Signed Jumped Ship.

    1. Amac500

      If PD was smart they would go out right now and get a Grand-Am license, because ALMS is and Grand-Am are merging under Grand-Am’s roof starting in 2014, which will be announced Wednsday morning. These comments that make Forza sound desirable are all racing ALMS tracks and ALMS race cars, but when the merge happens Grand-Am will have ALMS cars and tracks, as well as their own cars and tracks. Therefore PD gets the big American endurance racing license, Forza looses it, a big hit to their game, and GT players get all the cool tracks like Road America and cool cars like the 911 GT3 RS. One track that I want above all the rest though is Sebring, idk if ALMS controls that or not since FIA runs WEC as a joint effort their, but I need that track, but hey, Silverstone was up there to!

    2. BWX

      Yeah but GT5 has way better FF, so it’s a better experience no matter what in some ways. I have a wheel and pedal set that is X-Box compatible (Fanatec), so I may pick up Forza and an X-Box just for something else to race until GT6, but I doubt it’ll replace GT unless GT6 isn’t any better than GT5 as far as A-Spec goes.

    3. Foxiol

      Well good luck with your almost $200 game…lmao…people is happy but pockets crying…

      PD is not a company that wants to sell DLC´s…their profit is to make a real good game full of stuff to sell millions and millions of copies…Forza sells less copies for kids without wheels and then sells those 21 DLC´s LMAO!!!!!!…to make tons of more money with cars (most of them) already made a while ago waiting for you to open your sheep pockets. And the thing is that by buying just cars the game is not going to change a single bit.
      PD at least added some features, some TRACKS despite all the flaws the game has…and we paid for a game and less money for DLC´s….you paid for the game and 3 times more for 80 cars more or less…i´m just laughing so loud right now…

      2 companies, different point of views and perspectives…

      And no i don´t want Forza…i want PD to make it better.

      Go to PC if you like not just to look at the cars…go if you want to really drive them. That´s what i do.

    4. MuoNiuLa

      @Foxiol: “Pockets is crying”?

      Really? I don’t make the best money in the world but one 1800 MP card has me set for 3 months of Forza 4’s DLC and my wallet defenitely isn’t crying.

      Even if T10 holding back cars to sell later is true, I don’t think PD is any better for charging real money for ONE-USE paint, suits, and helmets. And I think Forza 4 is already a much better exprience than GT5 with all these updates added to it. GT5 was not finished at release, unlike Forza 4, and there was no way PD was going to get away with leaving GT5 in its 1.0 state.

      I spent money on BOTH FM4 and GT5 plus DLC’s from both games. And the money I used on Forza 4 felt better spent than on GT5.

    5. AERO_HDT

      I bought an XBOX360 just so I could play Forza 3. To be honest, I didn’t like it. I bought Forza 1 & 2 and played them a bit. I could see the lure. Then I bought Forza 4 the day it came out but again, I got the same empty feeling. There are some great things about Forza, but there just isn’t the sense of “totality” I get when I play GT. I’m considering buying a wheel to play Forza with as the G27 isn’t compatible, but I’m worried that I’ll have spent far too much money for a game that is in my opinion, rather average…

    6. grazbro

      AERO_HDT: You would not be wasting you’re $$$ if you decided to get a wheel. As you know, we can debate both series till the cows come home. But its the fun factor, an it will provide a way better experience for you. I’m using the old 360 wheel, and because Forza has micro tuning options for the wheel (deadzones etc), you can find your ” sweet spot” for any wheel on the market. Hell, I still play Forza 2&3 as well as GT4 with my wheels.

      Foxiol: I’m a true gearhead, so it’s all worth it to me. My choice. Some look at as companies earning more $$$, I see it as an obligation that companies should provide, which GT5 has failed slightly. It’s more like staying competitive. Every driving sim I have, has every DLC for it to date. I may be lighter in my wallet, but having the best time with them all. Who wouldn’t want Bathhurst for Grid!! PS: LOL all you want, at leaset I dont have to cycle through endless GT-R’s/Miatia’s or several other recycled models. I got 2011/2012 & 2013 models to play with.

  26. LR-MR-Cole

    Very good idea about the RM cars. I would love to see more of those for instance the 458 and mp4-12c gt3 versions or close to them or maybe a Ferrari 458 challenge in a DLC. A 458 Challege Cup would be a fun online event for the boys and girls of GT. But anyways to the subject of Silverstone I would like to see it for GT5 cause in all honesty we need something like that along with a 5-10 car DLC to really revive this game. Although some people feel the game is fine and they can deal till GT6 but if you think about it, thats not gonna be till atleast 2014 if not later and there competing (not that Kaz cares about what Turn 10 does) with Forza 4 which I hate to say wins in both car and track selection with there stellar car packs they have been having. So GT5 could use Silverstone and a few more car packs with some tweaks in terms of updates for instance seeing hoods and mirrors on standard cars when in cockpit view even if not graphically perfect. So I don’t want to wait for GT6 to drive this circuit and Silverstone is one of my favroites. Hanger Strait guys come on now…..

    1. Amac500

      Be them RM’s or added as TC’s in a DLC, cars like the 458 NEED to have racing versions. Honestly of I could add one thing for the Spec 3.0 update it would be more RM’s of cars like the 458, MP4, M3, R8, SLS AMG, and Aston Martin V12 Vantage!

    1. Amac500

      That would be harder since it can’t be driven on anymore and they couldn’t scan it, would actually need to code it.

  27. Zuel

    Silver Stone coming to GT is very good news though I would rather see it in GT6 than GT5. We have enough tracks to race on aswell user tracks, which have been getting much better I must say. Others including myself would rather have more premium RM cars. Yes we have a number of nice race cars already but we don’t have the models we see today on the tracks. I can think of 45 cars in the premium dealer that are in GT classes and we only have the road version of them. We can do our best model a racing seris with the road going versions though it’s inpossible to preform correctly.

    Silver Stone for GT6!!!!!

    1. Amac500

      Why would you turn down a track if it was offered to you for GT5, because it will still be in GT6 and that will be fine, but GT5 only has, what, 11 real world tracks and 2 of those are the sufferer Nürburgring tracks, the ring and the GP course are too different for me to call 1. And the fictional tracks aren’t even realistic because apparently PD has a rule that all fictional tracks require an unrealistic tunnel. Plus you have been spelling “Silverstone” wrong the whole tine which really decapitated what you said when it was in the title of the article

    2. Pit Crew

      Id take Silverstone in either title though a upgrade for GT5s GTLife/Online seasonals is more of a priority IMO as I dont want another Track or Car content pack devoid of tied in events.

      Ever tried to host a league lobby in those created courses, Challenging to say the least.

      We definently dont have enuff tracks, and of the courses we do have,most lack weather day 2 night effects, a popular request for track updates.

      More premium RMs yes but no events other than online play is a waste of code. I want the Full Monty of conceivable events and content not a showroom.

    3. Amac500

      Well Pit Crew, I do agree it is undeniably hard to host on dlc tracks online. I got 9 at Kart Place once, ONCE. But I think that problem would be solved for you then if the track was added for free, which I wish they would do on just one o the tracks they add, a free track is needed. Ya know Silverstone has to have weather because if rains all but 4 days a year in Britian, lol, and it better have time, I’m still disappointed that Spa lacked time change. RM’s I wan as much as good circuits. Sebring, Silverstone, Circuit Gilles Villenueve, those are tracks on my list. Some legit European GT race cars are NEEDED, 458, etc.

  28. Hentis

    Not being Mr Cynical here but…….

    A) We know GT6 is in development so I would consider if it was PD engineers that were there that this track would be for GT6.

    B) Gran Turismo 5 is nigh on two years old, so I won’t expect to see a Silverstone circuit or for that matter Bathurst (Mount Panamara) in GT5 as DLC PERIOD. I would be very surprised if they were both as DLC or one or the other as DLC. I think you will find they will help sell GT6 with the current crop of tracks from GT5 plus other tracks from GT4 in the new version.
    As too what console that will be on we will have to see.

    C) Having Silverstone in GT6 is a no brainier. As pointed out in the article it s hosted the last three GT Academy finals. So expect to see it’s heavy use in the next GT Academy Qualification on the PS3 .

    Having said all that I could be proved completely wrong but am confident I am 100% right :)

    As per DLC for GT5 well if we get it it will be cars…… Perhaps aNissan GT-R or Juke even?

  29. toospiciecc

    OH YEAR!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait,I hope its on GT5 as a DLC because its my all time favorite track in Formula 1 as well as Nurburgring GP and I hope it will go well.

    1. starwars22

      Same here I love the long sweeping corners but most of all I love bekots or however it’s spelled, but my favorite track is circuit de Gilles villenuve and Spa

    2. Amac500

      You have impeccable taste starwars22, those are my favs as well! I’m very interested to see how this Circuit of the Americas turns out though, I like what I see. It draws major influence from all the best of the series. It has Hockenheim, Istanbul, Spa, Silverstone, the best of all those are incorporated into the track design. If it comes out right it will probably jump to the top of my list!

  30. Mikey006

    I loved this track in F1 2011 and hoping that it comes out in one of the GT Series.

    But I would love to have Apricot Hill that was in the previous GT. Best track ever!! I hope that they bring that back, but you can’t have every track. :D

    1. Amac500

      Well hey, personal taste is fine and that track ain’t bad. Thing that I think elevates Silverstone though is that it has 4 lay outs they can add, while many other tracks like Brand Hatch have only 2. But that’s a fun track as well :(

    1. mr_pepps

      RB26 2jz > um yeah you may have goofed a bit there bud. All the made up tracks in Gran Turismo have tunnels, the ones without are based on real world locations.

      (Apologies if I’m wrong.)

    2. Amac500

      Lol mr_pepps glad I’m nit the only one who noticed PD’s fictional circuit rule. And RB26, how did you miss the fictional tracks, it’s the group that comes up when you select tracks

    3. Pit Crew

      RB26 Original Courses are Fictional dude.

      Original being courses that existed in each GT prior to GT5, except Eiger, SSRX, SSR7 eifel, tokyo kart, toscana, mt aso.

    4. Mikey006

      @77 – tell me where are the tunnels in Suzuka! The only thing close to a tunnel that I can think of, is the cross-section which is a bridge not a tunnel.

  31. Boosted_01_R

    one of many tracks that need to be added…….. would be nice if all the BTCC, Formula 1, and V8 Supercar tracks make it to GT6

  32. Pit Crew

    This is good. I hope Silverstones real life weather characteristics make it also.

    Think maybe they scanned the track at dusk? I hope so.

  33. Nato_777

    I’ld be happy to wait for new circuits such as Silverstone and Bathhurst to be added to GT6, just give us the missing tracks from previous GT’s now for GT5 in the meantime pleeeeeaaaasssseee!!!!!

  34. Lambob

    crosses fingers for any new content or updates to GT5, between this coming Thursday, up until the PS4 is in stores sometime in !2 of 2014. I recently got back online, to race at the Nur last night, after a four month hiatus from this game completely, and it really feels great to be back in this fine game. The PC industry and the AAA developers have completely botched their new lineup of games, namely Diablo3, and from what I hear, GW2 also. I need to stay far far away from those games, and enjoy the real joy, that GT5 delivers, time and time again, and what better time, than to about to setup my new wheelstand pro, (thx wubby), and may splurge on a T500RS, they’re going for around $450CAD online, not too too bad… it’s worth it IMO.

    1. tpark103

      Welcome back….Lambob it’s always hard for me to stay away for to long. I’m on a little dry spell myself, but I try to hit the apexes still once or twice a week.

  35. Swagger897

    just by reading this little “forum” people call it is histerical… you can just see the maturity level between people like mr_pepps, and Rob Doggy05….. look at their comments and others and you’ll see what i mean (BTW: i dont mean to call you out, just first examples i see… i personally cant wait any longer for gt6 to come out, but i can wait for it to be on ps3, becasue another system switch for me is NOT going to happen)

  36. mr_pepps

    Drop this into GT5 pleeeeease!

    I think folks should chill out about GT6 – it’ll not happen for a year or so. Why not be happy to expand GT5 further? It’s a brilliant game and adding new tracks can only make it better still.

    1. MuoNiuLa

      For some of us, GT5 has overstayed its welcome and adding DLC will keep it fun for about a week before it gets boring again. It’s time for a new game.

    2. mr_pepps

      I disagree. The game isn’t boring. It’s different each time I play.
      I appreciate everyone’s entitled to their own say tho. Perhaps being one of the older players (I’m 37) means I’m a little less likely to be looking for ‘the very latest’ with my GT time: I don’t really play ‘chart’ games so I’ve no idea what level of reality is being offered elsewhere.
      As far as my wants and needs go I relish playing GT5. The online racing is excellent and I find the Seasonals great fun so anything extra that comes along can only be great news for players like myself.
      Like Swagger897 I shan’t be buying a PS4 any time soon, so anything sexy in the pipeline for PS3 – be it GT5 or GT6 – is great news.

    3. BWX

      Well I’m 40 and getting seriously bored with GT5.

      I just upgraded my sim rig with two bass shakers, went from single post to dual post design, went from a G25 with Nixim mod pedals to a Fanatec CSR wheel, and CSR Elite pedals with a real load cell which is sweet..

      So all those upgrades breathed some new life into GT5 for me, it’s a great driving sim- But there’s not much to do and the Ai are eternally lame and Kaz doesn’t have a clue how to program ai, and doesn’t seem to care if they suck in GT5. Chase the rabbit is all he knows.. and as one type of race that’s ok, but that’s all GT5 is anymore! He totally abandoned grid starts or ai capable of grid starts.. WTF?

      I would like a spec 3 that would expand the ”game” part of GT5 with expanded GT Life off-line A-Spec and ai improvements. That would be cool. Otherwise it’ll be F1 2011 and F1 2012 and Dirt 3 and Dirt 4, etc for the PS3. F1 games have worse physics and FF and GFX, but 100 million times better ai and racing experience. Those full race season races are awesome in F1 2011. Lots of fun. F1 2012 coming out soon should be better on all fronts. GT5 A-Spec should try to be at least something like that as far as ai and the race experience.

    4. 77

      +1 i dare anyone to do two laps of any track and do it exactly the same! u can always squeeze that little bit….or push it too far!! awesome fun, itis about having a car and a track and having some fun, what more do you need, the impatient ADD idiots that need new stuff every 5mins need to learn to sit back and enjoy the ride

  37. Progress823

    Happy for this, be it GT5 or GT6, but what about some point to point courses? Isle of Mann TT, Targa Florio, Silver State Challenge….seriously these can be implemented into GT6 provided it is on PS4.

  38. DaveTheStalker

    We can only hope they will have all of the variations. Having the old classic layouts would a a huge plus!

  39. RobDoggy05

    I honestly don’t want it in the DLC for GT5, because if it is, it just means there will be less- newer content in GT6.

    I’m actually worried that we aren’t seeing alot of this “scanning process of tracks” . I think i can recall about 2 or 3 articles with the sightings of GT scanning tracks here on GTplanet (if I’m mistaken then my apologies), and if GT6 wants to have plenty tracks, they got to scan them sometime, and 2 or 3 is not alot, yes I know they already have the presets from the previous GT’s but still.

    Still holding thumbs for GT6!!!

    1. Quakebass

      It could be just that no one has seen the scanners at the tracks, or the cans have already been completed… I don’t remember hearing about Spa being scanned, do you?

    2. Pit Crew

      It will workout RobD. I hope to be pleasently surprised.

      Lets hope for weather and D2N effects in GT6 tracks too, as I expect GT6 online leagues will be just as, if not more so, engaging.

      Night time TTs, Rain Drift…Sorry getting carried away.

    3. another_jakhole

      “Night time TTs, Rain Drift…Sorry getting carried away.”

      They can do it with the current Seasonal Events. PLEASE.

  40. hairystig

    Doesn’t it just make sense for this to be the ‘extras’ with the soon to be released gt5 acedemy edition? Although thats probably just wishful thinking on my part.

  41. BLuNT318

    Oh look, a track announced for GT “series” lol/// This is not news. And you won’t see it for GT5, lol/// funny stuff there

  42. Halcyon925

    I have a feeling there will be a lot more trucks, race cars, LMPs, ect. Maybe we could drive the cool race cars that are in the photos in the Museum in GT5. Besides Porsche, sadly.

  43. TokoTurismo

    WOOHOO!! Something told me Silverstone will come in Gran Turismo. I’m slowly believing that rumor about GT6 including lots of tracks maybe true. :) Thank you very much PD, keep up the good work!

    I wonder if all Silverstone’s layouts are coming too? Lets hope for the best. :D

  44. Sele1981

    GT(5) is getting what it should be since release. GT6 will be the bomb… It still feels like I just scratched the surface in GT5, there is still so much to do…

    1. m8h3r

      Awful is a bit of a stretch. I’m not a huge fan after driving it on F1 2011 but it is an iconic track and deserves a place in the Gran Turismo series.

    2. Cimanu

      Have to agree I’m afraid, I find it hateful, too wide. The 4 you’ve listed are infinitely better. Brands I would love to see. Cadwell can wait until a Tourist Trophy sequel :p Mountain isn’t fun unless you can sky it.

    3. Tenacious D

      We all want plenty of tracks, a wide variety of them. But likewise, many of us want historic tracks like Silverstone. Especially if GT6 is coming out for PS4 – and shut up about a $600 price tag, you weenies, I doubt many of you even remember the launch of PS3, and WHY IT was so expensive.

      Anyhow, on PS4, we can have more cars per race, at least offline, and I love 16 car fields in Arcade Mode, about the only way I race anymore. No prize money or cars, no unlocking crud. The only reward is racing itself. And I can hardly wait to see what a more powerful console can accomplish in a Gran Turismo.

      And if you recall, Lucas Ordonez himself has said we’ll “lose our hats” when we see how many courses there are in GT6, so I’m polishing up my hype train and getting ready to board.

    4. another_jakhole

      WOOT WOOOOOT! Hype train is here. That actually hyped me up even having known all that already, Tenacious D.

  45. Gejabo

    When I read the header I thought it was announced as DLC. :(

    But at least its comming….someday

    Or should I say soon :p

  46. Xamado7V

    I care so much about getting Silverstome that the first thing I thought when I read this was “I want the Nissan Navara!”.

    Awesome ‘car’.

    1. tpark103

      With the strong Nissan presence and the addition of trucks in GT5, it leaves me baffled that this one has not shown its face yet.

  47. joetruckv8

    If we can’t get bathurst by GT5, then for certain we won’t get silverstone anytime soon. If bathurst drops as the next dlc then maybe we will have enough time for silverstone. I hope we get it soon , we could run some great 3hr enduro’s there!

    1. tpark103

      We know that they have taken the images of Bathurst already and now Silverstone. I for a very exciting lineup of tracks soon.

  48. greggypoos

    Horrible?!? Its a classic! Maggots, Becketts section is great! Went there for the first time this year for F1 – looking forward to this!!

  49. Roger the Horse

    I must admit, I don’t really want any more real world circuits. I think of them as something I’d rather drive in a PC Sim than a console sim. I think Polyphony should focus on bringing back tracks from previous games in the series rather than adding new ones. Admittedly they have good taste in real world circuits, but still… APRICOT HILL… :(

  50. tje23

    Everyone saying it’s for 2013, the GTAcademy Edition launches 26th September, with ‘more content’. I think it might be that, coinciding with DLC!

    1. MadmuppGT

      I have to agree, while they’ll continue to fix minor bugs with GT5 I think the most we’ll see with DLC for GT5 now is RM versions of cars already in the game.

      While with Bathurst, now Silverstone on the cards GT6 could have an excellent track list. But since theyre just scanning Silverstone now, I would imagine we’ll be looking at a Q1 2014 for GT6… only question remains will the next gen Playstation be out by then?

      I could imagine time frame wise we’re looking at GT6 being a launch title for the next console, I still think Sony are sore that GT5 wasnt out for the launch of the PS3.

    2. Quakebass

      No, I think PD’s putting one last big update out in September to go along with GT5 Academy Edition – likely not this track or Bathurst, but who knows? I’m betting at LEAST a car pack, plus the 2012 Nurburg GT-R Kaz drove.

      Only time will tell, so I may just be running my mouth. I don’t know.

    3. MadmuppGT

      I hope we do get a spec 3.0 or similar final hooray for GT5, despite its flaws I still feel its much loved. But I hope youre right about the 2012 GT-R Nurb.

      But with momentum obviously building on GT6 I cant see them dedicating much more time to GT5… I hope I’m wrong, I really do

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