Gran Turismo Mobile Confirmed For E3 2009

May 30th, 2009 by Jordan Greer

A leaked clip from the upcoming edition of the PlayStation Qore video magazine confirms that Gran Turismo Mobile will be announced at E3 2009!  As you can watch above, the man sitting on the left (who appears to be SCEA Director of Hardware Marketing, John Koller) drops the bombshell while introducing the new PSP Go…

sony-psp-go-clip-small“A lot of people say ‘I just want to buy games’, and there’s games like Gran Turismo which are being announced at E3.”

In addition to this exciting tidbit, the video also reveals a lot of technical information about the new PSP Go, including its “slider” form factor, 16GB of internal memory, Bluetooth, and a currently mysterious memory card slot.  It’s also going to ship this fall, and will co-exist with the PSP-3000 – for now…  Stay tuned for more details as E3 begins next week!

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  1. May. 31, 11:59am

    Will you get any video soon Jordan?

  2. May. 31, 11:33am

    Oh sorry.
    Well .. I really hope so, and although it’s pretty obvious,
    i’m still anxious !
    Wait and see. Guess I’ll survive 2days of waiting after months /years of waiting

  3. May. 31, 11:28am

    That’s not how I meant it. I think it’s fairly obvious that we’ll see GT5 as well as GT Mobile.

  4. May. 31, 10:15am

    Keep it cool mr Will. I wouldn’t be the only man disappointed if E3 was all around gt mobile and as good as nothing about GT5.
    Call me clueless for that if you wish, but pushing buttons on a psp to go round a track means nothing to me.

  5. May. 31, 9:54am

    Well, if GT Mobile is nearly complete, it has to have slowed GT5’s development to some degree – and that realization might make a lot of people (in a relentless search to find things to whinge over) unhappy.

    Granted, Polyphony Digital is in a tough spot with GT Mobile: if they waited until after GT5 to complete development of it, more people would have complained and it would have damaged the series’ reputation. By taking their time to finish both games, they may have found the most reasonable compromise.

  6. May. 31, 9:50am

    Sorry to say it this way, but seriously, you’re clueless.

  7. May. 31, 5:10am

    Actually my hopes are going down now,
    thinking that PD and Sony focussed on mobile and not on GT5 itself.
    I don’t know about you guys but,
    GT5 intrests me a lot more than gt mobile…

  8. May. 30, 11:18pm

    Now would the GT5 for the PSP Go and the GT5 for the PS3 be the same formate or not?

  9. May. 30, 5:48pm

    What great news. I’ve been waiting like all of us for some real news and here it is. Not only does this confirm some of Amar’s cryptic messages but I can also finally get a new PSP soon. I have the original that I got on day of the PSP release and it’s almost worn out. I can’t wait to fire up 24 hour endurance races in the morning before work and play them at 3x and check on my progress throughout the day from the PSP Go. I hope I’m not still dreaming about this feature…

  10. May. 30, 5:36pm

    @seinfeld: He doesn’t say “Mobile”, specifically, but he does mention that there is a copy of Gran Turismo running in the PSP Go that the lady on the left hand side is holding.

  11. May. 30, 4:09pm

    Another thing to note is that they said in the video that the PSP Go! will be available this coming fall. I’d assume that will mean a simultaneous release of GT Mobile and perhaps even GT5 itself?

  12. May. 30, 3:47pm

    Ha, great catch, Marky, I was in a rush to get this out and didn’t even hear his second mention of the game. I wonder if it’s completed or if that’s a development version?

  13. May. 30, 3:32pm

    I just also realised that he said “I’ve got a Second One with Gran Turismo on there for you” Man I’m soooooooooooo jealous of her! At least we know it’s completed! KY you are a genius!

  14. May. 30, 3:23pm

    I’m exploding in my pants I love how they put the GT5 Trailer at the end of it! Cannot wait to see footage of GT Mobile, I like the new design aswell… when it’s closed…. I was wanting it to look more like this concept with two analog sticks –

    I can see alot of people complaining about this issue when it gets unveiled. But it’s going to get alot of getting used to thats for sure! Now i’m wondering about whats the Card Slot for??? :)

  15. May. 30, 3:17pm

    Pretty cool, although this is probably gonna make me buy a 3000 instead of this one. I don’t like the way this looks too much.

  16. May. 30, 3:00pm

    he didnt say mobile, he just said with GT5 going to be announced at E3 didnt say mobile at all
    and thats fine with me, if they are making gt mobile along side gt5, then thats why its taking so stupidly long, and I will then boycott gt5 all together, because that is shitty design planning if they making 2 games along side eachother, focus on gt5 then do the mobile version
    its simple PD real simple

  17. May. 30, 1:59pm

    Downloading June Qore now…

  18. May. 30, 1:27pm

    Thanks for the link, Fruitcake!

  19. May. 30, 1:25pm

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