Gran Turismo Sport Car Count Changes Again, Now at 150+

Gran Turismo Sport 57 July 17, 2017 by

Last week Polyphony Digital quietly announced an official release date for Gran Turismo Sport. The mid-October date brought with it an updated website, one which now states over 150 cars will be part of the game from launch.

Since the original announcement, Kazunori Yamauchi has stated GT Sport marks a new beginning for the franchise. One of many obvious indicators is the number of cars available to players at launch. At its Copper Box unveiling in May 2016, GT Sport was said to include over 130 vehicles. Later on in the year, the number swelled slightly to 140.

At E3 last month, a press release from Sony bumped the number up again. This time, the car count sat at an oddly specific 177+. Confusingly, many interviews given by Yamauchi-san still referenced the 140 number. As it turns out, it appears the larger amount was ambitious. Nonetheless, Polyphony has found an additional handful of cars.

The known list includes road and race cars, as well as vehicles from the Vision Gran Turismo project. For the first time in franchise history, Porsche will also be an official part of the lineup. With only one confirmed model right now, the Stuttgart manufacturer may be a source of additional models yet.

While relatively small when compared to GT6 and its 1200+ garage, the more curated approach of GT Sport‘s car list gives off serious GT3 vibes. That’s no bad thing: GT3 was a step-change to what came before, not carrying over previous-gen content to bolster its numbers. It also recently topped our list of the best Gran Turismo games of all time.

150 may only be the starting point, too: Yamauchi has suggested the car roster could eventually expand to 500 vehicles. To date, we’ve documented just under 130 cars on our GT Sport Master Car List. Whatever the two dozen or so final models will be, we’ll see them soon — our money is on at least a few new reveals at Gamescom.

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