Here’s the First Gameplay Footage of the Porsche 911 RSR in Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport 97 September 25, 2017 by

An official Sony livestream during Tokyo Game Show has given us our first look at the Porsche 911 RSR in action. Spotted last week on the show floor, the racing machine is the second Porsche to be revealed for GT Sport. Our first glimpse comes during a live broadcast race at veteran GT mainstay Suzuka Circuit.

The stream lasts for 28 minutes and shows us some of the GT Sport action at the TGS stage show. Of the cars competing, the 911 RSR can be seen throughout. The car looks like a handful and through the famous Suzuka hairpins we see the back end slide quite a bit. The gameplay also lets us hear the engine notes from the racer. We’ll have to wait for raw direct sound though, as the commentators do overshadow the sound effects during the event.

From what we can hear, it seems GT’s new sound engine is being put to good use. The sounds across the board have been improved for GT Sport and it’s a huge jump from that of GT6. As an area of intense fan interest, Polyphony addressing sound complaints should help the series progress in this department.

As far as the Porsche’s performance goes, its driver places in second just behind the M6 GT3. Despite the short race duration and small grid, the 911 RSR appears like it definitely will be competitive in its class. It certainly should be: the RSR competes in the faster GTE category. We’re assuming Polyphony has utilized some level of BoP to fit it within the Gr.3 class nicely.

Regardless of how fast it will be, the car is sure to be a fan favorite. Since EA’s grip loosened on Porsche we’ve seen many racing titles get the German company’s models. Seeing and driving these cars in GT for the first time will be quite a pull for long-time fans.

Although traditional news has been thin for Gran Turismo Sport during TGS, Polyphony has continued a steady trickle since E3. Release is less than a month off now, and the long wait since the reveal almost two years ago is almost over. We’ll finally get our hands on GT Sport next month.

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