Gran Turismo Sport Update to Come September 9

Somewhat out of the blue, Polyphony Digital has announced that there’ll be a new update to Gran Turismo Sport coming along this week.

Development of the PS4 title has seemed to be just about at an end for a little while now. So far this calendar year there’s been four updates, with two addressing changes to Sport Mode, one adding support for the Olympic Virtual Series, and one in July which added the Toyota GR86 ahead of a GR Toyota GT Cup round featuring the car. That’s one of just seven new vehicles added across 2020 and 2021.

However it’s clear that, while Polyphony Digital is likely very busy preparing the PS4 and PS5 version of Gran Turismo 7, GT Sport tweaks are still on the developer’s radar.

There’s no additional information in the announcement right now about what the contents of the update might be. We only know that it will push out to consoles at around the same time as an out-of-schedule maintenance period, slated for 0800-1000 UTC on September 9.

That does mean that GT Sport will be updated just ahead of the PlayStation Showcase which we’re expecting to reveal some more information on the impending GT7. It could suggest that the update will include media timed to unlock at the appropriate point on Thursday, though it may just be a coincidence of timing.

With the absence of any further promotion from the usual sources — such as Kazunori Yamauchi’s customary silhouette teaser images — the most likely result of this update is adjustments to Sport Mode.

In recent weeks, regular online players will have noticed a loosening of the punishments for driving that might make them look bad, with time penalties and even Sportsmanship Ratings seemingly barely affected by unfriendly contact. The update may address this, or bring in fresh BOP calculations.

We’ll keep you up to date with the status of the update, and bring more information when we have it.

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Comments (49)

    1. 101Cyberdyne

      It took me just shy of an hour to get this on PS5.

      Had to delete two PS5 games off console storage that I was still playing because I needed a minimum of 70GB to get it.
      Then downloaded the 144MB patch.
      Then waited 30 minutes for the game to copy.
      Then had to re-download the two games I deleted.

      Just so I could receive some updated logos. If Polyphony are going to make us jump through hoops for these updates to their 110GB game then they could at least make it worth it.

      1. Yeti_Uk

        It was definately over 50gb and 3 hours later is still copying, but yes as you say I believe I am going to be very disappointed.

        I just don’t get why it had to do a 50gb plus download for some new logos

      2. 101Cyberdyne

        The update file is only 144 megabytes Yeti_UK. The playstation will basically make a copy of the full game on your system before applying the update – which is why we need all that space available to apply the patch.

        Frustrating as hell especially on PS5 if you have the game on your console storage because there isn’t much space to begin with. Hence me having to jump through hoops deleting stuff to get this pathetic update from them.

  1. Bohmez

    Best update will be to keep GT Sport on PS4/PS5 and GT7 only for PS5 as next gen exclusive. There is no need for it on PS4 and dev time should only be dedicated to PS5 platform for best product quality.

  2. C. McCre

    They are downgrading the servers, not enough people getting disconnected when joining daily race.
    Only joking, they are dulling down the resolution so gt7 will look even better when it finally arrives, lol only joking again, PD won’t tell us half the things they update anyway, even after release.

    1. TomBrady

      A PS5 patch wouldn’t do much at all. Not even increase the resolution. They could make a 120 FPS mode but graphics wise, backwards compatibility patches are very limited because they only have access to the same amount of RAM as PS4 pro, and don’t use all of PS5’s GPU grunt either. What would be good is a PS5 version of the game, not a patch. an actual PS5 version could really take advantage of the PS5s power

  3. DDRking

    They need to implement Covid vaccine passports on the PS network. Only proof of vaccinated should grant players to get GT updates.

    1. flowercup

      I agree so much. Make vaccine’s mandatory for all players to have access to new updates across Playstation Network. It will make the world a better place !

      1. Anonymous3301

        Hopefully it’s the blue screen issue where if you hit someone and you go back to the pits and exit the track and the game crashes hopefully that issue gets fixed because that was mad annoying

      2. PSN offapple

        So the patch notes say that the only thing changed was some UI logos. Could someone reply when finding out which ones were updated? Only possible thing I’ve noticed was the Campaign logo featuring different shapes, but that might’ve been a thing from before.


    You can buy GT 7 when it launches but can only play on Mondays, with a $50 fee for each additional day of the week. You can buy a yearly pass for $499 – however, that’s for the PS4. You’ll need to pay for it all again if you upgrade to the PS5 version with a “next gen surcharge” of only $150. We look forward to making more money from you in the near future. See you on the track, actually see you at the Bank first then the track..

    1. TomBrady

      Oh yea because GT Sport, with it’s 3 years of free content updates is really the one to do that sort of thing. It’s like you literally don’t know what you’re talking about. Nice ratio btw.

    1. jah0999

      Yes, I know for a fact they can implement adaptive triggers and faster loading. Since GT sport is basically the GT7 beta it cant be so hard right?

      1. TomBrady

        Actually they can’t. Not with a patch. Dualsense support and (significantly) faster loading isn’t possible through a PS5 patch. That would require a full PS5 version of the game. A patch at best could give us 120 Hz
        But I’m not surprised someone who would call GT Sport a beta would show some more ignorance

    2. nawfal

      I would love this so much. Also allowing PS5 users to have better PSVR graphics and race options. I really am hoping GT7 continues VR because that is most definitely my favorite way to play Gran Turismo now.

    3. TomBrady

      PS5 patch wouldn’t do much of anything. A PS5 version however would do a lot. There’s a reason PS5 patches only ever increase framerate and not resolution. A 120 FPS patch would be awesome but that’s all it would have. A PS5 app could have full 4k, 120, much faster loading times, haptic feedback, and other improvements

      We know PD though. They never ported GT6 to PS4 despite it DESPERATELY needing it, and they’re unlikely to do any serious work on GT Sport either.

    1. MIE1992

      I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this update is coming on the same day as the showcase. I think more GT7 info will be disclosed there, too.

    2. IXON009

      What if actually the first races of GT7 career comes to GTS? To get a taste of the start of the game. Since it’s coming to PS4 too, won’t be too hard to make this real. :)

  5. NekoPufferPPP

    Please please please let it be the penalty fix…too much shoving and punting with zero effect on sportsmanship.

  6. ynot

    I would guess and only a guess that a teaser video for GT7 will be included. I would love a new track. Any track and I mean any track. Thats the only thing bumming me about Sport right now. But who knows what it might be. Just some tweaks most likely.

    1. TomBrady

      Makes more sense to cry about it than to celebrate or dismiss the fact Sony forced them to severely limit the game itself and their development time just put on a 9 year old console.

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