GT Academy 2012 Mini-Game Available to Download in Middle East & South Africa

October 15th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

GT Academy officially kicks off today for players in its two newest territories, South Africa and the Middle East.

The same free mini-game which was used in the 2012 European and U.S. competitions is now available for contestants to download via their respective PlayStation Stores. A new website and online leaderboards have also been launched for participants to monitor their standings while away from their consoles.

Anyone from a participating country aged 21 or over holding a full driving licence, and eligible under the terms and conditions of the competition, is free to enter GT Academy. The online stage of runs from today until the early hours of Monday, 10 December, 2012 (closing at 23:59 GMT on 10/12/12 and 03:00 GST/ 02:00 SAST on 11/12/12).

Round 1 and 2:

Opens 15/10 (Mon) 00:00 GMT/03:00 GST/02:00 SAST

Round 3 and 4:

Opens 29/10 (Mon) 00:00 GMT/03:00 GST/02:00 SAST

Round 5 and 6:

Opens 12/11 (Mon) 00:00 GMT/03:00 GST/02:00 SAST


Opens 26/11 (Mon) 00:00 GMT/03:00 GST/02:00 SAST

Rounds are to be released sequentially, although once released players can re-attempt the rounds at any time, repeating as often as they wish. There is also bonus DLC to be unlocked by completing each of the rounds.

At the close of the final qualifying stage – round 8, the fastest sixteen online gamers from each territory will qualify for the ‘Regional Finals’ stage. A maximum of nine further places will be up for grabs via a series of ‘Live Event’ GT5 competitions.

Of these twenty five ‘Regional Finalists’, a total of eight winners will go through to the GT Academy ‘Race Camp’ at Silverstone, the ultimate winner of which will compete in the Silverstone International 24 Hour Race in a full race-spec Nissan 370Z GT4 car.

GTPlanet is proud to host tens of thousands of monthly visitors from South Africa and the participating Middle Eastern countries, many of whom have already started congregating in our GT Academy 2012 forums, which once again offer a hub of discussion and support for players working their way through the competition. Good luck to all!

GT5 Photomode image by StrayShadow.

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  1. Oct. 25, 2:32am

    The demo is not available in the ME store, any info on this ???

  2. Oct. 16, 3:31am

    GT5 seems dead.

    • Oct. 16, 7:29am
      e30 freek


    • Oct. 16, 8:15am


    • Oct. 16, 6:38pm

      I agree, the last thing GT5 needs is more segregation of it’s user-base. I’m still disappointed about the last Gt Academy event. Not because some regions were not allowed to compete, but because there was prizes and content everyone should have been given the opportunity to try and unlock regardless of region.

    • Oct. 17, 6:21am

      Nonsense. GT5 has not suddenly become a bad game and it is only a few days since new content was added – and this is not even counting the flow of new events to enjoy.

  3. Oct. 16, 2:18am

    have fun!!

  4. Oct. 16, 1:53am

    What about Croatia?

  5. Oct. 16, 1:46am

    can we dowloaded GT academy in Europ?

    • Oct. 16, 10:39am


      I would say thats a no.

    • Oct. 16, 11:35am

      European GT Academy ended several ages ago.

    • Oct. 17, 8:57am

      dont have GT academy cars:(

  6. Oct. 16, 1:29am

    And Canada is still left out. Seriously. We’re like the best country ever and we get no lovin’!!!

    • Oct. 16, 5:52am
      Escort mk1 yum

      Second best, after the Brits :)

    • Oct. 16, 11:20am

      Complain to your government about that, it’s nothing to do with PD.

    • Oct. 16, 1:53pm

      Who said second best after the brits? Britain is one of the worst countries. Signed: a Brit. And to the person with the unfortunate name, the Canadian government have nothing to do with GT Academy.

    • Oct. 16, 3:31pm

      come on guys, I live in Brazil, I need to say something else?

  7. Oct. 16, 12:17am

    Good luck to the new area of receiving GT Academy.
    I’m sure South America, New Zealand, and Australia will be getting a chance sooner or later.

  8. Oct. 15, 11:57pm

    Australia duped again.

  9. Oct. 15, 6:39pm

    How can I get the toyota ft-86 II concept? Thanks :)

    • Oct. 15, 11:20pm

      You can get it from a friend. Before, you got it when you bought 2 of the Complete Pack’s “DLC” from the store. I do not know if you can still get it that way, but if you find a friend with one, ask them nicely ;)

    • Oct. 15, 11:51pm

      Okok thanks sir ^^

  10. Oct. 15, 5:23pm

    How would none psn store availability countries eligable in the competition downloas and compete under their national flag anyone knows??

    • Oct. 18, 7:31am

      My fellow lebanese :( seems like its just available in the PS Store available areas :(
      Im gonna try and download it with my UAE account and use it with the lebanese one … Will let you know how that goes

  11. Oct. 15, 3:14pm

    If they were doing GT Academy by racing’s prominence, the main ones (in no particular order) be the Uninted States [and put Canada with then], Europe, and then probably Brazil, Australia/NZ, and Japan as one group, and then a rest of the world group. Seems to be the big locations for racing and would line up well by size for grouping I would think. However, Brazil and Mexico could probably be a group, but if you bring in Mexico then South Africa would need an in to… it’s debatable.

    • Oct. 15, 3:37pm

      I would put Europe first, as they have got a large range of racers in different championships. America have a few but focus on more American races. Europeans go to world wide events. And yes American teams may get more money through multi sponsors as usa is a large business power but you cant buy talent. I beleive there are some europeans in the nascar series if i remember correctly.

    • Oct. 15, 4:06pm

      Kool,it it on the minis section of psn in that territory?

    • Oct. 15, 4:06pm

      Kool,it it on the minis section of ps store in that territory?

    • Oct. 15, 10:23pm

      Like I said Youngun, no particular order. No doubt there is more in Europe, alot of American drivers take their careers there before coming back state side. Right now there are no European drivers in NASCAR, but Juan Pablo Montoya is running and both Dario Franchitti and Kimi Rikkonen have tried rescently and Nelson Piquet Jr is doing really well on his way up. Indycar is the big melting pot. Got guys from the UK, Australia, Scotland, Brazil, Venizula, Belgium, Spain, Japan, France, America, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, and I have no idea what nationality Sebastian Saavadera is. I enjoy indycar, its the most diverse series as far as I know. But yeah, as far as talent, ya never know where the next big talent will come from, America, Europe, Brazil, elsewhere, good talent seems to appear with no pattern. As Roger Penske says “the cream rises to the top”.

    • Oct. 16, 12:58am
      Pit Crew

      I say Europe first. Heritage for one, locations, wide range of drivers successful over multiple disciplines, including MotoGP and RallyCross. Sure NASCAR hasn’t attracted as many Europpean Drivers, their eventual inclusion in the field will make things more interesting for Oval Racing though 1 more RoadCourse on the Sprint Cup circuit would be lovely IMO.

  12. Oct. 15, 2:16pm

    Brazil??????? The best F1 driver was brazilian! We have good drivers. Why we don’t have a GT for south america? South america is bigger and more economicaly important than South Africa!

    • Oct. 15, 2:51pm

      Is schumacher from brasil????? Never knew that, he sounds so german..

    • Oct. 15, 3:04pm

      He is german o.o or am I missing a joke here

    • Oct. 15, 3:04pm

      Pffff, best F1 driver, the best DRIVER ever was an Italian born American, everybody knows that.

    • Oct. 15, 3:39pm

      Senna!! R.I.P
      Purely spectacular driving ability! But never again, even his own flesh and blood cant replicate that talent in F1

    • Oct. 15, 5:22pm

      Senna was the best F1 driver..done!!

    • Oct. 15, 9:27pm

      Juan Manuel Fangio was Argentinian and Ayrton Senna Brazilian, both South American countries.

      Come on PD :)

    • Oct. 15, 10:19pm

      Schumacher may have more races, but he is not even close to Senna as a real driver. Senna had more passion than Schumacher. Senna was a diferent kind of driver, that we are never going to see again

    • Oct. 15, 10:32pm

      MARIO ANDRETTI!!! Only driver ever to win the Monaco GP, Indy 500, and Daytona 500. Only race he didn’t win over all was Le Mans, where he has won class, but that was mostly because he never really had too many chances in a good car. He won Sebring a few times though. He didnt grow up racing like the others, he didn’t start until he was 19. I believe it was 5 years later he first ran Indy? He came up fast and won everything. Run dirt sprint car races one day, then open wheel the next, then cap it off with an endurance race. He even hoped on motorcycles once, and won his only time out, beat all the names. Who on Earth is a better all around driver then Mario Andretti? He is the gold standard of a race driver!

    • Oct. 15, 11:00pm

      Mario Andretti just won 1 F1 championship and won 12 races. Ayrton Senna won 41 races and won 3 F1 championships. Mario Andretti raced 131 times and Senna raced 161 times.

    • Oct. 15, 11:46pm

      But Ayrton Senna is a much more single faceted driver. Juan Mauel Fangio had a more diverse resumè then Senna as well, Fangio drove sports cars to. When it comes to picking the best driver, I don’t think F1 stats should be the only ones looked at. There is a lot of racing out there, so the best driver should be able to show diversity rather then achievement in one series, and who better to show diversity then Mario Andretti. Also, Mario did run in a different era of F1 then Senna, but still Senna did have better stats. But like I said, why would we limit it to won series? I’m not going to lie to you though, Senna had terrific skill but I found some of his tactics to be “questionable”. I don’t like the thing he did where he would put competitors into a position where they either age him the spot or they both crashed. It’s the “ya just don’t win one like that” saying, it wasn’t that classy. Also a certain race at Suzuka where he had an incident with a certain driver comes to mind, I did not find that classy at all, you just don’t win won like that, it’s not manly if you will. But Senba did have the best car control in F1 history, that’s a fact. But yeah, more then F1 should be considered in my opinion. It’s a great topic though :)

    • Oct. 15, 11:51pm

      I was vague about Suzuka, I’m talking about Lap 1 Turn 1, you know what I’m referring to, anyone care to defend that ;)

    • Oct. 16, 3:50am

      ” South america is bigger and more economicaly important than South Africa!”
      1) How can you compare a continent with a country? Lol.
      2) More economically important?, coffee beans or being the worlds No.1 gold producer ?

    • Oct. 16, 3:59am

      Schumi uber alles!!! :)

    • Oct. 16, 4:36am

      Senna was more than a Great Driver, He was a Great Person, almost a philosopher in what he did. but Why move Sports while you dominate it…..

    • Oct. 16, 3:36pm

      Ok Brazil is more economicaly important than South Africa. Brazil is one of the biggest economs of the world. Brazil is the biggest meat exporter of the world

    • Oct. 16, 11:20pm

      Typo, Senna’s feet IS NOT unheralded****

  13. Oct. 15, 2:08pm

    maybe I’ll get that suit I should have got over a month ago

  14. Oct. 15, 2:01pm

    PSN is down for maintenance here is South Africa :(

    • Oct. 15, 4:15pm

      I just checked and its still down! :(

  15. Oct. 15, 1:48pm

    Oh please! make it possible to South America!!

    • Oct. 15, 1:51pm

      Patience. Let time do its thing.

    • Oct. 15, 3:05pm

      They can’t skim over South America much longer, I feel like they are out of other spots.

    • Oct. 16, 4:00am

      Also Australia & Canada?

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