GT Academy 2012 U.S. National Finals Live Stream (Day 2/2)

Live streaming is now complete. Thanks to all who watched!
Click here to view the archived streams and competition results. 

After eight long weeks of online time trials held in the GT Academy 2012 mini-game, the top 33 Gran Turismo players in the United States have earned their place in the National Finals.

Only 16 of these drivers will survive in the competition, advancing to the GT Academy Boot Camp in Silverstone, where just one will be chosen as the 2012 U.S. champion and become a professional racing driver for Nissan.

For the first time of any GT Academy final, the entire event will be broadcast live, with full commentary and coverage of all the head-to-head races, available via IGN Pro League and here on GTPlanet.

If you’re in San Diego, you can also attend the event for free as an audience member; just head to Jolt’n Joe’s during the event hours.

The live stream (embedded above) begins Friday, July 13, at 18:30 GMT/UTC and will resume on Saturday, July 14 at 16:30 GMT/UTC for day 2 of the competition.

Here’s an overview of the event format and rules:

Each of the 33 contestants will compete in a single elimination qualifying round. Each contestant will complete the race using the same car, track and settings. At the completion of the race, the contestants’ times will be recorded. After all 33 contestants have completed the race, the contestant with the slowest race time will be eliminated.

The 32 remaining contestants will be divided via a random drawing into eight groups of four contestants each. Contestants in each group will compete in three online race events in each round. Each contestant will earn points based on finishing positions in each event in his or her group. Points will be awarded as follows:

  • 6 points for placing first
  • 3 points for placing second
  • 1 point for placing third
  • 0 points for placing fourth

A qualifying race before each round will determine the pole position and other start positions for the first event. Subsequent race pole positions within the same round will be determined by contestant finish position in the prior race (e.g., first-place finisher wins the pole position, second-place finisher lines up second and so forth).

After all eight groups have finished their race events, the four contestants with the fewest points among all contestants will be eliminated from the National Finals. The remaining contestants advance to the next round of the National Finals. If more than four contestants are tied for one of the four lowest points totals, contestants will be spared from elimination from the round in order of least 4th place finishes, then by most 1st and 2nd place finishes. If a tie remains after applying these tie breakers, Sponsors will determine in its sole discretion an appropriate race to break the tie.

After the first round of the National Finals, the top finisher from each group in the previous round will be eligible to be placed in a group separate from other top finishers depending upon the number of groups remaining and the top finishers’ scores from the previous round. The remaining contestants will be selected at random to fill the groups so that each group has 4 contestants.

National Finals’ Rounds will be as follows:

  • Round 1 will have 8 groups of 4 contestants each. Bottom 4 contestants will be eliminated
  • Round 2 will have 7 groups of 4 contestants each. Bottom 4 contestants will be eliminated.
  • Round 3 will have 6 groups of 4 contestants each. Bottom 4 contestants will be eliminated.
  • Round 4 will have 5 groups of 4 contestants each. Bottom 4 contestants will be eliminated.

Race difficulty gradually increases per round of the National Finals, with later races being in more difficult cars and tracks. Event organizers will select the tracks, number of laps, cars, and car settings prior to start of each round.

Sponsors may have one or more race judges on site to monitor contestants during competition. The race judges (whose judgment on all race matters is final) may monitor races and may issue warnings for behaviors that violate standard rules for professional racing. Examples include:

  • A slower driver that is holding another driver up can be asked to move over. Failure to comply would result in a warning.
  • Any driver that is overly aggressive or hits another driver
  • A driver deliberately cutting a corner
  • A driver not moving over when asked

Each contestant is allowed two warnings. A contestant receiving three warnings will be disqualified from the race. Certain flagrant behaviors may also result in immediate disqualification.

At the completion of the National Finals, 16 contestants remain and will be eligible to be National Finals winners.

Hit the play button at the top of the page to begin the stream, or stop by our GT Academy forum to join the discussion with the rest of our community. Good luck to all of the competitors!

GT5 Photomode image by Des Foley.

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Comments (83)

  1. 808Air

    You guys did an awesome job. Thanks everyone for great coverage of the event.
    My only wish is that somewhere there wold be a listing of points as the event progresses so everyone can see where their favorite driver sits. Again, a fantastic job!!! Stephen Diem is our hero!!!

  2. Irons

    Joseph Alves certainly earned himself a reason to walk tall in that third round… Dominated both races… Congratulations.

  3. OwensRacing

    twitchtv has an iPhone/iPad app for free!!!

    Watching live now via mobile = Win!

    Go GTP!

    Thank you for streaming this. Greatly appreciated.


    This GT academy is Nice!!!

    I hope that Gt6 has players racing against over 30 cars on each track, like on the nurburing 24 or the la sarthe 24 with the different classes as well & maybe all of the older Gran Turismo tracks and cars as well.

    1. gamerdog6482

      Because 16 tank cars on Autumn Ring Mini wasn’t enough…
      I do agree, though. But why stop at thirty? Why not 32?

    2. Quakebass

      occasionalracer got it wrong – it’s 1024… then 2048, then 4096, then 8192, then 16384, then 32768.

      Do I get bonus points?

      Now think – I don’t think that 32768 cars would even FIT on the Nurburgring 24hr or even Route X…


      I think from 40 to 90 cars would make the gameplay 1 of the most advance in its kind & make the races more difficult and enjoyable. if they allow the arcade mode to have a 4 players mode and allow us to add ai’s or computers to race with.

    1. nascarfn

      week 8 was online as we had to sign in to qualify and yes it is less grip online but we were online to qualify so it is fair


    haha,how much fun is this…just watched racer X spin,chasing first,poor fella……alot of wall bumps too,they are trying!!

  6. mpcp27

    Its interesting but why dont’ they run with tire wear on. Make it more interesting and realistic. Have to drive fast and keep in mind tire wear too.

    1. another_jakhole

      haha I was excited to see the boss live. I’ve only seen him in one other place/video and that was for Gamescom ’10 which you (Famine) were at too.

  7. BlisteredHand

    3rd person view for GT academy and the real driving simulator? This guy should be instant disqualification.

    1. BlisteredHand

      Are you serious?
      A helicopter view or a first person view? It’s not ground shot or bumper cam, it’s just normal view for your eyes looking straight ahead.

    2. Bennen13

      If you actually watched the video, you’d see I got run off the road in both races. I finished last, but I also had the fastest lap of all 28 drivers in that round. So before you even want to bash me, I got there, and I have been fast. It’s what works for me. And before anyone tries to say I’m a whining douche, there were people in the stands, and people in my race, who came up to me and felt really bad for what had happened. I’m writing this because what you said really pissed me off, and it’s not even close to a helicopter cam. Get your facts straight and stop trolling, you should have nothing but respect for me and everyone else in the finals. I know I do.

  8. z06fun

    So the stream starts at 3:30 PM est (12:30 Pacific) time, is that right? Is it just a very time delayed broadcast?

  9. JohnyPiston

    Excellent! Unfortunately I am in one of those countries that are left out of GTA but this should be realy good to watch. Good luck to all involved.

    1. PIGBOY

      same johnny,we get ripped off,bent over,wham bam thank you maam.3:30am id have to g et up…nup,only if house is on fire,then i will have to leave coz itl get hot,damn hot!!!!!

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      Maybe if PIGBOY would stop speaking in Pig Latin, we could understand it! :D

      (No offense intended, by the way. :])

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