GT Academy 2012 Wildcard Event at Goodwood Festival of Speed, EU Registration Re-Opens

GT Academy 20 June 27, 2012 by

As was discussed in our forums, registration pages for GT Academy 2012 experienced some technical difficulties last weekend in the final days of the competition. This prevented some participants from completing their registration, which would make them ineligible to move forward in the competition.

To compensate for the issues, Nissan and Sony have temporarily re-opened registration until 16:00 GMT on Thursday, June 28. If you qualified to move forward in your region, be sure to register at before the new deadline. This does not seem to apply to competitors in the United States.

If you didn’t qualify, all hope is not lost: three wildcard places in the UK GT Academy 2012 finals are up for grabs at this weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, held in Chichester, England. According to the event’s Facebook page, competitors will be able to set times Friday through Sunday at Nissan’s stand at the event.

GT Academy is not the only Gran Turismo event to be taking place at the Festival this year, with Red Bull’s Gridsters competition in attendance. Red Bull Gridsters aims to find the fastest, most versatile gamer in the UK and will plunge 16 applicants into high-end racing rigs to compete across F1 2011, Forza Motorsport 4 and Gran Turismo 5 over 2 days. Although entry is already closed, some GTPlanet members will be competing and the racing itself will be overseen by GTPlanet members Venari and homeforsummer, so be sure to head along there and cheer them on.

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