GT Academy USA Round 2 Kicks off At Indy, Toscana

The second round of GT Academy USA kicked off Monday, this time with two car/course combos: the Indianapolis Road Course in a GT-R V-Spec II Nür (R34) and a Toscana Tarmac circuit in the XANAVI NISMO Z Super GT race car.

SCEA isn’t making things any easier on participants, forcing “Comfort Medium” tires on the GT-R at Indy – resulting in severe understeer around the flat circuit. Indy is a somewhat unexpected choice, considering it was already used in last year’s GT5 Time Trial Demo. As pointed out by user Dapper, it actually all seems to a bit backwards: participants are using a road car on a race track, and a race car on a road circuit.

Regardless, good luck to all participants and GTPlanet members! Round 2 ends at midnight EST on February 6th. Head on over to our GT Academy forum to chat with other competitors, or follow along with the action here on the official leaderboards.

GT5 Photomode image by RetroGiant.

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  1. Jump_Ace

    Only tried the second combo at Toscana for an hour last night and it was excellent, really enjoyed it :) Will attempt combo 1 later. And that picture really is good RetroGiant :tup:


  2. alucard0712

    PD want to test real driving skills.That’s why they use such uncommon car/track combinations.
    BTW great picture!

  3. Spaghettimonster

    regarding the photo. i never took any photo from gt to be real. they always look sterile and lack detail in some places. i bet in a competition i could spot real from gt generated photos. ;-)

    1. chandler325i

      absolutely. It seems like not a great gauge for finding the best “driver” but the best drifter. To score high in the first round, it was all about drifting, too

  4. Paul

    The comfort medium on the xanavi seems downright stupid to me. I never heard of a gt500 car running on dunlop all season tires

  5. damaged_case

    the road-on-race and race-on-road is a good call, i think. it’s easy to get a good time on a race track with a race car, and likewise a road car on a race track… it takes a little something extra though, i think, to get good times doing it “backwards”.

  6. J-KiLLA24

    wow that photo looks real, i feel sory for the participants using comfort medium tires on the XANAVI NISMO Z Super GT race car.:P

    1. Steph290

      That does look like a real life photograph! You sure Jordan didn’t switch it up with a real pic to have us in doubt? Lol

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