GT Sport Players ‘Won’t Be Kept Waiting’ For DLC


GT Sport was shown off in its home country last weekend, where Polyphony continued to court the media with numerous interviews. Speaking with Famitsu magazine, Kazunori expanded on the subject of post-release support for the title.

As we’ve previously reported, the topic of DLC has already been broached in the Polyphony offices. Kazunori re-stated to Famitsu that he cannot go into specifics regarding the program, but it’s what he says after that proves interesting:

“Naturally we’re planning DLC and updates after launch, but I can’t go into specifics at this point in time. What I can tell you is that you won’t be kept waiting for a year like with GT5. I think a certain period of time after release we’ll start putting it out fairly quickly.”

The comparison to Gran Turismo 5 is an interesting one. As Kazunori points out, that game didn’t receive DLC until almost a year in, which largely arrived with a price tag attached. Meanwhile, GT6 received regular updates pretty much from the drop of the green flag, largely focused on the Vision GT project, but with real world cars sprinkled in here and there. The main difference with the most recent game was that all of these updates arrived for free.

Could GT5 as a reference point hint at a plan involving paid DLC? Or was Yamauchi’s answer simply meant to reinforce the idea that GT6’s quicker approach will continue on in the same manner with GT Sport? Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait for answers as long as we waited for DLC for GT5!

Thanks to Imari for the translation!

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  1. Efiv12

    Ominous sounding. The pessimist in me thinks the only way that’s a true statement is there won’t be ANY downloadable content.

  2. B.K

    Why is he talking about GT5 only regarding DLC?

    Did he forget that Tuning Parts, Wheels DLC etc. were promised for GT6 to arrive after launch?

    And what we get? Until today, Nothing!

    I cant hear the promises anymore because I cant believe Kaz anymore. He’s talking to much. GT6 was a pure desaster regarding DLCs.

    1. Tenacious D

      Irony, Jim, Irony…

      And on a similarly happy note, I think Windoze 10 broke PCARS. And Assetto Corsa. And I am not happy. ;P RaceRoom still works, but PCARS is the closest thing I have to GT Sport, so… how do you have Windoze check program integrity anyhow?? Meh…

    2. Johnnypenso

      It is too bad that there’s nowhere you can go to find a gathering of Assetto Corsa or Project Cars players, many of whom made the conversion for Windows 10. Instead, you must come here and make a random post on a news item concerning a completely different game.

  3. CarBastard

    Well, Mr. So-called Yamauchi, this is beyond offensive now. Are you taking us for fools? You already said that with GT5 AND GT6, that’s $120 in games alone that I payed to see that your promises are empty and that your word as a man is worth around three-fiddy,

    Now you expect me to buy a new game, and a new console, and a new wheel just to give you another chance? Are you serious? Fools and their money are easily departed, no doubt about it, but this is outrageous.

  4. CorvetteConquer

    After many years of reading countless articles and posts like this, you should know better than to take this seriously.

  5. infamousphil

    Unlike EF Hutton, when Kaz speaks you should not listen. Just wait for news on its release date and do the pre-order thang. If that is your thang.

    You know it’s gonna be great. How great is the only question. And the answer to that question has yet to add up to the hype presented throughout its development periods. Drag racing, TT bikes, superlarge environments and now thousands of ‘scapes’.

    Ok, l saw what looked like an FF in a scape in an earlier post here on ThePlanet. Be still my pounding heart. I may need to spend some REAL, SERIOUS, CASH on a brand new PS entertainment system.

    I hate hype ;(

  6. TomBrady

    I’d rather have paid DLC than mediocre free DLC. GT5’s DLC was overall much better and far more exciting content while GT6’s was mostly lame concept cars with no cockpits. Other than Senna’s DLC which was awesome, and the Red Bull ring but otherwise GT6’s DLC was crapola.

    Take not from Project Cars. Their DLC was awesome and cheap as hell.

  7. Kurei

    They ‘won’t be kept waiting’ on dlc, but they ‘will be kept waiting’ for straight-forward answers on numerous other concerns.

    tl;dr version. ;)

    1. Johnnypenso

      The people working on polishing and ensuring the release date are met are not the same people that are doing the car and track modeling.

  8. SimTourist

    Well, of course, they’ve got about 450 premium cars ready to be sold to you as DLC, and you’re gonna love every second of paying for these cars.

    1. Johnnypenso

      Quite the dilemma isn’t it? Without an explanation so far from PD/Kaz we have no idea why these “super premiums” were necessary at this point and many people see little to no difference from the premiums of GT6. Gonna be a tough sell if they release models already in GT5/6 as paid DLC.

    1. Gyro1780

      Exactly this. We were promised regular (monthly?) DLC for both GT5 & GT6. All we really got was the occasional VGT car on GT6.

  9. letdown427

    I suspect part of the GT Hype Train phenomenon is because Kaz refuses to give press releases in English, and Japanese is a difficult language to translate directly.

    The community then spends the months between each bit of news desperately trying to figure out the hidden meaning behind the translated English text.

    His Japanese response is like an original piece of artwork, and the English translation is a 640×480 jpeg of it. We then spend months trying to zoom in further and further to clarify the detail from what is ultimately a pixely mess where any nuance has been lost anyway.

    Assuming any of the words are actually directly comparable, that last sentence is pretty much the vaguest it could possibly be…

    “I think ”

    So… I don’t know, this is just a guess, could be wrong, don’t take it as truth.

    “a certain period of time”

    Everything happens after ‘a certain period of time’. This means nothing?

    “after release”

    Well yes, it’s not going to happen before release. More useless words intended to make it sound more specific than it is.

    “we’ll start putting it out”

    At some point you have to start releasing it, this doesn’t really add anything.

    ” fairly quickly.”

    Fairly… So not ‘quickly’, just fairly quickly. Fairly being a suitably vague word that will get the hype train all geared up for weekly updates but allow the reality to mean a bi-annual update of extra Nissan liveries and the latest model year updates to the GTR.

    Either way, everyone knows that PD’s idea of ‘quickly’ isn’t something anyone else would consider quick.

    So there you go, made a point how it’s pointless to analyse the English translations, totally contradicted it by analysing it anyway, now I’m off to take my meds. Nurse!

  10. usielx313

    This guy is the new “Peter Molyneux” speaking more than doing (with all respect to mr. Kaz)

    He is not worried anymore about the game because the franchise its already a succes and they will make a lot of money from it no matter the quality.

  11. Tenacious D

    What I want to see are league packs, both cars and tracks. Say PD gets some WTCC content going. Offer enough cars and liveries to fill out a field. Offer tracks which the WTCC race on. Provide racing events to support the new content.

    ALMS: same thing. And who’s to say that historic racing won’t eventually be on offer.

    Fantasy racing, like a Touring Car pack. The same thing.

    Keep going. This won’t hurt development of GT7, since this content will be coming from GT7 assets anyway.

    1. TomBrady

      That’s about the lamest thing they could do. The biggest problem with GT Sport right now is the huge lack of variety that the series is known for, adding more touring cars would only make it worse.

    2. The Stig Farmer

      Adding touring cars would increase the variety I don’t understand what you’re getting at… unless you think that the ‘Touring Cars’ from GT5 are actual touring cars….

    3. infamousphil

      Yeah Stick, those are touring cars whether you believe it or not.

      Thing about abbreviated GT is like fooling around with a stock Mitsu Lancer or Subi Impreza when you really wanted was the WRX or STi, but you just caint wait.

    4. Tenacious D

      Anything that PD provides as far as additional cars will have to be balanced to compete with other cars in roughly the same category. Why not more league oriented stuff?

      More sports cars would be good too, but this is the first Gran Turismo which has had pro racing as its reason to exist. And I’ve been after this for about a decade now, so, dare I say it, BRING IT! ;D

  12. GumShoe

    Much words. Many promise. Such disappoint.

    I hope Kaz starts delivering on his word more, the damage he’s done previously leaves me not even slightly getting my hopes up when something ‘exciting’ is mentioned.

  13. RodolphoPNeto

    Think about it, how many of us would be ecstatic to hear something like “oh yeah we’ll shoot content monthly – cars, tracks, liveries, sound updates…” instead of the same unnecessarily evasive answer that’s been given for years? How many of us would be excited to buy the game on day 1? Would it be strategically bad for them in any way? Sorry but i have no option but to expect the same outcome for the same promises… and please, PLEASE, don’t reply me telling me that i can only complain and that i hate life and everything sucks. I’m just frustrated because i massive hopes…

    1. KiroKai

      Giving specific targets especially for track DLC is what they’ve done before, delivery was underwhelming.

  14. celtiscorpion73

    Personally, I think PD should offer the DLC for free. There was a lot of disappointment from many people with GT6 and it would show an offer of “good faith” on the part of PD and to possibly bring back some of those who followed the Gran Turismo franchise over the years.
    As for Cobra2245’s comment on GT6, I really wish someone had gotten some information on GT6 at the London event. No doubt that everyone was so wrapped up in the GT Sport reveal that it slipped everyone’s minds. I would love to know the official word of whether GT6 is considered finished or if they plan to give us a little more before GT Sport is actually released.

  15. Cobra2245

    Well I hope this is going to be true. Monthly DLC’s were promised with GT6, but that didn’t happen. All we got were VGTs and 1 real road car that wasn’t already in the game (M4)

    Speaking of GT6, it hasn’t had an update for 7 months now! Still on 1.22 with crappy servers and such…

    I won’t be surprised if DLCs don’t come.

  16. Leggacy

    Personally I hate paid for DLC. It creates a disparity amongst players, if you haven’t paid extra $ you can’t race this track or car etc. Project cars is different online though as the host just has to have the DLC and everyone in the lobby can use it too; GT5 did this for about the first week of DLC allowing players to have a look before the pay wall arrived :(
    Don’t just release half a game and make me pay for the rest of it!

    1. enricopalazzo

      I would, I just prefer it to have a real world road or race car for comparison. A fake car just doesn’t do it for me.

    2. Naveek Darkroom

      I don’t care whether the new cars are real or not. They’re new cars. I mostly want to see what the Vision GT program brings next.

    3. Johnnypenso

      I think most of us are with you Enrico IMO. We don’t mind a few fantasy cars here and there, but when they take up a huge portion of the DLC and a significant percentage of the car count in this game it’s a little offputting.

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