GT Sport Public Beta Cancelled To Maintain 2016 Release Window


The details that came out during last week’s London event were a veritable wave of information for Gran Turismo fans. GT Sport’s full retail release date was announced (November 15, 16, or 18, depending on region), but one date absent from the event was the public beta’s availability, which was announced at the original GT Sport unveiling last year. We’ve now got confirmation that it won’t be happening, from Kazunori Yamauchi himself.

In an exclusive interview with GTPlanet’s Jordan Greer, Yamauchi touches on this early on:

JG: We talked about this yesterday, the beta. You decided to not go with that?
KY: If we do a beta, that would delay our development by 3 months. Producing a gold master is really difficult; it’s a lot of work.

While disappointing for those that couldn’t enjoy the game in London (or in Germany this weekend), the reasoning is sound. Had Polyphony gone forward with a public beta, a portion of the team would have needed to watch over it at some level, detracting from the main goal. The focus, according to Yamauchi, is on quality, an overarching theme that is repeated often in the interview:

JG: I know the PS4 is much simpler [compared to the PS3]. How does it compare to the PS2 and the original Playstation?
KY: PS1 and PS2 wasn’t bad. PS2 was actually a very good piece of hardware. In that respect, the PS4 is a very good piece of hardware, as well. We actually went about and made our own original gaming engine and rendering engine for it, and everything is built in-house. Everything in terms of system design is easy for us to optimize and make the quality better.


For those curious about a post-release program (DLC), Kazunori stated that it was probable, though Polyphony has yet to decide what form it would take. One aspect of GT Sport set to expand further is the Vision GT program, which Kazunori confirmed is far from over. We’ll have more details on that in a future article.

Lastly, those holding out for more content in Polyphony’s current game might not want to hold their breath. When asked about any further Vision GT cars appearing in GT6, Kazunori had this to say on the subject:

KY: So in terms of where those [new] VGT cars will appear, we won’t be releasing them on GT6, just because of [the] workload it would create. At the same time, it would definitely be better to have the players experience those cars in the high-quality environment that’s going to be in the new title.

Stay tuned for more from our interview over the coming days.

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  1. Psychopulse

    Guys, if everything is built in-house at PD, does this mean they ditched the 6-month car creation timeframe for the GTSport? If so, that’s amazing! I mean, GTSport is releasing this year, and all these new cars that were unseen in past GT titles. That 6-month process really had to go, and they did it, even without outsourcing to design studios! Pretty amazingly neat I say! That’s something!

  2. jblackrevo9

    What is everybody talking with horrible sound and engine noise. I just watched a HQ video and notice a huge different with sound such as the gradual increase in wind sound as you pick up speed with reduces the engine sound when driving. You can also here a few clunks in the suspension too. Others sims out there I’ve played only included the engine but not the environment surrounding which why I see people jumping the gun to say they didn’t improve in this game which they did.


    1. Rage9one

      You can’t take youtube comments seriously anymore.. I’m looking forward to gt sport and I hope they take as much time as needed to make this a great game while we wait for GT7 :)

  3. M2M design

    “KY: So in terms of where those [new] VGT cars will appear, we won’t be releasing them on GT6, just because of [the] workload it would create. At the same time, it would definitely be better to have the players experience those cars in the high-quality environment that’s going to be in the new title.”

    After 3 years GT6 is incomplete!!
    Many, too many promises never kept. This is the perfect style “Kaz Yamauchi”.
    Congratulations!! Same fate for GT Sport and GT7.

    1. SZRT Ice

      I agree. It’s messed up that they aren’t finishing the official VGT list. I don’t know if an incomplete VGT list is a direct equivalent of an incomplete GT experience. There are numerous real life cars missing in every class of racing on all racing games. VGT are apparently not an exception.

      I just figured downscaling vehicles to GT6 quality would be easier than upscaling/fully remodeling vehicles to GT Sport quality. But then you’d have to factor in the physics for two different simulation models, and things start becoming even more time consuming. And considering GT Sports miniscule vehicle selection, it makes sense that they’d want to focus on GT Sports vehicle modelling from here on out.

      Also gives some incentive to move forward rather than stay behind. So yeah, that’s up to each person’s perspective of the term “incomplete”. The list is incomplete, yeah. But the game is not, imo.

    2. MeanElf

      The VGT list is more dependant on outside contribution than you appear to realise M2M…if the design part agreed upon doesn’t materialise from any of the companies, then what are PD meant to do…make stuff up?

    3. Johnnypenso

      “So in terms of where those [new] VGT cars will appear, we won’t be releasing them on GT6, just because of [the] workload it would create.” Doesn’t say anything about outside contribution. Kaz is explicity stating that they didn’t make the cars for GT6 because of the workload it would have created. Even when the words are there in black and white some people are still making the same old excuses.

    4. MeanElf

      Again, it’s your interpretation that suggests these car designs are already completed by their respective designers and signed off. Naturally, it is equally my interpretation that suggests he is talking about future vehicles. The not making them for GT6 is a similar situation to doing the GTS beta…it-will-cost-them-too-many-work-hours-which-they-cannot-afford, not right now.

    5. Johnnypenso

      Nowhere did I say the cars were completed. Also, nowhere did Kaz say anything about not having the data necessary to complete the cars. He said,

      “we won’t be releasing them on GT6 because of the load of work they would create; programming on PS3 was a nightmare at times (laugh).”

      This indicates they had what they needed but decided not to do it, otherwise why say it’s because of the work load and not missing data?


      “At the same time, it would definitely be better to have the players experience those cars in the high-quality environment that’s going to be part of the new title.”

      English translation: “We know we promised them to you in the first year of GT6 and you paid for the game already, but too bad, so sad, buy a PS4 and a copy of GTS because they’ll look way cooler there.”

  4. SZRT Ice

    Some of you guys need to ease up and understand that we don’t know all of the facts. Saying “Sony must be proud of PD and such nonsense” when Sony is likely the cause for the cancellation. Let me elaborate.

    PS4 NEO is said to be a slightly buffed up PS4 that can run games better in some way.

    To lessen consumer worries, it has been stated that all games will be required to run in a standard mode, and a “Neo” mode, so the whole PS4 user base isn’t divided.

    It is been stated that The PS4 Neo’s primary purpose was for the improvement of VR (likely increased frame rate, amongst other things). So, games that are VR focused are most likely to be effected (PSVR can also play non-VR games in a cinema mode equivalent to an IMAX screen apparently, so there’s still some Neo Mode necessities there).

    It has been stated that devs aren’t too happy with the PS4 Neo, as it requires extra work on their end (likely due to having to optimize the game for one platform twice, unlike leaving it open on PC for the user to optimize themselves. Where they once had 3 platforms to optimize, now they have four).

    No Man’s Sky is being delayed as well. And as a first person space game, it’s likely PSVR /Neo Mode may have had something to do with it.

    Gran Turismo’s beta was announced last year… Before PSVR had a release date. As Sony was waiting on competitors at that time, so they could decide the best time to announce and release PSVR to consumers.

    PSVR & PS4 Neo are going to need strong first party ip to make the hardware seem relevant for purchase.

    So, with these factoids, I’m assuming SONY gave PD a deadline. to drop GT Sport this holiday season. Kaz may have wanted to do the beta, and drop GT Sport later, but maybe the rush for meeting the VR release date and being a first party supporter of the hardware was a priority and some sacrifices had to be made.

    It’s something you have to follow and piece together yourself, as devs can’t talk about all of these things openly. But more info should arrive once the PS4 codenamed “Neo” is announced officially (hopefully by TGS if not E3), so don’t jump to conclusions.

    1. MeanElf

      Well said Ice. Since I’ve been back on the GT side of things here, I think Flight Officer Ripley’s question: “Did IQs drop sharply whilst I was away…?” has become my mantra.

    2. MeanElf

      And I re-iterate how IQs have definitely dropped in view of the ‘leave the EU vote’ outcome…

  5. SolidRacer

    Go PD, make the best possible game you can, for most important thing you have, your fans!!!

    1. SZRT Ice

      At the bottom of the article: “Stay tuned for more from our interview over the coming days.”

      Looking forward to more details on the livery editor and plans for DLC (tracks primarily).

      The track count seems really low, and is usually a deciding factor in replay value as people tire of doing the same tracks repeatedly. All for high car counts, but I wish track count was treated just as if not MORE importantly.

      Jordan, it would be cool if you asked the question that no one seemingly has yet as well…

      Will the track editor/creator be arriving in GT Sport? And if so, will it see any improvements? Can they be detailed?

      Also nice to know about info on seasonal challenges, drift events, etc. I’d just like some verbal clarification from the man himself.

  6. vrossi

    Sony must be sooo pleased with PD.
    Nothing for the PS4 launch.
    & now… can’t even manage a BETA.

    1. Tenacious D

      This is a choice that I agree with. It has been three years since GT6 launched. I’m ready for some fresh meat right now. I’d rather not push Sport’s release even further into the future.

      And if you think SONY doesn’t want a Gran Turismo game available for sale during the holidays, I’m thinking you forget when GT5 and 6 went for sale.

    2. moxlox

      I agree with Tenacious D, this is a good decision. Release of a high quality game is the important thing, not the release of a beta which will probably attract a lot of unwarranted criticism anyway even though some people wouldn’t have been able to get past the fact that it was a beta.

      So for once, a sound decision from PD I think.

    3. thomZ

      @Tenacious D

      I’m sorry man but you seem to be the biggest blinded fan around here. On EACH article you try to convince yourself and people that PD does everything right even if it’s pure ********. Open your eyes dude !

      The videos showed those previous week were 1080p – direct output of the game. Which mean PD was proud to show those as sample ! Even though : everything around the track look like crap, the shadows plays are awful, the onboard view is freaking rigid, the tires continue to scream on each small turn, the car still sound like crap, the car list is short, Kaz sill want standard cars (on next gen PLEASE !), now the BETA is canceled ? And still, you can find positive in all those facts. That’s stupid. OPEN YOUR EYES !

      The only things positives I saw were the cars modelization, the way the light reflects, the new photo mode and the minimalist UI which is very clean. Everything else is half way between “ok” and “bad”…

      I’m fan since GT1 but now I can’t support the game anymore. GT5 was already “bad”, GT6 was worst. GT has been overtaken and left behind. Kaz is too stubborn in his choices and never listen to fans. He always lies to sell his game and makes promesses since 10 years that he never respect.

      I’m pretty sure that GTS will be delayed, I’m pretty sure the footage we saw those lasts days won’t evolve since the game release and I’m pretty sure a lot of things won’t be respected (dynamic weather etc.). You’ll see.

      I’m afraid GT licence is dead, like really. It was ok because it has no serious opponent but now with Project Cars and Assetto Corsa, GT will have a hard time.

    4. SolidRacer

      T@ Thomz

      It’s funny how you talk about those gt features. Mentioning AC and project cars. But in reality both those games combined can’t give me or you even 20% of what gt6 does, I mean not only biggest track or car selection but also deep online and single player with many options and tuning.. P cars felt like a demo after gt6, everything else in sim market looks worse.. And I’m not here for the looks, I’m here for the physics… (with proper wheel setup).

    5. SolidRacer

      The only thing I need is cars like supra, BMW e30, prelude, skyline.. Basically all old best cars. These new ones I see in gt sport are very very disappointing for classic car lover like me…

    6. thomZ

      PCars alone give you more than those 20% you mentioned. The main thing about racing games are the sensations it procures. PCars = free practice + qualifying session + race WITH COMPETITIVE IA where GT can’t even give you a proper IA. It also dynamic weather and timelapse…

      The only competitive events in GT I can remember are the Online Challenges where you start 40sec far from the first guy and need to catch the rabbit. But I can’t call that “racing”. In PCars I surprised myself been attacked by the opponent in the last turn where in GT I would have won with 30 sec advance… That’s racing. Covering your angles in the turns to avoid attacks etc.

      You mentionned the E30 M3 but it appears in NONE of the Gran Turismo serie. Therefore, PCars GOTY contains 125 cars/35 locations where GTS will have 130/19…

      Sorry, it’s not trolling or anything but I don’t get the hype around GT anymore. I played thousands of hours from GT 1 to 6 but it doesn’t excite me anymore.

    7. SZRT Ice


      Sony gave the GT fans what they complained for… 2 Gran Turismo’s per platform. Sony had DriveClub to release as a PS4 launch title, so releasing a competing racing title from another first party studio would not be a wise move from a business standpoint (the equivalent of Forza Horizon & Forza Motorsport releasing at the same time).


      The beta being cancelled may have been Sony’s decision so that GT Sport could meet and support PSVR’s holiday release schedule.

    8. Johnnypenso

      Funny how people are now saying that they think not having a beta is a good idea when I don’t recall a single person on these forums saying that a beta was a bad idea because it would take up too much development resources and delay the launch of the full game. I have a feeling that no matter what Kaz said some of you would suddenly have realized it was the best idea all along…lol.

    9. moxlox

      In the context of avoiding a release date delay dropping the beta is a good decision. Whether PD are actually able to adhere to the release date despite dropping the beta is open to question – history would suggest otherwise. But the release of a high quality product on release date surely has to trump a beta release and a consequent delay.

  7. HarVee

    Nice to see PDI is pulling a GT3 with this title. Meaning to focus on quality than quantity, and see focus on a decent release date.

    1. SZRT Ice

      Agreed, but I still believe they owe it to GT6 players to finish their product and release the final VGT vehicles before they cut the servers. And they really shouldn’t cut servers until GT7 is announced.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Somehow PD gets a pass from a certain portion of the fanbase for not delivering promised features and content. I imagine if they drop GTS in November and cut the servers to GT6 in the spring people will be saying, “Oh that makes sense, you can’t support two games at a time, if you want to continue playing GT you have to buy a PS4, the game and PS+. Too bad, so sad, get over it, you guys are so entitled”…etc.

    3. Johnnypenso

      It’s like…you can’t read..because I said, “certain portion” not “everybody”.

  8. blackjack

    Well it sounds like they are trying so hard to meet a release window that quality control now has to be compromised. Not a good sign. Certainly wont be pre-ordering this but waiting for a lot of feedback on the released product.

    1. MeanElf

      How? Quality control and freeing up a team to support a Beta version are two absolutely different things. It’s because of QC that they cannot free the people up to run the Beta – it’s all there in the interview.

  9. SimTourist

    If you can’t realistically make it, then don’t announce it. It’s not like he found out about the amount of work it takes yesterday. And nobody would care because GT has never had a beta before.

  10. VeilSide FD3s

    My question is what are the menu songs in GT sport ??? Anyone knows ? The YouTube video got shut down…

    1. SZRT Ice

      It’s in the PS4, but must be read & played directly via USB. For whatever reason, the PS4 doesn’t allow MP3 downloads to the system for music playback, but can be read as long as a USB device containing music remains plugged in.

    2. SavageEvil

      @SZRT PS4 allows you to stream MP3’s from any computers on your home network. Much better than USB sticks imho.

    3. SZRT Ice


      There are 3 music players on PS4:

      PlayStation Music with Spotify: Stream Music from Spotify.

      The Media Player: which allows USB and media server (PC media streaming) playback of videos, music, and photos (as stated by SavageEvil).

      And the USB Music Player: Which only allows USB music playback.

      ALL have benefits. The Media Player’s, I’ve already listed. But the USB Music Player is better to me for a few reasons:

      It runs in the background. The other two takes the space of an app in use, meaning, entering in and out of them requires games to be suspended. Which is not at all a problem for offline gaming, but will boot you from online sessions if you want to play a specific folder during your Raid in Destiny or online endurance race/championship. You can also have two other apps open while using the USB Music Player. The other two only allow the use of one. And usually, only games.

      The other two have constant interruptions and occasional rebuffer and track skip delays. Not sure if this has been remedied, but during my use of them, the interruptions and delays would constantly distract from my gaming.

      So, although a slight inconvenience to copy your music to USB, I’d still prefer using the USB Music Player over the Media Player.

      P.S. The USB Music Player only shows up when you have a USB device plugged into your PS4.

      Library > Applications > USB Music Player

  11. stupidstormy36

    While a beta would have been, I can completely understand where they’re coming from. Can’t wait for the release of GTS, then GT7! Actually once when you think about it, GTS’s release is only about 6 months away, slightly less than that. Yes, it’s about half a year, but it’s better than waiting on 9 months…

    1. SZRT Ice

      The engine sounds sounded great to me. They were just too low, and drowned out by the overtly loud tire sounds. Grand Theft Auto V has better tire sound effects than that.

  12. Mulan

    Well they dont need a beta, betting the gold will be the beta as gt5/6.
    Im betting a large day 1 patch and lots of bugs reported on GTPLANET forum once again acting as support for PD.

  13. damadmoneyman

    i hope the sounds are improved otherwise no buy, i didnt play gt6 and wont acquire GTS in this state…..

    1. hardvibes

      My -1 goes to Leggacy. Let people express their opinions!! You are whining about the whining, which means you are no better than anyone else.

      P.S. I haven’t heard anything impressive, still sounds like GT6 quality.

    2. Tenacious D

      I’m whinging about your whinging about his whinging about his whinging. How long can this go on! ;D

    3. hardvibes

      Doesn’t matter. No opinion should be silenced, unless it’s blatant trolling or personal attacks.

    4. SZRT Ice

      **The engine sounds sounded great to me. They were just too low, and drowned out by the overtly loud tire sounds. Grand Theft Auto V has better tire sound effects than that.

    1. NLxAROSA

      Can’t blame them after they were forced to remove their vids. Half the news page was gone.

    1. drummermaniac

      That’s why I made that comment, it clearly gives a message of no more videos from this game this week, and they were promised by Gtp, i just wish that Jordan and other members from the staff came out and say what happened, didn’t delivered what they promised ,not even giving a clarification is not the best way to do things
      ..I think..but I appreciated the effort from everyone last week in London.

    2. SZRT Ice

      They likely seen/read all of the negative feedback about the obnoxiously loud, squealing tire sounds, and didn’t want to leave those videos up as a representation of their final product.

      I think the takedown requests serve as a good sign that they’re not yet proud of their work and that they are still working to improve their product even further.

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