GT Sport is the UK’s Best Selling Racing Game on Black Friday Week

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The dust has settled on another Black Friday in the UK. Despite being a more recent phenomenon in the region, consumers have snapped up the event big time. Sales this year were more intense than ever with the gaming industry seeing a huge spike in terms of purchases. This week’s top 10 seen an impressive jump for GT Sport with nice placements for Forza Motorsport 7 and Need For Speed Payback to boot.

After slowly sliding down the charts, Gran Turismo Sport has returned to keen selling form, placing third in the top 10 Black Friday week sellers. Beating out the other games in the genre is only half the story though, as the title saw an 867% increase in sales over the previous week. Sport propelled past other large releases such as Star Wars: Battlefront II and Assassin’s Creed Origins. All in all, Polyphony’s latest jumped nine places from 12th over the course of a week.

The increased demand for GT Sport shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. After Sony got the ball rolling with a very attractive Black Friday deal, retailers took the bait. It wasn’t uncommon to find many outlets offering the game for less than £20. Having been out in the wild for just over a month, this certainly isn’t a common occurrence for new releases. Alongside this discount, PS4 bundles were also accompanied with copies of GT Sport whenever possible. Whatever the reason for the massive price slash and frequent bundling, it has worked immensely in the game’s favor.

After receiving some ire for a lack of a true single player campaign, an announcement was made last week that one will arrive as soon as next month. GT League aims to meet the expectation of those who bought the game and were let down. One thing is for sure, online is going to get much busier in the coming days.

Forza Motorsport 7 also saw a good jump to sixth place from 15th in the previous week. Although not quite reaching the discount level of GT Sport, Turn 10’s racer could be found for a good price. Some Xbox One S and X bundles also offered the title, which would have boosted numbers.

Finally, the last game rounding out the top 10 is Ghost Games’ Need For Speed Payback. NFS didn’t seem to benefit too much from the sales rush though, only moving one position from it’s previous charting. Regardless, the genre continues to resonate in the UK and it’s another week with three titles in the top 10.

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