GT Sport’s Next Update Arrives May 22, Adds Mazda RX-Vision

Gran Turismo Sport 247 May 17, 2020 by

Kazunori Yamauchi has taken to Twitter to reveal that there’s a new GT Sport update heading our way this coming week. Although he cautioned us at the beginning of the year that GT Sport updates may get less frequent, this makes a second successive month with a content update.

Last month’s 1.57 update brought just the 2020 Toyota Supra to the game, and this month’s looks to be pretty compact too:

Again, it’s a single-car update, and if you’ve been glued to GTPlanet since November you could probably guess what’s hiding in the silhouette. The car in question is Mazda’s new Gr.3 challenger, the RX-Vision GT3 Concept.

Mazda has based this putative GT3 car on its show-stopping RX-Vision concept. The long, low coupe has been doing the rounds of motor shows for a couple of years now, and is always on the verge of full production approval. Mazda’s plans to move the Atenza (also known as the Mazda 6 outside Japan) onto a rear-wheel drive platform for 2021 may be the final piece of the puzzle for the RX — which would share that platform — getting the green light.

Although Mazda was a little quiet on what the original RX-Vision’s engine would be, the “RX” monicker has never been used on a car without a rotary engine. It seems a fairly safe bet to assume the RX-Vision GT3’s 562hp will come from a rotary, but we don’t know quite what form that will take.

Mazda hasn’t produced a rotary car since 2012, and only its quad-rotor engines from Group C were capable of this kind of power. That may suggest a brand new kind of rotary, or perhaps something based around the Mazda Furai’s powerplant.

When the RX-Vision GT3 arrives, it’ll be eligible for the second stage of the FIA Online Championship. Players will have the choice to switch in the Manufacturer Series to join Mazda, though this will come at the expense of all their prior accumulated points.

With Yamauchi’s note about updates being more modest in terms of content in mind, we’re not necessarily expecting any further new items in what we assume is version 1.58. However, there have been no new circuits in GT Sport this year — December’s Laguna Seca update was the last — so we live in hope.

Update: An in-game announcement confirms that the update will arrive on Friday May 22.

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