GT Sport Used to Showcase Sony’s Mega 85″ 8K HDR TV at CES 2018

Tech enthusiasts from all over the world have descended upon Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. The 2018 iteration is in full swing and PlayStation’s head company Sony is in the thick of the action.

Alongside future consumer goods, many companies use this as a proving ground to show off prototype technology and this year Sony brought something very big.

Hosted in the company’s booth at the event is a massive 85-inch TV. This isn’t just any television set though, as the X1 Ultimate Prototype outputs a mammoth 8K resolution with beautiful HDR to boot. Not bad at all.

The TV’s biggest party trick comes from its brightness output, though. Sony’s X1 achieves a reading of 10,000 nits. That’s almost five times the amount found on regular 4K high-end televisions right now.

Unsurprisingly, those on the show floor are commenting that the display is staggering. For us at GTPlanet though, there’s got to be a hook for why this thing interests us as fans of the racing genre. You probably know where this is headed.

Sony is running GT Sport’s opening cinematic on the display to highlight the TV’s capabilities. Considering this sizzle-reel already looks stunning on 1080p and 4K displays available right now, we can only imagine how fantastic this looks in action. It’s also a huge credit to Polyphony Digital to see the electronics firm relying on its creation to show off Sony’s new toy.

Way back in November 2016, Polyphony gave a breakdown of the technical capabilities of GT Sport. At the time, the PS4 Pro was new, and Yamauchi-san had discussed the “future-proof” nature of the BT.2020 standard. Coincidentally, the system supports up to 10,000 nits of brightness. It appears we’re living in the future, then.

You can catch a glimpse of the video on Digital Trends’ report on the display. Unfortunately, the glory of the X1 can’t really be captured by a clip like this. Attendees are the only ones fortunate (for now) to see an 8K 10,000 nits display in action. Who knows, perhaps this will become the norm in the near future.

Thanks to hankolerd for bringing this to our attention in the GT Sport sub-forum. Featured image—which isn’t a GT Sport one—courtesy of Forbes.

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