GT3 Cars Featured in Latest GT6 Seasonal Events

Gran Turismo 6 15 July 29, 2015 by

A new batch of seasonal events are now available in Gran Turismo 6 showcasing beginner, intermediate and expert level challenges featuring compact cars, French cars and GT3 class race cars with prizes unlike those offered previously. This week’s challenges are as follows, and remember to stop by our GT6 Seasonal Events forum for in-depth analysis and discussion, and tips and tricks.

All events will be available through August 13th, 2015 at 0300 GMT/UTC.

Beginner Level Compact Car Challenge

  • Willow Springs Int’l Raceway – Streets of Willow, 3 Laps
  • Normal cars, 400PP max, Comfort/Soft compounds or less
  • Total Length: 420o in. or less
  • Gold: 70,000cr; Silver: 42,000cr, Bronze: 35,000cr
  • Gift: Vitz RS 1.5 ’07

Intermediate Class French Car Challenge

  • Deep Forest Raceway Reverse, 5 Laps
  • Normal cars, 450PP max, Sports/Hard compounds or less
  • Country: France
  • Gold: 130,000cr; Silver: 78,000cr, Bronze: 65,000cr
  • Gift: 307 CC Premium AVN ’04

Expert Level Group GT3 Car Challenge

  • Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, 5 Laps
  • Racing cars, 600PP max, Racing/Hard compounds or less
  • Gold: 270,000cr; Silver: 162,000cr; Bronze: 135,000cr
  • Gift: Integra Type R (DC5) Touring Car ’04

GT6 Photomode image by GPR.

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