Gran Turismo 5 Photo Stream Service Launches in Asia

March 15th, 2012 by Andrew Evans

As reported a month ago, the Photo Stream service of Gran Turismo 5 has now gone live. Using this function, any photo set by any player to “Share with Friends” will be anonymously published to the official Gran Turismo website for anyone to see, rather than limiting your works to only the people on your PSN Friends list. There is, however, a small catch in that the service is not available yet to users outside Japan and Asia:

The new “GT5 Photo Stream” service has been started on In GT5 Photo Stream, photographs taken in the photo mode of Gran Turismo 5 and set to “Share with Friends” are be shown in a list on a webpage, and can be viewed publicly by anyone. […] This service is initially limited to Japan and Asia.”

Other regions’ players have been greeted by the following update to the original February announcement:

[March 15 Addendum] In the following article, the commencement of the GT5 Photo Stream service was mentioned as being “With the coming Gran Turismo 5 update planned for March 2012. However the release timing for the next GT5 update has been postponed, together with the GT5 Photo Stream Service. We appreciate your patience as the next GT5 update is prepared, and thank you for your understanding.

You can already view photographs submitted by eligible players on the official site for Japanese and Asian users since the service went live at 1200 UTC. The images are available at a reduced resolution, with a width of approximately 1024 pixels.

GT5 Photomode image courtesy of GT5 Photo Stream.

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  1. Apr. 11, 3:57pm

    Hey I am new to GT. Anyone know how to duplicate or trade paints? I would like to find some pink all shandes. It would be aweome if I could get some help with this. Also I need some teamates so for anyone that wants to can add me. I was adding people when Facebook blocked me from adding friends. So my Used ID for above.

  2. Mar. 28, 3:36am

    That’s Great !! i am big fan of Grand Turismo game , i give player the real experience of driving cars on their computer screens many automobile companies have invested in it !! i am just crossing fingers and waiting for it .

  3. Mar. 21, 3:11pm

    i think its will come tommorow with the new seasonal event and OCD #fingerscrosed

    • Apr. 11, 3:28pm

      It’s apparent that it didn’t…

  4. Mar. 20, 8:51pm

    i love gran turismo ive played and love everyone of them i even pre-ordered the collectors edition but why is PD ignoring all of the important things such as more cars, tracks, better upgrades system, and better car sounds? they’re focused on photo sharing IN JAPAN, alright well people all over the world bought GT5, millions of people did and we still haven’t got any major changes so why? i believe PD can bypass anyone that makes a racing title, i despise forza and xbox but this is ridiculous, answer my question please so i will understand this better there must be a good reason why

    • Mar. 21, 1:36am

      Oh yea, we haven’t got any improvements to the important things. hurr durr

    • Mar. 21, 3:59am

      Hey durrrrrr!! GT5 is not the same game that was released in 2010, its almost unrecognizably different now, a lot has been added to enhance to overall experience…that being said rjcaft16, I do kinda understand where you’re coming from, GT5 has a very diverse fan-base, and a lot of different people want different things out of the game. As far as I’m concerned, PD hasn’t really changed anything that I particularly care about (Shadows, better replay system”GT3″, Rim Size option and more rim choices, etc), but a lot of people are happy with the changes so far, all we can do is hope that PD looks our way some time soon.

    • Mar. 21, 6:57am

      Almost unrecognizably different? You must be smoking some heavy stuff.

    • Mar. 21, 8:06am

      I ask myself the same question everyday. Besides spa, 2012 GTR, Aventador, V12 Vantage and SSRX we haven’t gotten much stuff. I guess you could either just be patient and wait for new content or GT6 OR get a xbox and play forza 4 and soon Horizon.

    • Mar. 22, 4:44pm

      i agree with all of you especially “MyfavoriteGame” thanks for the constructive criticism i post stuff on here all the time and no one understands me

    • Mar. 22, 9:22pm

      except kobooi, you must have some heavy patience for 4 or 5 cars and other DLC every 2 months thats a little overcharged, but im gonna try to go with the idea “HKSbro92” is suggesting. im very happy about the 2012 GT-R and spa making it into GT5 but a nissan leaf? get real im not an interior decorator. i know it has expanded a lot since november 24th 2010 but im not too happy about their plans as of now for the united states, i certainly have faith in kazunori and PD but definitely not getting my hopes up for new tracks anytime soon i hope im proved wrong soon enough

  5. Mar. 20, 9:49am

    Y do I get the feeling that this is what PD has been working on for the past 2 months and haven’t even touched DLC?

    I want this photo share here, I want to be a part in sharing the beauty of GT5. :)

  6. Mar. 19, 12:25am

    I’m guessing there will be a new track which uses part of the SSRX track. Hints of this track are the fact that there extra Tunnels at the start/finish line of SSRX, the overbridge and on the other side of the track, you can see almost vertical steep corners which turn onto the main track. If you drive a lap of SSRX you will know what I’m talking about.

    For car DLC I have no clue but I’m hoping it’s big if they’re delaying it.

  7. Mar. 18, 5:09pm

    i hop the new DLC will have the A-spec tag on it

  8. Mar. 18, 4:29pm

    and i dont know it also my go crazy man crazy i tell you

  9. Mar. 18, 3:49pm

    how or where is this picture taken btw?

    • Mar. 19, 12:31am

      It’s taken in phototravel in Ahrweiler Gate. To unlock it, you need to get silver in AMG Driving academy.

  10. Mar. 18, 3:22pm

    3 LM or LMS race cars and 2,3 road cars + 1 (2) race tracks PLZ…..

    • Mar. 21, 4:02am

      How about making the ones we have Premiums first?….that would be nice, I got about 9 sitting in my garage which would really appreciate that Premium treatment. But that 2012 Audi LMP does look sexy!….hmmm, those lights

  11. Mar. 18, 2:59pm

    i hope the new dlc will have a better price because the previous one was a rip of for the europeans

  12. Mar. 18, 2:38pm
    Chad Esposito

    I heard that the new DLC will have more Museum Cards, a couple of Skylines and that you will be able to remote control the oil change guy’s trolley with high precision from a dedicated server. That is why it is taking so long, it is complicated but worth it, as always.

    • Mar. 18, 2:47pm

      Nice Sarcasm.

    • Mar. 18, 2:47pm

      Okay, I know people loves to trick others on purpose. Not believing anything unless Kaz and PD themself confirms the update and DLC first. And hoping it’s a good reason as to why they took so long…

    • Mar. 18, 2:51pm

      where did you get this information from?

    • Mar. 18, 3:26pm

      @Olafleeuwis He is just putting out lame hate jokes. Don’t believe him.

    • Mar. 18, 3:45pm

      allright i wont :-)

    • Mar. 20, 1:48pm

      @Chad Honestly people are asking too much from a simulation racing game. If you look at it before the updates it’s still a complete game. Has a full b spec mode, 1000 cars, full a spec, licenses, upgrades for all cars, multiplayer and special events. Now look at what we got in updates… While other developers instead of updating they go and release a new game. Every update I’ve seen has not involved anything I do not like. Stop taking things for granted.

  13. Mar. 18, 12:38pm

    I really hope they are focusing on GT6. GT5 has left a stain on the series that only full attention for GT6 can shout out!

  14. Mar. 18, 12:25am

    I hope they fix the inside of the standard cars

    • Mar. 18, 11:31am

      Why ‘fix’ the insides of the standards cars, when PD could just focus on re-modeling them into Premium status.

  15. Mar. 17, 10:33pm

    It’s pretty cool

  16. Mar. 17, 6:46pm

    I hope the postponed the release to include Porsche! Just like Forza.

  17. Mar. 17, 5:18pm

    Tomorrow makes it 2 months since the last DLC…maybe we’ll hear from PD next week. I just want a Premium Lamborghini Diablo SV

    • Mar. 18, 11:37am

      And I want a Premium ’87 Buick GNX and a Premium Toyota Supra (Mark IV), but apparently PD would rather focus on creating more Japanese electric vehicles.

  18. Mar. 17, 4:49pm

    SPEC 3.0 all cars Premiums + realistic engine sounds and all GT tracks included in the next update MAY 2, 2012.

    (yeah i wanted to troll you guys just for once lol)

    • Mar. 17, 5:14pm

      I almost feel for it too lol

    • Mar. 17, 6:43pm

      I would’ve feel for it if PD hadn’t all but gave up on GT5. Not that I mind, just means that GT6 is gonna be a better game…..

      – Standards to Premiums + additional tracks = GT6 in 2016.

      – Sub-par seasonals + mediocre DLC = GT6 close to PS4 launch….

      at least I hope so.

    • Mar. 18, 2:05pm

      @HKSBro92 lol
      @MyFavouriteGame yeah, for GT6 being better is just as “simple” as that. All cars premium + all tracks (with textures in High resolution this time)+ realistic engine sounds is a must in my list + livery editor + track editor with more options.
      GT5 is just a preview for the upcoming game. It is like a huge beta. All previous games are just like that. In this case GT5 uses a new engine and that´s why it had some “issues” and glitches and because of the PS3 some not to good details as blocky shadows and that kind of stuff.

      The other day i bought Death Space 1 and 2 for PC for 10€ (i´m giving an example) and the first one was good but was a pain to AIM with the mouse because it had a tedious lag. But in the 2nd (i´m in the middle of it an about to play right now) it is like heaven it works great and works even better than the previous.
      Same happens with tons of games. because of that take GT5 as a first game that needs to be polished and in the 2nd one you will see the best of it…in this case GT6. Of course hardware is a must for this game. I have doubts if this game is going to look better or perform better if it is going to be for the same PS3.

      I prefer this game being a PS4 launch title.

  19. Mar. 17, 2:58pm

    in some photo’s are the cars lined up like one with the ferrari f40’s, my question is : is that in online race mode?

    • Mar. 17, 3:47pm

      Yes, thats in race mode. But iy will be hard to get everyone in the lobby to do what youwant, even with a mic.

    • Mar. 17, 4:14pm

      but can you do a photoshoot with 2 cars at the same time?

    • Mar. 17, 4:46pm

      You can do it in arcade mode if you only want 2 cars at the same time. Just put 1 VS 1 in arcade mode. Select a race drive one car at one point and then do the same with the other. Watch the replay and take some photos. ;)

  20. Mar. 17, 8:13am

    Man i cant take it anymore!!I need the new DLC >:|

    • Mar. 17, 2:57pm

      Yeah, me too. I hope that PD will give us the info regarding with the upcoming DLC soon…

    • Mar. 17, 6:18pm

      I don’t really want DLC, i Just want all standard LMP Cars to made Premium…..also it would be nice if Formula GT cars were made premium as well

  21. Mar. 17, 6:34am
    mister dog

    Would i be a real d1ck, if i would snap shots of the ugliest modelled standards (zoom in on the blocky polygons etcetera), and share them with friends? :D

  22. Mar. 17, 12:53am

    *with fingers crossed* porsche porsche porsche porsche porsche porsche porsche porsche…

    • Mar. 17, 1:46am

      Premium Rufs, ruf, ruf, ruf.

    • Mar. 17, 1:16pm

      You can’t get Porsche Porsche Porsche Porsche Porsche

      EA already has a contract with Porsche, so neither GT or Forza can get them, we’re stuck with Ruf

    • Mar. 17, 2:00pm

      Forza is getting a Porsche DLC

    • Mar. 17, 4:44pm

      I would be happy with a pack of RUFs, to me RUF and Porsche are pretty much the same.

    • Mar. 17, 6:08pm

      Forza is getting 30 Porsche models as DLC.

    • Mar. 18, 1:25am

      That’s why I’m hoping we get Porsche aswell…it’s a slim chance but it’s a better chance than we’ve had in a while.

      Oh and no, they are not the same.

  23. Mar. 17, 12:24am

    Could the next update possibly be for DLC:)????????

  24. Mar. 16, 8:15pm
    e30 freek

    Yh they should

  25. Mar. 16, 7:39pm

    I think they should bring back qualifying from gt3

    • Mar. 16, 7:43pm


    • Mar. 16, 9:27pm

      They should bring back EVERYTHING from GT3, the menu music, the tracks…especially the complex string!!

    • Mar. 17, 1:32am

      Don’t forget the awesome replay options!! I think that’s what I want most. I want all my replays to look like the opening movie

    • Mar. 17, 5:48pm

      freezing love that game!!!

  26. Mar. 16, 6:55pm
    SZRT Ice

    My guess is they postponed it to package it together with a much meatier update. Thanks PD!

    • Mar. 17, 8:07am

      I love it, GT5 fans create their own scenarios and excuses for PDs delays and then thank them for it. Stunning.

    • Mar. 17, 10:55am

      agreed. The GT fanboys are some of the most ridiculous to be found. I thought PS3/360 fanboys were bad, but this is a whole other level.

    • Mar. 18, 3:00pm
      SZRT Ice

      You must not read many of my posts. But them delaying the photo stream from the rest of the world while the next update is “prepared” screams “say little, and go big” to my ears. They must’ve felt the update was too weak, and learning from past mistakes of rushing things out the door, decided to polish it up a bit with some refinement. Just my hypothesis really.

  27. Mar. 16, 2:03pm
    250 GTO

    Sorry, but that just seems like a useless feature… I think

    • Mar. 17, 10:56am

      it’s a total waste of development. GT5 will be forever be known to me as “the ultimate photography simulator for 15% of the vehicles in the game, that took 6+ years to develop, and utterly disappointed it’s base.”

    • Mar. 17, 4:04pm
      250 GTO

      It has turned into a bit of joke this game…

    • Mar. 20, 8:54pm


  28. Mar. 16, 1:50pm

    I think this is not the time for an update like this, they should have done it much earlier or after a lot more necessary updates, like upgrading the standart cars. I´d rather have an huge simulated garage where i can walk through like in PGR3 / TDU 2 and have a look @ my cars and get inside, this would be so awsome or integrate qualifying laps and the gateway out of the pit lane. They have so much potential and possibilities to create a masterpiece of game, but they just use they unbeatable physics and the remain is lucky composed.. anyway i like the way the pictures are presented online ;)

    • Mar. 16, 7:49pm
      SZRT Ice


    • Mar. 18, 3:03pm
      SZRT Ice

      However, i believe they are updating the standards, it’s just more time consuming then you realize.

  29. Mar. 16, 6:28am

    Even useful posts f.e. where I posted the link to the Japanese photo mode site getting deleted. Wow, wtf?!?

    Yea, I got it & will stop posting on the “strange” page #1 of GTP. ㋛

    • Mar. 16, 11:27am

      Comments with links must be manually approved before they appear, as mentioned in the note directly above the comment form here.

  30. Mar. 16, 3:29am

    I am just glad it’s not another skyline or gtr.

    • Mar. 16, 3:55am

      Wish we could take photos of the gay standard cars that look like their from the original play station lol
      So glad there’s heaps of standard cars in gt that no ones heard of

  31. Mar. 16, 1:06am

    This is just a feature no more no less. The important news here is the delay. Maybe that means that we are going to get something bigger than before and probably thanks for the announce of the Forza´s Porsche DLC. So stop complaining.
    This feature as you can notice has nothing to do with updates. You put “share with friends” in a photo and appears in that website.As simple as having a leaderboard running in a server.

    Sad that we are going to wait a little bit more but hopefully must be something huge…but as usually for many other´s (maybe me included who knows yet) a disappointment, depends who judges it.

    But instead of being little kids, grow up and stop complaining for Christ sakes. Be objective people.

    • Mar. 16, 1:18am

      AGREED!!! :tup:

  32. Mar. 16, 12:15am

    I was just flicking through the photo stream of the japanese pics and there was a pic of the pit crew walking away from the car with tyres on the starting grid, kind of like before a race in NFS Shift. Can someone please explaing how this is possible?

    • Mar. 16, 12:56am

      It was taken during a B-Spec pit stop.

    • Mar. 16, 1:04am


      No it’s not because the pictures are of the Pit crew walking away with tyres just before the start of a race, where all cars are lined up on the starting grid.

  33. Mar. 15, 11:53pm

    As blasphemous as this may be: boring, and otherwise bonkers update. Of all the things in this game missing and/or broken, we have a new way to share photos within the game. Don’t get me wrong, Photo Mode is a huge part of the game to me, and I use it frequently. However, I take the photos, download them, and often run them through Photoshop prior to posting them sharing them with others. I know I am not alone in this workflow; there are tons of individuals running through those very steps within this very forum.

    Just because they are updating the game (unlike other developers), does not necessarily mean what they are updating is good.

    As others have (accurately) stated, they would be more productive if they pooled the resources of those participating and purchasing their products (market research).

    • Mar. 16, 4:36am

      The people behind the Photomode might not be the same guys who work on the game that you claimed broken or missing. You just can’t re-allocate manpower to work on something you deem more important. For a start, those who work on the Photomode sharing bits might be web programmers, who have a totally different skillset than the AI or physics programmers.

      You do understand that in any large scale development projects, there are smaller sub-teams with their own schedules and targets; you just can’t re-assign one team to another, just because you “want” to.

    • Mar. 16, 9:27am

      “There are smaller sub-teams with their own schedules…”

      All falling under the authority of higher-level management. There is no way of knowing who specifically is in charge of the Photomode element, but I can assure you some portion of this feature requires in-game programming to execute (how do you think they “search” player accounts?).

      My primary “beef” is their allocation of manpower to less-than-necessary elements of the game. Since Polyphony Digital is aware of the aggravation of the current GT5 player (and I can assure you, they are), you would think they would not sink additional effort into things as trivial as 2012 NASCAR stock car liveries, additional driver apparel, new B-Spec events, etc.

      Money obviously does not grow on trees, therefore effort is being wasted both physically and financially on endeavors that offer little benefit or excitement on the part of those participating in it (us).

      So, yes, I do understand.

    • Mar. 16, 10:09am

      Similarly, I can assure that there are adequate teams working on the game core.

      How can you say these features are “less-than-necessary”? Just because you don’t appreciate them, doesn’t mean they’re useless! Look, GT5 does not revolve around pure racing – since Day 1, there’re B-Spec, Photomode, switching of B-Spec suits and helmets, custom in game music, etc… all would be entirely useless by your standards. However, they’re there because PD deemed them necessary. It’s an overall car-lover’s game.

      PD had devoted most of their time fixing the bugs and improving the core part of the game, and they only did the photomode sharing “now”. That’s like 1 year after the release, and you still think it’s wrong?

      Let me tell you something since I’m in Asia. I checked with my mates and they got all exciting over this new feature. They began sharing their photos because now, the photos will not just “hide” in one corner of the GT5 PSN world, but potentially shown to millions of viewers worldwide – including non GT5 players. This feature gave me the reason to start taking in-game photos again. This also provides GT5 free publicity.

      In fact, this feature should have been there since Day 1. To me, the game is 90% perfect since Day 1, and they should have dedicated time for the other bells and whistles. It is unwise to spend 90% of the time to improve the remaining 10% of the game. It’s time to work on the other stuff!

      Well, it’s hard to please everybody.

    • Mar. 17, 1:12pm

      Clearly, it is a matter of “to each his or her own.” I’m sure there are loads of people in love with the additional features of this game. In contrast, there are a great deal more uninterested in them. As with any marketing strategy, you target the majority–something Polyphony Digital has neglected for the most part. It cannot be ignored just how long this game took to develop. Six years is an exceptionally long time when you consider the end result.

      Polyphony has a keen interest in besting its rivals with advanced physics (which in many ways they have), and revolutionary graphics (it has for the most part). There are other features that, while not important to some, are vastly important in an effort to “kick the pants” out of the competition, and allow Gran Turismo to “set the bar” for others.

      If Polyphony Digital’s main defense is their lack of available manpower, then why attempt such a daunting (and controversial) undertaking like including over 1,000 cars, with more than 80% of them simple (and crude) conversions of older-generation models? The time and money spent on such and endeavor could be applied toward providing a smaller quantity of high-quality models with unparalleled realism. Realistic vehicle damage, component failures, brake temperature, advanced tire modeling, and more intelligent AI are a handful of crucial elements to any game that claims to perform as a simulator. Understandably, console games must cater to a wider audience, requiring the option of “softer,” more forgiving driving. That would require such games to offer options for enabling specific driver aids. In fact, many PC simulators carry this option as well, thus allowing them to appeal to a range of driving styles/abilities.

      The bottom line is this: until Polyphony Digital (or any other racing game developer) realize there is more to a racing title than graphics and loads of cars, they will never be fully appreciated by those who race more advanced simulators such as though from ISI or iRacing.

  34. Mar. 15, 10:57pm

    WHOOO HOOOO update to photo mode, thats what we needed. I want new museum cards in next update.

    • Mar. 16, 1:00am

      You made me laugh…haha

    • Mar. 16, 7:42pm
      SZRT Ice

      Lol @ OP.

    • Mar. 17, 12:16am

      I think it’s great – it’s an obvious extension for Photo Mode. Photo Mode isn’t one of my great interests in the game, but I appreciate the ingenuity and artistry of the best photos and this is a great way to distribute and display them.

  35. Mar. 15, 9:13pm
    Mac K

    PD sucks, they have no clue how to make a game and are all stupid and I could make it much better than those idiots ever could, GT5 sucks and I don’t like the 70 Skylines we have I want the *insert supercar here* instead, Kaz you suck a lot.


    Don’t give me the complaining about complaint crap as honestly it makes you look line a bigger idiot than you think I am. I’m nit part of the PD defense brigade, and everyone has their opinion and I can respect that, but it’s hard to when some of you are making extreme and inmature comments.

    • Mar. 15, 9:20pm

      ^ lol. I feel the same as you Mac K. :(

    • Mar. 15, 10:36pm

      The irony in your post is unbelievable, haha. But I get where your coming from. I was looking forward to the March DLC. :(

  36. Mar. 15, 8:48pm

    did have a gander, some were ok, few where brill but most were boring and amatuer ish. maybe its the photomode comp making my standards higher (are there any asians on this forum??), maybe the best pics or european and american or austrailian. cant wait for it to launch worldewild

  37. Mar. 15, 8:27pm

    Fewpictures i saw were amazing

  38. Mar. 15, 6:41pm

    I would rather be able to share replays – but hey, it’s an update, so I’m not complaining, :)

    • Mar. 15, 7:22pm


    • Mar. 15, 7:47pm


  39. Mar. 15, 5:52pm

    Wait… Has anyone even realized that GT5 has had the greatest post launch support? I can’t possibly understand how one can complain when from what I’ve noticed the things they are adding through updates would be released in an entirely new game for most companies.

    • Mar. 15, 5:56pm

      I wonder myself.

    • Mar. 15, 11:01pm
      tube chaser

      Which is why I wish PD had produced SSX instead of EA :(

    • Mar. 16, 8:27am

      lol agreed ssx sucks the big hairy donkey ball! but on the plus side once I realised how badly it sucked I started playing shawn white snowboarding again :-)

    • Mar. 16, 9:26am

      The game doesn’t feel like it was released a year ago! Most games I’ve played do not receive support after 6 months.

    • Mar. 16, 12:33pm

      @Reality_SG True that man, look at Call of Duty or Battlefield. Heck just look at any game really… Why don’t companies just release a full-fledged title and update upon it? Example, Forza 3 to Forza 4, what changed? New lighting to make it look prettier and new tracks and a slight update to physics? We get physics UPDATES and GT5 already looks very pretty in my opinion. Same with NFS: Shift and 2, same changes. We’ve had a ballast addition, race suit changing, horsepower reduction to fit in restrictions, adjustments to physics, new cars, new tracks, ability to test out 0-60, 0-100 and so on by driving the car ourselves, added rims to standard cars and so much I can’t even remember because of all the updates. Let’s not forget the FREE SPEC-II update we got which gave us updated NASCARs for the 2011 series and many adjustments to the game. Kazunori gave us the Nissan GT-R he actually ran in the Nurburgring race. Also the many additions to the multiplayer aspect of the game and we also got standard interiors. In Forza 2 cars had no interiors, did they update it and at least give you a view of inside the car? NOPE, they released a completely new game. IMO people just take for granted what we have been given through updates. Wouldn’t shock me at all if they tried to update a livery editor into the game. Polyphony Digital, keep up the great work.

    • Mar. 16, 7:47pm
      SZRT Ice

      @ aronh17: well said, I concur. ::Tup::

    • Mar. 17, 5:55pm

      thankyou aronh17, for being one of us and looking to the brighter side of things. lord help us all, there are so many negative comments on this forum its a shame…

  40. Mar. 15, 5:14pm

    I really don’t understand why we need a streaming photo service. Honestly, you can easily export the image to a USB Drive and then plug the drive into your computer, take the file off, and upload the image into the internet. From there you can link to the image so all your friends can view it.

    It is not a hard thing to do. And when you think about it, having the ability to do such a thing – as described above – basically makes this photo streaming service almost useless.

    I’d rather have PD focus on things that people clearly want, such as more cars, tracks, and events. Also, I’d rather have them spend their time trying to fix and improve already existing features.

    • Mar. 15, 5:22pm

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Mar. 15, 6:00pm

      Not everyone has a computer, zing!

    • Mar. 15, 7:24pm

      It’s much more convenient for people to do it this way. Otherwise they have to export them to the XMB, copy them over to a USB stick, put them on a computer and then upload them to a picture sharing service like Flickr. To be honest, I’d much prefer ticking a little box to doing all that. Also, most picture hosting services are pretty sub-par from my experience.

    • Mar. 15, 7:34pm

      I totally agree with HarVee.

      @arnh17: So wait, you’re saying that some people have a PS3, yet they don’t have a computer? People would rather have a PS3 than a computer?

      @sporkafife: None of that is too hard to do.

      And you’re saying that this “service” will be better than Photobucket or Flickr?

      I now have 0% hope for PD. They don’t use common sense. Are they really THAT stupid to think that we’d rather have a crappy photo-hosting service than new cars, tracks or features? Face it people. Kaz isn’t making this game for us. He’s making the game that he wants, and regarding our smallest wishes along the way.

    • Mar. 15, 8:28pm

      I would rather have a ps3 over a computer. too much hassle with computer like viruses and other things

    • Mar. 15, 10:38pm

      i agree to already said what i want to say…

      and the way i see things.. some people here are arguing about “photos” to a “racing” game. I rather also PD focus on things that people clearly want. more cars, and real tracks, there are lots of that, instead of these photos that PD are so busy about.

      by the way I’m asian too but I’m not enjoying this “photo stream” what ever…..sorry for bad english.

    • Mar. 15, 10:41pm

      @spikeyhairedude – You only get viruses with Windows. Hence why Linux is used on servers worldwide. I’m actually writing this from a Linux computer, Peppermint to be exact, haha. ^_^

    • Mar. 16, 4:44am

      You’re missing the point of the SHARING service! It’s not to help you get the photos out, but to help you share with the REST OF THE WORLD. How the hell are you gonna do that, and especially with no human intervention? With this feature, you do NOT need to export the photos, upload to one of your favourite image hosting service, post your links on your favourite forum / blog, and get people to view them.

      To you, many important things need fixing and improvement. To some others like me, they’re really quite sufficient. Don’t tell me after such a loooong time since GT5 was released, they can’t work on these less important features? If now’s not the time, when is? I could see your complaints if they had released this during the first few months of the initial launch, but hey, it’s March 2012!

    • Mar. 16, 4:49am


      If you think there are none / fewer Windows servers, you should really read up more. (Un)fortunately, Microsoft has done a good job in getting enterprises to buy their products. Exchange and Sharepoint are two huge reasons for Windows servers present on the Internet. And if you think Linux servers are secure, think again. I won’t bore you with the examples, but to remind you that most servers on the Internet are *NIX, and they do get hacked. And for the record, servers are IMMUNE to viruses; user workstations aren’t. Get it?

    • Mar. 16, 6:38am

      @ Reality_SG:

      Clearly you misunderstood the point I was trying to make with my original post. Using the method I posted does the same exact thing that this feature supposedly does. Instead of PD fixing and improving already existing features, and introducing new content to the game, they’re wasting their time implementing something that practically already exists, just in a different context.

    • Mar. 16, 8:35am

      this feature is just so PD can use pictures we’ve taken for their own publicity, why would they employ people to take in game pictures when they can get their customers to do it for then for free.

    • Mar. 16, 9:20am


      Yes, the outcome is the same. But the difference is your method involves _work_ and _effort_ while in this new feature, doing so is _effortless_. So, how can the 2 be the same? I would say sharing 5 photos takes 10 minutes by using your method but with this, I just need 1 min and just a few presses of the buttons. Less time on boring work, more time for racing. If you *still* think it’s the same, then forget it.

      To you, this is “clearly a waste of time” but to some like me, this is a great feature. Obviously GT5 isn’t a one-size-fits-all game. And more importantly, Kaz just can’t re-allocate the guys doing the Photomode sharing feature, to work on the other parts of the game, simply because the 2 teams are of different skillsets. It’s like reassigning Flash designers to code SQL queries; or in layman’s terms, getting the extra waiters to cook as chefs.

      I’m sure those in charge of fixing the game are at it. These new features, DLCs, new Seasonals, are likely not done by the same people but different teams. PD is not run by a handful of engineers. Many innovations and productions can go on simultaneously without affecting each other’s progress.

      For the record, I’m a manager in a tech company.

    • Mar. 16, 9:24am


      And this is good for PD and us! 1. PD gets free publicity; 2. players who wish to show off their photos get to show off their photos; and 3. others who wish to see nice photos get to see nice photos.

      Everybody is happy and so everybody “wins”! (Except for you and HarVee…)

    • Mar. 16, 12:51pm

      @ParkourVeyron Yeah I’m saying some people would rather have a PS3 and not a computer. The PS3 has a browser, which without studying about it I could say that’s mostly what people do is use their browser on a computer, like we are now typing on GT Planet. I have a friend that doesn’t have a computer and doesn’t really need one because anything he needs to do he can do on his PS3. It’s not exactly people wanting a PS3 over a computer, it’s that there’s no point buying a computer for just a browser. Even a Netbook is $200 bucks and it’s made mainly to use a browser while the PS3 has a browser and for 50 bucks more you can play full-fledged HD next generation games. I don’t think it’s PD wanting more advertising or showing off of their games, they want to show the community of true GT fans and how creative they are. Why does PD need to advertise more? As far as I can tell GT is the biggest racing franchise in history, selling more than the entire Forza franchise just off of GT3.

  41. Mar. 15, 4:29pm
    Left Turn

    Maybe since this update has been delayed, This one will be a big one.

  42. Mar. 15, 4:15pm

    How about tell us what you are working on for piece of mind?

    • Mar. 15, 7:30pm

      They did that once and they got complaints about “hype” so I guess we have our self to thank for the silent treatment.

  43. Mar. 15, 4:00pm

    This is a pretty cool feature for people needing a quick fix away from home.

  44. Mar. 15, 3:41pm

    isn’t this next update for the projection of people’s times on track from real life into the game.

  45. Mar. 15, 3:27pm

    Meh. I think we are all waiting for one thing…
    News on the latest upcoming update + DLC!

  46. Mar. 15, 3:15pm

    Wow…. how does that M3 have double stripes?? Its the orange M3 flying through the air.

    • Mar. 15, 3:24pm

      It’s the BMW concept series tii 07′.

    • Mar. 15, 3:29pm

      thats what i thought but the concept series has the stripe on its right side. This one is centered. Mysteriously, the picture isn’t there anymore.

    • Mar. 15, 3:35pm

      What you likely saw was the “Chrome Line” M3.

    • Mar. 15, 3:38pm

      Ohhhhhh yes! Wow good job on realizing that! Thanks.

  47. Mar. 15, 3:13pm

    commencement? did they just make up their own word?

  48. Mar. 15, 2:24pm

    Nice to hear a new update is comimng soon. And LOL at the pink Volvo with green rims.

  49. Mar. 15, 2:20pm

    The photo stream doesn’t seem bad. In asia they seem to be enjoying it, which I find cool. :) PD should try to improve it a bit so it can better as it is now. :D I wish I knew who’d taken those photos and the date they’d taken it when playing the game.

    Overall, your photos are looking awesome asia. Keep up the work. ;)

    • Mar. 15, 4:09pm

      You seem to think everything is ‘cool’. How exactly do you know the Asians are enjoying it? Have you read how this works? The photos are uploaded to the stream automatically when set to ‘share’.

    • Mar. 15, 5:55pm

      Umm, I already knew that. :/ If only I knew who made all those photos, then I’ll would think it’ll be cooler.

    • Mar. 15, 6:00pm

      And you wanna know how I know they are enjoying, look at the photos. That’ll tell you… It looks fun, don be hard on PD for it.

    • Mar. 15, 7:13pm

      But the photos are shared indirectly. Most people probably don’t even realise they’re doing it. But even if they do, i fail to see what is fun and cool about clicking a ‘share with friends’ button and having that photo appear online randomly.

    • Mar. 15, 7:21pm

      Personally, I would like a box to be given the option to be anonymous or not. A simple check box would resolve that and let you be unknown, or take credit for your work (good or bad). After all, you did take the photo, it didn’t take itself.

    • Mar. 16, 4:53am

      I’m in Asia and I’m enjoying it!

    • Mar. 16, 1:43pm

      +1 Reality_SG. :)

      @SimonK Well, this is all I can tell you. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it. Simple, not everyone can be pleased. But I’m sticking with Reality_SG and everyone who loves and enjoys this feature.

  50. Mar. 15, 1:59pm
    e30 freek

    Why is everyone asking for more a spec events when kaz said unfortunately not everything can be added through dlc or updates if this wasn’t the case im pretty sure it would be bought as a update he also said it would be saved for gt6!!!!

    • Mar. 15, 2:16pm

      Exactly. +1

  51. Mar. 15, 1:45pm

    Of all the things we need in GT5 this was top of the list……..NOT!

    • Mar. 15, 5:29pm
      tube chaser

      Well .. you could always spam the service with portraits of Jenkins, the Gran Turismo cat ;)

  52. Mar. 15, 1:19pm

    Sooooooo much JPG compression makes most shots look awful.

    • Mar. 15, 4:56pm

      Now this I’d have to agree with; there really is no need to compress the images.

    • Mar. 16, 4:56am

      How many GT5 players are there? How many photos potentially be shared? How large can all the shared photos be? How many users would be flooding the servers to download the photos?

      While I understand the need for better quality, you should also note that the technicalities involved in supporting high quality photos.

  53. Mar. 15, 1:13pm

    GREAT! I’m excited to share my stunning photos (Canada) :) Hopefully it would be launched soon in North America and Europe! PS: This is great but could be improved in the next update (hopefully PSN ID’s will be shown so players will be exposed worldwide ) :)

  54. Mar. 15, 1:08pm
    GT HP Nut

    Just noticed people sometimes take good photos! Better than I had expected.

  55. Mar. 15, 12:32pm

    Yeah since in asia we sell the most, limit the update to asisa. Europe? never herd of….

    • Mar. 15, 2:12pm

      I wouldn’t complain if we never saw that revolutionary new feature in Europe.

  56. Mar. 15, 11:36am

    Kaz, don’t listen to all of the whiners. Just take your time with it because everyone wants it to be perfect. I look forward to seeing this amazing feature in action!

    • Mar. 15, 12:35pm

      Amazing? You’ll be able to see pictures in a browser. What is there to look forward to? Are you stuck in 1992?

    • Mar. 15, 2:09pm

      Touché, Kobooi!

  57. Mar. 15, 11:22am

    “* This service is initially limited to Japan and Asia. “ lol

    I’ve just checked out the site, you can acess it here:

    Till now there are 99 photo’s online. Click the left top button & you can watch all pics as a dia show. I hope this isn’t it?! Else the “GT5 -Asia Only- Photo Stream” feature would be kinda a epic fail feature. :/

  58. Mar. 15, 11:13am

    it is working for those in Japan bye Asia, so will they have to have installed an update to enable this feature and so they’ll be on a different software version to the rest of the world?

    • Mar. 15, 5:18pm
      tube chaser

      Your images have always been uploaded to a GT5 server when you share with friends. The Website had an overhaul – the game remains the same.

  59. Mar. 15, 11:12am
    Mac K

    Oh by the way, a lot of you are reading between the lines, it doesn’t say it was delayed until April, it says it was just delayed, so we could see it in 2 days, one week, 3 weeks, who knows.

  60. Mar. 15, 11:09am

    so what about “a dlc every two months”?
    we got dlc in december and january so now what, gotta wait 3 months?

  61. Mar. 15, 10:52am

    Geez, so many inconsiderate fools on here.

  62. Mar. 15, 10:40am
    blue cat

    don’t care, want more tracks

    • Mar. 15, 11:39am

      I agree. Yet another unnecessary and unwanted feature… To be added to the museum cards and customizable outfits and helmets list. Yawn.

  63. Mar. 15, 10:39am

    Oh, so this is what they’ve been busy working on. I was wondering where our “DLC every two months” has been. Oh well. I’m sure a few people will find this feature cool.

    • Mar. 15, 12:48pm

      “… However the release timing for the next GT5 update has been postponed, together with the GT5 Photo Stream Service…”

      That’s not ALL they were working on.

  64. Mar. 15, 10:39am

    Just what everyone has been asking for since GT5’s release! Oh wait… :-/

    How about more off-line A-Spec?? Raise 20mil cr limit? Raise XP lvl limit to 80? Put out Spec 3 A-Spec in GT mode with an entirely new career using DLC tracks and cars that we paid for. I’ll pay PD $25 or more for that. How about races with more than 5 laps, but less than endurance race length?

    How about more EXPERT CHALLENGES?

    How about letting us race through the entire B-Spec mode, but we get to drive?

    How about anything but boring repetative seasonals? Where’s the ”DRIVER’S CLUB” that was ”coming very soon” a year ago?

    Come on.. give us something NEW to DO in GT5. I’ll gladly PAY YOU for it Kaz!

    Soooo lame and boring now, what a waste of a great PHYSICS, Force Feedback, Modeling, and GFX engine on the PS3. The people who work on those parts of GT5 should be commended.

    The people who worked on A-Spec should go drive a garbage truck for a living.

    • Mar. 15, 10:45am
      Mac K

      Yes we get it, you keep repeating yourself.

    • Mar. 15, 11:48am

      @BWX how about get a life and stop trolling gtp. It’s very simple if you’re not happy with gt5 kill yourself and go play forza or whatever it is you trolls play. I’m actually looking forward to this photo stream, some people use gt5 for the art and beauty of the cars and take some really stunning pics. Obviously you’re not one of them so please stop criticising PD, they’re doing a fantastic job.

    • Mar. 15, 12:06pm

      @BWX – I agree with some of your points, but I also agree with these guys. You don’t seem to enjoy anything about GT5, you never have anything positive to say…..ever. Common dude, learn to love the game for what it is or move on. Constructive criticism is all well and good, but I think you’re way past that.

    • Mar. 15, 12:15pm

      Just out of curiosity, have you ever competed in an online racing series organized in GTP’s forums? You complain about the lack of NEW thing to DO in GT5 but participating in the numerous online driving clubs and racing series found right here on GTP offers plenty of NEW things to DO.

      Your demand for EXPERT CHALLENGES leads me to believe that you have some sort of ability to control a virtual car and if you need a challenge I am sure there are plenty of real people online who can give you a run for your money.

      I personally could care less about new A-spec or B-spec events because I only play GT5 online where the competition is always evolving.

      So have you tried racing online in a GTP organized series where you race against real people? You obviously have access to the internet since you are commenting on GTP. Unless, of course, you are using the mobile phone app. But at anyrate, if you do have internet access you need to stop racing against the AI and start competing online.

    • Mar. 15, 12:16pm

      You see this what I’m talking about.. BWX your nothing but a troll now and need to stop bashing GT5 right now. It’s annoying. Some of your points are right but damn. These guys are right, your way over board.

    • Mar. 15, 12:48pm

      if you hate gt5 that much why bother playing it? personally not bothered about the photo thing its a good idea for those that have got the time & inclination to do it,i just want to see new tracks & new cars but NOT STANDARD CARS! it would be nice if we could have a few standard cars made premium because the inboard veiw sucks on them at the moment,

    • Mar. 15, 1:25pm

      I hate to say it, but GT5 also lacks in the online department. I almost can never find a race I want without spending so much time looking for a room. It would be great if there was a matchmaking system like GT5P.

  65. Mar. 15, 10:21am
    Maddens Raiders

    GT has been the gold standard across all PlayStation platforms, as well as, the trailblazer for all console based race sims, 15+ years strong. It’s the little things like this which keeps fans like me happy, involved, and anxious to see the fruits of PD’s labor – month after month year after year. I take a boatload of photos which I share with my friends frequently to use as wallpapers.

    Although I am a professional photographer I haven’t participated in any of the GT Photomode contests yet. I like this photostream “app” because it’s just another way for me to let my photos be seen by not only my friends but the masses, which ultimately is the reason we snap the photos in the first place.

  66. Mar. 15, 10:14am


  67. Mar. 15, 9:32am

    Yay news!

  68. Mar. 15, 9:24am
    Chad Esposito

    Exactly what GT5 needed. That is a great management of effort. Keep up the good work no matter what, PD!

  69. Mar. 15, 9:17am
    Chad Esposito

    Wow, thank you PD. /sarcasm

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