GT5 Prologue Becomes ‘Greatest Hit’, 3.3 Million Sold

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue 11 May 29, 2009 by


A “demo” that has sold more than 3.3 million copies will be added to the PlayStation 3’s “Greatest Hits” library on June 16, along with several other popular titles which have “reached a significant sales threshold”.  Thus, GT5 Prologue continues the decorated history of the franchise, with each worldwide release attaining “Greatest Hits” status.

Of course, when PS3 games are added to the library, their price is reduced to $29.99.  With usual MSRP’s of $59.99, this is a significant cut.  However, Prologue has been available for $39.99 since its release, making it a less exciting addition to the library.  Regardless, it’s an interesting announcement for Sony to make, especially considering what a flood of Gran Turismo 5 news at E3 could do for sales of Prologue

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