GT5 Prologue Drops to $9.98 at Target Stores

gt5-prologue-lowpriceIf you’ve been holding off on GT5 Prologue because you don’t want to pay for a “demo”, you are quickly running out of excuses – especially if you’re in the United States.  As has been reported around the web, Target has dropped their in-store price on the game to $9.98.  That’s an incredible $30 less than the old MSRP for the game (and what’s still listed on their website), and $20 less than it’s new Greatest Hits price.

Although the most likely explanation for the price cut is to clear out old inventory and make room for the Greatest Hits packagaing, a GTPlanet user has already reported getting a Greatest Hits game for the low price, and someone at claims there are no mentions of sales or clearance tags.  As good and unusual as this is, we don’t know how long it will last – so head down to your local store and pick up a copy right now.

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  1. C-ZETA

    $9.98 = about 7 pounds 50 pence. That’s a ridiculously low price for a game in GB, never mind for the PS3.

  2. DaveTheStalker

    A buddy of mine took full advantage of this yesterday. He’s on a budget and rarely guys games. He’s quite happy now :)

  3. occasionalracer

    STEPHEN M … Do you want to learn some patience please. Do you wake up every morning wondering if your dream came true? Chill out little bit.


    slightly off subject…top gear is now related to gran turismo 5/prologue…imagine if buses were in the game to like that episode of top gear with the buses racing…that would be so awesome…crappy Alexander Dennis Darts crashing into each other. it wont happen but i would like to see it lol


    will a reduction happen over here in the UK? i estimate that to be about £7 if the US price is about $10! not sure about the speculations about a sign that GT5 will be out soon but lets hope it is true

  6. Monkeyherow

    Got mine today for $10.81. I owned it a year ago and and only played a week. I was going to pick it up anyway so yah!

  7. tomek_pl

    Kazunori Yamauchi want’s to sell every Prologue so he can release the final date!!!! YAHOO GT5 is almost here!!! I can feel it!!!

  8. Daniel

    I initially wouldn’t pay for a demo but 10 bucks aint bad to get some good practice before the full game comes out.

  9. bigracer/steven

    I’d say PD tries to sell some Prologue boxes before the real thing comes out, and it feels like it’ll be way before December that they’ll market that :) or is that just wishfull thinking?

  10. caribbean topdriver

    lol getting ever bit they can before gt5 hits the stores hahaha clever!!!! cause once gt5 launches no one will buy prologue lol.

  11. Daniel

    Nevermind, I just picked it up at target like 5 minutes ago. Sweet deal. total came to $10.81. Cheers.

  12. Beto

    Well this is good cuz my gt5p is in japanese and I didn`t wanted to spend 39 dollars again and then spend around 60 to get the full version but for 10 bucks it is a great deal !!! and maybe we`ll see the full version really soon !!!!!

  13. Jordan

    @Daniel: As was mentioned in the article, the $9.98 price point can only be found in-store, and has been verified by many people from several different websites and forums.

  14. Jordan

    @RaLpH89: There is no difference between the Greatest Hits edition and the regular one, aside from the packaging. See our news post about that.

    @eric: That could be the case, but per the link I posted in the article, someone from our forums claimed the Greatest Hits copy was also being sold at the reduced price.

  15. eric

    They dropped the price of R&C to $15. So it is not likely that they are clearing for the full GT5, but just for the new packaging.

  16. Tedehur

    Good thing indeed for those who “don’t want to pay for a demo”.
    I would get one, had I a PS3 :)

  17. RADracing

    Woopieee! This can only mean one thing. Yes, they are clearing inventory of all the Prologue version of GT5 to make way for the full version. How long do you think before they run out of GT5p? Look’s like we are in for a big surprise like Kaz has said anytime now!!!!

  18. Folkmann

    Aside from GT5P being out for over a year, I hope the price drop is attributed to a 2009 release of GT5. ……..We can only hope.

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