GT5 Video: Nissan GT-R on the Nordschleife

Here’s some in-car game-play footage of a Nissan GT-R on the Nurburgring, via NicoVideo. It’s good stuff, but it’s not the news blowout we were expecting from the Tokyo Auto Salon after Yamauchi’s remarks in the MotorTrend interview. However, his comments at CES were before Sony announced the Japanese delay, so there’s an unfortunate chance the new material was pulled from the show at the last minute. Regardless, thanks to shin for digging up this clip!

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  1. madaz75

    Am I the only one looking to see what other tracks are available?
    Nurburgring Nordschleife,
    Fuji (Current Configuration)
    Indianapolis (Off GT Academy)
    but I can’t place that other one on the selection screen, Any one care to enlighten us?

  2. circa1990

    Doesnt seem like he’s driving on the hardest physics judging by how roughly he is driving without spinning out. I also noticed it looks like they took off the traction control that goes on when you enter the grass, that always really annoyed me. Looking good! Keep up the work kaz

  3. Ddag

    Might just be me, but the way this guy is driving, and the way the he’s reacting to the car, would suggest that the force feedback has been greatly improved :)

  4. Paul Mc

    That Enzo is sick! Awesome.

    I love the new hand animations. I have to say I agree about the rolling starts, I would much prefer a static grid start like most racing series.

  5. lee

    this video is great in my opinion and is just a demo so we can surely accept a few rough edges.
    Plus i like the music, which if you turn up loud enough you can just about hear the car in the background
    (tyres screeching etc). there must be a version without music somewhere.
    GT5’s nearly here YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  6. 8@No$

    Great ! They have such nice cars, such nice physics (though in the video they are clearly standard ones) you just need a rig and a nice wheel and gt5 will be heaven!! At last, it seems closer than ever! Imagine driving in the ring with professional physics and no aids in a high powered car… it will be frightening :-)
    GO PD, GO GT !!

  7. RedBaron

    gtkiller: Sacrificing something of that would be really lame, exactly as setting some half million poly car into world full of one polygon cardboards. Perhaps lowering insane count of polygons spent on cars and make game world more believable with released PS3 performance would be the best solution, wouldn’t it?

  8. gtkiller

    Yes it would nice to have more track side details, and objects, but something as to give. would you guys rather have less cars on the track and more detail in other areas, and 720P instead of 1080P?

  9. Luke

    @Viktor Navorsky
    You don`t usually turn your wheel 400° even when turning hard corners, but you have a point with drifting ^^ Haven`t thought about that. Would be some crazy ass animation when the hands fly over the wheel :)

  10. Vivian

    what a naggers you all are!!! this is a very good video!

    it looooks fabulous!!!!
    the driving speed is much better.
    I´m AMAZED by the difference of hight, it shows very good when the car get´s up a hill or down!!!

    I´m LOVING IT!!!


  11. Shiro

    I think that the bashers of the bashers must be blind… the bashers of gt are in this case quite right, look closely and you will see that this is clearly not a visual of tracks that should be in games of 2010, more like 2000. For example the start, holy crap, you REALLY dont see that the fence at the curve is like 3 polygons and completely flat with some not so cool textue, and the same goes for trees? I love this series, but this kinda make me worry, and i don’t care whether the cars are 200 o 500 thousands polygons, they look the same as prologue to me, i would like much more if they really did something with the visuals of everything else this time. And no excuses like this will be the best sim or so, thats more like a reason to work on every aspect, believe it or not, visuals of surroundings are really important to enhance the driving experience, people wouldn’t enjoy driving so much if they were racing on track with trees and spectators and everything else made of paper that don’t respect ambient light with low-quality photos printed on it, no grass anywhere and everything would be like a bunch of non anti-aliased pixels in driver’s vision. I agree that the physics of TT were impresive, but this is not a PC simulator where this is actually the only thing that really matters to almost every player of it.

  12. Nixo

    Yeah, in gt when you go on the grass you get your tcs on even if you have turned them off. Then it takes about 20s get out of the grass.

  13. Flagmo-T

    Bernd Says:
    January 18th, 2010 at 10:17 am

    Still hoping for some spectators and tents around the ring. Can’t be that difficult, I’d rather leave away 2 unimportant cars or so.

    I totally agree on that! we need more life on the tracks, it does make it a little bit bland, but again if the races a great, it wont matter that much, but i sure helps to love Game..

    Ex:DIRT2 is for me, a brilliant way of Driving a great drastic speedy and utterly fun Race, with lots of Life and Fun communication with the other drivers, It’s really hard to not take yet another race, when you are in the Mode.. And it works great with a steering wheel ( best feeling besides GT5p ) and it looks amazing and Online racing is spot on, there is no Tunnel like Tracks, you can go outside the tracks with out getting pushed back, go too Far and you will be placed on the surface again (minus 5sec’s), but here you just crash if your not lucky, and that i guess is quite real.. Love that game for what it is. PST they spend about 2 years on this.. *****

    GT5 is the Luxury of Racing Sims, so it will stand out, but it could still be GT6 that will surprice us all, I still haven’t seen anything New in GT5, that hasn’t been tried or is running, besides the Use of Polygones and Physic engine.. The rest is more or less Old news in Race Game developing!! (((O_o)))

  14. Bernd

    Still hoping for some spectators and tents around the ring. Can’t be that difficult, I’d rather leave away 2 unimportant cars or so.

  15. Mikesima

    He’s not taking his hands off the wheel to do a shift, he’s just doing a little reach to touch the paddle.

    The wheel has to slide along/through his hands (not his thumb though) when turning because the shifter is connected to the steering column, not the wheel itself.

    Real racing fans know this ;)

  16. Jack

    I dont mind rolling starts, when you have a bunch of incompetent drivers up your arse. Least you can pull away without being shunted from the off.

  17. socomkiller59

    I’d love to have this as a demo, be another good promoting opportunity for the GT-R, and a Time Trial for those out there. Very easy to mess up and lose time, and many opportunities to improve your times. Requires a lot of dedication to knowledge, which is best in any competition like the GT TT we had.

    I honestly don’t mind waiting, just the imagining the combination of the GT-R and The ‘Ring… its unexplainable.

  18. Flagmo-T

    Wow. PD sure get some beating here.. Trees Looks quite amazing, and they seems to be 3d and Not 2D (10 points) and It is Not! the GT4 Graphics “Period”. This is new and fresh, the Colours are vibrant, It looks quite good, and we have clouds in the background, so apparently all over NS there is a whole in the sky :O) no cloud shadows running over the field, ( but has been seen in the Mercedes AMG Video (if not fake) – The Driver animation is still having some animation probs, But great to finally see Paddle shifting animation in GT5 – i’m looking forward to see how the Mirrors will work, when head moving is used.. – No real driver would drive like this,and taking to consideration the AI driver, would assume, that the driver wouldn’t just drive out into the middle of fast speeding cars, so there isn’t really anything saying that the AI don’t work, if the Drivers Car had a sign saying Suicidal Driver, then they might would have hold back, or even waited for the Moran driver to get out on the field again .. (Yet to be experienced friends) I guess that PD’s show mode, is running Cars and not standing or rolling Cars in 2 rows.. So yet we have 2 see if the real driving simulator will be the real Racing Simulator, (Just because you are PD, you Can’t just make up your own ideas of Racing LOL says who!! ) well this will always be the Case in Gaming true or false .. – I must admit, that the moist important thing for me with GT5 is that the Online racing will working 200%, the rest of the Game is just obvious! we get what we get, and things will be altered if PD/Ky see the point in doing it.. SO scream your Heart out if you feel like, it won’t matter that much, except that you as a person will look like a spoiled child Like me!! I want it all to work 120%, but that could take a life long time to finally get there.. More solid News is in order now, all these wavering answers is only making the release look bad, and I do understand KY when he is saying that the release of his long time Hard worked GT5 makes him Mad.. because no matter what we won’t be satisfied as a Community, he will be punded for good or bad.. Peace out! Flagmo-T aka Team_MoFF-no2.. I wish the best for this release :O)

  19. Viktor Navorsky

    But that will likely only be visible during the time you spent offroad ^^

    Dont get it… what about hard corners? Drifing?

  20. KamyKaze


    It’s true. As a motor racing fan i really hate that. I can’t think of any series that use this as a race start. They use either a standing start or a double line formation start. This make the races unrealistic.

    And i continue to hate this shift animation. Does anyone here take your hands of the stering whell to use the shift paddles. What’s this PD???

  21. Cherokee

    Well, i like it. Nice physics, as you see in the crest. The hand moviment while shifting ist well done too. Doesn’t look bad at all…

  22. Mikesima


    Fantastic driver animations. They just gotta adjust the position of the thumb (curl it back a bit) during the shifts, but i really like where they are going with this. Good stuff!!

  23. greekwarrior1978

    OHH MY GOD!!!!the driving is very difficult,,,,i like it,,,,,the best driving game in the world.i played FORZA 3 and the handling is very bad,,,,,,,and very easy!!!!!GT5 FOR EVER!!!!

  24. vampire63

    Its not good for marketing when you lie the fans Personaly for me Im very dissapointed from GT5 marketing strategy ( i can propose for GT6 that the marketing to be made by MONKEYS they will do better ) and also for gt6 dont tell enything just one day tell the game is released secretly around the world we will not tell wath’s in the game cuz we dont care about you END

  25. ravellron

    after watching this, i really hope PD adjust the AI…. its shit like always,,,, i hate see car drive in the predifined line ahd after an overtake the AI car is there bounching on you… i really hope the final game has better AI cuz is the same like always…

  26. Luke

    @S3 Racer
    This interview was in a video, but they didn`t show that steering animation in it. We`ll just have to wait and see for ourselves :)

  27. race-driver

    Why people complain about tress and tracks ? and say it is GT4 HD ? GT5 cannot have dirt2 track design because it is not 720P 30fps. Car look amazing and overall this games looks really fine. Except the AI thing :|

  28. Beast

    After watching this video for the 10th or so time, I take back my comments about the AI, the human driver pretty much closed the door on the AI car he overtook without even enough time to get clear, and of course had his rear right quarter tapped for a spin. The resulting collisions were all a result of him trying to force his car in front of others closing at a much faster speed.

    As for vampire63 and Tomek_pl complaining about the thumb though the steering wheel… you really need to get a grip (excuse the pun). As far as I know this is the first time we have seen this animation of the driver leaving a hand stationary so he can hit the paddle shifters. Have you considered that PD are just experimenting with this animation as a concept? You realise this is a demo right? If this glitch is there when they go gold I’ll buy each of you a giant hanky to cry into, you have my word.

    AMG: Trees? Really?

    Broaden your minds people, I highly doubt this sim will disappoint.

  29. stu

    Centre console graphics and data appear to be dynamic unlike GT5P if memory serves me correct.

    Some of the hand fidgets seem to move the hand but miss the movng part one second its here enxt second its there.

    Looks good though, show me the game!

  30. Niko

    Cars:GT5 quality/Tracks GT4HD quality.Indianapolis/Fuji Speedway ugly 2D public,trees…:(I really hope is not final version…..disappointing.

  31. andrewz

    Shifting animation could be a little more smooth as it reminds me stop-motion tricks from Terminator 1 and the same applies for Nürburgring’s borders, which are obviously too rough (wouldn’t it be pretty dangerous in real life to have such sharp borders?! – this point actually reminds me GT4 a lot), but overally this video makes me jump in and play the ga…, ehm sorry, drive the car… Words can’t describe that feeling. :-)

  32. vampire63

    PEOPLE NO COMENTS about “The driver fingers go through the steering wheel”
    Are we with Tomek_pl the only one who are not F…g BLIND
    i thought KY was perfectionist this is not perfection this is HUGE bug and if its in every car it will ruin the expiriance. is it that hard are we asking for too much

  33. [UK] ANDYW

    Shame no blowout like you say, but the Ferrari’s and Lambo’s look stunning..

    Fingers crossed for more release news soon!!!!!

  34. I0nne

    Did someone mensioned how the car behaves when it gets hit by another car? I noticed it later, but that really exites me! In older GT versions, you just could push a mini cooper over with a Big car cause the cars where ‘glued’ to the road. Maybe to prevent foul driving or something like that.. In this video you can clearly see when he get hits by a car, that his car is thrown around. This shows that they improved that. also in older vids, like the damage vid with the subaru. The car is going everywere..

    Also the in car view is awesome.. The sence of speed is good, and the head shakings are pretty nice! When the car is going over the crest it shakes him good..

  35. Spifferen

    Did anyone notice that you are able to change setup (ABS, traction control, tires etc.) while the track is being loaded?

  36. Luke

    @S3 Racer
    I think there was an interview with a sony dude here 1-2 weeks ago in which he said that GT5 will have full 900° steering animation. But that will likely only be visible during the time you spent offroad ^^

  37. RedBaron

    M1A1: You can see that from 3:12 on everything is going wrong. Yes, the player did some mistakes but AI are blind, can’t see the obstacle and crashing player’s car like it wasn’t there. Followed by two more cases when AI player can see the obstacle but is just crashing into it, no effort to avoid a crash. You’d certainly do the same with your car, wouldn’t you? :o)

  38. S3 Racer

    wow . Really nice hand movement. Wonder if the final product will have full animation (900degrees). Wasn’t there a utub vid from gt5p during conception uding 900° animation?

    Circuit : SAme as GT4??
    No. Look at the side textures around the track. They are different as in gt4. Second, Nür in GT4 was pretty perfect. So no change needed except polished graphs and physics. Only modification made on track are so minor (tarmac changed in karossel,…) they really don’t need to integrate it + changes where made 6 months ago, so no time.

    Awesome vid, going fast, imagine that with the mclarenf1 :S. forza 10 has no chance( actually “now” playing forza3 for a week, and they don’t have a clue of a chance. Directly when i started to play, i was comparing it to gt. And chanceless for forza. Don’t take it wrong (some), it’s a fun game, and that it is; but never can be compared with gt. It’s a good shift.

    GT5 will be awesome. All we need is a release date. At lease we know sony is cooking something up. It could become very tasty

  39. race-driver

    wow … great video. I knew this will be best racing game ever :D

    But AI is bad they should try to avoid any sort of crash, please fix that.

    Also disappointed to see some ppl trolling and RedBaron post seems, he is forza fanboy lol

  40. J.P.


    Just ignore pretty much everything RedBaron says, as it’s always ‘This is shit’, ‘That is shit’, or ‘It will be shit’

    He should change his name to ‘I’m a cock and have nothing positive or constructive to say’

  41. vampire63

    tomek_pl Says:
    January 18th, 2010 at 2:39 am

    The driver fingers go through the steering wheel. YEP if thats what the final polishing will fix we will wait two more years if nececery THIS BUG its not gt5ish

  42. DaveTheStalker

    I’d like to see the ‘Ring with a bit different lighting. Maybe cloudy, dawn, dusk, you know so it actually looks different from GT4. Are the shadows in the same exact places? If so, then it is nothing more than a prettied version of PD’s original ‘Ring. Does the paint or chalk markings change over the years or is it always freshened up so it looks the same ;)

  43. gtkiller


    I agree, the driver immediately gets in front of the Vette. It’s not surprising that the A.I. Vette rear ended the driver.

  44. M1A1

    Calling the A.I. on this video, dumb, is pure idiotic. It’s obviously that it’s the drivers fault for not looking left and right if there’s a car besides him. You people likes to bash GT aren’t you? What a morons.

  45. AMG

    and yeah nurburgring is really update real also in the if you the psp trailer you can see the nurburgring gp track grage

  46. Beast

    To GT4Ever:

    Way to contradict yourself in one paragraph!

    In one breath you say it’s not all about graphics and 200k poly cars are fine, then you go on to say Nurburgring needs updating? What is there to update? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the ring is the ring, the corners haven’t changed since it was made for GT4, so is it really any surprise it looks the same as it did in GT4?? Is it not good enough that it’s physically and historically accurate and is in HD?

    Of course, you’re all just assuming it’s the GT4 track – what if it was remade from scratch? Either way, I’m sure it’s dead on accurate and I’m sure it’ll be amazing fun to drive.

    Would you prefer PD put in a vertical loop and a few jumps with billboards for you to smash through?

  47. GT4Ever

    To above comment:

    Who cares… The cars with 200k polys look fantastic already. I prefer PD to work on other improvements for a change. Its not all about graphics. They could better use the time to improve on the sounds, and update the Nurburgring to how its now, sicne this is just the GT4 track in the new engine.

  48. gtkiller

    It should be mentioned that the player is playing on standard physics.


    Seriously you think that looks like GT4 graphics with HDR lightingr? Even from the crappy youtube video I can see that its tons better then GT4.


    WOW,what a great clip i can’t wait for this game,it looks fantastic,did you see the other cars on track? fun, fun, fun,bring it on…

  50. AMG

    I think GT5 will have beter grapix then GT5P why ? KY said that Gt5 will have 500.000 poly,
    gt5p had 200.000 poly thats more then double , plus they will polising the game tracks

  51. RedBaron

    Not only is it very GT4 version in GT5’s HDR engine and with cockpit but AI just can’t avoid you no matter what circumstances are there. It’s just still playing its destruction derby after ten years. Glad we are not able to hear the engine sound, that would be another letdown…

  52. Beast

    I don’t know what’s wrong with the first commenters… this one clip has me more excited for GT5 than most clips so far. Perhaps it’s because at least in this one the driver seems to have most of the aids off or low, and can actually drive better than 90% of the people we see in other videos (still pretty rough though, but at least he gives it some stick!). Finally I can see what it looks/feels like to really push around the ring in GT5 – and I like it.

    Even the attitude of the GTR as it rolls over the rumble strips in external view at the start is nice to watch. The way the driver gets caught out at 2:10 over the crest and again at 2:35, but can actually catch the subsequent oversteer when he renters the track are all encouraging signs. It just looks like something I WANT to drive/race, like mastering it will be a challenge, but a very rewarding one.

    The AI ramming the player after he spins is still a bit disappointing, though it only really happens once, the subsequent two times is the player fault for driving back onto the track in front of other cars.

    I also love the look of the virtual hands on the virtual wheel. They seems to be moving so naturally and the gear changes are convincing, really seems to convey the busy nature of fine steering adjustments and gear shifting. Unfortunately, in cockpit shadows still seem blocky, not sure why they can’t seem to sort that out.

    Bring on June!*

    *speculation :)

  53. DaveTheStalker

    In the video, does the logo for Nurburgring show the ‘entire’ circuit with the Nordschleife and the GP course as a whole.

  54. Waynz

    Wow finally someone on these videos that can stay on the track for more than a minute, lol.

    but seriously they would throw 5 years down the drain if they keep that single file starts. Double file is the way it should be (or standing starts)…

  55. DaveTheStalker

    About to watch on the GTPlanet YT channel. Great job Jordan posting it 26 min. ago :) For all of us phone surfers… THANK YOU! Then it’s back to ”Human Target”, new show on Fox.

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