Mount Panorama (Bathurst) Confirmed for Gran Turismo 6: New Video & Screenshots

Australia’s Mount Panorama Racing Circuit, widely known as one of the most challenging circuits in the world and home to the Bathurst 12 Hours and Bathurst 1000 races, has been officially confirmed for Gran Turismo 6.

Thanks to Lasse for the quick tip!

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  1. ScotteDawg

    Something I noticed was the lack of crazy-ass Aussie fans around the track! We can’t wait to race on it and all, but Bathurst ain’t Bathurst without the people!

  2. ScotteDawg

    Day 9 on the island; I watch this video 3 times in one sitting EVERY TIME I turn my computer on, three or four times a day…

    1. ScotteDawg

      No, and you know why I haven’t noticed it? Because it is not happening!! Look again! It is the angle of the sun reflecting off the driver’s helmet that makes it APPEAR to be clipping through the roof!!!

  3. research

    PD Employee #1: Hey its time to show off this amazing new track with a promo vid, brah!
    PD Employee #2: Sweet!
    PD Employee #1: So what cars should we put on this track to keep things fresh and exciting for the fans who are always keeping an eye on the trailers?
    PD Employee #2: Meh lets just use the same small group of cars that we’ve been trodding out since the May reveal..
    PD Employee #1: Yeah, that’ll show em!

    : /


    1. research

      This is bad form. If I am a competitor (turn10, SMS, etc..) we’re all doing high-fives around the office every time a new GT6 trailer comes out.

      Why so lame, PD? Come ON. Throw some salvos!

    2. Allek

      That would be like showing the ending of the movie in the trailer. Save something for people to discover. PD is right.

    3. research

      no, thats not what this is like. This is like several movie trailers showing the same 3 scenes over a period of months- only here the scenes are far more important in the sense of how well the movie will sell.

      I, personally, don’t even care about the car list. Give me GT5’s cars, new physics, new tracks, and an Event Creator and I’m good. But when it comes to selling your “driving” game, the smart move is to show the consumers what you’ve got in the stable.

      Showing us the same group of ‘new’ cars over and over, combined with Kaz backing off earlier promises and warning us not to expect some big features or “breakthroughs” to be in the game at release- is all starting to make my stomach turn. Something is wrong..

  4. Swagger897

    thinking about it now… I dont think these sounds will ever make it to the game.. and In a way, I hope not for all of them. At least the R18, R10, and the 908’s.. These are supposed to be diesels that were mad for efficiency. They shouldnt sound like a z06 going through corvette corner at le mans..

    just for those cars at least. It really mad me quest the legitimacy of them. And then of course, about every other PD produced trailer has sounded like such. Even the spec 2.0 does..

    1. TokoTurismo

      No one speaks to “losers”, just saying…. Oh and good job not following GT6 because I’ve heard just the oppsite. Trolls be trollin. U_U

  5. pasigiri

    I wonder if the engine sounds being heard in the video are a sample of what PD has been working on as far as engine sounds. It definitely sounds better.

    1. CarreraGT

      I doubt it. I remember getting excited over the trailer sounds for GT4. That said I’m still looking forward to the supposed engine sound update. It’s been a long time coming…

  6. sangdude82

    Apparently there were some changes around the track to improve the safety for the next week’s Bathurst 1000. Is that mean the track PD has scanned is already outdated? What’s your view on this, ScotteDawg?

    1. ScotteDawg

      I think the changes made this year will not be visually noticeable so they may not play a big part in how racing is affected in GT6!
      If it were to affect the racing, PD may have already been told about it and would have already implemented these changes to the game!

    1. ScotteDawg

      Early days yet! Remember, there are 200 new cars added to the game and we have seen only around 28! Ya never know what’s waiting for us when we put the game in the PS3!

    2. sangdude82

      Who knows. PD might surprise us during the Bathurst 1000 with inclusion of some of the V8 supercars to play in the demo.

  7. David Brooks

    I was trying to watch this video to see if the gum trees looked 3D or 2D. Couldn’t decide in the end. What do other people think?

    1. ScotteDawg

      That’s something I was thinking about too! Not what other people thought, that the trees actually looked to be done in proper 3D!

  8. Strop

    Well bugger me :-) Never thought I’d see this day. Car dynamics look good too and the sound is excellent, especially the V8 supercar downshifting early in the clip. Of course everyone is going to jump on me that the audio is more than likely fudged but that does raise an interesting point. Despite PD claiming that their car sounds are mic’ed accurately and people just don’t know what real cars sound like, they always manage to make the fudged trailers sound great (like this one) so they clearly know what it *should* sound like and they just haven’t figured out yet how to make it sound like that in the real game.

    1. Amac500

      Wait, where is there a V8 Supercar in this clip? I didn’t see one. As far as sounds, the movie ones are what PD is aiming for with their new capture technique that we will see in an update to GT6 at some point.

    2. HarVee

      V8 Supercar? I don’t see any. Unless you’re referring to the Daytona Coupe. But that isn’t really a V8 supercar, more along the lines of a V8 sportscar.

    3. sangdude82

      I agree. The downshfting sound at the early part of the trailer does sound similar to a V8 supercars racing car.

  9. Blood*Specter

    Hopefully two thing happen. First my racing buddies start to drive a track other than the RING.
    Second, we get some additional V8 Supercars and Aussie tracks.

    I cant wait to see what the haters have to say about this addition. Because we all know PD’s tracks are pretty much spot on real. If those engine sounds are even close to what GT6 will support, you can scratch another hate object.

    Bottom line, no way I don’t own GT6 day one. And I’m sure more than a few haters will too.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Every time I log on, even if I’m going to bookface, I still come here to watch this video!!

      I lost count after about 20 or so viewings…

    2. sangdude82

      Lol, I’ve downloaded the trailer off the Youtube and put it on my phone. So I can watch it over and over. I never get sick of it :)

    1. sayba2th

      Same, V8 Supercars as it was known out here was a fantastic racing game, so many styles of racing it was one of the best PS2 games for mine. Love it!

    2. Blood*Specter

      TOCA was one of the very best racing console games ever made. I’m still hoping for part II after all these years.
      They didn’t have the Ring, but they had almost everything else. Like Hockenheimring long and Phillip Island for starters.
      Too bad the old hockenheim course is gone.

    3. sayba2th

      They actually had V8 Supercars 3, which was the one I still have, which morphed in to Race Driver: Grid and Race Driver: Grid2. The old Hockenheim ring was a fantastic track shame they changed it. We may see PI in GT6 yet pending the announcements of the other Aussie track / tracks. Great games all the same

    4. Froudeybrand

      I can do a constant 2:21 to 2:10 on this track with rFactor so hopefully since I am used to GT5/ 6 (demo) physics it can get a better constant lap time

    5. Allek

      Too bad one of the best track collections is to be found in NFS Shift 2, including the old Hockenheimring, old Silverstone, old Monza, Brands Hatch, Oschersleben, Zolder, BRNO, Donington, Road America and Mount Panorama. What a waste.

  10. GTP IWIN

    Nurburgring is now 2nd favourite track in gran turismo bring on bathurst what most of you don’t understand about this track that makes it so hard is there is so many blind corners on the top of the mountain its is the best track that the aussies have to offer enjoy all.

    1. sayba2th

      Also the drop from skyline through the dipper is a crazy steep gradient the TV cannot do it justice, and then the turn in to Forrest’s elbow is a lot tighter than it looks, so demanding on the drivers esp when there is 161 laps in total. Respect +!

  11. hobanator24

    My biggest concern right now is if it’s going to be available upon release, of down the road as dlc? Didn’t they mention something about the Goodwood Hill Climb event being released later on as dlc awhile ago? That makes me worried for this track.

    1. adam46

      That was a reference to the rally stage at Goodwood, not the hillclimb. Or at least that’s what I remember…

    2. MeanElf

      True, the rally stage might be released later. Bathurst is on the official GT6 site, so it’ll be there.

  12. ZeroGamingHD

    Im getting more and more excited when more news about GT6 comes out!

    I have never driven this track so it should be intresting!

    06-12-13. Im ready!

    1. sayba2th

      Sweeeeeeeeet, YOU, are gonna looooove this track, I am certain this will become one of your top 3 instantly! Have fun brah!!!!

    2. sayba2th

      For me the ring (24hr version Nordschleife & the GP track combined) still reigns supreme, simply due to the length, amount of corners, the variations of the corners and the fact that this is where everyone who is anyone in the motoring world (manufacturers) have this as the ultimate universal proving ground (using just the Nordschleife). Now Bathurst at number 2 followed by Spa in 3rd! But we agree that these tracks are both our top 3.

    3. ScotteDawg

      From a motoring world perspective, sure, the Nordschliefe is the number one track… In the world! I will not disagree with that, but from an Aussie pride point of view, Bathurst is #1!!

      And yeah, I meant the FULL 24hr, not type V. I like it but, because I do cat and mouse so often, I don’t get to drive on it enough. (track votes and all – not a fave of others in the room!)

    4. sayba2th

      Absolutely from a motoring perspective and 100% on the money from an Aussie perspective, it’s number one absolutely without doubt, It would be very “unastrayian” of me if I didn’t. We are in complete agreement there cuz!

    5. MeanElf

      It’s okay ZeroGaming, I’ve never driven on this track in a game either – though I have heard a lot about it from the guys I race with. Looks like I’m in for a treat.

    1. Swagger897

      so far.. I saw both of the 908’s from GT5 and we are supposed to get the Deltawing… see my other posts about that though for the true details of that car

  13. Eyes Fried Open

    Was it not said a while back, that two Aussie locations would be revealed? It was a give-in that we knew about Bathurst, I’m just wondering about the other location now.

    Also i guess its time to pull out those R32 GTRs and start peeling back V8’s like they use to. I really hope they put in at least a V8 supercar of each breed and from a couple of different eras. The ultimate for me would be the GTR’s That dominated them, even with the weight and boost penalty’s they incurred to make it closer. Until they couldn’t beat them so they got rid of them. but even if i don’t get them my Calsonic R32 will suffice.

    All you Ford and Holden(Glorified Vauxhall) people know the skyline(s) I’m talking bout don’t you. Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge. Just in case you all forgot i remember the Gibson motor sports & Winfeild racing BNR32 GTR’s Cleaning the up the V8 Rubbish.

    Just 1 final comment. “THOSE WHO CAN, DRIVE NISSAN”

    1. ScotteDawg

      Holden is NOT a glorified Vauxhall. It was making it’s own cars long before GM purchased Opel, Vauxhall and Holden!

      Congratulations on your memory – those omega3 tablets are working I see!



    Awesome! It looks to have time change also. I can’t wait. I just paid off the remaining balance on my copy of GT6. 12/6/2013 cant come fast enough, only 64 more days!

    1. sayba2th

      Well, well, well, you proved my point imbecile. You did not reply online when you got destroyed by my last post in reply to one you made because you were being a an insulting, condescending & pompous git to some fellow members. DON’T YOU EVER come through and post some as I said you would, lame ass generic insults and do it on my PSN account via private messages where no one on here can see you, in fact I blocked your sorry pathetic self. Win lose or draw racing me does not change the fact that you are a nothing more than an immature fool who can’t take one on the chin and learn a lesson.
      I am posting this here to let the whole of GTP know about you. If you had a set you would have constructed a well thought out reply but no you challenge me to a race at 6:00 am in the morning, where I am I’m still asleep at that hour. Then post another few messages when I didn’t reply telling me yeah that’s what you thought, I am scared. Pfffft Idiot. May as well be flipping me the bird while going past me in a train.
      You are not a man by a long stretch of any imagination so don’t fool yourself any further to think or pretend you are and if you send anything to my messages I will forward to the moderators and get your sorry sad rear ejected for violating AUP you pathetic waste of space.
      Don’t play in the sand pit with the big boys if you don’t want a mouthful of sand, if you post an opinion be prepared for it to be challenged. If you can’t deal with that that STFU and don’t post

    2. TokoTurismo

      I so agree with you sayba2th. +1. This, PERSON, also private messaged me too on Saturday afternoon. Telling me a whole pack of garbage, bringing up his childish insults and telling me I should race him… I just ignored him. This guy has serious problems it’s not even funny…

    3. sayba2th

      @ SD, I read this clown like a manuscript guys, before he even came out.

      @ Toko, I thought he may have hit you and Mr C5 Z06 Vette with the same garbage he tried to hit me with which proves me right once again. I actually feel sorry for how pathetic this person really is.

      The audacious nerve of him barking an order at me, thinking I was gonna jump at his whim, had me in stitches for some time. He is the last person I am going to take a command from or have to explain myself to.

      The whole thing is if you throw sand at me then I am doing unload a dump truck of sand on you. This person needs to take a good hard look at them selves before they start hurling boulders in a rice paper house. Anyway I have said my piece time to move on to more positive things like GT6 and Mt. Panorama!!!!!

    4. Quigz125

      GRAN_TURISMAN = OWNED. *starts a slow clap*. I’m not one that got a message by him but I know people like him. Good job sayba2th

  15. JoeH187

    Too many spoilers for me! I’m excited for this game, but I want to be surprised once I popped it in the PS3! see you guys after launch.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Yes, spoilers! He – JoeH187 – is referring to content! What he is saying is that he doesn’t want to kn…

      Aaaaahhh, stuff it! If you can’t work it out for yourself then God help you…

  16. unrealnoise

    I’m so happy. I say that the engine sound is better. It seems not a fake sound, I think that it’s a nice sound from the real gameplay. Finally!! Good job PD, keep up the good work!

    1. Griffith500

      Still dubbed, but it’s a much better job than previous offerings. I’d be very surprised to hear the new sounds in a trailer for GT6, but I’d happily be surprised.

  17. JacoJa

    I hate that Fujitsu air conditioning guy.

    This is the news I’ve been waiting for though. Amazing track… And finally Australia gets some proper representation in a Gran Turismo game! :D

  18. TheGTGuy

    GT6 looks amazing, I can’t wait to buy it. I find that PD does a better job then Turn 10 and EA with Shift when it comes to capturing tracks. PD nail them perfectly where as Turn 10 and EA make the tracks to wide. Great work PD, credit where it’s due.

  19. Roger the Horse

    Is it just me who thought the music playing at the start of the trailer was The Chemical Brothers mix of Everything Must Go, and then felt disappointed when it turned out it wasn’t using the intro music from GT1…

    1. sayba2th

      Actually SD I gotta say I was thinking the same thing as RTH initially but there was not disappointment when it wasn’t.

  20. Vinylshark

    Do we finally get more and newer V8 Supercars or will PD just simply throw the Falcon from GT4 into the game?

    1. ScotteDawg

      I have “Liked” Gran Turismo on fb (along with absolute heaps of other people) and myself and a very large Australian contingent have put forward requests for a lot of Aussie road and race cars!
      These requests have been going in for quite some time now, so lets hope they’ve taken notice!

    2. sayba2th

      The Falcon was also in GT5 and will be in GT6 as well. And as SD has stated we “Aussies” have been clamoring for quite some time to see the “Big Bangers” (the name dubbed to the old Group C race cars) and the like amongst a number of many other great Oz cars past and prestent make their way in to the game. I think that we will see what they are next week when the Mountain gets cracking for another edition of the 1000.

  21. NOSWaster

    Did anyone notice that on an in-car shot, the sound exactly matched the tach? Could this also be a preview of GT6’s new sounds, despite them not being complete?

    1. NOSWaster

      It starts at 0:43, but it’s of a street GT-R, and it sounds like a racing car. So, either it’s sounds from a racing car or a tuned engine with a racing transmission in a GT-R. I really hope it’s the latter. That would make me so excited for the new sound system.

    2. NOSWaster

      But it does. Listen to the sound of the first downshift. Constant RPM, then the sound gives two distinct rev-ups, to match the tach. Then the tach falls and downshifts again according to the sound.

      The gear ratio might not match, but the sound timing completely matches. I’ve watched it about 10 times over. I’ll download the video and watch it in slow motion if I have to.

    3. NOSWaster

      Extra comment, after looking at the speedo, yeah, that sound and tach animation are either faked, or the speedo and dash are bugged. I’m willing to bet it’s the former. Oh well. I can dream.

  22. LR-MR-Cole

    From what I see there is only, if you count 28 new cars that are constantly coming up in these videos. I just hope there are much more for GT6 which I am almost sure there will be but Im just getting nervous with the engine sounds and from what Im seeing for new cars. However I am still stoked to get this game.

  23. LR-MR-Cole

    From what I see there is only, if you count 28 new cars that are constantly coming up in these videos. I just hope there are much more for GT6 which I am almost sure there will be but Im just getting nervous with the engine sounds and from what Im seeing for new cars. However I am stil

  24. Sniffs

    Irony. I was just watching Top Gear repeats where they were talking about this (basically, a fight day with a race breaking out in it :P), and now I’m intrigued.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Great episode, Hammond reviewing the Vauxhall VXR8 (Holden Commodore Sedan worked by HSV) and the Maloo Ute (Holden Commodore Ute worked by HSV)! The excitement on his face was truly a sight to behold!!!

  25. Swagger897

    Another thing that one can see in the very first 10 seconds of the video is the rocking of the front suspension left and right. You can see this by the front splitter going down and up and forth and so and the wheel wells lowering and rising from the tires… Just the little things that ive seen in this trailer in which ive never seen before. So before you prove me wrong, find a video of your argument and we will just see..

  26. Swagger897

    Can anyone get some High Quality pictures of that R18 in the black in white with and with out the trees in the way?? Would make a great Google Chrome theme..

  27. tpark103

    Fun track that gets technical it’s easy to lose speed if you don’t run the right lines. I’m sure PD has captured the true beauty and realizm of the location. A confirmation of what most of us have already known was coming and a great addition.

  28. ajrichar

    If only PD could now add some Premium Australian road and race cars.

    Road cars:

    Ford Falcon XW GTHO Phase II
    Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase III
    Ford Falcon XA GTHO Phase IV
    Holden Torana GTR XU-1
    Holden Torana A9X
    Valiant Charger E38
    Valiant Charger E49
    Holden Commodore VK Brock ‘Blue Meanie’
    Holden Commodore VL Walkinshaw
    FPV GT-P
    FPV F6 Typhoon
    HSV VT Commodore GTS
    HSV W427
    HRT 427
    Holden Monaro HK GTS 327

    Race cars (remembering no tobacco sponsorship can be replicated):

    1989 Ford Sierra RS500 ‘Shell’ Johnson/Bowe
    1971 Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase III Moffat
    1991 R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R Skaife/Richards
    1987 Holden Commodore VL Mobil Brock
    1990 Holden Commodore VL Walkinshaw Grice/Percy
    1977 Ford Falcon XC Moffat Dealer Team 1-2 finish cars
    1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Texaco (Bathurst disqualified cars)
    1968 Holden Monaro HK GTS 327 McPhee/Mulholland
    And so on…

    I’m tremendously excited about the confirmation that Bathurst is in the game. We all suspected it would be as PD employees were spotted there measuring the track, but official confirmation is always good. It’s an epic track that, even at normal road speeds of 60 km/h is breathtaking. I drove the track last year when visiting Bathurst and it was steeper and narrower than the television cameras show it to be. The entire section between McPhillamy Park to Forest Elbow is like threading the eye of a needle. At speed, racing other cars, it’d be a mix of exhilaration and outright fear.

    I hope the steep gradients and narrowness are translated accurately in the game. Oh, and I stayed in the hotel that’s been modelled at the Armor All bridge going into the final corner. Great attention to detail. I wonder though if they modelled the small plaque set into the inside concrete wall at Sulman Park? Maybe that’d be an Easter Egg type thing…..?

    1. ScotteDawg

      Without the tobacco sponsorship, a hell of a lot of racing liveries can’t be done! Having the A9X without the Marlborough livery of the Holden Dealer Team that Australia’s King of the Mountain used, what’s the point? Though, I guess a “look-a-like” livery could be done… You know, change the name but keep the colours.

    2. sangdude82

      @ ScotteDawg

      Is Winfield a tobacco company? If so, I’m not sure if that Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R that won the 1991 Bathurst 1000 can be included in GT6… :'(

    3. ScotteDawg

      Winfield is a tobacco ‘product’ and, unfortunately, falls under some law that bans tobacco advertising at sporting events.
      However, with some of the older cars that were used before the legislation came in, there could be a loop-hole where the cars come in under some ‘historical’ banner. That would keep us all happy!!!
      It is, ultimately, up to PD as to whether or not THEY want to include the older race cars with such advertising!
      (The same wowsers wanted to ban alcohol advertising too, but that was overturned!)

      I never played Grand Theft Auto, but I have seen screen shots and I guess that’s what you’d compare it to! Instead of Winfield they could do Wingfield and instead of Marlboro they could do Madboro!

      Yeah, I spelled Marlboro wrong in my previous answer to this…

    4. sayba2th

      Let’s hope SD as Kaz apparently loves “Darts” near as much as cars so I don’t know if he would have issues. But worse case I will take the car with all other sponsorship minus the Marlboro (as much as that would **** me off I would kill to run that day glo VK of 84’s HDT 1, 2 finish around the mountain and just for a second imagine I am doing my stint with the “King of the Mountain”. Now that would be EPIC!!!!!

    5. ScotteDawg

      I wanna run the A9X Torana against an XC Falcon (Brock vs. Moffatt) in a 20 lapper of the Mountain amongst a full field of competitors in Holdens and Fords from the mid 70’s!

      THAT would be sweet!

  29. karelpipa

    See the sounds?

    GREAT (for most of the cars).

    They just cannot add them in the game. Why? Its really a hardware problem? (too powerless?)
    I dont think so.

    1. ScotteDawg

      A Vauxhall VXR8!? A Vauxhall??? I don’t think so sunshine!

      Sorry, but Bathurst is an Australian track and it deserves only the best – Holden, HDT, HRT, HSV, Ford, FPR, FPV…

      Anyway, who do you think made the VXR8? Holden, with tuning and bodywork by HSV (Holden Special Vehicles)!

      Anyone can race what they want on the track, but why a Vauxhall badged Holden? Is it just because it has the name Bathurst attached to it? In my eyes, that’s not good enough!!!

    2. jhw93

      Well a Vauxhall VXR8 is essentially a Holden so what difference does it make? reason why I mentioned it is because I live in the UK and we have a bathurst version of the Vauxhall VXR8. If the Holden has a bathurst edition of the HSV then put that in, dosen’t really matter because its the same car.

    3. Youngun

      Calm down sunny, same car different badge. Must be used to that by now in GT5. VAUXHALL VXR8 and Manaro we’re the only VAUXHALLS i like before the latest GTC Astra VXR.

    4. sangdude82

      It’s always good to use the original brand. I mean, when the next gen Ford Mustang arrives in Australia and some game developer includes that car with FPV logo, all the Americans will go ‘WTF!!!’ lol.

  30. Swagger897

    If someone was around me for that first scene, they would’ve seen that I was having a seizure and compulsively rocking back and forth on my side..

    This game… Is going to be… epic..
    On A side note however, shouldnt our game replays always sound like that though?

    1. Swagger897

      So it looked like the only LMP1’s we will have still are the R10, R18, and both of the GT5 908’s…. Bummer. Was hoping for some better and even competition… I wonder how far the Toyota HQ for their motorracing is away from the PD studios

    2. Swagger897

      Yes but Garage 56 is a Test-form only. It has no classifications in LMP1 or 2, so the ACO created a Test-car category. The Deltawing when it was originally with Nissan was in that category, and the ZEOD will be in that category.
      However the closed cockpit Deltawing that runs in the ALMS or whatever they are about to be called, desinged by Dr. Panoz, will be from what I’ve read is that in 2013 it will be a full LMP1…

      However, we are getting the full Nissan sponsored one, so it isnt going to be under LMP1 or 2, but rather the test-car..

      I wish they would go out to more LMP 2 teams. We have some great tracks where those open cars can zoom around and make fast laps… Especially at all the GT created tracks such as Trial Mountain and the Special Stage Rt 5 or the clubman stage track.. Great tracks for some fun cars

  31. AERO_HDT

    Wow… what an amazing render of Australia’s greatest circuit! The first thing I noticed… the fauna and the trees! There’s no mistaking an Aussie gum tree! Bloody awesome!

    The second thing I noticed… Aussie sponsorship! Hahahahaha, great to see garbage kings Cleanaway, King Gee workwear and the famous Armorall arch (they’re American, I know, but still…) .

    Now comes the hardest part… are there any kangaroos on the track?

    1. Johnnypenso

      I’d almost bet there is a ‘roo hiding there somewhere, like the monkey and the cat in previous games!!

    1. ScotteDawg

      If a VW Kombi was taken on Mt Panorama, it would NOT be able to drive up through The Cutting at any speed, though it might have a chance in 1st. (Don’t try it with an auto geared Kombi (Sambabus))

      As I’ve said, I play cat and mouse, and the “mouse” cars are barely tuned Toyota Vitz’s! These cars have difficulties going uphill on the embankments at either end of the main straight of High Speed Ring!!!

  32. VBR

    What a great job PD have done on this track, it looks absolutely gorgeous, & I can’t wait to go for a drive on it! :D

  33. DawgCCCP

    I hope the sounds used in this video, will be some future updated sounds in the game. That would be sick!

  34. Islaygaz

    This video just oozes passion for Motorsport! A passion that only Gran Turismo seems to be able to capture!

  35. freaky40

    this is wot i,ve been waiting 4, nurbergring 24hr and gp , sarthe , spa , laguna etc and now this track, racing will be sweet as

    1. MeanElf

      That’d be cool – the track begs for some classic V8s. If no news soon, then I’m really betting on a Bathurst car pack.

    2. Normalaatsra

      Well Elf, the other “top secret” Australian location should be the right time to introduce V8s and typical Australian automotive selections. Remember, every month is DLC, and every DLC contains one circuit, which I personally think it’s likely it is related to the theme of the cars selected in the DLC.

    3. ScotteDawg

      Something else to keep in mind is the fact that we’ve only been told of 25 cars that ARE coming to GT6 out of 200! There are still 175 cars we don’t know about yet!!!
      Will our Aussie V8’s be amongst them? Hard to say at the moment, but if there’s going to be 2 Aussie tracks, it stands to reason that there’d be PREMIUM Aussie cars too!

    4. MeanElf

      Yup, I was going to mention the 200 new cars but forgot the number for some reason (probably getting old) so I do think it stands to reason. Hell, if we can have a bunch of NASCAR then the V8s deserve a few premiums too.

      Off the subject, but still on about the 200 new cars (well, 170+ now) I think maybe the Triumph GT6 might get included – with a name like that, it just has to…

    5. ScotteDawg

      The “Trumpy” GT6 would have to come in and, if it does, so would the TR7!

      Also, on cars that SHOULD be in the game, the MG X-POWER would be nice! In GT5, one of the paint colours we were “given” was called X-Power Grey! That’s right, an FR, V8 MG! If you want to know more about this car, follow this link –

      With regards to a Bathurst pack of cars, I was thinking an Australian pack of road cars with the option to race modify and have a choice of 8 liveries per car! It would save PD doubling up on cars!!!

    6. MeanElf

      Codemasters hinted at a TR7 rally version for D3 but that appeared to fall through – I’ve been wanting one in a game ever since…

  36. adman82

    Looks great, this will be the first track I drive.

    I never thought I’d see Mark Taylors head in a GT game but there you go. Onya Tubby!

  37. jecklland

    For those who are asking the name of the song: Akihasa Yamaguchi - The First Person – LINK on YOUTUBE: /watch?v=4YQbhVWYqko

  38. RedBaron

    Wonderful new track with day/night transition! Now it would be nice to have many V8 cars from historic to actual ones.

    1. racingRAW

      Looks amazing, sounds amazing. I’m hoping this is a preview for what their sound generation is going to be like when they patch the game. Because the sound is this video, is just amazing.

  39. sayba2th

    I know there are a number of skeptics at present re the sounds which are brilliant in the concept vid, but Kaz has been openly saying that they (PD) are working on this but as ccar795 states below “I’m thinking, Polyphony is using the trailers as a testing area for the new sounds” does this not make some sense?
    Of course the announcement has been made about these being patched in day 1 but can we at least look at this with an optimistic view to a change in PD, GT6 is already shaping up to be the best GT yet, the new cars already announced, the tracks, the course maker and the physics have all had snippets shown in some way shape or form.
    Once again let’s not jump to conclusions and make assumptions about what we are or are not getting til we see what release day and patch bring, for me things are looking very promising!

  40. Not_A_Guest

    Wonder if it’ll sound like that in the game after a few hundred updates. The circuit looks gorgeous though. I guess that’s the most important part, huh? ;)

    1. 05XR8

      The most important are the cars to represent the Mountain. Turn 10 said theyll have 2 cars but, could be a full grid of V8SC as thwy have done prwviously. GT6 need to have the Altimas at the minimum. Im sure the sounds for the race cars will be food. As far as the road cars, Im not worried. Most of my gaming experience is invested in Gran Turismo. All I can picture is me only racing on the Mpuntain for 24hours. Id happily race back to back to back as soon as I pick up my pre-order.

      Just realised I’ll be at the Sydney 500 when the came comes out!!!

  41. 05XR8

    I tell you, if PD do attend and have some simulators down there and they have some a V8 Supercar Demo, I say, they win.

    1. Swagger897

      but some of the cars in the spec 2.0 and original opening movie still sound similar. Such as the Mercedes SLS when it’s at the nurb and trailing the Ford GT.. But in my opinion, when you can close your eyes, and it sounds like your at Le Mans on the pit straight, and its on a game…

      That will be awesome.

  42. TokoTurismo

    Oh and also. It does look like PD is listening to their fans, because I remember from the feedback section this track was highly requested. And the fact that Bathurst is in GT6 now, this proves PD does listen to their fans no matter how much the naysayers say they don’t.

    Lets jump in glee everyone, W00T!!!!! ;D

    1. sangdude82

      May be PD can do night time in Monaco. Plus, Yas Marina circuit with day/night cycle and Singapore F1 street circuit.
      Toko, do you reckon Yas Marina is high up on the tracks requested by fans list?

    2. TokoTurismo

      Sadly it wasn’t sangdude82. :( But I wish it was though. Maybe someday we’ll see I hope, but I can wait. We got the course maker. :D

    3. sayba2th

      Lame, Yas is spectacular and beats the living you know what out of a lot of other tracks. I would also like Circuit Paul Ricard as well!

  43. Amac500

    This might have been one of the worst kept secrets in Gran Turismo history, lol, I feel as if PD was just like “Well we might as well acknowledge it already.” Still this is very very cool and the GT6 concept movies are still, as always, pure sex.

    1. sayba2th

      True 500 but as the saying goes it’s no deal til the cash is in the bank or PD officially confirm, now the fun begins!

    1. TomBrady

      It really could be. Getting a few cars right is easy. Getting 1200 cars to all have the same fidelity is quite a task.

      Eitherway I have faith they can deliver better sounds. The core sound of the LFA in GT5 was amazing. All it needed was maybe a little extra oomph and some ambient sounds to go with it and it would be perfect.

  44. NoonenF1

    I’m always a fan of new tracks!

    But I have to ask, why are there never any fans at a lot of the tracks in the GT series?

  45. Boosted_01_R

    looks good but tire physics still looks behind Live For Speed tire physics…. no sidewall flex at all on any car that I could see…. hopefully they fix that along with allowing tire pressure adjustments…. only time will tell I guess…… hopefully some premium V8 supercars also….

  46. jasr73

    Down Under we’d say PD has got on the front foot and smashed this one out of the park right over Long Off and cleared the Members Grandstand – luv’ ya’ work PD. :)

  47. Madman Apex

    its a shame that the cockpit camera/driver’s head wont bounce around like that in the finished game

  48. Pro_ARCHER46

    I reckon the Nissan V8SC cars will be in the game. Nissan will want international recognition for their factory V8 Team and considering they sponsor GT Academy they’ll be in there.

  49. Mr C5 Z06 Vette

    If only we can get some aussie V8 supercars (or V8 hypercars as I call them) and we’d be able to host an online bathurst 1000 using the new way to organize events that was looked upon briefly a while ago when we saw the new online room layout

    1. Nato_777

      No sign of any in this trailer, but they could be leaving it to reveal (if there are any) until the actual Bathurst event. Gotta say I’m doubtful though at this stage.

  50. Pit Crew

    One sound PD gets right without updates IMO, is the music to these official gt6 videos. Always seem to fit the atmosphere of the on screen action.

    Those sounds samples are quite promising but please PD, don’t touch the Ford GT Spec 2 Test Car, or any Ford GT for that matter.

    1. sayba2th

      + 1 PC, they always do a great job with evoking drama and anticipation with the music, cut scenes and slow mo’s to create that atmosphere you discussed.

  51. 05XR8

    Just need:
    2 Red Bull Racing Australia Commodores
    2 Norton 360 ALTIMAS
    2 Erebus Motorsport AMGs
    2 Volvo/Polestar S60s
    2 HRT Commodores
    2 DJR Falcoms
    2 BJR Commodores
    And we have our 16 cars for full grid!
    Or we can have the top 10 cars and PD add the Torana A9X, Brock’s Comodore, the Moffat Falcon coupes, Tuff Green Falcon, Winfield GT-R, SHELL Sierra, JPS 635CSi, TWR Jaguar and Greg Murphy Kmart “Lap of the gods” Commodore. For starters…

    1. sangdude82

      You forgot to mention the Jim Beam Racing Altimas & Gibson Motorsport ‘you are pack of a******s’ R32 Skyline GT-R :D

    2. sangdude82

      You reckon they won’t include Jack Daniels ones because PD doesn’t want to be the part of promoting alcohol brand? Oh, true… Winfield is a cigarette company, right? I wonder what PD will say about cigarette companies.

  52. Mubble

    Although the sounds are dubbed, at least it shows that PD are aware what the cars should be sounding like.

    1. HuskyGT

      Despite my comment below, I think your comment explains it better. PD definitely knows how these cars should sound, so there is no excuse now not to fix them in-game.

      I’m not very demanding. They don’t have to use ultra-realistic sounds as long as each car sounds how it’s supposed to. The early videos of the Mercedes SLS GT3 sounded like a V12. If in this video they did make it sound like a V8, then they know, and as I said before, there is no excuse not to make it that way in the game.

    2. research

      did you guys not ever see any GT5 promos? They did the exact same crap. At the end of one in particular was a superGT Xanavi GTR flying by the camera on the ‘ring making a RAUCUS sound.

      They’ve been dubbing/placeholding/falsifying for 3+ years now. There is no proof of a new direction here.

    1. Jav

      Yes they are just thrown in and still wrong in some cases, but the fact that they did it is a step in the right direction…

    2. HuskyGT

      hold on a sec. Those sounds could very well be just added for effects, but it’s surprising that some of these sounds do match with the car they are placed in. That Pagani did sound like a V12, the SLS GT3 sounded like a V8 unlike in the demo videos… I don’t want to jump into conclusions, but after waiting for so long, could it be that they are finally doing it right?

      If GT6 goes out and the Pagani still has the BMW M5’s V10 sample, after they made it sound correct in this video, I will feel a bit disappointed.

    3. HuskyGT

      Yes, it wouldn’t surprise me. PD has done things backwards before regarding sounds. A good example: Mercedes Benz CL600, BMW M3 E46, among a couple others that had their sound right in GT4 and not in GT5.

  53. SavageEvil

    The grass on Bathhurst is needed on Nurburgring and other furry stages like these, so it won’t look so damn clean cut all the time as if someone has the best gardeners in the worlds working on those circuits every few weeks. Bathurst 24hr anyone!?!?

  54. KYD302

    Ok awesome but we can’t have Bathurst with no FPV’s PD was gay for not putting them in GT5 an I want some V8 supercars not another ten GTR’s

    1. sayba2th

      Yes of course they are, all of them at PD were on a float at the Sydney mardis gras might be coming as DLC. This boils down to licensing again. You had an FPV in GT5 Seton’s numver 5 2000 XR8 this will be in GT6 regardless of whether or not others are. However more of the V8’s are needed Holden, Ford, Nissan & AMG

  55. slackboy72

    How long till someone smashes Jenson Button’s lap record?

    Having driven it in an old ovlov and spectated there I can’t wait.

  56. MPH1995Deniz

    I used to listen to that track everyday from the GT5 music library, was so nice to hear it in this video. Was a really nice surprise for me.
    Once GT6 is in my PS3, that eject button will never be pressed ever again! GTA 5 will start collecting dust from the 6th December lol

  57. TeamCZRRacing

    The first thing I’m doing when I’m able to is I’m taking the Ford Falcon XR8 out for a track day here. V8 SUPERCARS RULES!

  58. KWZX10

    I was really happy just reading the title…that i’ve watched the video.. day night circle. Time to use the ”take my money” meme, probably.

    1. MeanElf

      Me too – when I saw the track has day/night I went straight back and watched it again. Some really great views there too.

  59. marktyper

    Nice video! Damn I told myself not to buy GT6 right away but I guess I would need to break my promise to myself. :)

  60. sayba2th

    Hahahahaha, they even got Tubby’s mug on the Fujitsu sponsorship with the pic of the SLS, A cricket legend being immortalised in a car game, well played Mark Taylor well played, so much win in that alone!

  61. swynder

    I´m already hypped as it is just to get to race in Bathurst in GT6, and better yet, it can be at night, it would just be kick-ass if PD also gave the game some aussie V8 Supercars or just some australian cars.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Holden (GM) – FJ, EH, HG Premier, HG Ute, HG Monaro, HK Kingswood, HK Monaro, HQ Premier, HQ Monaro, WB Ute, XU-1 Torana, A9X Torana (SLR5000), VF Sedan, VF Ute, Efijy concept.
      Ford – XY GT-HO Phase III, XC Coupe, XC Cobra, FG Ute, FG Sedan
      AND – HSV & FPV vehicles…

      Quick history note – Holden has won at Bathurst more than any other make of car!

    2. ajrichar

      Of course Holden have won more than any other manufacturer – Ford and Holden ensured they’ve had the last 20 years stitched up so no other manufacturers could compete.

      That’s like having Manchester United and Aston Villa as the only two teams playing in the Premier League for the past 20 years and marvelling that Man U have won more titles than anyone else….

  62. AJHG1000

    This morning (PST) I was strangely telling to myself that they were gonna release trailer today

    Not disappointed…

  63. ScotteDawg

    I almost had an organism! My heart was in my throat!

    Night racing on Mt Panorama?! Oh yeah!!!

    I’m speechless… for now. I’ll regain my composure and check back in later…

    1. sayba2th

      Yeah I hear ya SD, I had to contain myself from running around the office I work in while wooting and yeeeewing and busting out all the breakdance moves so I didn’t alienate my work colleagues any further

  64. 20B_4ME

    Now please give us more Australian cars besides the old VY Commodore SS and Monaro. We need the Ford Falcons, Valiant Pacer and E39 Charger too!

  65. sayba2th

    *%&^ ME!!!!!! It does not get much more real than that! I have had the privilege of driving this amazing track before as I have mentioned previously and from what I can see they have nailed it the way PD do when they deliver! Anyone who has never experienced this racing masterpiece is going to be blown away and it will become a favorite of yours very quickly.

    I was highly surprised though they did not wait til next week to make the announcement however this is extremely welcomed news. Looking forward to see if Phillip Island or Surfers Paradise or even Sandown, Melbourne GP or Adelaide GP to a lesser extent are on or two of the other Aussie tracks that will make GT6.

    This was something I have been waiting 15 years to see Mt Panorama in a GT game and as a Proud Aussie this is just pure magic!

    1. sangdude82

      I think PD has decided to release the trailer today to counter the screenshots of Bathurst from Forza 5. I bet those two developers will bring their version of the track to Bathurst 1000 and we gonna see some game plays :)

    2. sayba2th

      Makes me wanna up and get down there for the race next weekend Sang so I can see them if that’s the case any GT / Forza fans that will be there are going to have an epic time if they do!!!!

    1. sayba2th

      We can only hope!!!! Maybe that’s what will get announced race weekend now that the track is 100% confirmed

  66. Zuel

    I’m really going to enjoy the track during the night and going into night fall. This will be another favorite among the community.

    1. sayba2th

      Doesn’t get much better! Awesome another 24 hour track to go along with Nurb, Sarthe and Spa which all run 24hr events. Peeps will go ballistic with this!

    2. sangdude82

      It would be 1000 times cooler if FIA GT Series, Blancpain Endurance Series (24hr like Spa) & World Endurance Championship could come to Bathurst in the near future.

    3. sayba2th

      Agreed Sang, I would love nothing more than to see an Audi R18 in full flight along Conrod would be just epic. Any of those series would benefit from having Mt Panorama in it’s season program.

  67. sangdude82

    So, I guess that both PD & Turn 10 will have the booths set up on Bathurst 1000 next week so people can have a taste on their version of Bathurst.

  68. Foxiol

    Amazing!!! Our spy at Bathurst was quite accurate with his info after all. lol

    Show more PD and put those sounds in the game!

    1. Nato_777

      Although I’m certain those sounds are dubbed over I’m also mildly optimistic that they are also indicative of the sounds PD are trying to arrive at with their “breakthrough”. While I don’t really buy into the whole sound debate (I get it – but it’s not a deal-breaker for me), there’s no denying that GT’s sounds are fairly flat and thin, and that the sound in the trailer has much more ‘phat’ and is way more dynamic which adds greatly to the atmosphere and overall experience.

    1. GTbyPlaystation

      Same here! Can’t wait to see how Skyline looks before diving down into the Esses – PD hopefully will have nailed the gradient and everything!!!

  69. sparkytooth

    One more reason I require this game to finish off my short but sweet stay in the 7th console generation.

  70. 20B_4ME

    Bye bye Forza. At least until the Xbox One gets much cheaper and has decent wheels. But by then GT7 will be out anyways :)

    1. Halcyon925

      Turn 10 will be long gone after GT7 is released. If PD can make GT8 like what they did with GT5 on PS3, except on PS4, then I am pretty sure that every other racing game company will die. Bye bye, Turn 10, and Code Masters.

    1. Johnnypenso

      I think Toko saw the video and passed out around the 45 second mark. Soon as he comes to, he’ll be posting here…lol..

    2. sayba2th

      Make that 2 heart attacks, I am chomping at the bit now we have the Mountain and if we also get the Marina then I will be stretched out along with Toko!

  71. Johnnypenso

    Looks absolutely epic. Credit where credit is due, well done Kaz and PD!!! I don’t know if we’re hearing placeholders or not, but it sounds awfully good too. Day/Night too!!!

    1. Johnnypenso

      No idea about weather, have to wait and see.

      How do you know they are dubbed Samus, other than they are too good relative to anything PD has done before? Is it possible it’s part of the sound breakthrough they’ve been working on? I have no idea, just curious…

    2. sangdude82

      I think the dubbed sound (it is probably dubbed or could be the sample of the new sound that PD were working on) isn’t the concern for most of us here right now :)

    3. PAPAPEPE123

      @sangdude82. you can’t have Bathurst without weather. have you seen some of the downpours we have had there in the past

    4. sangdude82

      Was it 1991 Bathurst where the Winfield Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R has won the race under the red flag? That day was raining like hell.

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