GT6 Gameplay Video: Audi Quattro S1 at Matterhorn Circuit

E3 2013 opened today, and Gran Turismo 6 is featured front and center in Sony’s booth. It’s swarmed with journalists, but I managed to get some more hands-on time with the game.

Unfortunately, my line-out audio cable did not capture the direct audio feed as intended, so there is, sadly, no audio with this footage. I did not detect any significant change in sound over the previous demo.

Don’t fret, though – I’m working on securing more, better quality exclusive footage later today, so you can see (and hear) it for yourself. Stay tuned!

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  1. GTHEAD87

    I just watched a video on youtube and it had sound, only bad thing is you can hear other players in different cars :/ from what I heard its not group b style but thats not gonna stop me wanting to drive it.

  2. Jared93

    You know what I think? I think you all need to stop hyper focusing and whining on minute details in a SAMPLE VIDEO. Unless you’re a game developer or someone who actually knows what they’re talking about you should keep your childish points to yourself. This game won’t be released for atleast 5 months and a demo hasn’t yet to hit the PS store. Seeing all of you complain throughout these posts of updates on the game really is gross to read. You aren’t entitled to anything so stop acting like you are.

  3. the_racer100

    I think there will be a longer version of this track… At 0:55, don’t you see some sponsor signs going uphill, away from the layout?

    1. GTHEAD87

      The clutch was a good feature in forza. I know you can stall the car in gt5 with the wheel set up.

      I was playing in the skyline black edition tuned gt academy car thats the prize for the 15th anniversary event. I noticed the back fire nose sounded awesome and the boost from the interview. Got faith for some really good sounds.

  4. Praggia

    OH nooooo
    Look at the way the revs blits down on up changes. Very characteristic of how a sequential box or flappy paddy gearbox works and I do not think the S1 had either back in the day. It was a normal shifter. So as far as I can see PD still not able to recreate the way the engine revs up realistically when doing down changes or how the rev counter responds when shifting up!!!!

  5. Sasuki

    Looks great! but the only thing that disturbs me was some of the pop ups ( i did not like that) please fix. and make the engine sound better…


    This looks terrible. Like they designed it on Course Maker and spruced it up with some high altitude scenery.

  7. Dorstvlegel

    I go skiing every year in Zermatt. A bit difficult to recognize things without the snow ;)
    Looks like they forgot to add the skilifts
    If you drive past the yellow-red building you drive more or less on a skislope

  8. sind3ntosca

    I think Matterhorn gonna be my fav track… i like the view, a bit like Eiger Nordwand. But there are jaggies everywhere like GT5… and the audience suddenly pop up… hihi :p ..i hope that will be fix in full version.

  9. Geoff

    looks like S**T, sorry.

    it’s like Eiger/Cape ring mixed into one

    IMO,it’s not looking good and seems an easy way to impress people by getting a scenic view in the mountains…i’m not a F***** tourist!

    1. GTHEAD87

      I agee, I wasnt much into cape ring due to it being in the clouds. Eiger is a fun track, especially the rallys.

  10. kollosson

    I think the game looks stunning, new rendering engine, physics, suspension, aerodynamics, I mean Polyphony have really pulled it out the bag, everything looks better, the tracks look fabulous. All we need to find out now is content, you can guarantee that the single player campaign will be in keeping after the disappointing GT5 single player, I can see huge content and some new innovations, I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. Kaz was quoted as saying he’s very happy with the game, that comment alone is enough to ensure that GT6 is going to be absolutely awesome. : )

    1. GTHEAD87

      Very true. He wasnt happy at GT5 because it wasnt finished. With ps4 technology PD will be able to create his vision. Cant wait for GT6 & to hear the quattro lol.

  11. vr6cas

    Hey everybody, and Jordan I hope this is cool with you but I would like some people to go to and read the post they have on gt6. For some, including myself that have they doubts about gt6, or just want some more information. They went into a little more detail about the new things they are adding into the game, pretty good read if you ask me, and jordan you might want to read that too because I was thinking maybe if you went a little more in detail is some of the posts on gtp and on some things regarding gt6 it might curb some of the questions, misunderstandings, arguements and speculations that some of the gtp community might have. Thanks Jordan and the GTP community!

  12. vr6cas

    I would love more real world tracks, I mean the fictional ones are fine and all but there is nothing like driving on the nurburgring, le mans, laguna seca, tokyo, fuji, spa, and many more knowing that if you can drive well here within Gran Turismo you can more than likely do it in real life. My bucket list has me going to the nurburgring in the near future, renting a nice sports car, 370z, audi mercedes or something and spending a few days in germany at the ring, and I feel very good that because of the time spent on Gran Turismo on the ring, give me the right car I know I could go and do a 8 minute lap. Thats real world tracks for ya.

    1. ScotteDawg

      @AERO_HDT – doesn’t that depend on the rental car company?

      Admittedly, it’s been 7 years since my uncle went there, but he told me that some companies will not allow their cars to be driven on the Nurburgring while others do… ie, the tourist element is taken dare of if they want to do that!

    2. GTHEAD87

      I heard this too. You get banned from renting a car for life over there if could. I think just banned from the company, cant really remember.

    3. wfmodena

      Don’t worry. You can rent track-prepared cars to drive the Nordschleife (from a Clio or Golf, to a GT86 and a 911). They come with semi-slicks, a rollcage and… Stickers!!

    4. En1gma23

      I took a trip over there with a mate and did a good few laps in my own motor, and my mate on his Ducati – he got banned after only 3 laps though (too noisy, as apparently there’s three noise sensors around the track set at with a limit of approx.100 decibels). As a result we went to a specialised rental company in nurburg village and he rented out a stage 2 tuned Suzuki swift (burg suspension setup, 2 bucket seats, rollcage and semi-slicks), wasn’t the quickest but handled great!! I tried a couple of laps in it too and some of the most fun I’ve ever had behind the wheel of a car, both of us giggling at how well it handled – taking faster cars on the outsides of bends… Some great video footage to remember it!

    1. infamousphil

      No… the crowd started throwing trash onto the track ;) LOL, the haters are out early this season.

  13. daanhardeman

    Looks very good, but the racing line always makes it just too unrealistic for me, but besides from that this look awesome!

  14. WoDeep

    Am I the only one who recognized the really bad buildup of track graphics??
    If you look closely you can see the bystanders pop in the view just 100m or so in front of the car.

    Even complete buildings are displayed way to late and appear out of the nowhere…

    I know its a really early version (maybe only ALPHA state)

    I hop they will fix this.

  15. HarVee

    Kind of plain looking. Reminds me of Grindelwald though, and that is a plus. Still, the track needs more foliage.

    1. Michael88

      More foliage at 3000 meters above sea level? There is only grass and very few boreal bushes up there.

  16. Amac500

    Oh nooo, there’s no pit road. That’s a bummer, track would’ve been awesome for some GT3 endurance racing!

    1. infamousphil

      The larger (Rally) course at Eifel would nice if paved. But, I thought rally was a point to point affair like Pikes Peak, Dakkar or Gumball.

    2. PinappleJuice

      I think there might be a pit road. Look at 2:35 when the crash happens there seems to be a grandstand on the hill with a building on the opposite side to the grandstand.

  17. Maddens Raiders

    I’m sure glad it’s not out yet. I’ve got a lot of things to catch up on and GT5’s bad enough. I mean face it, you don’t “play” GT… it’s a way of life…

  18. TomBrady

    @1:46 Is that Eiger? (the mountain not the track)

    And also, this track is better than Eiger. Already can tell

    1. Peelster1

      I doubt that mountain is Eiger, it’s more likely Matterhorn. However, Eiger is about 67 km away in a straight line from Matterhorn.

  19. BrandonW77

    Looks like there might be multiple configurations. At 1:19 you can see a different part of the course go off to the left, complete with rumble strip. :tup:

  20. Motor City Hami

    I think I notice more driver head movement in cockpit view that we have in GT5? When Jordan hit the brakes, the vision field dropped closer to the dash and pulled back on acceleration. It also seemed to bobble a little sideways while braking and entering a corner. Is this new to GT6 or have I just not been paying close enough attention in GT5. I only remember seeing this in GT5 when you hit something head on.

    1. CJSpencer77

      Ive also noticed this, in addition i noticed on earlier gt6 videos that when the car went over the kerbs the whole screen vibrated, all these effects are to give you a feel of imersion and are new to gt6

  21. terminator363

    Can’t they fit some nice “Italian Job Intro” mountain passes? I getting bored of all these wide circuits with safety barriers etc…

  22. Dooky

    The Audi Quattro S1 is one of my top 3 favourite cars of all time. I really hope they get the engine sound right with it – will be really disappointed if it sounds like the rally cars in GT5.

  23. infamousphil

    It would make sense to get a premium rival to the S1. Sooo, which will it be? The Lancia? The Peugeot? 959? Yeah… ok, I know ;)

  24. Samus

    The scenery looks nice but the track itself is like one of those awful track generator circuits with blind crests and awkward hills mid corner.

    1. mef

      Yep, very generic, probably from the course maker. Regards location, have PD confirmed Bathhurst as location?

    2. Rynogtr23

      @Samus @mef Those are 2 very idiotic comments, typical of the kinda fan who loves motorsport but has absolutely no knowledge of the sport. There are many real world tracks that have such characteristics as this 1, thunderhill for example. Think b4 u blog, don’t be a queef!

    3. AERO_HDT

      Samus just described Eau Rouge, LOL – but I agree with his point. The corners look great, but they look ‘artificial’ as if PD just wanted to show off the skybox by giving you a panoramic view coming out of a 40 degree uphill hairpin exit. I smell Rollercoaster Tycoon… :P

  25. BFBullpup

    No need to apologize for the video glitches, Jordan. PD will have you to thank when they’re able to sell at least 1,000 more copies of GT6 on release day thanks to all the excitement from your previews! Matterhorn looks better on track than I had expected. I can’t wait!!!!

  26. MLRSparco

    A nice uphill downhill touge track.I guess we’ll have to wait till day 3 till we get to see GT6 in detail.

  27. biftizmo

    Loving this track it’s gonna be brill…shame about the sound and picture quality…get your camara sorted dudes…does any one think the driving line indicator is a little different now?
    Slight side question…what car was under the cover ? Did we find out yet or what?

  28. ScotteDawg

    A few people have questioned this location, saying it looks similar to Eiger!

    IT IS Eiger!

    If you go to Eiger Short Course in GT5, do a quick race, watch the replay and go into photo mode, you can find it!

    Take your “camera” to the section of road by the town at the highest point on the track, manoeuvre the “camera” so that the town is on your left, look straight ahead and tilt the “camera” up a little. Pan a little to your right and you SHOULD notice what looks like a piece of road sticking out of the mountain… THIS IS THE MATTERHORN CIRCUIT!!!

  29. Corsa911

    If you’ve ever spent any amount of time with a PC sim you know how important audio is to the experience. It’s probably safe to bet the audio in gt6 will improve slightly, if at all, due to the fact we’ve not heard anything to the contrary.

    Glad to see the physics look spot on and can’t wait to drive the demo.

    1. TomBrady

      haha nonsense. I’ve been playing sims on the PS for a very long time, and what I’ve learned is that audio is irrelevant when you have better physics. netKar PRO doesn’t have great sound, but it doesn’t matter because it’s physics are leaps and bounds better than anything else. We don’t play sims to listen, we play them to drive. Iracing as well, incredible sim, sounds improving but not great, doesn’t matter. PHYSICS > SOUND

    2. aronh17

      @TomBrady No it isn’t nonsense, it’s just preference. Good audio can add a level of immersion sometimes more than superb visuals can. I play ArmA 2 and they have audio mods (ArmA 2 isn’t too visually outstanding), it really gets me into it even more. Physics help too and although I do love audio, it’s okay when it isn’t insane quality. It isn’t exactly physics over sound, but you need a good blend of both to have a great experience. Personally, these flexing tires under load and other new physics and reworks is worth more than just an audio revamp. I can wait for GT7 to pull in audio improvements on PS4, when it can be turned up to 11… Literally.

  30. mcalva98

    This track reminds me of eiger, and a corse maker track, BUT IT STILL LOOKS COOL!!!!!!! I will pre order GT6 on amazon

  31. TokoTurismo

    Oh wow, that looks like fun and beautiful, rally course? O,O Can’t wait to drive on this track with the Audi S1 Rally car. :)

    1. Kristus

      that’s a highway compared to a rally special stage… Costa di Amalfi or Citta Di Aria would be better choices to storm around in the rally legend

  32. Quakebass

    Saw some iffy shadowing, but I’ll bet that it can be ironed out. Weather cycles would be AMAZING on this track I bet… Road Rally in the rain…

    I’m betting I’ll enjoy this track…

  33. opelgt1969

    Looks just like driving on US 421 except the game has lines on the road and more guardrails and room to run off the road surface.

  34. GTchicken

    I am noticing extremely slight pop in graphics in the video! I am already liking Gran Turismo 6 alot more!

  35. HuskyGT

    Amazing track! Perfect for rally cars. Can’t wait to throw an RS200, a Delta, an Evo or an Impreza around that track.

    Did the Audi at least sounded like a 5 cylinder? If it does, then perfect.

  36. F1Jester

    At least two signature corners on that track. It looked like you were driving up the corkscrew at Laguna Seca, and then that jump with the braking zone into a sharp right hander is almost a carbon copy of Pflantzgarten at Nurburgring. Maybe the corner itself is a bit sharper angle, but very similar in that you have to brake before the car gets in the air. I hope more “fantasy” tracks incorporate realworld legendary corners like this. Very good.

  37. Redline900

    Lol they’re hiding the sounds because they’re still horrible and the PD’s are idiots and don’t even notice like they’re deaf or something

    1. masterrawad

      stop being such an ignorant bum. the sound capture didn’t work. that was Jordan’s fault, NOT Polyphony Digital’s.

    1. MeanElf

      Looks like a good, technical track with so many elevation changes. I think it is longer than Eiger.

  38. Mubble

    What’s with the same strange grey tarmac and odd green coloured grass as with Eiger? No Swiss roads look like that. This track could have been so much more impressive.

  39. devilmaycry2020

    Light effects in the car are much better although the background shadows still have that crazy erratic behavior.
    But most importantly the sensation of speed is much better.

  40. BanditRa101801

    Reminds me of the first time I drove on Grand Canyon in GT4…amazing! Jordan, did the layout have a pit road? Pretty cool if there is one to setup endurance races/night-to-day transitions on this circuit. Thanks.

  41. Xride92

    There’s so much clipping, I hope they will fix that.

    Anyway, thanks for uploading this video so quickly there is a lot of good things.

    1. MeanElf

      This is the demo build still, I think, so maybe the full menus will be, but the dealerships and some other stuff won’t be in there yet.

  42. UrieHusky

    Oh… it doesn’t look as fun as it did in the video.

    Very pretty surroundings and I can’t wait to take to it in photo mode but.. frankly the track looks boring in my opinion.

    Cheers for the upload J.

    1. Zeeto

      It looks slightly better, which I love. Even better because forza 5 is for Xbox one and gt6 is ps3. Gotta love gran turismo.. Been playing since 1997 and nothing quite compares

    2. Zeeto

      Not this video but if you watch trailers gt compares to forza. Looks more realistic… Forza is over saturated and looks arcadey. Sure it’s detail is smooth but bright doesn’t mean better

  43. Madertus

    Wow, I think I see you were trying to approach corners GT5-style… Guess PD REALLY did a good job in terms of physics!

  44. Dekropttiv

    I like it. Reminds me of like a Bathurst. In fact, what exactly happened to GT and Bathurst? No update on that?

    1. Amac500

      I’d imagine it’ll still be in the game. They scanned it after all. I got a similar vibe, and it looks like this track will have multiple layouts!

  45. WingZeroCustom

    Looks great. Even with just this footage I can already see some of the weight transfer differences among other small details.

  46. crcn11

    I guarantee that although without any audio, someone here will still complain that the car doesn’t sound right.

    1. legacyMACHINE

      I see that happening.

      Also, looks like you we’re braking later than it told you to, nice work :)

      The track looks absolutely beautiful and imensley fun!

  47. nivong

    Why don’t you just say what you liked from the demo sound so far? Is it a huge difference with GT5?

    ALso what about the new susspension? Juding from the video it seems a lot more real looking (baking in, nose diving etc)? Also tire model, anything new?

    What I never read anyware, what about the damage model ? Is this now releastic or still like crap ? And also are you able to play against PS4 owners when I’m playing on the PS3? (maybe ask it)

    1. Dekropttiv

      There’s several previous posts answering all your questions, including the damage one on this site.

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