GT6 Gameplay Videos: Fisker Karma, BMW Z8, BMW 507, Cizeta V16T, & Pagani Huayra

August 28th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Menu / BMW 507 / Cizeta V16-T

BMW Z8 at Silverstone

Fisker Karma at Willow Springs

BMW 507 at Autumn Ring

Pagani Huayra at Willow Springs

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  1. Sep. 1, 9:37pm
    Orochi Jin

    GT6 must stop put clutter in the game, like Never born cars like a TONS of concepts (some of them PREMIUM, when there’s a lot of amazing standard detail cars deserving Premium treatment!)
    345 versions of the same car, when the best and more popular versions would be more then enough!
    And GT WASHING, OIL CHANGE, rebuild engine and structure!!

    Enough and pay attention to serious things, like watching how the FORZA is evolving day by day!!!

  2. Sep. 1, 8:56am

    Dreadful sound on the BMW Z4 GT3, Recycled standard Honda NSX GT500 car!

    • Sep. 1, 11:01am

      What is wrong with you about sound sample from the nsx GT500?

    • Sep. 1, 12:36pm
      Mr C5 Z06 Vette

      The bmw z4 gt3 has a fairly accurate exhaust note in gt6 i have heard what the thing sounds like in real life

    • Sep. 3, 3:40am

      We hope a lot of improvement in engine sounds for next event TGS Tokyo Games show, because sound in those GT6 demos is still inacceptable in terms of credibility and realism but also as “pleasants” sounds, THEY HURTS MY EARS !!

    • Sep. 3, 3:42am

      * i’m talking about Z4 GT3 sound and many other race cars in GT5.

  3. Aug. 31, 7:19pm
    Mr C5 Z06 Vette

    Wow the driver in the pagani vid sucked,… But on the bright side no more invisible walls to accidentally bump into and end up with broken steering thats a plus ;)

  4. Aug. 31, 7:12pm
    Mr C5 Z06 Vette

    Anyone know what pagani was thinking when naming this car and what koeningsegg was thinking when naming their brand. It just seems like nowadays people are naming their cars and companies after noises people make when we are punched in the stomach, i mean come on whats next!?!

    • Aug. 31, 11:08pm

      If you took the time to look them up you’ll see they do mean something, huayra means god of the winds.

    • Sep. 1, 6:35am

      What a idiot

      -Koeningsegg is the name of the person who created the company…

      -Huayra is a Argentinian word Horacio Pagani him self is Argentinian…

    • Sep. 1, 11:56am
      Mr C5 Z06 Vette

      Ya i know was just joking around about koeningsegg but i honestly didnt know about the huayra every time i went on the pagani web site it crashed

    • Sep. 1, 11:58am
      Mr C5 Z06 Vette

      However i still cant pronounce Huayra

    • Sep. 1, 7:57pm


    • Sep. 1, 11:09pm
      Mr C5 Z06 Vette

      Thanks that helped a lot seriously:)

  5. Aug. 31, 1:18pm

    A direct connection into the monitors so we could actually see the real game play would be nice. How the hell can you judge this when it’s camera recording the screen!

  6. Aug. 31, 11:31am

    I’m happy to see at 4:00 in the first vid, that the distance between cars in a rolling start has been significantly reduced. Its also not quite such a lifeless parade as they approach the starting line.

    • Aug. 31, 11:33am

      …disappointed though, to still see no POV shake over bumps and around corners in any view

  7. Aug. 31, 4:31am

    Exactly why I love Gran Turismo, that Pagani Huayra video, when they go in 3rd person the two flaps on the back will adjust depending on where you’re turning. They managed that on PS2 with Gran Turismo 4 while other titles were still lacking it in current gens. That attention to detail is what pulls me in.

  8. Aug. 30, 9:39am

    Bmw 507 haha so last year forza had this last year

    • Aug. 30, 3:36pm

      Did Forza have weather change and time change to go along with that BMW?

    • Aug. 30, 3:43pm

      ^ This. I don’t understand you Freemanroad. What excatly are you trying to prove? Just stop already please…

    • Aug. 30, 5:02pm

      i still dont think theyll have it.. their graphics engine couldnt handle that much fakeness

    • Aug. 30, 5:34pm

      Everyone knows that both FM4 & GT5 have goods points and bad points. That’s so last year :p
      You’ve been living in the past, Freemanroad1986.

    • Aug. 30, 6:52pm

      ^ Agreed. I still love both games regardlass of features they don’t have, there still #1 in my book. :)

      Freemanroad However, is a different story….

    • Aug. 31, 12:22am

      Oops, good points, not goods points lol.

    • Aug. 31, 10:56pm
      Fire Yoshi

      @ TokoTurismo: Agreed! I love both Forza and Gran Turismo very much. :)

  9. Aug. 30, 7:37am
    MOV Games

    Is it just me, or is the sense of speed much faster now?

    • Aug. 30, 8:39pm

      yup, they raised the pov up a bit

    • Aug. 30, 11:31pm

      That’s the first thing I noticed – things are seriously quick now, the sense of speed is awesome.

  10. Aug. 29, 10:05pm

    For the in car view, all I ask for is multiple “zoom” levels so that there is more looking out the windshield than at the dials. They should make it so that pressing down glances at the dials instead of what’s behind you.

    • Aug. 29, 10:17pm

      There is…

    • Aug. 30, 10:58am

      Yeh as swagger said there already is that option in gt5, its in the options on the pause menu

    • Aug. 30, 11:13am

      What I would like is a windscreen. at least bugs and dirt or something.

    • Aug. 30, 5:06pm

      yes where it rotates and somewhat cleans them off… then if they also added maybe black dots around the front and screen, it would be worth something to wash cars..

      another idea is tearoffs.. when we pit, ask if we want a tearoff pulled. make the limit set in the event regs.. getting realistic boys.. the simple things that add up is just another thing above the competition..

    • Sep. 1, 6:51am


  11. Aug. 29, 11:13am

    I just want grid start’s…. Too much to ask ? What is this start at the back and wait till the car out in front is halfway round the track nonsense…. Grow up GT

    • Aug. 29, 11:41am
      Mr C5 Z06 Vette

      I’m completely with you on that. I mean lax races in real life and we get crapy rolling starts come on

    • Aug. 29, 3:58pm

      honestly, all starting options should be availible for GT6..

      I mean, we cant seriously have a rolling 2x grid at Le Mans? SERIOUSLY? WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THE “RUN INTO THE CAR GRID START” for that track.. (sorry for caps)

      I am happy to see qualifying is in the game tho. No more remember and post your times in the comment section and thats where you line up… Just please… give us rolling starts in 2x grid formation every where! (and maybe a pace car, but just if you can manage this first)

    • Aug. 29, 10:50pm
      Mr C5 Z06 Vette

      Err just noticed my error i meant kaz not lax stupid auto correct. Anyway multiple start options exactly. Nice to see someone on my side.

    • Aug. 30, 2:58am

      Grid start ? It’s useless if AI remains the same as seen… You overtake two cars in acceleration and the others in the first brake point… And that is if you’re classified at the middle or the bottom of the grid, if you classify at the top, you will make the whole race in first position, with at least 5 seconds in avance each lap.

      I want i grid start too ! But with a good AI who run in group with me, who risks at breaking and at overtakes, not a sunday picnic “race”.

      The Grid start it’s not the solution, it’s a good AI

    • Aug. 30, 3:01am

      Swagger897, i’m agree with you,”all starting options should be availible for GT6″ i hope so too !!!

    • Aug. 30, 7:54am

      but you do realize, that not all tracks oneloops have all strating options..

      even on multiplayer. You cant do 2x rolling start at the worlds most famous car manufacture race..

  12. Aug. 29, 10:20am

    I don’t understand the concern for invisible barriers. Its just not important. If you are hitting these barriers then you are going in the wrong direction.

  13. Aug. 29, 9:32am

    That last video… Your license has been revoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Aug. 29, 9:28am

    ok, so here is my take on things, im noticing alot of people complaining about sounds of gt5, now i agree the sounds are a little tinny in sound, alot of the standard cars have similar sounds. but most of the people complaining are the kind of guys/girls that fully mod a car, engine stage 3, ecu, intake, exhaust, RACING transmission, LSD, all making a difference to the sound. the sounds are not as awful as people think as standard. also, i would like to see a better challenge from the AI, im more of an online racer, but it would still be nice to feel some challenge when goin through the seasonals, and the career side of things. fingers crossed

    • Aug. 29, 2:01pm

      I agree.

    • Sep. 1, 6:57am

      Me too. I think the sounds in gt5 were pretty decent. I went round the nurburgring in the skyline gtr modded and on the second lap I changed down two gears pretty rapid and got two amazing backfire sounds. Sounded awesome. Would be good to hear it while changing up gear.

  15. Aug. 29, 8:25am
    Orochi Jin

    And GT6 it’s simply an update to GT5…

    • Aug. 29, 9:05am
      Pit Crew

      Ahhh, such a refreshing and unique, genuinely insightful Point of view. Now go sit in the corner, you’ve said absolutely nothing thats remotely constructive.

    • Aug. 29, 9:07am

      hmm.. what else could it be?

    • Aug. 29, 9:45am

      Im not trying to say it without saying it, but what are all other games that have the same name and an increasing number that follows?

      an update. BF3-4 an updated games with new physics, modeling, rendering.. a whole bunch of ings…
      GT1-2-3-4-5-6 an updated game with new physics, aero modeling, and a whole bunch of ings.
      Forza1-2-3-4-4 an update game with new physics, modeling, and a whole bunch of ings…

      Its what you introduce that is new which makes a game more than an update. I have yet to see what is really knew (because i really cant think of something which is) Maybe if they completely redo the a-spec (which is doubtful), thats a new game, not an update. Something that can not be downloaded and added to an existing game.

      There is a difference between hardware, and software. Hardware can bee seen as the disc or downloaded game, and software can be seen as the code to shorten down tire wear and fuel consumption to get a little bit more realism out..
      Its not as simple as you think so before you do some assuming, you dont want to make an arse out of yourself..

    • Aug. 29, 9:50am
      Pit Crew

      ^GT6… You guys must be new. Look at the 6 titles in the GT series and tell us how, at 2 games per console how one didn’t improve on the other? Here’s a hint, Gran Turismo 1 Didn’t have any real world courses and only 2 US and 2 British automakers. the rest were JDM. GT2 had 1 real world circuit. GT3 had 2 and Open wheel Vehicles. GT4 bought us Nurb and Lesarthe.
      5 bought us Online, 6 brings us Adaptive Tessalation and GT3 spec vehicles.

      Plus the OP is entirely off topic, and doesnt even reflect what the blog is actually talking about.

      A thread called “The GT6 Epic whinning and cry thread” does exist in this forum…

    • Aug. 29, 10:46am

      gt2 was a update for gt1… gt4 was a update for gt3….. forza 4 is a update of forza 3-2-1

    • Aug. 29, 10:29pm

      Sad thing is, Oro is absolutely correct in every way, and the only people I see epicly whining and crying is fanboys crying about people stating simple undeniable facts.

    • Aug. 29, 11:49pm
      Pit Crew

      Oh please. What did he really say that stood out any different than what everybody has known for a while now? Your not buying GT6 anyway BWX so why should you care? After 3 years of complaining 1 would think you would be tired of gripping… WAC

    • Aug. 30, 3:45pm

      BWX. Just take a deep breath, and let all out. You’re getting angry over a game your not buying…

  16. Aug. 29, 8:24am
    Orochi Jin


    • Aug. 29, 8:32pm

      I dont mind the car wash, so long as my car stays dirty so I get my 50Cr worth

    • Aug. 30, 7:08am

      I wouldn’t mind being able to get my car nice’n’mucky on a long wet-weather race and actually be able to see the muck. And yes indeed the cars don’t stay mucky and scuffed in our garages which is a shame.

  17. Aug. 29, 7:30am

    GT6 is looking verrrrry pretty, I must say.

  18. Aug. 29, 3:57am

    Anyone else noticed that PD corrected the year of the Alpine? It was ’68 now it’s ’72.

  19. Aug. 29, 1:56am

    It’s the same, with little new.
    My personnal feeling is an overall “Meh”. I hardly get the hype over this.

    I’ll probably end up getting it, but i’ll def. wait for the reviews since the head behind this game is always like “yeah, we could do this, but we don’t know if it will make it in the final product” even 3 months before the release.

  20. Aug. 29, 1:29am

    Just a guess..

    Since willow springs has no barriers found YET, most likely the TopGear Test Track has no barriers.

    I assume this because of the what, three separate patches do e to fix the glitch out spots? Why not just map the texture over with the scenery (in this case grass and dirt) and increase the off road settings to real from increased..

    I think they will be more aware of the glitch areas that were found in Gran Turismo 5 and monitor the lounges more carefully.

    • Aug. 29, 2:39am

      I don’t want to ruin your day, but the Top Gear test track is not going to be in GT6.
      You can check the gran turismo site for information on which tracks are carried over from GT5.


    • Aug. 29, 7:46am

      i do think itll come back…

      just like the SPEED channel that got taken away by fox sports 1. Stupidest idea ive ever heard of. Its as if their fox and friends newscasters chose to make that decision.. I just wish Eurosport was availible for America..

    • Aug. 29, 9:28am
      Ittybitty Stigy

      Swagger…TGTT isn’t coming back.

    • Aug. 29, 9:48am

      Ill probably have to kill myself before i realize this… no more car soccer, no more slalom driving… wimpers and tears… deep inhale through the nostrils…

      but at least we have willow springs… and TG has gone there..

    • Aug. 30, 7:10am

      Heck. I had no idea. I’ll miss that track.

  21. Aug. 29, 1:16am

    I’m loving these videos, shame we can’t hear the game much but at least we can have a look at some of the cars in the new game. Whilst these videos make me excited for GT6, I can’t help but sigh when I read the comments section… After all this time people are still criticising A.I, sound and etc. No offense but if your judging AI based off the gamescom demo or any demo your an idiot, your talking about a demo made so that the average joe can have a quick play of the game… if the AI was particularly challenging then the AI would just shoot off into the distance and that’s not going to attract people who are possibly new to franchise. You can see how well people drive in these demos, most of the time they’re driving on soil…. the AI is made easy on demos like this, there will be a lot of people at gamescom trying GT6 who have probably never touched a racing game before, they won’t like it if its too difficult. If you want to criticise AI your best bet is to wait till the game is out and watch/read reviews… “well we are giving them feedback” lol chances are the development of the game is finished by now.. games are usually finished a few months before release because it has to be then prepped and manufactured before it reaches stores. Sorry to rant but the negativity is just depressing and it’s not even out yet.

    • Aug. 29, 7:02am

      Amen lol

  22. Aug. 28, 10:29pm

    I find it funny that the number one gripe about gt5 that alot of people wanted fixed for gt6, nobody is showing it off, THE SOUNDS. Its either music in the background or recorded off a cellphone with to much noise in the background. I just hope kaz has some tricks up his sleeve, and some surprises on launch day that will light gtplanet on fire with news and comments!

    • Aug. 29, 2:05am

      It’s a bit tough to judge the quality of sound through something put on Youtube. Do you expect someone to take proper recording equipment with them to a show like this? Besides, you’d never be able to capture the proper sound anyways, because of the amount of noise around you.

  23. Aug. 28, 10:13pm

    the video at Fisker Karma at Willow Springs at 3.07.000 i have lost all my interest in buying gt6 after seeing that ….

    • Aug. 28, 10:32pm
      Ittybitty Stigy


    • Aug. 28, 11:11pm

      So turning the camera to the left is a foul thing? Well guess what Einstein – you could do that in GT5 too.

    • Aug. 28, 11:15pm

      It’s not a side view of the car. That’s a dumb reason to not want to play the rest of the game. I find it to be an annoyance and hoped that it would be changed for GT6 (or different selections of views…), but letting that seriously change your perception about getting GT6 at all? DUMB

    • Aug. 29, 2:29am

      Driving down a straight? That’s enough to make you not buy a game?

      Wow you’re a rational one aren’t ya?

  24. Aug. 28, 9:18pm

    Again. Please, if anyone is going to show gameplay videos, just drive. We don’t care if you place first or last. Race cleanly and pass the AI or race behind the AI. That is all.

  25. Aug. 28, 9:09pm

    Do we have the option to race with the top down or the top up yet?

    • Aug. 28, 10:11pm

      Hopefully :/

    • Aug. 29, 11:06am

      Two separate videos of the BMW 507 shown with top down in the first and top up in the second give me hope that we will have the choice!
      However, I think that we won’t and that the “decision” is made by which track we are on… (ie, Matterhorn – top down / Autumn Ring – top up) It might also depend on the time of day or the weather.

  26. Aug. 28, 9:06pm

    Just to get a head start on the Willow Spring corner cutters, I here by elect myself president of the GT6 Cheater Haters Club, we aggressively reject those corner cutting, cheating, little $&*@? “‘@!?$ *•£~$&!

  27. Aug. 28, 9:00pm

    The 507 looks weird with the top on.

    • Aug. 29, 11:10am

      As does the Shelby Cobra (the standard A/C 427 always had the roof up and looked rather awkward)

  28. Aug. 28, 8:56pm

    Ai’s adjust. The faster you drive, the faster they drive. And the slower, or the more bad you drive, the slower they drive.
    Why dont you try something else than racing tyres?
    Or sport tyres. Challenge your self with lower grip tyres!! It made the game “new” to me, after two yearswith only rs tyre.
    Now i only drive stock cars with comfort hard and sometime medium.
    And all the complaining about sound, i dont get it!!
    To me, there are two things that make almost every car sound the same. Racing xoust, and racing transmition.
    Im driving stock cars now, and to me it sounds very great.

    • Aug. 28, 10:15pm

      Plus 1 Jank 1.

    • Aug. 29, 2:34am

      Well I’m glad more people are getting off that ridiculous Racing soft tire addiction they.

      I just don’t understand. I know this isn’t the easiest game to master, but using racing soft tires all the time is like asking gran turismo to be more like burnout. If you really need that much grip to enjoy yourself, you’re really playing the wrong game. Grid, or PGR would be much more up your alley. Same with using TCS or skid recovery.

      Just because you can make the game easier doesn’t mean you should. Sometimes doing the most difficult thing is the best way to improve.

      I’m glad you’ve taken a step in the right direction unlike the majority of the American online lobbies

    • Aug. 29, 5:13am

      No disrespect, but if the user pays £40 for a game, then it’s THEIR game, as long as it’s not hacking, they have the right to drive with whatever tyres they want, as long as they enjoy it.

    • Aug. 29, 6:34am

      At Last,someone who makes sense!!!! It’s your game,play it the way it suits you the best,you paid for it. Personally I find it more rewarding to use the cars as they are, no tunes they sound and feel better. Or if you want, go to Gt Tunes and try their Replicas.Loads of fun. If you privileged enough add a gearshift and clutch to your steering wheel and then the real fun starts.

    • Aug. 29, 8:02am

      @TomBrady: Your post should be repeated and repeated all over again around all GT community, almost as a mantra, so that some people would realize that what makes a game too easy is its owner. Excellent! Japanese people think differently, they consider it’s up to you, the gamer, to be true to your conscience, and not always expect the game to turn harder. But, nevertheless, if people want to fool themselves making things too easy then it’s their problem.

  29. Aug. 28, 8:47pm

    Christmas 2 years later = more GT!

    Convinced my wife ;)

  30. Aug. 28, 8:11pm

    Nice to see there are no invisible barriers keeping you within the willow springs track. I like racing without the game governing my every move and/or mistake, but that track cut with the Huayra was deserving of a good minuntes penalty, lol.

    • Aug. 28, 8:46pm

      I love the no barriers! I bet its a design flaw though :(

      I can imagine there being a time penalty there. Granted the driver ended up near the end, I can imagine the gain from that kind of cut!

    • Aug. 28, 8:51pm

      If I’m racing on line and some damn fool decides to blow across the middle of the track they should just automatically get kicked from the room, lol.

    • Aug. 31, 1:51pm

      Maybe a teleportation? i mean, you get off the track, and you have 10 seconds to go back to the tarmac. Or else, you have to go ALL THE WAY BACK where you got out of the tarmac.

  31. Aug. 28, 7:16pm

    Is it just me or does the Fisker Karma look like the guy on the Monopoly board? Considering that the company took half a billion American tax payer dollars and didn’t even build them in this country I could care less about the car. And its only fitting the one and only car they build is called the Karma. Because karma bit them hard since they lost money on every car and the Tesla model S is the much better car anyway.

    • Aug. 28, 8:55pm

      The Model S is a different price range though… That and the fact that Tesla has never ever turned a profit on the at, they only lose money, and the company owner goes ballistic and calls out any car reviewer that says that a Tesla isn’t as viable as a gas powered car. Tesla is an awful company.

    • Aug. 29, 2:06am

      Different price range yes but that means Tesla was able to make the cars more reasonably. Why else would Fisker need tax payer money when Tesla has been a ground up company never needing help? As far as Elon Musk goes I think he’ll be just fine since from all the consumer reports I’ve heard. 99 out of 100, the best car on the road, the safest car on the road with a five star crash test rating. And the fact that recently Tesla has been outselling all European gas competitors in California by a very wide margin speaks volumes.

  32. Aug. 28, 7:03pm

    So is there real car sounds? If not, I’m not going to bother buying GT5 with more maps and cars.

    • Aug. 28, 7:33pm

      The final “improved” sounds will be on the final “improved” GT6!

    • Aug. 28, 8:13pm

      You don’t deserve to buy it if you call the tracks “maps.” This isn’t COD.

    • Aug. 28, 8:29pm
      Tenacious D

      I’m going to bother buying the Anniversary Edition with more maps and cars. ;D

      You guys do whatever you want, I intend to race my fingers off.

    • Aug. 28, 8:59pm

      They are trying to have the new sounds out for release but if they aren’t they will be out just after release. But yeah Jonny, don’t bother buying GT5… GT6 will be out soon :D

    • Aug. 28, 10:52pm
      Pit Crew

      LOL@Amac, he’s trolling with that wisecrack saying GT6 is just GT5 with more tracks and newer cars.

    • Aug. 29, 11:28am

      JonnyDrift and Tenacious D take in this bit of free advice – STOP CALLING TRACKS “MAPS”!

      A map is a two dimensional drawing that you can fold up and put in your pocket, a track is what you drive a car on!

      By all means, supply an argument for why they should be called maps and I will shoot it down in flames!

  33. Aug. 28, 7:02pm

    I suspect we won’t be getting any new big announcements ’til TGS.

  34. Aug. 28, 6:20pm

    New videos? Yes!

  35. Aug. 28, 6:19pm

    I don’t understand anyone that is complaining or disappointed when we still have 3 months to go for PD to tweak and fix anything they need to fix before the game’s release. Game isn’t out yet but people already disappointed? I don’t get it.

    • Aug. 28, 6:40pm

      A demo serves for demostrate, and also for taking feedback. If we don’t like something we have to say it here and not to late in order to improve the final game. We are lovers of GT series, that’s because we want a “perfect” game, it’s very important for us.

    • Aug. 28, 6:54pm

      The lase demo had some faults though this demo shows a number of improvements, items added a and so on. I agree with you on get the perfect game but that’s impossible to happen. If the correct things are added it may get close but not perfect. With the faults of GT5 and what was added to fix I believe GT6 should be a better sim.

    • Aug. 28, 7:31pm

      @Zuel Since GT5 Prologue it’s seems that almost nothing has changed in AI terms and engine-sound quality. I’m disappointed about that, it’s seems that there’s nobody at PD who works to improve the AI in 8 years ? Same about sounds… Same about the career-mode (no improve from… GT3 ???? ).

      We will pay fot GT6, we had paid for GT4, GT5 Prologue, GT5… They have millions of dollars to make a better game, to improve those 3 CRITICAL POINTS (AI, sound, career-mode).

    • Aug. 28, 7:48pm

      It’s not 3 months. Take away several weeks for store stock distribution, weeks for disc printing, final testing etc, the game needs to be finished at some point in September.

    • Aug. 29, 4:56am

      +1 to what oneloops said.

      Maybe it is time to start hitting PD where it hurts, at their wallets, and buy second handc copies. I’m a long-time GT fan, since GT3 on PS3. But I’m also a car enthusiast and racing fan and Gran Turismo is nowhere close to replicating the sounds of racing. Some cars are better than others, but seen as a whole, this has got to be a priority but it simply is not in PD’s book and that is a shame.

    • Aug. 29, 4:57am

      GT3 on PS2 that is..

  36. Aug. 28, 6:06pm

    I’m very disappointed, 3 months before the RELEASE, and nothing new about AI is still in mode Sunday picnic. :( :( :(
    Nothing new about carrier mode…

    Only takes half a lap to overtake everybody, for people who run for the first time or after gt academy.

    For GT lovers it will take a quarter of a lap to do that ???

  37. Aug. 28, 5:37pm

    I hope they have more than 6 cars on track in the full release

    • Aug. 28, 6:53pm

      I think the fields are trying to be equally powered and the demos at game cons only have few cars…

  38. Aug. 28, 5:36pm

    I’m still waiting for the B.A.T. to be driven. :/

  39. Aug. 28, 4:57pm

    Looks good but how does it sound?
    My bet is it’ll still be hoovers.

    • Aug. 28, 5:10pm

      omg u original joke lel

    • Aug. 28, 5:18pm

      Lol yeah. The conspiracy of PD continues :)

    • Aug. 28, 5:21pm

      No one has a vacuum that sounds like any of the cars in GT5, unless you have a gasoline powered vacuum in your home. I do want to see someone with a video of a vacuum sounding like a car from GT, this would be lovely.

    • Aug. 28, 5:30pm

      It’s been a while since I haven’t heard the vacuum cleaner jokes… hehehe hilarious *sarcasm

    • Aug. 28, 5:33pm

      I have a neighbor that owned a car that sounded like a true vaccum cleaner, and I will say that GT5’s sounds were highly better than it.

      But other than that, get your ears checked.

    • Aug. 28, 5:39pm

      I’d hate to visit your house man. I’d probably have dog hair and all kinds of crap stuck to my shoe since you obviously don’t own a vacuum and haven’t heard one in years.

    • Aug. 28, 5:40pm
      Pit Crew

      My bet is your trolling.

      Still pushing a “crack” that’s played out more than Bellbottoms and Platform shoes…Pathetic.

    • Aug. 28, 7:12pm

      Wow a bunch of biased GT loyalists here. Im a fan of the game but truth is most of the cars in GT5 sound terrible on the track and lets not even get into what cars sound when upgraded.

    • Aug. 28, 7:31pm
      Pit Crew

      ^ Yeah…we understand that, and we’re not biased just because we are pretty much tired of hearing the same boring criticism applied to GranTurismo car sound samples.

    • Aug. 29, 11:42am

      As was said previously – vacuum jokes are now old! Sheesh, they were old MONTHS ago!!

      Plus, vacuum cleaners have that hollow sound whereas the cars in GT5 had a bit more bite to them, more aggression! The sound was closer to a chainsaw!!!

  40. Aug. 28, 4:26pm

    No invisible walls at Willow Springs, imagine the pp difference bonus we can pull off there in a seasonal.
    I hope it won’t be as prone to abuse as i think it will.

    • Aug. 28, 4:38pm
      Ittybitty Stigy

      They will probably put on penalties, like the do Sarthe.

    • Aug. 28, 4:38pm
      Ittybitty Stigy

      *at Sarthe

  41. Aug. 28, 4:25pm

    I really hope they get rid of that 30 second sequence before the race starts that occurs on some tracks. It was particularly annoying on Cote D’Azur in GT5 and seems like willows also has that long sequence.
    It’s most annoying in GT5 because while some tracks has that long sequence (Cote D’Azur, Madrid), in others there are almost no waiting time (Monza).

    • Aug. 28, 4:56pm

      ^^ definitely … It is especially annoying at any custom created track…

    • Aug. 28, 7:20pm

      Agreed. The 3 pass panning shot at the start of custom tracks is painful.
      However I found it useful for last-minute swigs of beer and a mouthful of peanuts before the race.

  42. Aug. 28, 4:22pm

    These all look like they are going to be welcome additions to my sim garage. In fact they all should have been in my garage at least 12 months ago but, better late than never. I’m ready to run the wheels off these baby’s.

  43. Aug. 28, 4:12pm

    This is all excellent – I’m gonna enjoy the chops off this game!

  44. Aug. 28, 4:06pm

    That Alfa….

    I just want to hear the premium cockpit of the R18 to see if they got the rumble correct. I also hope they updated the Mulsanne at Le Mans, because even in a focus the jumps you do at 45mph are outrageous. It’s was replaced in 11, so there shouldn’t be a excuse to flatten it a little.. (Ooh, and fix the last ford chicane as it sticks out 2 feet then it should.

  45. Aug. 28, 4:05pm

    I watched the very first video footage of GT6 and played the demo for 20min. I decided not to watch or read squat about GT6 since then, in fear of being disappointed. The video and demo were junk. Long live gt but I have some reservations ahead.

  46. Aug. 28, 3:46pm

    More footage of gameplay, that for some reason couldn’t be released to the rest of us

  47. Aug. 28, 3:31pm

    Hell yeah! more stuff for GT6 :D

  48. Aug. 28, 3:22pm
    tall white79

    Cheers HuskyGT

  49. Aug. 28, 3:10pm
    tall white79

    Psn store only lets u type the first 3 letters and numbers so can’t type gt academy 2013, I think its been took off

    • Aug. 28, 3:17pm

      That has been long gone, I m afraid. So you missed it.

    • Aug. 28, 3:20pm

      Not that you missed much, though. Just the new physics. Which felt incredible, by the way…

    • Aug. 31, 1:56pm

      I still have on my PS3, tough. I think i’ll better uninstall it.

  50. Aug. 28, 2:44pm
    tall white79

    Anyone no where the gt6 demo is on psn?

    • Aug. 28, 2:48pm

      You have to type in GT Academy 2013 yourself

    • Aug. 28, 5:34pm
      Pit Crew

      No point looking now.

    • Aug. 28, 6:15pm

      They took it down because the competition is over.

  51. Aug. 28, 2:43pm
    tall white79

    Where is the gt6 demo on psn, has it been took off?

    • Aug. 28, 3:05pm

      GT Academy 2013 is the demo.

  52. Aug. 28, 2:38pm
    HKS racer

    Gran Turismo 6 the real granny simulator.

  53. Aug. 28, 2:27pm

    AI looks as slow and pointless as in GT5

    • Aug. 28, 2:47pm

      thinking the exact same thing…. the guy driving isn’t that good to compound the AI lazy driving…. really want to buy GT6 but not worth buying from what I’m seeing… Glorified DLC ?

      I really hope that tire wear isn’t going to be a number… I was hoping for the tire to be split into 3 columns (outside, middle, inside) like Live for Speed (amazing tire physics) …….

    • Aug. 28, 3:26pm

      It’s just a demo. Just because this is how the AI drives here doesn’t mean they’ll be like this in the full game.

  54. Aug. 28, 2:23pm

    Hey, as long as those two BMW’s sound like V8’s, the Cizeta keeps its awesome and incredibly accurate sample from GT4 and GT5, and the rest sound close to the engine they are supposed to have, I’m cool with it.

  55. Aug. 28, 2:21pm

    This is all very cool. Nice to see no invisible walls at Willow Springs and the flaps on the Huayra working. I really don’t wait these 3 months.. Anyone got a time machine or something?

  56. Aug. 28, 2:19pm

    LOL @ the driver to the right of you in the first video :)

  57. Aug. 28, 2:16pm

    i Think that nowadays games have too much coloured environment (like HDR everywhere) or too warm colours.

    • Aug. 29, 9:46am

      Don’t forget that the camera it’s filmed with will also change the colors, tones, and lighting to a degree.

      Also, there are always adjustments on your TV/Monitor to change it to your liking.

  58. Aug. 28, 2:15pm

    perhaps they added music to cover up the fact that they might or might not be updating the car sounds in gt6. Kaz said that he has been working on refining the car sounds, but hasn’t set in stone as to whether or not the long awaited improvement will be in GT6.

  59. Aug. 28, 2:10pm

    Thanks for posting these Jordan.

  60. Aug. 28, 2:05pm

    meh… ill wait for GT7 on PS4.

    • Aug. 28, 2:14pm

      You do that, lol. You’ll be waiting for quite some time friend.

    • Aug. 28, 2:32pm

      Have fun missing out.

    • Aug. 28, 4:10pm

      Forza 5 and 6 to get you through the next few years perhaps?

  61. Aug. 28, 2:05pm

    It is Fisker, not Fiskar.

  62. Aug. 28, 2:03pm

    When are we going to get this demo version?

    • Aug. 28, 2:13pm
      Pit Crew

      Never. We already got a GT6 Demo.

    • Aug. 28, 2:14pm


  63. Aug. 28, 2:01pm

    Why would they add music to the video…

    • Aug. 28, 2:12pm

      Atleast make it good music…

    • Aug. 28, 2:18pm

      or no music at all. I wanna hear the engine sounds, good or bad.

    • Aug. 28, 2:45pm

      They didn’t have direct audio, so you really wouldn’t hear anything of interest, unless noisy background sound is interesting to you.

    • Aug. 28, 3:30pm

      really?! I could hear the cizeta in the first video quite fine.

    • Aug. 28, 3:42pm

      read the caption? either way, why have it silent?

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