First Gran Turismo 6 Nurburgring Nordschleife Video

May 20th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Gran Turismo’s logo was prominent around the Nurburgring this weekend at the 24 Hour race, and Polyphony Digital  surprised viewers of the race’s live broadcast by showing off what appears to be the first-ever video of the Nordschleife Gran Turismo 6.

The videos show Kazunori’s Schulze Motorsport N24 GT-R pursuing a Bilstein Audi R8 LMS around various sections of the famous circuit.

GTPlanet user SimsonS51 was quick to capture the relevant video, which was quickly shared in our Gran Turismo 6 forum. Watch it for yourself below!

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

MotoGamesTV has also assembled a comparison video, which places the new GT6 footage side-by-side with GT5.

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  1. May. 28, 7:03pm

    AND let’s not forget that the R8 in the GT5 video is a Standard model, hopefully the 1 in the GT6 video isn’t.

  2. May. 27, 1:05am

    I love how people are so oblivious to changes in comparison video.

    1. Helicopter view and other dynamically refined camera angles.

    2. Long dynamic shadows on cars.

    3. The correct amount of shine on cars make them look more realistic rather then GT5.

    4. The suspension model been improved Ridiculously!! GT5 in comparison is what GT5 was to Forza 4 in terms of hovering over the tarmac only affected by major bumps..

    5. The balanced out the relativity of overall contrast of generated by shadows from trees to textures to cars, from the artificial sun light source. Meaning when you look at the replay as a whole the over all visual impact on the eye is very cohesent, flows better, and MUCH more realistic then GT5.

    And there are many others. Pay attention before discrediting PD in MAJOR update in the franchise. I will go as far as saying suspension in the game is on part with rFactor at this point.

  3. May. 22, 2:54pm

    Why is the wing on the N24, not the same wing that’s on the N24 in the Still shots we saw earlier?

    • May. 23, 4:04pm

      It’s the old GT5 car.

  4. May. 22, 11:17am

    Im kinda upset that the trees on GT6 still look somewhat ridiculous. :/

  5. May. 22, 12:41am

    Well in general, GT6 isn’t fully developed. I’m not trying to critic but in the GT6 vid, there are some dark parts which is fine. We all know PD are still working on this project anyway. Plus I’m expecting that we will get to hear the GT6 engine sound hehe

    • May. 22, 7:44am

      OF course its not fully developed. It’s not on store selves yet… or was that what you were trying to say?

  6. May. 21, 7:49pm

    In that last video, the GT5/ GT6 side-by-side, GT6 looks decidedly lower resolution. Look at the landscape. I wonder if they had to do that to make room for a more complicated physics engine, or better sounds or something.

  7. May. 21, 7:10pm

    WHEN the “Game-Play” graphics look like the instant reply graphics.

    Call me ;)

    • May. 21, 7:11pm


  8. May. 21, 6:59pm

    For all those that think it’s GT5, look at 1:43 in the comparison video, clearly the track has been modified.

    • May. 22, 8:31am

      dont see the difference

  9. May. 21, 6:43pm

    Smooth shadows

  10. May. 21, 6:40pm

    Only thing is that the Audi should be pulling that GT-R, lol, the GT-R is gravy compared to the purified water that is the R8 LMS Ultra. I know it isn’t actually like that in the game though, haha ;)

  11. May. 21, 6:10pm

    Oh YES!! I always knew the PS3 had more to give graphics wise. These videos prove it. I hope A Spec has a bit more depth in GT6, history says it should be AWESOME because the second game on the current generation console always ROCKS.

    Where’s my proof, you say?

    GT2 – The second full game on PS1 (AWESOME)
    GT4 – The second full game on PS2 (MORE AWESOME)
    GT6 – The second full game on PS3 (The BEST far……..maybe)

    C’mon PD make GT6 game the BEST DRIVING SIMULATOR ever!!!!!!!

    • May. 21, 6:11pm

      ***C’mon PD make GT6 the BEST DRIVING SIMULATOR ever!!!!!!!

    • May. 22, 12:05pm

      GT6 will be followed by GT6 “Academy Edition” half price the GT6 ;)

  12. May. 21, 4:26pm

    It’s like watching a GT5 replay with a new car.

    • May. 21, 6:14pm

      Go get your eyes tested. Anybody who plays GT5 can see the improvements! The lighting is more subtle, the trees look much more defined and the camera moves about much more realistically than in GT5

    • May. 22, 2:44am

      OMG the graphics and lighting are so much better in GT6. You know photo mode in GT5? You know how clear it is? That’s what gameplay looks like to me in the GT6 video!!! And I’m on an iPod!!! Imagine how awesome GT6’s photomode will be!!!

  13. May. 21, 2:21pm

    I really couldn’t care if damage didn’t make it in GT6 if GT5 is anything to go by, however after watching N24 i would like to see the cars accumulate wear and dirt during a race. Whats the point of having a car wash in GT5, the old colin Mcrae games where really good at that.

    • May. 21, 2:44pm

      Didn’t cars in GT2/GT3 get dirty? Either way, I agree with your statement.

  14. May. 21, 1:51pm

    THE most important question for me: will GT6 achieve a steady 60 FPS?

    • May. 21, 3:45pm

      they say it will and it look like it will will

    • May. 21, 4:11pm

      To improve the stability of FPS (frame per second), try reducing the screen size of up to 90%. In game options: Display Settings> Set Display Size(HD)=90%. Helps!!

    • May. 21, 5:39pm

      That seems to help a bit, cheers!

  15. May. 21, 12:04pm

    it’s actually EXACTLY the same, just a different time of day.

    • May. 21, 12:45pm


    • May. 21, 2:51pm

      Your blind….

    • May. 21, 7:33pm
      Pit Crew

      The OP has had a tude since we found out GT6 was a PS3 title. Glass will stay half empty for him regardless of the obvious improvements, everyone else can see.

    • May. 21, 7:54pm

      Umm, it IS exactly the same.

  16. May. 21, 11:47am

    I only hope that the entire track will be 2013 updated as what I can see through onboard real Nurburgring videos.

    • May. 21, 12:46pm

      I heard the were just going to update turn 4.

  17. May. 21, 11:26am

    Hey all try typing on YouTube!!!!: Gran Turismo 6 Demo or Gran Turismo 6 Demo Tutorial

  18. May. 21, 11:01am

    When i the GTR was tailing the R8 LMS ultra, i knew it was GT6. Other thing that made clear it is a videogame are the typical GT Nordschleife trees :)

  19. May. 21, 10:31am

    And yeah, if you think they are gonna fix anything we’ve seen so far you will be disappointed… They tend to try and show a games beat sides on a demo like this… So imagine the worst sides.. Its so sad what has happened with many japanese developers like polyphony and square…

  20. May. 21, 10:12am

    Wow looks the same… And the cars still sounds like a vacum cleaners… very impressive. ….

    • May. 21, 10:23am

      You should be blocked for your ignorance. The audio was from GT5.

    • May. 21, 10:23am

      Would that be the one that notes that the audio is from GT5…..?

    • May. 21, 11:25am
      Zevious Z

      wow, look more closely.

  21. May. 21, 8:30am
    Zevious Z

    Definitely some improvements there. I note that the trees when they are in the foreground flashing past the car/track seem to have lost that weird pixilation they have in GT5. That’s something that is visible from the in car cam too so should make the track even more visually appealing…

    • May. 21, 8:48am

      I agree. Differences in trees trackside on exit of carousel.

    • May. 21, 9:48am

      It looks like they have applied some motion blur for the new engine.

  22. May. 21, 8:07am

    PD are defiantly releasing this game properly now compared to the shamble with GT5. I really hope the pit stops have been improved to be more realistic like F1 having super fast pit stops and an endurance race where you have so many people and media in the pit area like to see on tv or similar anyway.

    • May. 21, 8:49am

      …with an occaisional blunder – that’d be cool and inline with reality!

  23. May. 21, 7:13am

    All i want, is a nissan 180sx with 600 hp, like the real drift cars.
    If i cant have that in GT6, im gonna be so disappointed..

    It was supposed to be realistic, right?

    And they better upgrade the S14 Kouki and Zenki to premium.
    They should have been premium in GT5.

    • May. 21, 11:15am

      I want the same thing and a z tune r34

  24. May. 21, 6:43am

    In the GT6 footage the shadows look tonnes more crisper, :o)

    Can’t wait to try it ou.

  25. May. 21, 6:16am

    the GT6 cars do seem to move more normally for a car.

    GT6 Ring seems to use a softer colour palette to make things look more life like with the shadows and grass.

  26. May. 21, 5:09am

    The track or Nurb looks the same in GT5 n GT6……… :(

    • May. 21, 5:36am

      wtf? … i mean WHY THE FACE? still looks good ;)

    • May. 21, 6:04am

      Lighting is completely different, or doesn’t that count for you. The tones are also more realistic as can be seen on other comparisons.

    • May. 21, 8:57am

      @thaisn: of course the Nurb graphic on GT5 was good,,,,,, but now its GT6 so hope they improve it a little bit ;)

    • May. 21, 9:01am

      @MeanElf: my bad, so have to wait it release for comparing the two games. ;)

  27. May. 21, 4:42am

    The Lighting looks awesome.

    • May. 21, 4:51am


    • May. 21, 4:56am

      Yes and i looking forward to the photo-mode.

    • May. 21, 8:09am

      I agree, the lighting is way more refined than GT5.

  28. May. 21, 4:32am

    I hope that they will put BMW Z4 GT3 to GT6!!!!!

    • May. 21, 9:07am

      Yeah I agree, after the SLS AMG GT3 and R8 LMS ultra they really need to put the Z4 GT3 in it! :-)
      Gallardo LP600+ GT3, V12 Vantage GT3 and Ford GT GT3 would be pure awesomeness, too.

  29. May. 21, 3:09am

    No offense, but is it that hard to update the graffiti on this track? Kaz promised us back when GT5 came out PD would do their best to update the track’s doodles.

    • May. 21, 3:57am

      If that’s the biggest issue you have with GT, then you’ve got nothing to worry about dude.

    • May. 21, 4:39am

      lol, best answer!

      On topic, even I would love to see track graffiti updated, BUT there’s a big but, PD have to work on more important things than that, I believe that tiny details will change over time..

      I never expected from PD superhuman abilities… the only real thing that worry me is 7 new tracks… I expected about 27… GT4 had about 54 tracks , and then GT5 had about 30, well the biggest why I dropped playing GT5 is lack of where to drive… Nurburgring of course saved the day alot of time, but I will not save gt6, they at least have to add some tracks over time, but alot more than 3 tracks like for gt5 dlc…

    • May. 21, 4:52am

      @terminator/ graffitis ll be available on GT7 ;)

    • May. 21, 6:07am

      Tvensky, I take it you missed the track/car DLC every month announcement for GT6?

    • May. 21, 9:03am

      Monthly DLC was said to be available for GT5 too…and look how that turned out.

    • May. 21, 9:41am
      Pit Crew

      JeremiahTB that DLC every 2 months assumption was just that. Kaz didn’t promise it, like they have with GT6. You should really read that interview again, concerning GT5s DLC.

    • May. 21, 10:01am

      @Pit Crew, I’ve read it many times, and it was basically a statement. By Kaz himself. Quite similar to this recent statement about GT6 “every month” DLC. Neither is really a promise, nor an assumption. This new statement should be trated accordingly, as JeremiahTB is doing..

    • May. 21, 10:26am
      Pit Crew

      He sounds more definitive about monthly DLC then last time. It’s all good because Ill be right in line to criticise if and when that doesn’t come to pass. Actually trying to figure out how they’ll pull it off.

  30. May. 21, 2:38am

    First time i noticed gt5’s inadequate suspension physics and damper modelling was back in 20/0 when i tried to recreate Mclaren f1’s time in tsukuba of 1:04 i think! I had to use comfort medium and car would just ice skate around the track! When compared to the youtube video I could see how fake, dull and lifeless Gt5 was/is! In the video, the car had lots of traction and in every accelleration the car’s nose would come up like a plane ready to take off and during braking it would dive down milimetres before scraping the ground! I’m glad to see they are trying to address these issues – how close to reality they’ve come, we won’t know b4 we try it, but the road to get there is long! With LFS still reigning, Rfactor 1,2 SRW, netkar pro, Asseto corsa and forza 4, it’s gonna be really difficult regaining the sim crown ( even if it’s just concoles – f4 suspension and tire modelling is epic next to gt5)!
    No flames please – i love sims and i’ve spend €thousands on them so far – just my opinion!

    • May. 21, 7:08am

      All semi-valid points. Love how you threw in an arcade style game like forza in there with the simulators, haha. That will surely touch some nerves.

    • May. 21, 5:49pm

      @Streeto – the fact that you say f4 is an arcade style racer is surely to touch some nerves too! You forget that forzaplanet & gtplanet are one now! I do believe that f4 has done a much better job physics wise than gt5, but that’s just my opinion! I race both with fanatec CSR Elite! Of course nothing compares to LFS :D weird thing is that most people that I know from lfs forums also play Forza and absolutely hate GT.. Dunno why!

  31. May. 21, 1:42am

    I am REALLY enjoying the new physics model…


  32. May. 21, 12:58am

    Will we be seeing leaves on the track fly up when passed over?

    • May. 21, 1:22am

      Leaves are not my worry. My worry is tire marks on dirt infields. When I tear up the infield at Daytona, I want to see my work & not just a cloud of dust behind me.

  33. May. 21, 12:56am

    Why does it show the Z4 crash?? Is there a race car Z4 in GT6??

    • May. 21, 2:47am

      It’s just the wrong link. The right video starts after the Z4 crash.

  34. May. 21, 12:39am

    Nice. Around 00’40 one can see just how many more subtle movements the car makes going over bumbs with the new suspension model. :)

    I hope theres also an E90 M3
    GTR to go with the bilstein lms..

  35. May. 20, 11:48pm

    You know the damage in GT5 isn’t far off from what happened to that Z4 at the race. In any other game, you would see busted lights, bumper ready to fall off, quarter panel smashed in, etc… But in GT5 it shows s few scrapes, and a slightly larger & more obscure gap between the bumper & the body. Just sayin’

    • May. 21, 1:35am

      There are a few cars thay vrash pretty good. I think many peoples problem is when they look like melted plastic,which does happen often.

    • May. 21, 1:35am

      There are a few cars that crash pretty good. I think many peoples problem is when they look like melted plastic,which does happen often.

    • May. 21, 1:35am

      Mechanical damage is what is important As long as they improve that, who cares.

    • May. 21, 3:21am

      I’m with you on that one, Tom. If PD is going to go the way of warped body panels again then I want flaming Ricky Bobbys egressing from the carnage after these idiot drive themselves into immovable objects. But I’d rather see them just immobilized until the track is cleared.

    • May. 21, 8:29am

      ummm.. did you guys not see the way that fence absorbed nearly all of the energy by giving away like a spring? If that was a regular wall, the rear of that car would be as destroyed as you described. Please open eyes before making silly comments!

    • May. 21, 3:57pm

      In addition to infamousphil’s idea about track clearing, having a safety car would be good too!

      Also, for rolling starts, have a pace car on track to start us off!

      Then, instead of penalties where cars can drive through you, have a drive through penalty! You keep racing then, as you approach the pit entrance, the system takes over, drags you into the pits, do your drive through and/or stop and go penalty, then you start racing again…

  36. May. 20, 11:35pm

    Do you think this is people playing the game or AI?

    • May. 20, 11:45pm

      If that’s AI then A-spec or career mode (or whatever you call it) is going to be a BLAST!

  37. May. 20, 11:31pm

    This is the best news I’ve ever read on this site. The team playstation r8 LMS is my most driven car in gt5 and I’ve been dreaming of a premium version since gt5 came out. Love it!

    • May. 21, 12:13am
      Tenacious D

      I love it myself, and never take it out of my Favorites rotation. As I said in my YouTube comment, I just raced it on the Nordshleife tonight, and these videos makes my replay look almost boring. GT6 is gonna rock SO hard!

  38. May. 20, 10:43pm

    I knew the R8 would be premium in dlc for gt5 or gt6, remember the new spec 2 intro for gt5 it had a R8 lms in that video and that intro focused on mainly premium cars. I can see the physics difference in that video, esp in the new springs and shocks model! Kaz is trying to recreate the nurburgring 24hr race within gt6 with cars which is a big plus for fans of that track and race. A big thumbs up for kaz, pd, gtp for keeping us updated, and the gt community!

  39. May. 20, 10:25pm

    I’m 99% sure that the Aston Martin DBR9 and Vantage GT3 Race cars are in GT6 aswel, apparently PD where spotted recording there engine sounds. It’s in a Forum on GTPlanet.

    • May. 20, 11:22pm
      Ferrari Alonso

      Omg are you serious dude?! Don’t play with my feelings like that!

      Kaz, just announce Porsche is coming to GT6 and I’ll pay premium ;)

    • May. 20, 11:45pm

      And don´t forget they were also spotted with the Ferrari P4/5 Competizione

    • May. 20, 11:58pm
      Ferrari Alonso

      Oh God yes! The Ferrari P4/5 Competizione!

    • May. 21, 12:59am

      @ Ferrari Alonso. Yes I’m fairly certain, I read it in a tread that someone’s friend saw a bunch of PD sound engineers recording the sound of those 2 cars for GT6.

    • May. 21, 4:59am

      I just want all the current LeMans GT cars; C6R, SRT Viper, 458, Porsche, and etc.

    • May. 21, 5:12am

      also ll have the Jaguar XK RS :)

  40. May. 20, 10:25pm

    @32 sec into part2 (tight turn in Kallenhard- is that the foxhole?) you can clearly see the R8 pivot around the inside rear tire. This stands out immediately as different than GT5 with it’s old ‘center-pivot’ model. Strop mentions something along these lines below but I wanted to point out a spot in the clip which makes it very clear.

    Awe. Some.

    • May. 21, 4:06pm

      I noticed that when I first saw the video! Words cannot describe how excited I am that these things have been fixed!! ☺

      I’m even eagerly awaiting the release of the demo. That in itself will be great to play until the full game’s release!

  41. May. 20, 10:05pm

    You know what, i like to do Gymkhana with GT6 physics hahahhaa…

  42. May. 20, 9:37pm

    Some times I just can’t get past these youtube videos when there posted here…both app and web page gives me loads of trouble viewing stuff it just me?

    • May. 20, 11:25pm
      Ferrari Alonso

      Im on iOS and it crashes on me very often, but it’s more OS fault than anything. Cr*ppy ‘multitasking’

    • May. 20, 11:52pm

      Thats why I just look at the title and search for them directly on YT. No fuss no muss ;-)

    • May. 20, 11:59pm
      Ferrari Alonso

      Gonna have to do just that :tup:

    • May. 21, 12:01am

      Same here. Though it might be my 6 year old computer or my fair internet service. That vid on the news sections is causing me a headache.

  43. May. 20, 8:51pm
    Pit Crew

    I may be in the minority with this one, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some drift footage of GT6 eventually, the new physics model had to have brought some changes to that.

    PD actually scoring drift angles correctly is another story…

    • May. 20, 8:54pm

      I agree. And maybe some drift events in the “career section”. Same with rally and gokarts.

    • May. 20, 11:26pm
      Ferrari Alonso

      I think you’re in the majority on this one Pit :tup:

    • May. 21, 12:02am

      That would be a good excuse for me to start drifting.

    • May. 21, 4:11pm

      Typical – just as I get the hang of drifting on GT5, they go and change the physics… lol.!

  44. May. 20, 8:49pm

    What does the 2nd video have to do with GT6 besides the fact the Z4 that crashed had the sponsor on it. Did the announcer say something, I don’t speak German.

    • May. 20, 8:53pm

      I’m not sure haha

    • May. 20, 8:58pm

      wait for tyhat video to be over then it automatically switches ;)

    • May. 20, 9:12pm
      Pit Crew

      I bet that driver said something you wouldn’t need to know German to understand lol

  45. May. 20, 8:48pm

    Thumbs up if you are listening to all the Moon Over The Castle over and over again. Looking forward to hear the GT6 version.
    Here’s a playlist I made. watch?v=foWuYIvfgKk&list=PLzyuP1Clix051GdEDiqW6Q6LDTDz9qvQZ

    • May. 20, 10:12pm

      Yeah, it’s my favorite song. I have a playlist too!

  46. May. 20, 8:20pm

    Such fast-growing developments are proof of Polyphony’s hard work, it’s not an easy feat to change the physics for a game of GT5’s size (including 1000+ Vehicles, which have individual attitudes) while they were still supporting the last game, especially when you consider the tiny size of their Staff compared to other Developers/Producers; every game has flaws–but if you look past Standard Vehicles (that aren’t required to be used) and Passive AI (that can provide challenge when you have a sensible HP’d car without aids), few strive for GT’s level of Quantity and Quality.. This game can’t release soon enough, these Teasers may drive a few people insane lol..

    • May. 20, 8:26pm

      I am itching just to play a bit of GT6! I just want to skip to it’s release date! Lol

    • May. 20, 8:44pm

      Rjdis wign rtkls jkwsurn! Qinmti kmtc sihjt sj nt, jhxwintr?

      Sorry about that! Just went insane for a bit, but who could blame me?

      Cryofreeze until release!

    • May. 20, 8:45pm

      Count me in, I’m insane already. Checking for new stuff almost every hour. Losing sleep too lol

    • May. 21, 12:03am

      HAAH! And not even a weeks has passed since the announcement. Still five weeks away from the Demo, and six more months for the game…

    • May. 21, 1:52am

      For the record, you DID have to use standards to complete GT5’s carrer mode.

  47. May. 20, 8:04pm

    What If i told you that the R8 was a creation of the User with the new livery Editor? … oooh i really hope there will be a livery Editor just like in forza, or even better!!!!! cant wait!!!

    • May. 20, 8:09pm
      Pit Crew

      Id ask for a source to confirm that…just saying.

    • May. 20, 8:14pm

      I would temper those expectations, you’re really going out on a stretch with that guess.

  48. May. 20, 8:03pm

    Hands down the BEST racer of this generation, even when on PS3 and doesn’t even need PS4 IMO. The suspension and tire model are really kicking in beautifully. GT6 also looks better too. :)

    I noticed the trees are more softer than in GT5, which is a good thing. ;)

    • May. 20, 8:22pm

      Yes, Toko, you’re right. I bet no Forza or racing game on the PC will be able to beat GT6.

    • May. 20, 8:35pm

      Oh crap I meant to say GT6 is hands down the BEST “console” racer of this generation with physics like that in the videos. lol :)

  49. May. 20, 7:56pm

    haven’t you guys noticed the three standard cars on the website are all confirmed premium XD

    • May. 20, 8:02pm

      The Alpine, the Countach and now the Audi R8 LMS? I bet these will not be the only ones.

    • May. 20, 8:21pm

      Which website are you talking of

    • May. 20, 8:46pm

      Not all will be premiumized. But most of them will get a little better.

    • May. 20, 9:07pm
      Pit Crew

      @ biftizmo Hes talking about this one. In the Main Forum, in the GT6 link. This information is being put up in the individual threads gtp members have started.

      You do know about the Other 2 AMGs confirmed for GT6? total of 3? Its all in this site…Check it out.

    • May. 20, 9:35pm

      Ha thanks pitcrew…there’s me thinking it was related to something on this post I was missing..because of my dodgy GTP app…

    • May. 21, 12:54am
      Pit Crew

      Its all good biftizmo. We gotta get through these 6 or so months together.

  50. May. 20, 7:50pm

    I like the new ariel views as the replay camera elevates to reveal more detail in the surrounding landscape. Makes for an improved sense of space; a more vast and exciting gaming world :)

  51. May. 20, 7:49pm

    I hope that is a new IA (the Nissan GTR) chasing closer and more agrevesively than the shy IA of GT5 !! :)

    • May. 20, 7:51pm

      Intelligent Artificials? I like that. I think everyone should adopt that.

    • May. 20, 8:02pm


    • May. 20, 8:46pm


    • May. 20, 8:48pm

      this one really cracked me up nice one

    • May. 20, 9:01pm
      Pit Crew

      IMO its a two player mode. The Racing has a “Human” quality to it.

  52. May. 20, 7:45pm

    You can definitely see an improvement in the car handling. Even just the way the car bobs about on the straights as it reacts to the road surface, GT5 always looked too smooth and the cars never vibrated the way I’m sure I can see from these clips. Looks a bit more ‘slidey’ as well. I think GT6 should be pretty awesome, the fact that they’re addressing the very slow UI of GT5 is the main selling point to me, but also hopefully some smoothing of the rough edges of GT5 like shadows and the poor rain effect on the cars… must buy. :D Also I’d like an end to the extreme grinding required. Those 20 million credit cars (or is it 30?) really do suck, I think I calculated that it would take me weeks of dedicated playing when I had free time just to afford one car like that. I know some people value that approach but for me it’s just soul destroying knowing I’ll never own one of those cars.

  53. May. 20, 7:41pm

    NEW CAMERA ANGLES!!! My wish has been granted! I am so pumped for GT6 ^_^

    • May. 20, 8:05pm

      Love new angles!

      My pet peeve in GT4 was the camera “mounted” on the side of the car and THAT disappeared in GT5! Happy!

      New camera angles in GT6 makes the game fresher!

      Now, let’s see if the PHOTO MODE camera angles have been improved to include the replay’s initial pause angle. For example, if a replay camera is on top of a building and we like the angle and want to pause it for a photo, that is where the camera should be to take the photo!

      Also, wouldn’t it be nice if there was the option to watch all replays from a user controlled “helicopter”? (Ok, that may be an idea for GT7 on the PS4, but hey, that would be absolutely brilliant!)

    • May. 20, 8:11pm
      Pit Crew

      Id like that ScottieDawg. :tup:

  54. May. 20, 7:31pm

    Damn, I still can’t believe how incredible that new tire and suspension physics looks. Can’t wait to take the big old SL55 around the Nurburgring an watch its squishy suspension absorb all thous bumps. I need to play this NOW!

    • May. 20, 8:09pm

      Patience, my friend, patience! (Can’t wait for the demo next month! Giggity giggity)

    • May. 20, 8:50pm

      The demo is releasing in July, not June? I’m so excited too tho, if it comes in June, yaaaaaay

  55. May. 20, 7:28pm
    tube chaser

    Sweet comparison video, must be difficult to improve on the best track in GT5! Mildly disappointed that the cardboard forest has returned, but the weird flickering you get while panning the car through trees/fences seems to have been addressed. And the lack of jagged shadows should please others. I would hope the PS4 ‘version’ gets dynamic seasons – imagine autumn colours, and later snowy conditions. Wicked.

    Slightly off topic; the tech demo for Spin Tires that follows the MotoGamesTV clip looks sublime :drool:

    • May. 20, 7:56pm

      Well, you know this is, “Gran Turismo: The Real Driving Simulator”. Not, “Grand Oak: The Real Tree Simulator”.

    • May. 20, 8:04pm

      The 2D trees never really bothered me to be honest. Neither the blocky shadows.

    • May. 20, 8:19pm
      tube chaser

      ^^ Yeah I know, nitpicking as I always do. I would however expect the PS4 version to use SpeedTree or something similar. Cardboard forests should end with this gen.

    • May. 20, 8:23pm

      Tube, you are spot on! The “cardboard” forest is a bit of a disappointment but it seems that nearly all other issues have been dealt with. Dynamic seasons are a GREAT idea – I also hope that they are in the PS4 version!

      Halcyon, you’re funny! No really, very funny… :P

    • May. 20, 8:29pm

      Lol. Yeah, I try to be funny. :P

    • May. 20, 8:52pm

      If dynamic seasons isn’t possible, at least we should get to choose to drive some tracks at the different seasons. Would be sweet to drive Nurb in the winter.

    • May. 20, 10:07pm

      Dynamic Seasons would be an incredible innovation, and yet another thing GT would have over other Racers, to see the Nurb in Autumn with the many hues and leaves sweeping across the track would be breath taking..

      Tube Chaser’s idea should be petitioned for inclusion in GT7 etc, pretty sure PD would be up for such an idea..

  56. May. 20, 7:18pm

    Oh my Gods! This is incredible!! Damn, this is happening so fast. I might even dare to predict that GT6’s release will be sooner than we all expect!


    • May. 20, 7:33pm
      Pit Crew

      Agreed Husky, not to mention the daily influx of prime information the gtplanet team is putting out. I got a feeling the Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year will be in front of my TV. Turkey leg in one hand driving with the other.

    • May. 20, 8:28pm

      I also have to agree! It may depend on how quickly and the amount of downloads the demo generates though.

      Pit, for the safety of others, don’t eat and drive!

    • May. 20, 8:39pm
      Ferrari Alonso

      I pray to God it ends up being like that!
      With the PlayStation 4 being announced on the 10th(that’s what it said on the e-mail I got today from Sony) and GT6 Demo coming next month as well.. Argh! Cannot wait any longer!

    • May. 20, 11:16pm

      Hmm i dont know PIT, one hand supposed to be on the wheel, the other on the shifter, by the time youre done ridin on GT6, the dog already ate the leg and buried the bone……. and gone to sleep. lol

    • May. 20, 11:29pm
      Ferrari Alonso

      I think Pit would go AT on that day.. For the first time lol

  57. May. 20, 7:08pm

    I’m impressed. Looks cleaner

    • May. 20, 7:13pm


    • May. 21, 7:24am

      That’s “ditto” …sorry, I do not want to be a p%^%k …

  58. May. 20, 7:04pm

    i cant wait to drive that car hopefully we will enough cars for some proper gt racing in gt6

    • May. 20, 7:09pm

      yeah so far, we will get SLS GT3, GT-R GT3 and Audi R8 (not sure if it’s GT3 spec as well) :)

    • May. 20, 7:12pm

      it is :)

    • May. 20, 7:21pm

      Hoping if we don’t see the Porsche nameplate we can at least get some better RUF cars maybe even a GT3 spec RUF. Not everyone would buy a GT-R35 over a Porsche, I know i’d never buy a Nissan over a Porsche.

    • May. 20, 7:29pm

      Plus I read in a forum that the DBR9 and Vantage GT cars are 99% confirmed as pd where recording there engine sounds.

  59. May. 20, 7:02pm

    Definitely a big improvement. The subtle changes in direction and elevation are much more realistic than GT5 which still reminds me too much of Pole Position the way the cars seem to turn on a central pivot. The chase view looked good too, in GT5 the cars had a sense of hover-craft type glide over the surface where-as these cars look a lot more connected to the road. We’re definitely in the end-game here with very subtle cues but in the principle of the uncanny valley it is those last few subtleties that make the difference between looking false and being convincingly realistic.

  60. May. 20, 7:01pm

    that Audi R8 race car looks impressive in premium :D

  61. May. 20, 7:01pm

    Sweet livery on the R8. I like the driving/fog lights in the grill.

  62. May. 20, 6:56pm

    Looks very promising.

    Too bad neither car did well in the race earlier today/yesterday.

    Though it was cool the Mercedes-Benz FINALLY won it.

    • May. 20, 7:16pm

      Spoiler Alert

    • May. 20, 8:02pm
      Pit Crew

      ^Not really, many of us watched the available streams to keep up with the event.^

    • May. 20, 8:53pm

      The streams didn’t work for me :S
      Guess I’ll wait until they upload the two-part summary in GT TV.

  63. May. 20, 6:55pm

    The car model appears to be better but honestly it impossible to tell the difference with out a better quality video and same color settings.
    But it seems that the shaded area is better portrayed but again it could be the color settings.
    Either way looking forward to this and thanks Jordan for the amazing job through out the years.
    They just need to announce a collectors edition so I can pre-order it.

  64. May. 20, 6:55pm

    The lighting is too dark.

    • May. 20, 7:01pm

      no it looks dark on video but on gt5 in the interior its to bright so gt6 is going to be perfect for lighting

    • May. 20, 7:07pm

      Yeah, I hope it’s just the video and the Demo in July proves me wrong.

  65. May. 20, 6:55pm

    Ohhhh, I’m so looking forward to drive that Bilstein R8 *_*

  66. May. 20, 6:52pm

    And NEW GT6 Trailer on YouTube: Gran Turismo 6.Nuevo Trailer a 1080p 60 FPS. Max.Detalle by EjHDuke

    • May. 20, 6:53pm

      user: EjHDuke

    • May. 20, 7:40pm

      That’s not a new GT6 trailer you fool.

    • May. 20, 8:03pm
      Pit Crew


    • May. 20, 8:35pm

      It is more extended trailer. you fool

  67. May. 20, 6:47pm

    CMIIW but is the car shadow from GT6 is not jagged like the GT5? If yes, then Thank God

    • May. 20, 6:55pm

      yeah, I think the car shadows are better than GT5

  68. May. 20, 6:37pm

    Nice vids.. Is it me or did I see a tiny but of slow motion on a part of one of those videos.. It’s certainly something I’ve been hoping for.. Thanks for bringing us more tid bits, Jordan

  69. May. 20, 6:35pm

    lighting is much better and the look of the physics i still am amazed with the work :D

  70. May. 20, 6:34pm

    Looks like gt5 to me..

    • May. 20, 6:36pm

      go home your’e drunk haha. it looks nothing like gt5 how can you even say that

    • May. 20, 7:27pm

      You are high and drunk. It looks nothing like GT5. If you’re talking about the graphics, then you’re not enjoying Gran Turismo like you should.

      Just look at the weight on the car, how it bounces on the track, how the inertia moves it from side to side. That’s probably the best physics you’ll seen in any racing game! Nothing like GT5.

      And as for the graphics, you weren’t expecting them to improve them. That’s beyond impossible. GT is the best looking racing game ever since GT5 Prologue. GT6 doesn’t need better graphics.

    • May. 20, 8:27pm

      Actually Husky they DO look better to me! Check out the shadows and edges of the Armco barriers, the trees in the background, the tents and people along side the track… there seems to be BIG background and detail improvements there. Photomode on the ring is going to be ridiculous :tup:

    • May. 21, 12:08am

      I just noticed the contrast and the shadows too. I really didn’t mind the blocky shadows that GT5 had, but I’m really grateful they’ve improved them. Still looks like Gran Turismo, but there is something different.

      But we are yet to see it in our own home in full HD. This videos don’t do much justice.

  71. May. 20, 6:31pm

    Ditto. AWESOME!!!

  72. May. 20, 6:31pm

    Just hope more GT3 cars will be announced too! :)

  73. May. 20, 6:30pm

    Better camera angles than GT5. And, premium Audi R8 LMS! Finally!

  74. May. 20, 6:30pm

    Thanks GTPlanet!

  75. May. 20, 6:30pm


    • May. 21, 5:02pm


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