GT6 Screenshots Reveal New John Cooper Works MINI


Two images of a mysterious new Mini bearing the Gran Turismo 6 screenshot logo were obtained by GTPlanet earlier today, revealing some details of a car from the iconic manufacturer which don’t necessarily match those of any of their existing models.


A John Cooper Works logo is prominently displayed in both screenshots, making it clear this is a performance model, but that’s really all we know. The unusual headlight and front fender rule out an updated Cooper or Clubman, and the details don’t line up with any recent concepts shown by the British car manufacturer, either.

We hope to learn more about the car soon – stay tuned.

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Comments (42)

  1. Mason Methot

    I’m most certainly not one to hate on GT6 or say stupid things about new news and such, but…photoshop? Maybe someone just photo shopped the logo into the picture? Probably not, anyways, nice to see some brand new cars and features coming to GT6! Keep up the great work PD!

    1. MrWaflz55

      that would be pretty damn hard to photoshop, and I don’t think someone would go out of their way to troll the whole community like that… But hey, it’s the internet.

    2. Mason Methot

      There’s been plenty of trolls on the internet that trick you into everything:D But new study’s show (on GTPlanet) that the car is in fact a VGT!

  2. cheesyisgod

    If this is a VGT, then it may not be to far from reality, with Honda, Ford and VAG creating very aero oriented cars now/very soon.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      I don’t think this is a VGT, otherwise it would say so. In that case, if it doesn’t have an interior at launch, it’ll probably be updated with one somewhere down the line.

  3. pasigiri

    Although I’m more than likely wrong, I really hope this is a real car and not a VGT. Like a wide bodied coup even though mini has already stated they are not doing the coup anymore.

  4. NW48

    Like others have said, it’s probably the Vision GT Mini.

    A Mini John Cooper Works VGT. Not bad, lets just hope it drives great. :)

  5. JohnyPiston

    Yeah …looks like an updated Superleggera concept. Stunning car! One of my cars is currently a Z3 that I thought I would never ever sell. Current Roadsters are too heavy and oversized. The MINI Superleggera John Cooper Works though might just force my hand …

  6. Leonidae@MFT

    And suddenly they’re releasing all these updates and news.. Could it be that Pcars and AC have awakened them and they’re now playing catching up?

    1. ironman44321

      It is possible that they are releasing a big update around the PCars release, but I seriously doubt PD even needs to know AC exists.

  7. gustavobamba

    When Mini announce their VGT project i tough that we are going to see a Mini “GT300” version or a “Group B Rallie” kinda of car.

    1. IBZ6L20VT

      Hehe, that’s exactly what I thought when I saw the heading of the piece of news… Seems that Christmas in PD’s headquarters is by the end of February…

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