GT6 Update 1.16 Now Available: Midfield Raceway, B-Spec, & MINI Vision GT


After an exciting week of teasers, one of the more significant Gran Turismo 6 updates has finally been released: 1.16! Weighing in at 536MB, it includes one of the most-requested and beloved original tracks in the history of the franchise: Midfield Raceway. First introduced in GT2 and last seen in GT4, the track has received a complete refresh, with time-of-day and weather changes.


B-Spec mode also arrives in 1.16, and brings with it a new set of more granular driver controls. The MINI Clubman Vision Gran Turismo car is also now available. Polyphony Digital’s official list of new features is below – be sure to check our GT6 forums as the community uncovers more undocumented changes and tweaks.

Vision Gran Turismo

The “MINI Clubman Vision Gran Turismo” has been released. After the update has been installed, the cars can be purchased from the [Vision GT] option within the [CARS] section in “My Home”. Alternatively, it is also possible to obtain the cars by completing a lap (regardless of the lap time) in the new Seasonal Events, available only for a limited time.

Mid-Field Raceway


The popular original track of the Gran Turismo series makes a comeback with further refinements! This high speed circuit is built on a mountain landscape full of inclines and descents.


It is further made dynamic by the famous grade separated crossing where the direction of the lap circle changes, and its long flat out sections and mid- to high-speed corners.



The event races of Career mode are now compatible with B Spec, where the AI drivers race for the player. You can use B Spec for races you might find difficult to complete such as some of the longer endurance races, or when you just want to watch the race. You can select [B-Spec] from the quick menu displayed before the start of event races.

New Paint Feature


The [Paint] feature is now compatible with custom rear wings. In addition, [Select from previously applied paint color] has been added to the menus inside the Paint feature to make it easier to paint the body and wing in the same color.

Additional cars available to paint

The Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo and the Chevrolet 2X Vision Gran Turismo is now compatible with the body paint feature.


The steering wheel controller force feedback has been weakened for the Red Bull X Series Fan Car.

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  1. GTP Ziggy

    They should add the American tracks Road America, Road Atlanta, and Curcuit of the Americas.

  2. Stewy_33

    Very Happy to have Midfield Raceway back. How about adding:

    Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI

    It is such a beautiful old school track. From racing it in real life the “Hurry downs” into the “carousel” is a blast. Than you put your big boy pants on and attack the “Kink” (its like Eau Rogue at Spa with out the elevation change) than if the Kink didn’t get your attention you drive into “Canada Corner” which is a medium speed right hander that exits out into a hill over a blind switch back. Lastly, your exit in turn 14 is critical as you come to the long straight that climbs a rather large hill up to the finish!

    Road America is a jewel in the USA that deserves to be in the game. Its like Spa-Francorchamps separated at birth twin brother. (BIG BOY TRACK)

    1. infamousphil

      You said it Stewy!

      Road America as well as so many other US circuits should be on PD’s worklist as we speak. RA is the oldest of my favs being that i grew up in chitown. There are others of course… Sebring, the Glen, Road ATL… all deserve to be in GT. But RA is as you say… the Big Boys’ track.

      We have to admit Stewy, being from this side of the pond, we are biased. But f.. the dumb s…!!! RA IS THE SHIZNIT! when it comes to peddle the floorboard, up through the gearing, stand it on it’s nose, repeat… racing, there is no substitute.

      Too bad the Japanese don’t share our thoughts. If my revengeful 10 year old hadn’t deleted my XBox everything l’d be on the knife’s ’round the carousel and white knuckling through the kink as we speak! Payback is a bitch… l lost and tossed so much of Pop’s stuff… Karma

  3. rafabap

    Hello, everybody! I’m from San Paulo, Brazil… So… After 1.16 update, some friends of mine are having troubles in Online GT6. The connection is very unstable and falls everytime. Some of you did have the same problem? Is relate with the update?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. anthonylu

    What about more city courses?

    Surfers paradise V8 circuit (Australia)
    Hamilton street circuit (New Zealand)
    New York (United States)
    San Francisco (United States)
    Yokohama Street circuit (Japan)

  5. light driver

    Super with Midfield…Tested it with my RUF BTR for an hour or so…Love it…I tried that track in GT4 at my friends place ages ago. When GT5 came out, I shortly confused Midfield with TrialMountain Circuit, but quickly realized my mistake…I remembered something about some tunnels with some blue stuff on the track in the tunnels…Here it is. Midfield it is. I love this track…Very generous of PD…

    B-spec??? Not interested at all…But thousands of GT6 players have screemed for it since day one, so they must be happy now…Waste of disc space if You ask me…

  6. jakshemash

    Great update PD! Made me feel nostalgic. It would be great to have Seattle, Tahiti Road and Vauxhall Tigra ice race car in gt6.

  7. Javi Piqueras

    people are never happy,as a greedy child,i wanted this…i was expecting the other…this not voucher worth…rather tan thank each minimun change is free,unlike in other games that charge you to stickers,urge them the trolls if you do not like this game to respect the tasyes of the other people.

    1. Johnnypenso

      Taking your own advice and respect the tastes of people who don’t agree with you and refraining from calling them “trolls” would be a good example to set. Too bad you didn’t agree.

    2. Javi Piqueras

      do not give me lessons in moral friend that is understood very well what I mean, in any other game with everything that has been added we would bear more than €50 spent. Here they extend it us free and we keep crying. for me there trolls forgiveness, they are following, mentality of raised poorly bred, you can say to make you wish you had added this or another, what can not is to complain about any chickweed .that already we are older and you have to be a little consistent. If you feel offended by something it will be.

  8. SpawnBlack

    Love the track. My brother and I had many two player race battles in the past at Midfield. the only thing that I think PD have gotten wrong are the Raised Rumble Strips. Turns 1 & 2 are shorter/sharper than before as well as the fast chicane. And the hairpin is as tricky as it was before but now a little bumpy on the exit which is fine as it adds a little more excitement. The raised rumble strips make it harder to contain any vehicle if you get it wrong, but it’s great to have it back.

    I would love if PD would bring back Grindlewald, Seattle & Seattle Short(GT2), Apricot Hill(GT3) and El Capitan & Infineon Raceway(GT4). There’s nothing wrong with having fictional tracks in a game because it makes the experience more exciting and out of the ordinary. PD add a lot of changes from one GT Series to the next to keep it from getting stale, but there are some features that should and need to stay that work with certain options in the game.

  9. Bom15

    Midfield is a great track. But as someone else pointed out. Why not add events in career or something when tracks are added? Some they have. Old Brands and Monza. Also Sierra. But is a championship with Red Bull, Midfield, and either Monza, Brands and maybe even sierra hard to implement? I think that wouldn’t be a bad 5 event championship. B-Spec same story really. It is better than 5. Thought it was a waste on there really. Sorry I like doing things myself and not watch a race. More involvement with this one though. I do miss GT4 style B-spec still. Real 24hrs endurance race were you drove some of the way, pitted and switched to B-spec. Go shopping or sleep. Come back and take back over. And you could do it as often as needed. Enjoyed driving the mini. Not really keen on it’s looks. While driving it though I finally figured out what it could be. It’s not really a MINI rear on it. But maybe a modern hypothetical beefed up Alfa 147? Rear lights are similar in shape. Spoilers? Well.. Some will be happy. But the way it’s done isn’t great imo. Could at least have it so you could paint the end plates a different colour. It’s decent update don’t get me wrong. Just think with abit more thought things could’ve been a tad better.

  10. Racin510s

    PD thank you. Midfield is beautiful! I have painted all of my rear wings, though I didn’t have as many as I thought. I painted my 2x and the LM55. So if they can do that then we should be able to paint more race cars keeping all the livery and decals because some of those paint jobs are terrible. That’s why when I guy a race car I buy the base model.

    B-Spec is garbage. They should have put all of their energy into the Course M
    aker. I say that because in GT5 B-Spec you could choose driver type and then train him. Unlike this new one that won’t do commands or does the opposite of your command. I wanted to use B-Spec for those kart races In Intl’ A. Started last finished last regardless of what command I gave. I went back and ran one race and at least I finished in 3rd.

  11. Superhero Wally

    Nice update, I’ve missed this track, just a little sad we didn’t get a full 24 hour time scale. I would like to see Mid-Field at night.

  12. vrossi

    I updated this morning before work(5:30am) & it went fast.
    Then I jumped on Midfield. BIG MISTAKE.
    I was 10 min late to work. LOL

  13. BloodHunterVX

    Midfield is well rendered and looks better than most of the tracks so far, although I don’t remember that final hairpin being so tricky, but I love the challenge.

    1. Tunerguy21

      I thought the same about the final hairpin when I first got on, but I actually jumped back on GT2 afterwards to check and it is about the same. The track as a whole is pretty faithful to the original. Not much was changed.

  14. Skymeat

    I’m just waiting for track maker. How hard could it be to let me plot a course on earth, or open street maps…

    1. Superhero Wally

      Skymeat, how hard would it be for you to create your own racing game and have your own track maker that could create tracks from gps data? You might want to get a head start.

    2. WyldAnimal

      Off the Shelf for 10 Years? Give me an Example then. What other Driving SIM has a GPS course Maker in it?

  15. vr6cas

    Well, at least we know what the next major update is going to be, there’s only one thing on the list left.

  16. GTracer98

    A real nice update, this one is. I love how they are bringing back some of GT’s legendary tracks for the series.

  17. Cesarestevao

    Next update some real production cars please Mclaren P1, LaFerrari enz
    and i want Special Stage Route 11

  18. zooburner

    Midway is a great track it’s great to see it back, I always loved it but I wish when adding new tracks they would also add to the game, another set of permanent races perhaps ?

    I like the B-Spec It’s like the best of GT4 B-Spec and the best of GT5 B-Spec all rolled into one. the Middle speed setting is like GT4’s push and overtake ticked together (most races can be won just with this on), and the quick (live) commands are a bit like the GT5 command’s but immediate allowing you to push your driver on one section of a track or when other cars are around. This will help greatly on tracks like Monaco when B-Spec man if he overtook into the chicane after the tunnel would always crash.

    I like it.. good update


  19. Stoop Solo

    Surprised they didn’t launch it with one of the seasonal events. Oh well, good update. Gonna get my drive on tonight!

    1. zooburner

      I suspect the fortnightly seasonal’s are made independently of updates but you are right it would be nice. maybe the VGT Mini time trail should have been round there?

  20. VBR

    Midfield Raceway with BUMPS! Yes, bumps in the road surface, not dead flat like most other Original tracks. Thanks PD!


    1. Johnnypenso

      That’s a step in the right direction…finally. Nothing worse than a beautiful track that’s billiard table smooth and boring as heck.

    2. tori

      Every time i go around the hairpin with all the bumps my cars get thrown into the air. I’m not sure if it’s my suspension or I’m just going too fast but I’m glad this is in the game. Really hope the course maker has it.. if it ever comes out…

  21. dylanlikes88

    Just watched a video of the mini at midfield. Is it just me, or does the track seem a little shorter than it was in GT2?

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      Must be just you. It seems about right to me.

      I dunno, maybe it’s just your l33t skillz making it seem shorter when in fact it’s the same length but you’re just going faster. ;D

    2. TheProRacer

      It seemed smaller than normal at first, but then after about 5 laps, it all came back to me; it’s the real deal.

  22. mr_pepps

    I get home from work at about 19:00 gmt.
    Could everyone get their downloading done by then so I can update and drive Midfield tonight?

    Thx muchly.

    1. SolidS2000

      If everyone was downloading the update when he get’s home, it will take longer for him to download the update, and possible not allow him to invest some time in said update. So the less people downloading, the quicker he can get it downloaded. That’s my train of thought anyway.

    2. mr_pepps

      Yep you got it SolidS :)
      I was just joshin’ anyway – still, got home, downloaded the biz, strapped in and went straight to Midfield Raceway.

      The Senna Lotus around that circuit is a diamond! 4th to 5th over the brow of the hill onto the start/finish straight is so satisfying!

      I tried my beloved RGT but it didn’t feel very fast. The hill really tries the horsepower so perhaps Midfield Tunes might become quite important here?
      This is great!

      The 458 or F430 are both sweet around this old classic track.

      The Veyron is comedy-clown action as is often the way.

      Anyway – bloody good update!

      Hope everyone enjoys having this quality track back

  23. joaosoarescso

    Today is my birthday and this makes a nice gift from PD and GT6, and the Mercedes Benz 190 E 2.5 II evolution

  24. KOUKI507

    Some people need to understand that if they don’t like a new FREE feature, they just can skip it and not use it. If you are worried about disk space, then unfortunately PD can’t make a specific release for you, even though I hope that they will offer this option in the future just so we won’t have to read all the complaining..

    Moral of the story is, if you don’t like a new feature, please keep an open mind and consider that some people might enjoy it.

  25. Tuppence870

    Is anybody else having an issue where the daily bonus cuts out at random? I really want to get started on the seasonals and Mini event, but I’m afraid I’ll get paid peanuts for it.

    1. Renan_

      They never said the track editor would come in this one and the other VGTs are not for february, the Alpine is due to come in march at least

  26. Cole Morgan

    This update is cool. Love the new Mini and Mid-field raceway. B-Spec is a big let down. Why even have it in the game?

    1. Sick Cylinder

      The new B Spec seems like just a box ticking thing – There’s no team of drivers like GT5 and he doesn’t take over from you like GT4. You start a race with Bob and finish with him or not … as the new feature freezes your console and you have to switch off at the mains and log on again four times before you can start playing again!

  27. draggerlane

    This is my review of Update 1.16 Midfield track Awesome I always have loved this track. Now if PD will put Pikes Peak in the game You can’t ask anymore than that. Mini VGT: Meh But to be expected. Its a small car so I wasn’t expecting much out of it. But not bad. And B spec: What a waste of harddrive space. There is no point in having this on the game now. I mean who will use it. But it was a feature that we were promised so I can’t complain much on this. However Where is the other two VGTs??????? They have been teasing us with posts and pics of the Alpine VGT(which I expected in this update) and the Lexus LF-LC GT VGT. I didn’t expect this one on this update anyway cause they said a spring release. But I was hoping. But Where is the alpine they show us all and tease us for weeks on that car and then a few days from this update coming out the show the Mini and the Alpine VGT is nowhere to be found. But all in all this wasn’t a bad update. So sum it up Great track, an ok VGT, and a pointless B spec.

    1. breyzipp

      I agree that B-spec is a bit of a disappointment, I only hope that it can be useful as a “fire and forget” to let Bob earn you some credits while you are not playing, like you could in GT5. That means I just let him drive without any commands and he still finishes in 1st place and wins the game for some credits.

      I agree on Mid-Field, it’s a blast to drive there. I also was surprised the Alpine and Lexus VGT’s didn’t make it into the game, but I guess we’ll get them for 1.17 then. But I disagree on the MINI VGT, it’s a blast to drive! It’s a small car with a small engine but within it’s 500-540 pp area I think it’s one helluva fun (and competitive) race car for tracks with a lot of cornering.

    2. warpkez

      B Spec seems very strange. I know early on with GT5 Bob would get confused and do the opposite of the instruction given, but I tried it last night (AU) and everytime I asked Bob to try and advance, he would slow down.

      Slipstream requests would result in him trying to do some sort of pit manoeuvre and spinning out because he stuffed it up.

      Maybe this is a beta release and the feedback given will help them improve it.

  28. andrew84555

    Mid-Field at 9:30 & 25% weather is beautiful. I’d forgotten how pretty the lighting in GT can be.

  29. breyzipp

    Trying to do the Red Bull Challenge with B-spec but I’m not really impressed yet. The new MINI Clubman VGT (stock) drives really nice on Mid-Field raceway though. :)

  30. warpkez

    Bob, accelerate please – Bob slams on the brakes. Goes from 13th to last place in a blink of an eye, with no hope of ever catching the rest of the field.

    Reset, and try again. He does it, again.

  31. Brunskill777

    Thank you for not making bleeding B-Spec compulsory/separate events. Adding B-Spec is slightly pointless, especially when it says it can be used for ‘events you find hard or when you just want to watch’. Yes, I typically go on GT just to watch races, why would I go on to do it myself?!

  32. Lambofanghini

    Yay!! Time to start using Bob again, but not until the weekend though, too much college homework. I will just have to wait.

  33. SVPSkins

    Just started up my PS3 to my shock of “1.16 update has been found” can’t wait to get on Midfield Raceway.

  34. tori

    I’ve been waiting all night for this update. I have about 200 cars I want to paint the wings on and I can’t wait to see the new track, maybe take the new mini for a drive on it. :D


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