Gran Turismo 7 Television Ad Teases More New Circuits

A new Gran Turismo 7 advert destined for television commercial slots has surfaced and it looks like it’s teasing us with more as-yet unrevealed circuits for the game.

The ad, titled “Find Your Line: Lose Yourself” is a mere 36 seconds long, and features a mix of previously seen footage and some new clips of content we’re largely already aware of — the McLaren MP4-12c is shown for the first time, but as it’s in GT Sport already it doesn’t come as much of a surprise given previous comments from Kazunori Yamauchi.

It’s also worth noting that the clip shows ray-tracing in Scapes for the first time, and a note in the on-screen information states that some of the gameplay clips used “high frame rate (performance) mode” on PS5 — which could hint at more than 60fps modes on the new-gen console.

However, as we’ve now come to expect, there’s a little something extra sneaking through in the form of those famous light traces.

We’ve previously seen these “Find Your Line” videos hiding course layouts in plain sight, with rays of light zipping across the screen in patterns that just happen to be track maps. The first was of course Deep Forest, which was later confirmed, and Daytona International Speedway followed on in a later video — also confirmed more recently. Apricot Hill has also seemed to appear in these clips, but has yet to be confirmed.

This new video also contains a light trace, drawing out a new path, but the identity of the track in question is a little bit of a mystery for now.

The image appears at about 16 seconds into the clip, and looks like it shows a split bus stop chicane, with an angled approach to the first part of it and straights both between the chicanes and after.

There’s a couple of possibilities here, which rely on the image being at an unusual perspective, artificially shortening the course at one side and lengthening it at the other.

It could be describing the highly popular Route 5 circuit from the original Gran Turismo title, in particular the back section of Special Stage Route 5. That would of course fit with the other original tracks from the first Gran Turismo returning for GT7: Deep Forest, Trial Mountain, and High Speed Ring.

However, GT Sport’s Tokyo Expressway already seems like a replacement for that circuit, and with three tracks (and reverse versions) already, it could be redundant.

Another slightly stranger possibility is the Albert Park circuit, host of the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, with the trace depicting the start/finish.

It’s actually the second time in just over a week that Albert Park has turned up as a possible GT7 circuit, with a GT-branded track map of the course appearing in the background of a PlayStation Spain video. The video’s co-host, GT Academy winner Lucas Ordonez, stated that the item was a prop made by a local studio and not linked to GT7.

We don’t have enough information to go on right now to say for sure what the light trace is teasing, but it’s looking like more new content is coming for GT7.

Gran Turismo 7 will launch on March 4 on PS4 and PS5.

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