GTPlanet Forums Reach 10 Million Posts: Thank You!


GTPlanet has reached a major milestone today, as we celebrate more than 10,000,000 messages posted in our forums! This incredible number comes thirteen years, six months, and eleven days since the GTPlanet Forums were officially opened on May 14, 2001, with this rather unceremonious post by yours truly.

At the time, I never imagined the site would grow to become what it is today, as a meeting place and resource for the millions of people who find their way to these pages each month. The GTPlanet Forums have reached an incredible scale, ranking among the top 50 largest and most notable message boards on the Internet.

Milestones like this offer a chance to look at just how far we’ve come and how we got here. Our community has been blessed with some amazing personalities, and some of the kindest and most interesting people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the past 13 years.

To everyone who has ever participated in GTPlanet’s community: thank you! Thank you for being here for one another, and thank you for helping me achieve my dream of building a successful online community and website. GTPlanet has had a profound impact on my life, and I will always be grateful for everyone who takes time out of their day to hang out in my little corner of the Internet.

Check out the stats below for a closer look at GTPlanet’s numbers, and read over our 10th Anniversary announcement in 2011 for more on the site’s history.

Here’s to the next 10 million!


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  1. GT_Racer22

    Big congrats Jordan and everyone out there in the GTP family, such a big milestone!!! Without GTP I don’t think that I would’ve ever started taking pictures or raving in leagues or anything, and now my have a place to go each morning I wake up and before I go to sleep each night. And also, how many visitors are from New Jersey? I know I’m not alone, but I haven’t seen many. :cheers:

  2. Amac500

    Yes! Let’s do a 10 million post pizza party! *dials phone* Yes, pizza place? I’d like to order 1.5 million pizza’s please. Hello? Are you still there? Hello?

  3. CorvetteConquer

    Congrats. That is a large number! And R.I.P. to all the banned accounts that have also gotten the site to 10,000,000 posts. No body is forgotten :p

  4. Carandwrench

    Everyone listen up :D
    My club needs all of your help

    Join up at Open House Racing (club ID: 1016827)

    We race all week, every week for your driving pleasure! ENJOY!

  5. Tenacious D

    Jordan, you deserve some sort of lifetime achievement award from Polyphony and/or SONY for what you’ve achieved here. Becoming such a significant part of the Gran Turismo infrastructure that you’re in on some of the inner workings of SONY Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital, and bring us some of the key news items, is more than significant. The thought of Gran Turismo without you and GT Planet being around is… well, unthinkable. ;D

    I did my part with more than 7,000 posts, some of which I wish I could do over, but oh well, I’ve survived, and tried to contribute to the place in a positive way. And one thing I’m positive of is the fact that YOU ROCK, man! GTP is indispensable to me, and one of the first places I head to when I wake up, last places I check before bed. This is the best time ever to be a Gran Turismo fan, and it’s just going to get better. And this place is going to be where the action is for all things Gran Turismo, no question.

    Have a root beer on me. ;D

    1. Johnnypenso

      GT5 was definitely a turning point, no denying that. A lot had to do with the wide popularity of the game and the internet really taking off at that point, a perfect storm if you will. That’s when I joined the site too so that can’t be a coincidence!

  6. BrunetPaquet

    Epic congrats, Jordan!! Best regards to you, in my opinion, Gran Turismo really grew more than it could’ve done, and that’s thanks to you! Wish you the best for your holidays and the same to people who read my post! (even those who don’t/ didnt!)

    Just wondering, about how much people from Calgary/ Canada posted in GTplanet this year? I live just at 15-20 minutes from the city in question! :D

  7. Punknoodle

    Yeah Brisbane represent! Jordan I’m going to need some of those stickers for my car, I didn’t realise so many people from Brisbane would recognise the logo! Might get some members coming up and saying Hi at track days.

    Congratulations mate, I’ve enjoyed my years of visiting this forum on a pretty much daily basis. Thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes to you, the moderators and my fellow members.

    1. Jordan

      It might happen! A personal friend of mine had a GTP logo sticker on his car and took it to a local meet a few years ago, and several people came up to him and said they were members.

  8. Lambob

    Thank you GTplanet & Jordan, and MVP’s throughout, for being the integral Synergy, bringing the GT series the best in home entertainment hobby I could ever have wished for. Happy Holidays, yes even to you bah humbugs , and may the advent of GT7 carry you on to 20Mil posts overnight. Cheers!

  9. NT_03

    Congratulations on 10,000,000 posts. Great place to be in. I’ve been active in GTP more than any social media combined for me.

  10. ChauMing803

    Didn’t think Hong Kong would be one of the top ten cities to have the most people visiting.I thought I would be the lonely ones originally:-P

  11. wvmgmidget

    I can’t tell from the map but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one from West Virginia. I haven’t heard of anyone else being from wv.

    1. Jordan

      I just checked, and it’s actually Brasilia on this map. I looked up Goiania, and there were around 400 visits from the city in the past 30 days.

  12. jmatano32

    Happy to have found GT Planet if only recently. Thankful for its inception and all who participate and share their experiences and knowledge. Kudos to all, Kudos to GT Planet. Thank you.

  13. GTP_federsch

    Congratulations to all of you who made this site more and more interesting each time… Happy 10.000 posts! Greetings from Argentina, south America…

    1. Quigz125

      10,000,000 posts, Gran Turismo 6 is out, the GT61 year anniversary was here.
      10 – 6 = 4.
      4 – 1 = 3.
      3 sides of a triangle.
      Illuminati exposed.
      *takes sunglasses off* Oh mer gerd…

  14. Turtle

    Thanks for maintaining the site so well Jordan, and congratulations.

    I found the map quite interesting, I found it amusing how many dots were on the east half of the U.S. comparedbto the west. Funny how Washington and California are full of dots while Oregon seems largely empty.

  15. JKgo

    I’m deeply honored to be a member here. Many guys (and gals!!) of GTPlanet with their interesting views, opinions and ideas are what makes this place so addictive. Congrats to all those involved. Cheers – or should that be “gunbei”??

  16. RedDragon

    Wow! Incredible. Congrats to the entire GTPlanet team.

    The most important question is who actually got the 10,000,000th post.

    Here’s to another 10 million!

  17. Charlie A

    Thank you so much for creating GTPlanet @Jordan! It has had a profound impact on my life! Without GTPlanet, I wouldn’t have joined so many wonderful racing series! Thanks Jordan and all of the GTP staff! :D

  18. Johnnypenso

    Congratulations to Jordan and the entire team at GTPlanet. It takes one person with a vision to come up with the GTP concept, but it takes an entire team to make it successful and everyone involved in this project from Jordan on down deserves our thanks and gratitude. Top 50 on the entire internet is crazy!!

  19. TB

    Huge congratulations on this outstanding milestone, @Jordan. I doubt any of us realize just how much behind the scenes work you put in to GTPlanet to keep the updates coming and the site running smoothly but I for one consider this to be my one and only online home.

    It’s been said plenty, but I’m going to say it again – we all came here for Gran Turismo but stayed for everything else. What you’ve built up has lead to me coming in contact with people I would have never known otherwise and for that, I thank you.

    Will we make it to 20,000,000? Who knows, but I certain hope so.


  20. jontikis

    Thank you for your great and hard work, Jordan. I’m a GTPlanet member since January, and until then I didn’t know many about this site. But I’m sure for one thing: you love what you do, and you always show it. Jordan, Famine, Terronium-12, Gravitron, daan, Mad-Max, Vagabond… A big thank you for the whole GTPlanet team. Thumbs up!

  21. wudy201

    I cant believeit took me so long to come across the site. Gt5 was the first Gt game I started playing seriously and regularly I own and played all GTs but gt5 was the one that got me searching online for setps and tips andalso the first game I played online and once I found GTPlanet it made the game a lot more fun and kept me playing day after day congrats and glad to be a part of it. Also In the couple years ive been on here its cool to see how much this site and the game has evolved good and bad its the perfect one stop site for me I use GT, Forza, Grid and Nascar.

  22. Hotspace 5150

    Awesome Milestone! brand new to Gtplanet, this is the only place for fans of driving games get real info & tips on the how, the what & cool of “drivers” and their “cars”. Gtplanet rules!!!

  23. Dean


    I must admit I’m quite surprised how many dots there’s in Denmark only. As far as I know we’re not /that/ many members, but I suspect, with those data, that I’m wrong.

    1. DCybertron

      Woah… That blue dot on the border of California and Arizona.. Did I single-handedly put my town in the top 100? :p

  24. photonrider

    Jordan – thank YOU for not giving up on the dream, for being the classy guy you are, for your unswerving loyalty and passion for the Gran Turismo Series, and for having the imagination to believe that GTPlanet would one day be a significant part of the Series for hundreds of thousands of players.

    Forever grateful.
    On to the Phuture!!

  25. cgg

    Nice to see the number of posts started to increase drastically round the time I joined ;) Well done to the team on this, I don’t think many forums have reached those numbers.

  26. Francois B

    A hearty congratulations Jordan and team! Definitely one of the best run sites as well. A big part of my enjoyment of the GT series lays here.

  27. wvmgmidget

    Congrats Jordan! It took a long time but you finally reached it and those years of hard work have paid off!

  28. Downhill Dino

    The statistics are lovely. Really cool you put this all together. Here’s to another 10 million or so! Cheers!

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