GTPlanet’s GT6 WRS GT300 Triple Mix Championship Goes to Monza for Round 2

Earlier this year beginning in February, our team of Weekly Race Series racers developed a new event, known as the Triple Mix. The backbone of the series was the freedom in picking the car you wanted to tour around the events, and participants would have that option: the GT300 versions of the Impreza, IS350, and RX-7 would be available over the course of the championship.

Unfortunately, the series would come to a screeching halt as persisting network issues in Gran Turismo 6 had other plans in store, sidelining the championship series for half the year. This past weekend however, the Triple Mix returned and the first round at Red Bull Ring was held without issue.

The event consisted of three 20-minute action-packed sprint races, with each participant being required to use each of the three contending vehicles once. During the event GTPlanet member Tidgney took on commentary and video duties, putting together the above video report on last weekend’s inaugural event.

Gran Turismo 6
One of three GT300-class machines available to participants.

The next two events in the series are going to be interesting, to say the least. Tomorrow, September 3rd, the second round is scheduled to take place at Monza – nicely coinciding with this weekend’s Qualifying session for the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix. Two 30-minute races size up this weekend’s activities. The third and final round in the Triple Mix Championship will be an hour-long finale at the Silverstone GP Circuit on September 10th.

With nothing else standing in its way, the schedule will be as follows:

Round 2: Monza – September 3, 2016
2 x 30 minute races

Round 3: Silverstone – September 10, 2016
1 x 60 minute race

The videos showcasing the next two events will soon follow in the GT300 Championship thread, where interested parties can register if the premise of the championship piques your interest, and you still want to compete in the rest of the events. Do keep in mind that there are only 31 driver seats available, so you’d better hurry because it’s first come first serve.

If you’re not a GTP WRS-registered member, you can get started here.

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