Honda Weider HSV-010 Gran Turismo 5 Gameplay Video

The latest round of new downloadable content is hitting PlayStation Stores worldwide, and players are finally getting their hands on the first entirely new car model to be released in GT5 since January, the Honda Weider HSV-010.

Hit play to watch the car in action around Fuji Speedway, including a look at the in-car view, which starts at approximately 2:13 in the video above.

The car is now available to purchase for $0.99, along with the Subaru BR-Z and Nissan GT-R N24, in the PlayStation Store. As always, stop by our GT5 forum for more reviews and impressions of the new content from the community.

GT5 Photomode image by LongbowX.

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Comments (294)

  1. yoyo

    The new mazdaspeed 3, new Viper GTS, maybe some refreshed BMW, Audi, Benz line up and some awesome SUV’s. It should be in GT6. :)

  2. SonicConqueror

    The engine sound of the HSV-010 is pretty much the same as the GT by Citroen Race Car.
    The exhaust note for the car at high RPM sound like it’s angry & ferocious!

  3. TheEzekiel

    yea we got 3 DLCs so now PD won’t do absolutely anything because they gave us sooooo many DLCs :D:D:D:D:D pathetic :(

    1. MeanElf

      By my count that’s been seven DLCs and that’s including one as the grouped packs at the starts. No one knows if that’s it – they might are done with DLC yet. So why is that pathetic?

  4. Rushton1996

    Is this car stock without the turbo upgrade etc? Because I can only manage a time of 1:43 with the DS3 Controller.

    1. MeanElf

      Stock, well, at least no turbo – you could always look in the settings and it’ll tell you what has been installed.

  5. ralph89

    To be honest I was kinda underwhelmed by the sound of HSV, but oh well. :lol: I really hope PD change the sound for GT6. Not to offend anyone, but this recyling sound is really getting old. I appreciate the sound for some 4 cylinder engine in GT5, but bigger than that (the majority) they are really boring and repetitive with other cars sounding the same….. I’m pretty sure the blu ray disk can hold an uncompressed sound and the whole car/track, and the game model at the same time judging by the size of GT5 in dual layer disk. SO PD PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  6. Valentino Rossi

    I would love to see the Ken block fiesta in gt5 that would be my car of choice to download hopefully PD put more rally cars in the game aswell

  7. Progress823

    I would have preferred the HSV-010 test model over this one. We got the IS-F Racing Concept that we could paint, PD should have given us a blank slate with this car as well….

    This would have helped some with customization, but nothing for the sound…..would have loved the real HSV’s note.

  8. starbutt033

    Kaz & PD, I gotta say:

    the dynamics of how the cars handle, suspension wise is AWESOME, GoodJob..
    Car Tire Wear-more- REALISTIC-FINALLY-PERFECT-more grip on all, med should always be more desired for racing. I dont know if the crash damage was updated as well, but great job as well, seems like your putting more energy into that very important aspect. I just got and played last night since the update, & my car on the Nurburgring handle so much more realistic with bumps to curbs, to flipping when i hit grass and slid hard into a wall, EXCELLENT JOB-Really.. The N-24 very difficult to control, especially with heavy braking on cornering, keeping the car stable- AWESOME- was hoping all the cars handled more realistic, forcing people to handle corners with more car a little more like in a real race-prepped car….VERY HAPPY with that..Oh yah, the Honda is Great..I dont buy street cars though(Subaru-RM woulda been cool)

    The Bad:
    N24-No DOWNFORCE- ya kidding me, same with the GT Acad. GTR(Special-Tuned), I thought it was just a fluke, but come-on- REALLY? You guys just pressed for time so ya didn’t get the chance to give the wings down-force, Very-Dissapointed. The N-24 weighing a million kg’s??? Last years is still more useful, was excited to get a liter car we could use for a race, so did you go more towards a stock GTR, less race-prepped, looked slimmed down, but not at all,—heavy–…But I guess ya cant have it all… GOOD JOB OVERALL

  9. moxlox

    This HSV-010 is fantastic around Suzuka, especially through the Esses. Had great fun playing it last night… 79p well spent!

  10. XLStress

    It’s a shame the sound is not as good as its real life counterpart. After all, that was one of the main highlight of this car.

  11. Boxout

    I don’t get why people keep making such a big deal of the engine sounds, i can recognize the sounds aren’t the best but so what? just because the sound isn’t great that means you can’t enjoy the car for how it looks like? or how it drives like? Just chill out guys, everyone been complaining for some new cars (including the HSV-010) and now that you got it it’s not good enough?

    1. MuoNiuLa

      Maybe because the way a car sounds is part of the reason why people like them so much in the first place. Just because it’s not important to you doesn’t mean it’s not important to other people. The HSV sounds incredible in real life and it’s a shame PD didn’t even try to capture it’s awesome sound.

    2. TokoTurismo

      Imagine FM4 getting the HSV-010, than you’ll see how much people will say its worth it. Not just the car itself. It’s very stupid how PD never captures the cars sounds. They’re so blend and boring to hear, you gotta put up the musics volume.

      Sorry but, PD fails yet again on engines because they’re LAZY.

      +2 @MuoNiuLa

    3. Mr.NSX

      When Honda prepared the HSV for Super GT, they specifically picked an exhaust to amplify the HONDA SOUND they wanted. When the HSV debut everyone in Super GT was awed by this machine’s sound. It sounded like a Formula car. It was unbelievable. You could hear it half way around the track and you’ll know it’s the HSV coming through the next corner over the sounds of the GTR and SC430s. It was the scream of Honda engines. Honda put time into that machine to make it sound like.

      Alot of car manufacturers around the world fine tune every bit of sound coming from the car. Especially Audi where they claim even the sound of the door on a car closing could be changed.

      If car makers around the world put such emphasis on the sound of cars why shouldn’t PD? After all it took them 5 years to make this game because they wanted this game to be super detailed.

      It’s a SHAME and Blasphemous for the HSV-010 to sound like this. I am VERY disappointed.

  12. FosterG

    I like the way the HSV drives, but I don’t like the sound or the fact that you can do nothing to change the appearance of the car.

  13. 20832

    I’m kinda disappointed, that PD charges us for the new cars (I do understand it with the HSV, but not with the BRZ and ’12 GT-R 24H)

    Model looks good, and I srsly couldn’t care less about the sound.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      3DS Max, the software they use to model cars and tracks, costs $3,000 per computer. And we thought we were paying a lot for one car. A buck a car sounds like a fair deal to me.

    2. Flagmo-T

      It is 3D Maya :o)

      Cost prize is Ok – Regardless of the prize of 3D program hehe which isn’t to do with what prize DLC’s cost’ at all ..

      PD isn’t a amateurish Modding Crew, it’s big homogeneous Sony Company for god sake – so who cares about the cost they have .. well one does apparently hehe..

    1. starbutt033

      The Honda sounds like the Lexus???? your not very smart if thats what your saying, Honda sounds awesome—Gots–Big-Balls—-

  14. PIGBOY

    Releasing a product with such poor sound,when the rest of the car is great is an unfinished job.$1.75 in Australia too,thats $1.75 USD also…:(

  15. Rynogtr23

    Right, because every single professional race car driver in the world, got into the risky, exhilarating & plain deadly career of motorsport racing because THEY LIKE HOW THE CARS SOUND!!! LMFAO!

    1. pnbr0014

      the sound is half the feeling that raises your pores when you stamp on the gas the idle of the car the sound of the clutch engaging those are HUGE factors wouldnt it be a shame if a corvette sounded like a scooter in real life? lol

    2. Rynogtr23

      I mean i agree, the sound is important. i wouldn’t go as far as to say half the thrill, maybe 30%. lets wait for gt6 to see what PD is really made of and besides, yes alot of cars dont sound like the real deal but there are quite a few that do.

  16. lebes14

    Glad we finally got te hsv, I’ve even dying for it for ages! Now that its here I’m content with waiting for gt6 without dlc. However it would t hurt if they have us some more liveries, like the amazig raybrig livery.

  17. KaiLee

    I love cars so much. It doesn’t matter what the DLC is. I love it all. The BRZ feels so stable compared to the FRS! I love them both!

    1. a5kylar990

      @Gamerdog what about the Bugatti veryon or the Shelby cobra there are only about 30 of both ever made, but really I think all pd does it get the manufacturers specs, records the Stock sounds and wuala they “simulated” the car

    2. SCER


      ‘get the manufacturers specs, records the stock sounds and wuala they “simulated” the car’

      this is probably the most moronic thing i’ve read on the gtplanet, i don’t know where to begin.

      in case you haven’t realised, gran turismo 5 has the most detailed car models on any console game out there, by miles, with arguably unparalleled driving physics also.

      to turn that into a three stage process ending with ‘wuala they “simulated” the car’ only makes you sound offensively stupid quite frankly.

    3. SCER

      @ HarVee

      I didn’t say anything about standard models. The premium models that we have are by far the most visually detailed and impressive models on any racing simulator you’ll find.

      And even though the amount of premium cars is around two hundred, you really can’t underestimate the meticulous work they do on them and act like they’re not doing anything at Polyphony Digital.

    4. gamerdog6482

      I just did some research.

      The Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 sold exactly 600 units, WAY more than 77.

      The Shelby Cobra 427 sold exactly 500 units.

      So, a lot more than your 30, which was tragically misinformed.

  18. ianjames25

    Dunno if this has been said already, I’m too lazy to look through all the comments, but why can’t they put more current HSVs, GTRs, and SC430s? After all wouldn’t it just be different liveries…?

    1. Nissan Lover

      Because they take too long in the detail department. Excellent details,but takes too long. And don’t forget GT6.

  19. Pit Crew

    Im not really fond of the HSV either. Sounds…Synthetic, nothing close to realistic. Almost sounds like they mixed in F1 engine notes. Ugly.

    1. MeanElf

      Yes, I wondered why they mentioned the sounds too ;)

      When Gaijn used standard aircraft noises for their flight-sim game Birds of Prey, it didn’t spoil the game one bit. Having bought these three cars today, I don’t think it spoils anything. A shame, yes…but spoils…not anywhere close. It won’t stop me using them, or enjoying driving around in these cars at all.

  20. RandomCarGuy17

    I’ll mess around with this dlc and maybe I’ll take one more car or track pack. After that though, I think PD should focus on GT6 and make that one succeed in the areas that GT5 has failed in.
    I also hope that GT6 is on the PS3, to be honest, I don’t want PD to have to make another game engine and graphical setup to work on the PS4, that might take forever and GT6 could end up like GT5. I’m fine if the next GT game just has an improved version of GT5’s game engine and then they add new stuff on top of that.

    1. TURNIP

      everything in GT5 is standard 3D models that can be very easily moved to the PS4 if need be, it doesn’t take any more time to model for the PS3 than the PS4, same process.

    2. RandomCarGuy17

      oh, I guess I didn’t think of that. I just hope PD doesn’t make a new physics engine from scratch and just improve their current one then if there’s anything to improve.

  21. HuskyGT

    Terrible sound as always. Not even close. The little interest I had in this car has dried out after seeing his vid. The Subaru is worth the whole DLC package though. If it was a package, of course…

  22. KilzoneStrife

    I would rather have ZERO support for GT5 now and have them soley commit to GT6. As a fan that grew up with the series (was 10 years old when I walked into the store and purchased it with money right out of my piggybank), I think they should accept the critique and fix it. Its our love of the series that spurs us to write here. Up and until GT5, I associated GT with day 1 perfection. So I hope what we say gets noticed, as I certainly dont want to see GT6 with 60 cars on track, ray tracing and photorealistic graphics and engine sounds recorded with a vacuum cleaner.
    Thanks for the DLC, Kaz. But just hire better quality control.
    That is all.

    1. HuskyGT

      Totally with you there, bro. I’m a die hard GT fan as well and been expecting improvements for the past decade or so. I can hardly get my hopes high with GT6, but as I always say, the next one will be the one.

      Oh, talking about sound Quality Assurance, I would do it for free. PD just needs to fly me over to Japan and that’s all.

    2. sk8er913

      60 cars on track is not possible with current technology. Unless they are like GT2 graphics. which actually isn’t a bad idea… lower the quality of graphics for when there are 16-30 cars on track, and then lower them again for 31-56ish

  23. Amac500

    One glitch with the car. When your using the cockpit cam the rear view camera doesn’t work (that black boxes on the mirrors place). I know it works on other Super GT cars, including GT300’s like the WEDS Lexus. Once they fix that it’s all good!

  24. KilzoneStrife

    With all the complaints going on here, just would like to say, the cars are $1.75 each in my country. But the sound of the HSV-010 still sucks. Just saying.

  25. Xamado7V

    Just got round to buying [the HSV]; and I’m so pleased to know that they have fixed the unapolagetically bad engine/road noises. :)

    All-in-all, definitely worth 75p (or whatever it cost).

  26. Halcyon925

    I think PD made the cars in GT5 sound like a vaccum because they wanted to focus harder on GT6 when GT5 was almost out. So we might be in for a big treat when GT6 comes out.

  27. RentALife

    GT5 franchise is going to crap why are they making a another game for GT5 I thought they said they were working on GT6 because they need to GT5 is garbage what’s the point of buying gt academy when you get only 3 more cars and I can pay just 3 dollars just to get them in regular or XL EDITION just a waste of money

    1. MeanElf

      The DLC isn’t another game, it’s DLC – at least that’s what I think you’re talking about…

      GT Academy edition is for those who do not have the game yet or those who collect the different versions – so not really pointless.

    2. TomBrady

      First of all dummy, DLC does not take anything away from GT6. GT6 is going to use the same engine, and the same exact cars. So anything they release as DLC will just carry over. It’s not holding them back at all.

      Second of all, the academy edition is the European version of the XL Edition, and you don’t have to buy either. They’re just trying to give people a great deal, which it is

      Thirdly, just shut up man

  28. Progress823

    As usual, PD rushes something to market and get it wrong (the HSV’s beautiful exhaust note)….this is is wrong. It can be fixed just as easy, properly record this car and play that sound sample for it rather than using a recording that sounds like a blend of a GT by Citoren Race Car and a Raybrig NSX Super GT….

    1. Progress823

      ….but the handling and tire wear model is now spot on. I just hope that PD stops the sound sample blending to try to create tone and actually record cars.

    2. TomBrady

      I really think they can’t get a lot of the race cars on a dyno. That’s what they need to do in order to properly record the sound.

      I guarantee that they didn’t record the HSV at all, I mean listen to it, there’s not even a hint of the real thing in there. It’s the same generic race car sound many cars in GT5 have.

      Sound really isn’t the most important thing in a sim, but to a car like this, and the LFA as well, it is crucial. They got the LFA perfectly, not even Forza could top how good it sounds in GT5 yet they mess the HSV up?

      I don’t think they’re incapable of making good engine sound, it’s just like usual, they’re too friggin lazy to get the work done. It’s like they’re all hermits. They don’t like leaving their stupid office or something. I think that’s part of the reason why GT5 is overflowing with japanese cars, and cars from the rest of the world are extremely limited. I don’t think they’ve flown over seas to model cars, they probably just model what they can get in japan and that’s why the car list is about as proportionate as the elephant man

  29. Jamaicangmah

    I was very surprised by the HSV 010 a few times i had to check if TCS is on because it has so much grip and handles so well. Way better than any and every NSX in the game. It’s a bit low on torque but i guess being a rare wheel drive that can be an advantage. I like it alot.

  30. Magic Ayrton

    I do NOT play gt5 everyday Kaz and I suggest you play Forza 4 now. Then start investing in some people who know how to a better it in the sound department. That Plus a proper simulation mode. Honestly!!

    1. linupix

      Got Forza as well worst racing game I ever played. most cars sounds like the have a V8. To be a simulation they will have to design some track first. What is up with the stupid AI leader who goes off track every other race?

    2. TokoTurismo

      Agreed @MuoNiuLa. Forza 4 is NOT the worst game, but it IS by far the better game than GT5. I just wish GT6 could come out, because it seems like Kaz yet again may lie about it “not taking as long as GT5 did”…

    3. linupix

      – Car Bowling
      – Autocross
      – The official wheel doesn’t work properly
      – Useless Autovista
      – Same stupid music for the menu
      – Inaccurate lap time
      – Terrible track design
      – Cartoon graphics
      – 2 races championship with the same track
      – Most stupid AI I have ever seen
      – I win races with lower class cars
      – I never had to update any car to win
      – Front wheel drive Oversteer like a rear wheel drive
      – 4 cylinder cars sounds like a V8
      – Rear tire spin even with traction control on
      – AC cobra 427 is easy to drive and never spin no matter what is the option
      – AI drive on the grass like it is the track
      – On some sector if you touch the grass the game slow you down to first gear speed
      – Graphic is so bad that you cannot calculate the distance to the next turn on some track (only racing game I had this issue with in my entire life)
      – Inside view wheel animation is terrible
      – No weather feature
      – No night driving
      – No update for the many bugs, you have to leave with it (see Forza forum)
      – DLC do not add any value to the game
      – No endurance race
      – For a game who wants to compete against GT5, 720P do not impress
      – The game is just a polish Forza 3 they did not even bother updating the game logo (Still Forza 3 logo).
      – You hit a car and the paint get fire damage
      – No wind sound or effect
      – Drafting is not working but a stupid screen display tells you that you are.
      – The game encourages you to mod you car… I guest so you don’t notice that the car models are inaccurate
      – You have to use Microsoft point to buy DLC’s
      – Stick man avatar are driving the cars

    4. TomBrady

      How can you call it a proper simulation mode when the physics don’t simulate anything? Stop fooling yourself into thinking it’s realistic when it doesn’t even come close. I bet you probably use a gamepad don’t you?

      hahaha funny posts. it’s true though. While forza has better engine sound, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its share of inaccuracy. Not to mention, how inaccurate the tracks are, road atlanta is an absolute joke, and how mediocre the physics are. Forza really fills such a boring niche in the market, it’s like a 5/10 sim wrapped in a 5/10 game, it’s useless except for people who obsess over liveries and engine sound

    5. MuoNiuLa

      @linupix: Seriously? I can make a similar list for GT5. Stop being a fanboy.

      @Progress823: Not from my experience. You’re free to disagree though.

    6. HKSBro92

      @linupix “I never had to update any car to win” that’s bullsh*t. Most of the things on your list is a lie. I have the game and I play it religiously with either little or no aids and idk wtf you’re talking about bro.You and I both know if you were to make a list of things wrong with GT5 it would take all night to finish.

    7. linupix

      Well HKSBro92 let me tell you how to win in Forza follow the racing line. The AI is just incapable of taking curves. Let me give some good point about Forza so you guys don’t get too upset.

      – V8 car sound
      – Car variety
      -Rival race
      – Drag race
      – Car design

      Not a fan boy… I am a very disappointed customer. I got an xbox360 and Xbox live just for Forza 4. It was not worth it. Forza is not in the same league then GT5. I am a victim of Forza fan boy.

    8. MuoNiuLa

      @linux: I don’t know what you’re looking for out of Forza, but I did the exact same thing you did. I got a 360 just for FM and I even got a Fanatec just for that game. And it was much more worth it than any amount of money I put in for GT5. I haven’t gone back sense.

      Different strokes, I guess.

    9. Progress823

      I think we all can agree that there are features from Forza that we would like to see on GT, and vice versa. The “fanboyism” (for lack of a better word) is a bit out of hand – we all know we are all fanboys (or girls), but some people will go to the hilt to say that their game is better than the other.

      Why not buy both and play both for what they are?

    10. MeanElf

      I agree that people could or should play both and enjoy them for what they bring – but I really wouldn’t want bits of one game in the other.

      Too many other games have lost their way by copying the competition. A game has appeal, for whatever reason and changing tack often takes something away from them rather than adding to what has been built – that’s just personal opinion though.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Read the comment. Sound is what I am talking about. Got the gt2 wheel and handling is ok anyway. Love gt5 but it is losing appeal rapidly.

  31. FLASH48

    I agree the sound is crap. The Honda HSV-10 is a awesome sounding race car in real life! What’s with the sound department at PD?

    I also don’t want to here you need the right sound system either, because not everyone can afford one! PLEASE PD FIX THE SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. huhobanut

    I’ve never read so many complaints from such a bunch of ungrateful people …. !!!! Will anything make you lot happy … I doubt it ..!!!

    1. Tacobell18

      Of course. If uve ever listened to the real sound of the HSV you would say something else. Not a single car has a realistic sound on gt5. They didnt put any effort on this cars sound aswell. It sounds just like my lexus sc430 when i slap a titanium exhaust on it. I love how they are putting out DLC’s but i expect them to be top notch when they only include 3 cars.

    2. Gran_Turismo

      Please tell that to the millions of people who invested towards the development of this guy when we bought “Prologue” and got this unfinished frustration that took 5 years to have its release forced by Sony.

    3. TomBrady

      I’m grateful but at the same time, there’s no way you can say they actually recorded the HSV. It sounds nothing like the real thing in GT5, there’s no way they even recorded it, and that’s not cool, regardless of how little they charged us for it.

      It’s this type of cutting corners that is why people called GT5 “unfinished” and it gets nitpicked by the haters like crazy. I’m not a hater but they clearly didn’t do their job

  33. LeeMoldon

    I’d normally buy dlc without a thought and the money is nothing, yet this is a very poor attempt after so long and the sounds are bad. Personally ill give it a miss…yawn!!

  34. FosterG

    And you can make no cosmetic changes to the cars, not even wheels :-/ No improvement in sound either, this probably is the last dlc I will purchase.

    1. MeanElf

      I reckon it’ll be far sooner than that – don’t forget that the GT Academy took up quite a chunk of time since the last track/car pack DLC which was January or something like that.

    1. Lambob

      not to shun sound enthusiasts, but it is borderline acceptable, given the relaxed sensation you get while piloting this car.

    2. TomBrady

      I’d agree. it’s not a bad sound, but that isn’t the point. Point is they didn’t record the real HSV, and that means they half assed it. That’s not cool. It’s still worth the measely $1, but I still don’t understand how they think they can get away with this crap. They shouldn’t be doing anything half assed

  35. R0ssingt0n

    Its a shame that everyone is complaining about the Cockpit. All PD are doing is making an accurate model of the car.

  36. fet_thunderdome

    the problem of the sound of the car comes because the car has a very unique sound just like 787b, and it’s a shame kaz didn’t nail it . if the car would have had a generic gt500 car sound this would not be conteplated as much as it is, but this is a really high pitch sound, similar to an f1.

    1. Flagmo-T

      A little weird placement – but with out any doubt very important – To be honest I think that in SimRace some of the Cockpit views are disturbing in some sense, but in real car cockpit view you haven’t got the same Crampy Space, that you feel in SimRace- So i actually think that you don’t really notice it, when driving in real life.. :o)

      But i must admit I’ve never been sitting inside at RaceCar, but it’s just very obvious in my mind, when trying to imagine how it feels..

    2. JDmsz

      OMG gt5 famboys stop dreaming complaining about everything. First ya’ll complain about 99 cents is too much money now ya’ll complain about the cockpit views in the car. You lucky we have over 1,000 cars. So shut up and play the game

    3. shawtyoner

      Dude you need to chill, I am commenting on the car design, not GT5 or any part of the game. Before you go on a defensive crusade, try and grasp the meaning of whats being said before going on your little rant.

    4. TomBrady

      That’s how the cockpit is in real life, you don’t actually think they’d change it just to make it easier for you do you?

      It’s still got twice the visibilty of the citroen GT. That’s the one car I can’t drive from cockpit view, and I don’t like driving cars unless it’s from cockpit view, so I don’t drive the Citroen GT anymore. Even zoomed in it’s just terrible. The HSV isn’t bad at all. I drove it all last night without problems

  37. SonicConqueror

    Imagine what the Commercial model HSV would look like if it were to be put in production.
    The restricted weight limit would be 1,320 KG, it’ll have about 300-320 BHP, and should be Front-Engined, Rear Wheel Drive (much like the 010 GT500 model). Suspension Geometry should be in a sublime setup for better driving performance when on the road. It should have a 6-Speed, Flappy Padal or 6-Speed, Manual Transmission. 5-Speed Auto is an optional extra. Weight distribution should be perfect, at 53 Front, 47 Rear. 6-Pot brake calipers at front, & 4-Pot Brake calipers at the rear.
    Yes, the 010 GT500 model does have a dull engine sound in GT5, but who cares? I just want to try it out when the PS Store is updated in Europe & in Australia.

    The 2012 Nissan GT-R N24 GT Academy car is one that I’ll also want to add to my garage as part of my car collection.

    The 2012 Subaru BR-Z S (Known as the Toyota 86 GT, & the Scion FR-S) is the third car that I’ll add to my garage as well.

    In turn, all 3 DLC cars will be added to my garage, to make my car collection more bigger.

  38. GT HP Nut

    Didn’t have enough money, so just bought the Weider HSV-010.
    Took it for a one-make race at Suzuka, and found it more stable and “tamer” than the NSX GT500.
    While I don’t know if it’s faster than the NSX (for I don’t have a good sense of speed), I can say it’s a great car.
    Best feature of this car to me is your fastest laptime/last lap’s laptime is actually displayed on a screen of the steering wheel. :-)
    But there are two bars in front of you when you drive in cockpit view, which to me, is a bit annoying. :-/

  39. Lambob

    I drove this car last night, on the Nurburgring, and I was thouroughly impressed, at it’s gripping level around the Nur,

    however, I immediately adjusted the FD down to a top of 306km (down from 360) , and added 100kg of ballast, and set all wings to their minimum forces. I also downtuned the pp engine to 60% to test it at the 505 pp level.

    ok, don’t laugh I was itching to test it with my friends playing 505pp online, but this car was on rails in most every corner.
    (I also lessened all dampers by 2, and ARB weaker at the back, and reduced brake bias down to 4/3)

    paddle shifting, the car takes the gears up longer, and if you downshift into high rev, it doesn’t clip at rev limit, it sounds like the gear wants to grind itself out from the transmission box. I think this is a 2.08 change. Racing Softs are definitely grippier, thank you PD.

    Another undocumented change, in free run mode, prior race start, the cars can tow / draft each other, that is nice.

    Then testing it back up to 550pp, left the ballast on, the car remained grippy, just faster everywhere. Still have to be careful with throttle, some corners require you to not slam it, or it will oversteer, but the oversteer characteristic is refined now. No longer do just the rear wheels snap out, it feels like all chassis initiates the oversteer, very welcomed sensation. The sounds of all 4 tires screeching seems more immersive now too.

    But the cockpit view!! good gawd, who put that roll cage, or banner bar SMACK in the middle of the window view?? I’d fire whoever designed that! yes Honda.

    on a side note, the new Nissan GTR N24, WORST Default settings ever. look at those toe settings. don’t brake in corners, you will hate this car, otherwise, it sounds ok.

    1. Lambob

      I also wish to thank PD, for the positive feedback I got, from a simple geometry change. I lowered the front to -5, just that, and the front end really improved! No more guessing!!! Time to enjoy the game again.

    2. Dynamite_Dave

      Go test it against The Epson NSX and YellowHat Gt-R as i have 2hors 30mins approx till i can get my hands on this car

  40. Tvensky

    sounds isnt the biggest issue, and I find this Honda to sound ok.. it still lacks details but its still very professionally made!

    I cant complain about DLC content size, due to its small price… still I rather pay 5 or 10$ for 30 cars :).. still tracks is more needed than cars in GT5!

    1. Rynogtr23

      Totally agree, with already over 1000 cars in the game i do believe more tracks instead of more cars is what we need to add 2 more years of life to GT5. I for 1 would much rather he converted another 200 of the top choice standards into premiums, especially for guys like myself who can ONLY drive using the cockpit view.

    1. MeanElf

      How is that money grabbing? It’s cheap and there hasn’t been a flood of it. Money grabbing is charging the max for the minimum.

    2. Flagmo-T

      And Morons is when they do nothing but stupid things- which isn’t the case with PD.. they could never be Morons bro- But it’s ok to feel let down by them, But Morons Nahhh Not True .. :o)

  41. KilzoneStrife

    My word.. you have NO IDEA what you are talking about, You do realise that what you just said is WRONG. ENTIRELY.
    The sound is laziness on PDs part.
    Stop being a fanboy and accept that.
    The CELL CPU is a a Power PC with 8SPUs (one for OS and the other off for yield) ,the CELL does gfx and processing. Though archaic by i7 standards, it is One core directing 6 other CPU cores.
    You do realise the 360 is just a tricore CPU?

    even with all that I just mentioned, your argument is stupid as its just reading sound files from the hardrive, not actually simulating a sound.


    1. KilzoneStrife

      My comment is a reply to Rynogtr23, Not sure why it shot up to the top.

      Anyways,Lets get the fact straight. Low quality sound. Bad sound. Wrong sound,
      This is NOT a hardware issue, but the recording or lack of that PD has done.
      It is PD ,not the console has its merely reading sound files, not simulating an actual sound!!!

      /Rant over

    2. Rynogtr23

      LOL, look at this guy^, u toss a few computer terms around & think you’re an expert? ure not fooling anybody. Whats with the fanboy terminology? until like 6 months ago i didn’t even know what that was. Anyway im sure u feel alot better about now that you’ve purged yourself of that garbage talk, now u can say something that actually makes sense… Your GO!!

    3. Moontallico

      Sure Rynogtr23…
      If that’s the reason for GT5 to have stupidly bad sounds, then how come Shift 2 has better sounds?
      I work with sounds for my mods on rFactor on PC so I know it isn’t a system problem, it is a case of bad sound samples.
      Every game works with samples.. GTR2, Shift 1/2, TDU (Test Drive Unlimmited), and eventually the GT games do too.
      And the Mazda 787B looping effect many hear is quite a good example to prove it, as that is caused by a short sound sample.
      KilzoneStrife is correct.
      If you still doubt us, go to the GT5 Sound thread on GT5 forum and read some posts.

  42. Teejay143

    Still not available as DLC in the UK. When’s the store updated? I don’t realy care to much about the sound, I’m happy just to have the cars, but at this rate it looks like ill have them at Xmas..

  43. freshseth83

    Gearing for this car is 360kmh stock. You notice in the video he didn’t even use 6th gear on Fuji’s straight? Wow. Real life SuperGT lap times are in the 1:34’s and 1:35’s around Fuji as well. GT5 pace is a bit off unless you run softs and 500+hp.

    1. aronh17

      I’ll run some hot laps later on to see if I can edge in the 1:35 territory. The car does not run as fast as the GT-R, SC430s, etc. It’s meant to go all out cornering. Not sure if the driver was attempting to go all out and impress anyone but you also have to think that the lap times will be faster when they are drafting off of eachother as well. If it doesn’t nearthat time, I’ll try the GT-R. If the GT-R does it, it’s because the HSV isn’t as fast in top end.

    2. aronh17

      Alright so Racing Hard tires only got me in the low 1:39s, Mediums put out a 1:35.4 and soft tires broke into a 1:33.9. I didn’t feel like hooking the wheel up so this is controller times. For the Calsonic GT-R it’s 1:37.0 on Hards, 1:35.6 on Mediums and 1:33.8 on Softs. Either I’m not driving right with the HSV or Hard tires or it just doesn’t like them. I just found out my HSV had an aftermarket LSD. Further testing will be done lol but the GT-R was all stock.

  44. Rynogtr23

    PLEASE UNDERSTAND, the sound issue on GT5 isn’t PD’s fault. It is a FACT that the PS3 system DOES NOT have the processing power to accommodate all the specific areas (graphics, physics & sound). Compared to Forza which i’ll admit has the sound pretty bang on, but lacks in graphics & physics. So u cant have it all. Let’s wait till the next generation of systems come out (PS4), which will have much more capabilities than the (PS3) and stop HATING & COMPLAINING about stuff you really don’t know about. I could bet that 95% of us here have no computer & programming engineering experience, soask yourself IF Polyphony Digital was to hire you to be their sound engineer, could you fix it?? I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT!!

    1. Rynogtr23

      I personally think Kazunori & PD should leave Sony and start engineering their own simulator system, but for a never ending list of reasons (MAINLY COST), we may never see that happen. Let’s not also forget that when Kazunori Yamauchi 1st discovered his passion for engineering video games, SONY was the platform for his creative genius, so there is a sense of obligation going on there.

    2. Lambofanghini

      I, for the most part, enjoy the sound of most cars I drive in the game, especially since the remapped the exhaust on the racing Camaro and Zr1, but I have to say that I am disappointed that the HSV-010 has such a generic sound. They nailed the sound on the V12 Vantage DLC so I know they can do it. I will still get the HSV-010 because it only looks INCREDIBLE!! I love the look and detail and it is all new to the game.

    3. SimonK

      You’re wrong. The PS3 is just playing a sample, if it can play one that sounds nothing like the car it can equally play one that sounds good. It’s nothing to do with processing power and everything to do with poor samples.

    4. snaketus

      SimonK is right. But I would love to see Gran Turismo type game on PC, without console bullcrap limitations like memory, disc capacity, graphics and sounds.

      Yes Pc has great simulations, but they lack cars and street car racing. We need GT type game on PC.

    5. MeanElf

      I wouldn’t be so sure of that MuoNiuLa – I doubt very much that 99.8% of those commenting could fix if if they had the job so that’s one level that Ryno would be correct on; it is a trade-off. Furthermore, I’d say that each sound file has to contain samples for all tracks, not just the tunnel sounds but be fully interactive to how you are playing it…plus others, for every track, each with its unique acoustics – that has to mount up.

      That is quite probably why a new sound file hasn’t been added,. But like Ryno says, neither I nor most of us know for sure as we are not privvy to the software and its limitations or paramaters.

    6. MeanElf

      Yes, and it does this for each track, as some have trees lining the road, stands and walls in various places – that’s what I meant.

    7. SimonK

      But what exactly “mounts up” that stops the HSV having correct samples?

      I don’t know why people continue to make excuses, the fact of the matter is PD haven’t even bothered to sample the real HSV, they’ve just copied sounds from another car. That has nothing to do with processor power or space and everything to do with incompetence.

    8. MeanElf

      “Mounts up” refers to the amount of disc space taken up by those sound files. I really think it’s a trade off against the graphics and sheer size of content in the game as a whole – agree or disagree, it is a game that has kept people playing for two years after all.

      Sure, I would have rather had no ‘Museum cards’ to cut into that amount of available space, but I’m not a part of PD – it was their choice, much like the number of standards vs premium issue – their call. Same as if it’ll be different with GT6 will also be their call.

      Really though, all of this has been known about since quite early on and still people are going on about it as it PD had killed their pet and served it up for lunch in front of them. System/software limitations aren’t going to go away at this stage in the game’s life.

    9. MeanElf

      I’m pretty sure there was an official announcement on this very site that said GT5 was close to filling up the disc before the game went gold.

  45. Haitauer

    Well.. The sound issue in gt5 is not that much of a problem for me. Dont get me wrong – I would love fuller sounds, but it doesnt ruin the game for me.

    What im surprised of is how can a company like PD – being so passionate making a great game, so heavily overlook the sounds of the game. Just cant understand. I dont think it would take THAT much resources to record better sounds. Makes me think – is this general soundsample use due to some limitation on the PS3 or in the games coding? Memory problem?

  46. XPOWER180

    Sick to death of reading nothing but how this car sounds. Good grief, what a moaning bunch of children we have on this forum, it’s like nothing else matters in your lives but how a digitaly rendered collection of pixels sounds on your tv screen. So what if it’s not correct? And i couldn’t care less about your answers of it’s a half finished game, they could have used a different sample blah blah blah. Try opening your front doors once in a while, get some fresh air and realise that in the grand scheme of things it counts for zip. Ultimatley, no one is forcing you to keep playing GT let alone purchase additional content.

    1. Rynogtr23

      Well said O Wise one!! Sometimes i wonder if most of these guys on here have a wife, girlfriend or even a female companion, because i don’t know of any woman in this entire world, that would want to be with a man that whines, complains & bitches as much as alot of these “guys” do and if in fact they do have any of the said 3, theyre probably getting cheated on big time lol.

    2. MuoNiuLa

      And XPOWER, it’s so funny that you feel the need to insult and belittle people for complaining about something they payed money for, when you’re the one who decides to be so bothered by people’s mere opinions on the Internet. And you’re the one telling people to not be bothered by little things. Hypocrisy at its finest.

      PD is a business that needs consumer feedback to succeed. They can’t do that if people don’t complain about something that’s wrong. If they want GT to be a better driving experience, they need to start getting the car sounds right.

    3. MeanElf

      That’s probably because you’re still listening to in inside your head…not real life.

      Complaints are fine MuoNiuLa, as I’ve said before, but it’s the manner that most seem to voice it that is pointless and annoying.

      ‘OMG…sound is Sh**’

      ‘I bought the DLC HSV-010today because as a race fan I really enjoyed hearing it go around the track. It was a disappointment though as the generic GT500 Honda sound appears to have replaced the true sound for this car. Hopefully this can be corrected.’

      Now which one do you think PD or Sony would take seriously?

    4. MeanElf

      …by all means voice an opions people, but try and be constructive about it – I think you’ll get more attention that way. That’s what I’m saying.

    5. aronh17

      Gran Turismo 6 – The Real Audio Simulator. “Hey guys, PD here… We gave up all of our devs jobs for modelling, testing, artwork, etc just to bring you the best audio around! We’ve realized that you do not care at all about the immense amount of time we’ve put into the car design and the highest quality car models on the market today. Instead we took our entire dev team to make the best audio ever.” Let’s see the sales of this game. This is a joke, by the way. Not meant to be true. I paid 99 cents for a toy car… It made squeaking sounds, time to call up Mattel and post on their forums about it.

    6. HarVee


      Really? You’re going to compare a model for a video game – a video game which is suppose to simulate these models accurately – to a toy hot wheel car?

      Why do people have to create such irrational comparisons?

    7. MeanElf

      Because other people are being just as irrational. I like aronh17’s comment, funny and valid.

      Maybe GT is more of a ‘real life simulator’ – you ain’t going to get everything you want in life, so might as well start getting used to it.

      I accept that games won’t be great in all areas, I don’t get disturbed by the sound quality – mind you I play with a good headset and have a decent Amp. I think the graphics are top stuff (for the most) even with cardboard cut out crowds, so the lack of range in the sound section is a trade-off which I find fine for what I do have.

      It is a driving game after all, not a sound simulator.

    8. Jareski

      What a boring world we would live in if everything was perfect.

      PD isn’t perfect, GT5 isn’t perfect, and none of us are perfect. So why are we complaining? :P. we should we trying to relate to one another.

    9. MuoNiuLa

      @MeanElf: Sorry, but I don’t think that’s a valid excuse. It’s true that no video game is going to have everything. But if PD has the car and is able to model it, there’s no reason for them to not be able to get decent car sounds.

    10. MeanElf

      Well that’s okay MuoNiuLa – you have your viewpoint and I have mine. We can’t always agree – as paraphrase what someone else said here: it’d be a boring world if we all thought the same.

    11. aronh17

      Btw yeah I made that comparison. Nobody ever said GT5 was going to simulate everything spot on. My case says Gran Tursimo 5 – The Real Driving Simulator. I was making a little joke because I understand that someone may be a little angry about it but the complaints are a bit ridiculous. Like, you really bought a car just to hear the sound it makes? Personally, it’s not that they cannot do it, I think the game needs an audio engine overhaul which will be GT6. Listen to the audio in CoD4, it wasn’t too high quality but it was bearable. I forgot to reply, blindly defending PD? They haven’t done anything wrong. They’re just driving to give us a good driving experience and quite frankly, me and about 10 other guys I drive with all have fun driving around, sharing tunes and doing races and hot laps. I don’t know what you expect out of a game anymore, nothing was like this on PS2. No updates, DLC, etc. I think we all just need to slightly lower our expectations, next-gen gaming has clearly made them skyrocket.

    12. MeanElf

      True indeed aronh – I’m a part of a group that races regularly and we’re all still all at it and pretty happy. Some are new to the GT games and they are really loving it. Some will call me a heretic, but I’m enjoying GT5 more than 4 or 3 – don’t get me wrong though, I like those too, just I like 5 more.

  47. UrieHusky

    After hearing the real engine sound for this car I got myself so hyped.

    Why. Why did I have the slightest hope of them putting effort into the sound?

    Each time I get a new car a small part of me looks on in hope that it will have a nice engine sound.

    I think I’m just insane.

    1. HarVee


      He never said the car itself was a vacuum cleaner, he said the sound sounded like a vacuum cleaner. Geez, can’t you read?

  48. Mugennsx

    PD, this is disappointing. You missed the point entirely. People wanted the HSV for two long years . What for?


    What is the point of having this car without the sound? Forget about it, you ruined it.

  49. carfanatic45

    I mistakenly bought all three of the. Was overhyped about it then I realized there is already several GTR GT cars in the game, and the BRZ is actually the FRS/GT86 just slower. This Honda HSV GT300 was “somewhat” worth it. The other two, are up to you but you should atleast buy the Honda. It isn’t great but it’s worth the money.

    1. Renan_

      and the BRZ isn’t slower, just tamer, it´s handling is more like Subaru style as you know it, Subaru is know for it´s 4wd cars, and since the BRZ isn’t a 4wd car, they made a different tuning for the it to go on turns “4wd alike”. X)

    1. Hentis

      Won’t be out in the uk until the PSN store is updated this afternoon. If you want to see what it looks like in game goto te respective dealerships and click on the models to view them and then have a look at the demo.

  50. Caliper

    You know, I would pay USD60.00 in a heartbeat for a DLC that would fix that noise they call engine sounds for GT5, seriously!. That engine sound…not even close. Its ridiculous.

    1. RB26 2jz

      The 2000gt with the 2nd exhaust actually sounds like real single turbo 2jz (it’s not a 2jz but it sounds really good), and the 2jz chaser actually sounds like a TT 2jz, the blitz er34 actually sounds like an rb26 and the HKS ct230r sounds like a real 6g75… So yeah those are the cars I’ve noticed

  51. perrolocomcquee


  52. riph

    Dear PD.why this Honda Weider HSV-010 sound so much different than yours? a quick youtube link please.i just want to slap your sound engineer’s ear to deaf

  53. Amac500

    It is a shame the Honda HSV never made it to production. I LOVE the styling of that car and I think it would have been a more fitting replacement for the NSX then the new one, with the longer, narrower style body. But the front and back all around look awesome, really wish it was mass produced. Glad to have the Super GT car though. Honda is the only Japanesse manufacturer that I’m a fan of and, like with GT5 NASCAR racing, most people especially online, have brand loyalty. Honda has always been my Super GT brand since I got the EPSON NSX so I could grind up a level on the reverse short Rome circuit. So get ready Lexus and Nissan, us Honda boys just got an upgrade! We might all have the same paint job, but if they add atleast 2 of the 4 remaining paints that will be fixed. I really want that #17 Keihin one!

  54. Amac500

    Please add the Keihin, Epson, Autobacs, and Raybrig liveries to, I love the HSV-010 but everybody driving for Honda has the same number and paint now, I would love the other 4, at least 2 more would be awesome!

    1. Amac500

      TAKATA DOME is Weiders. The Dome team had that TAKATA sponsorship, then it became Weiders Done or something like that. If not for the champions number 1 this car would bare the Dome number 18

  55. Mubble

    Sounds nothing like the real life race car. Typical PD, take the generic gt5 engine sound file and just tweak it slightly.

  56. Kevzido

    Dat cockpit.

    The sound needs improvement; although, in my book, that one slight miscalculation isn’t a deal-breaker. I would still buy it, and re-enter the Suzuka 1000KM endurance race because, you gotta admit, this car is beasting n’ feasting.

  57. Andresb

    Amazing car!!!!!Good Handling too!!!!!! But I don’t know why kazunori release this car with completely different sound to the real life???? It is obvious that everyone expect the amazing sound like F1 that have this car!!!!!

  58. XPLOSV

    Mentioned before plenty of times, but the sound on this is so FAIL.
    Will still buy it though…..
    Such a shame the updates GT5 gets compared to Forza.

    1. Amac500

      Well we can all cry about th sound, but that’s the thing we deal with. Forza cars have garbage onboards where the perspective field of view is way off. Hell from the cockpit cam the Aufi R18 TDI in Forza has the wring fender color. We deal with sound, Forza deals with vision. Idk but I’d rather be deaf then blind.

  59. tpark103

    Cool thanks Jordan how did you know your fan wont be home to purchase the DLC for a few weeks. And of course as soon as I leave we get that rare DLC. Lol

    1. Amac500

      Of you don’t like those 2 thin little bars I hope you weren’t one of the ones who wanted V8 Supercars, with that huge rollbar across the wind screen. The NSX I think had worse visibility with that huge A-pillar, but I’ll need to shake it down tonight.

    2. Amac500

      And I personally think this will be the most comfortable Super GT car. I feel the Super GT in general have poorer visibility.

    3. BanditRa101801

      Just drove the car in Daytona RC and Suzuka. Did not even the roll cage until I saw the replay. The car drives great and sticks to the road real well.

  60. banshee8831

    Another new RC car sounded addon car. this game was my one of the best games. but now, these electronic sounds are getting annoying day by day.

    1. Mattycakes

      ^^ completely agree. It sounds exactly like any other GT500 car. For the first time the in-game sound isnt high enough. This thing sounds damn near like an F1 car in real life. It just sounds boring in game.

  61. FdkVeilside

    This car is amazing, just drove it with its stock tune and different race tires and it’s so neutral with a slight over steer

    1. Amac500

      I’d rather have over steer then under, so that’s good. A little downforce increase or going up on the wedge a tick should help that

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