Is NASCAR Coming to Forza 6? This Leak Suggests So

You’ll have to excuse the image quality, what with no official mention of this existing yet…

It looks like the upcoming Forza Horizon 3 isn’t the only big thing Microsoft has planned for the franchise. While Forza 6 receives monthly DLC packs (the most recent being the Hot Wheels pack that released earlier this week), and the series makes in-roads on the PC platform, a recent leak suggests a second expansion pack for the current Xbox One title.

FM6-NASCAR-02First posted on the closed Forza Showrooms Facebook, GTPlanet member Vic Reign93 shared the two images with us earlier today. The back of the download card makes mention of 24 new cars, though it doesn’t expand on whether the selection will be exclusively from the top Sprint Cup Series, or if it will include any vehicles from the Xfinity or Camping World Truck series.

Following in the footsteps of the Porsche Expansion Pack, this NASCAR pack looks set to include a new track in the shape of Homestead-Miami Speedway. The site of the final race of the NASCAR season, Homestead has three layouts, though it’s not yet clear if all of them will be included.

This would be a marked departure for the franchise, as most games in the series stick to a single expansion pack. It would also be the first time a NASCAR stock car has appeared in Forza on the current generation of consoles, with the last appearance being in 2011’s Forza Motorsport 4. That game didn’t provide all of the official liveries either, relying on user-created content to flesh out the field.

More news on this as it develops. Catch up with the community’s thoughts on this over in our Forza 6 forum section.

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  1. johnnyman123

    This is amazing news! If Turn10 can continue to bridge the ever closing gap between the GT series then Forza will take the lead without no question and id feel ZERP guilt switching over. Good job T10 !

    1. Johnnypenso

      It’s all subjective of course, but in the minds of some observers on at least some aspects of gameplay and content, T10 took the lead some time ago.

  2. Cole Brown

    Ok, this is more than enough reason to get an Xbox One. Caution, wall o text ahead.

    Side Note – Just in case anyone was wondering. Since this site is so good at reporting news from all over the gaming Universe, in regards to racing. The company that took over NASCAR games. DMi Games, Now Dusenberry Martin Racing, the guys who took over for Eutechnyx and reskinned NASCAR 15.
    They just gave a little update on their game.

    “We are hard at work on an all new simulation game platform. Our first game based on that technology will be out in late 2016. It is not based on the previous games or technology; it’s all new. It will be on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Stay tuned for more info later”

    Last I had read was they were working off the engine that Eutechnyx built. luckily, they’re not. Maybe we’ll be getting a peak soon. I may not be very active on the forums anymore. But damn it is a shame not to see good coverage of some stuff.

    Also, let us remember, a while ago when DM Racing formed, they got some help from some of the boys over at iRacing, while I don’t think we’ll get the game this year. Or an iRacing esque game on console. I do believe we’ll be seeing the resurrection of a game series that use to be good on console. We’ll have to wait around and see. I’m excited for it.

  3. BrunetPaquet

    I’m gonna say *just* like that my character from another game says when he sees a challenge: “I will enjoy this!!”

    I’m getting it. GUARANTEED-O.

  4. GBalao888

    With this pack, the car count would increase to 591 cars and imagine this being played online. Better yet, imagine this being played with these Drivatars with ridiculous behaviors on an oval circuit. This is going to be some serious fun!

  5. Jahgee

    Most likely will only be Sprint Cup cars, and will include Penske, Roush, RCR, Ganassi, Hendrick, Gibbs, SHR, Wood Brothers & Furniture Row

  6. CBRHunter475

    Meanwhile, no news yet on Gran Turismo Sport/7. Stay tuned for more updates from every other racing game! /sarcasm

    1. girabyt3

      There is an invite-only BETA testing event for GT:Sport being held in London later this month from what I heard. Still begging to god that can be true!

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