ISR Hands-On Preview of F1 2016 Shows off Career Mode, Compares PC and PS4 Builds

With only several days remaining until the release of this year’s game, InsideSimRacing were able to get their hands on a preview build of F1 2016. Their hands-on previews delve into the expansive career mode — one of the game’s most touted features — and compare the pre-release builds of both the PC and PS4 versions of the racer.

Right away, and as mentioned in the above video, the main menus are virtually the same as last year’s title save for a lighter backdrop. One notable difference is the addition of numerical indication in the Advanced Wheel Settings menu, now showing the amount of pressure being applied to the pedals or what button is being pressed. This can prove useful in situations where wheel rotation or pedal pressure needs to be adjusted.

The physics of this year’s title are described as striking a great medium between approachable and challenging. While it’s to be expected that you won’t be to able to thrash corners at maximum speed and maintain the racing line with ease, there’s little need of being overly concerned with the car’s stability; you can attack corners at the appropriate speed without the fear of spinning out. With that said, if the boundaries of the car are overstepped the tires can lock up or be flat-spotted, affecting the lap time.

An earlier preview of the game quickly walks through the beginning of the career; selecting an avatar, helmet customization, selecting a car number, and team selection, before moving on to show off the opening race at Albert Park. For those wanting a more unique experience during race weekends there is an option to customize the tires made available if the preferred sets aren’t to your liking.

For the full-length preview articles that accompany both videos, you’ll want to stop by ISR’s website and have a read here and here.

F1 2016 will be releasing in just over one week’s time on August 19th, and will be available for all platforms. Pre-orders are still available if you haven’t done so yet, and remember to swing by our F1 games forum for more in-depth analysis and discussion.

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  1. mister dog

    I think John always gives balanced reviews, no sugarcoating or harsh criticisms. Looks promising alright and it’s about time codies stepped up their game with the F1 license (even though the modern cars are kinda silly).

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