Kazunori Yamauchi Goes Drifting with Daijiro Yoshihara

During his recent trip to Las Vegas for SEMA and the 2012 Gran Turismo Awards, Kazunori Yamauchi had a chance to get behind the wheel of Daijiro Yoshihara’s (2011 Formula D Champion) Discount Tire/Falken Tire S13 drift car.

GTchannel has the full video, embedded above. The Gran Turismo series’ creator was clearly very impressed by the experience.

“Professional drift cars are awesome,” Kazunori said. “It was my first time drifting but I was surprised about how controllable a professional drift car was set up. I want to get into drifting more. I’m going to be asking Dai for more advice!”

Thanks to all of you who sent this in!

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  1. Japan Hayai

    yessssssssssssssssss, this means Kaz will get into drfting more which, i thkink most of you already know what this means, it means we will be getting more drift cars in the gt game as well as better physics for the next game, this just made me so excited!!!!

  2. RB26 2jz

    I defs skipped 2nd class to go drifting and do stanky burn outs in my friends Hellaflush Hardbody drift truck lol, the he did like 8 donuts in the school parking lot around a pole perfectly, he’s pretty good lol, I love his truck and 240 lol

  3. ForceMotion

    Great video, i hope he realize that we need tracks like Ebisu, Meihan, Nikko Circuit, Bihoku etc for GT5/GT6 now and also engine swaps, more drift customization and even more realistic drift physics.. I was surprised though that it was his first time drifting, when drifting is there for so long time already in GT5.. Shows how much PD go out for checking car events.. lol

    1. RufusGonePunk

      This. And it wouldn’t just benefit drift fans, I’m sure everyone would enjoy everything associated with drifting, even if they used it in a grip/time attack way.

  4. Rdp616

    I’m actually very excited to see Kaz like drifting. I honestly drift on GT5 more than i race. It’s so close to the real thing. I wish their were more Formula D, and D1 GP cars on Gran Tursimo.

  5. researchALLwars

    “Kaz goes drifting” ? Where in that video did he catch a drift? A big wide open parking lot, hundreds of horspower, a purpose-built handbrake, and rubber to spare….. and he produces some psuedo-donuts? I’m sorry, fanboys, but this was pathetic.

    1. researchALLwars

      define “spot on”. Do you think I expected him to swing through a D1 course sideways? We’re just looking for a single ‘drift’, as the article title states. As the english fellas might say: this was bullocks, mate.

      This is like saying, “The beautiful R32 owned by Kaz was lost in a crash.”

      Well who crashed it?

      “Kaz did”

      Then say that in your dang original statement!! LoL!

  6. R34EVO9

    i want kaz to take note to the v8 swap even though i dont support that swap in the s chassis . and add good engine swaps for gt6


    I’ve met Dai Several times at Club 4ag Drift days and remember vividly when he crashed his car at his 1st D1 drift comp. he’s a very nice guy and great driver.

  8. HKSBro92

    I hope the following day kicked the office door down at PD and screamed to the staff “MORE DRIFTING FOR GT6…NOW!!”

  9. Pit Crew

    Yessss, I can see Drifting on GT6 getting way more attention.

    Im loving the last 2 TT/DT we have gotten and the Formula D1 drift event at London Reverse has still got me trying for 10,000 (9891/ 2582 overall).

    Bravo Kaz. I still think your “Gangster”. (^…^)

  10. Dekropttiv

    I really hope GT6 has a some career drifting events. I’m not asking for anything huge but just some events. Maybe like the WRC special events. More variety basically. Anyone else agree?

  11. Antonisbob

    Man, that car sounds freaking awesome! Cool video. Looks like a real blast, hopefully we get more drift based cars and tracks ect. in the next GT installment. :)

  12. researchALLwars

    Dai Yoshiharaaaaaaa FTMFW.

    Check out youtube’s ‘GTChannel’ for Dai’s “Behind The Smoke” series. It is really some top-ranking entertainment, and Dai is absolutely hilarious.

  13. Amac500

    I personally am not a big drift guy, I like the circuit racing the best, so I don’t really care for adding a bunch of drift stuff to the game. However, Kaz drove it so we’ll probably get it, lol, and I think it would be totally okay if we add a bonified drift car or two.

  14. SOD

    it would be real cool if there was a gt academy for drifters lol i dont like racing im more into the drift but if there was a gt academy drift events i would be in it for sure if you guys can figure out how to fix the drift scores

    1. Pit Crew

      GTDrift Academy…Yeah ill buy that. You should consider asking this in a GTPlanet Q&A Poll…If it hasnt been asked yet.

  15. SOD

    PLEASE MAKE GT5 HAVE MORE DRIFT TRACKS AND DRIFT CARS PLEASE!!!!! i have had this game sense it came out and my favorite thing to do is drift but its getting boring now cause there is really no real drift tracks on gt5 and there is no drift score online please give us something like on free run have a drift score on each lap to see who has the best score each lap like time trial but with points there is no drifting points online still and it sucks but im still drifting with a bunch of people everyday still please give us a drift update and drift dlc please!!! drifting is very fun!!!!

    1. HKS racer

      Breaking News:
      – You can actually drift in other racing games like Forza Motorsport and Live For Speed, rFactor, GTR2 with the proper mods.
      – Therefore you don’t need to wait 14 years before PD release something else related to drifting.

    2. Lazy Liquid

      1. If you dare to mention “drift” and “score” in the same line while playing online, you can get kicked out ASAP.
      2. Drift Scoring is totaly flawed, no mater what game. Besides, you only would pay attention to your scoring, not your tandems, witch should be the main goal while drifting online.
      3. I agree about the tracks, but i dont see any reason to be directed for drifting. For a enjoyable pratice all a drifter need is a track, a FR car and figure where are the best sections. A long and solid touge would makes everyone happy, drifter or racer.
      4. Stills, you always can generate a good custom track anytime you felt bored of Tsukuba, Suzuka East, Grand Valley Speedway, SS5, Fuji, Eiger, etc, etc, etc…
      5. Don´t worry about the future and drifting in GT5. People wont stop drifting in GT5 no mater what. What another game you have free online gameplay, countless cars options, dozens of tracks (normal and custom) and decent physics?

    3. HKS racer

      “What another game you have free online gameplay, countless cars options, dozens of tracks (normal and custom) and decent physics?”

      LOL, as I said, Forza, LFS, rFactor, GTR2.

  16. Blank_Redge

    …ha. I was actually at Round 7 of Formula D last year.

    It was NUTS; there wasn’t really a clear winner that year, like there were in various years prior. Dai actually wond up spinning out, ruining his run, but won the overall series on points, due to OTHER people wrecking / spinning out, too.

    Guess the pressure was getting to the drivers that year. Heh.

    1. SKOT_FREE

      @Lazy_Liquid…..To your second point about drift Scoring: funny because in real Drifting the scoring is just as Flawed and is usually subjective to what the Judges think is cool. Many times after A D1 event people would complain So and So drifter beat another only to have the Judges do a “One more Time” re-run. Vaughn Gitten almost got Robed of his first D1 win, which ironically was the first American D1 winner.

  17. Kevzido

    Meanwhile at Slightly Mad Studios… :)

    This was pretty cool. At least he’s getting some free-time from work. Good job Kaz!

  18. SigmaViper11

    I think he should have started in a more street based car. He seems rather nervous as well as the car is a torque monster. Not bad I guess though. . .

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