Kazunori Yamauchi Live Twitter Interview With @Honda Transcript

June 17th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

GT series creator Kazunori Yamauchi is taking your questions live, right now, via Honda’s official Twitter account! If you’re on Twitter, submit your questions by including the “#Honda” and “#E3” hash-tags in your tweets. I’ll be following the interview closely and will update this post accordingly. The interview starts right now, at 12:00 PM Pacific Time!

For those of you not on Twitter, I’ve embedded these two live streams of tweets, which should update automatically – just sit back and watch! Of course, if you are on Twitter, now would be a great time to follow @GTPlanetNews as well.

Here’s a quick transcript of all of Yamauchi’s tweets from the interview:

We’re making Honda HSV now but may not be in time for GT5.

CR-Z will be in GT5 and performance is accurately recreated.

The CR-Z is a car that is really interesting once you tune it. And I’m considering buying one myself just to tune it.

Might be fun to add a turbo or something like that.

Because you can make a really fast car if you take off from low speed off of electric motor then have turbo take over on top.

Game will simulate hybrid braking on CR-Z.

The final number of tracks hasn’t been fixed yet.

The VTEC sound had been reproduced ever since GT1, it switches at proper range according to cam profile.

There might be something from LMS or ALMS could be added.

I don’t think Bernie Ecclestone won’t allow F1.

Regarding interior view…do you mean you would want a black frame interior view?

Can’t talk about details on customization but yes, you’ll be able to customize.

Customization in GT5 will be better than GT4.

Most of the Civis from the 90’s and on should make it into the game.

I drove the Honda CR-Z on the Honda test course in Japan and it handles really well.

If you go into a corner with good amount of load on the front tires the rear slides at a very controllable rate.

Technically it is possible to have bikes in the game but haven’t really thought about it yet.

Regarding weather effects…rain, etc… Maybe.

There will be a lot of cool lounge and jazz music in the game.

Unique music for ea manufactuer would be something cool to do.

By blackframe, I meant same as in PSP (re: cockpit view)

In that case, it would be technically possible.

What kind of things did the last part of the movie trailer with Red Bull make you imagine?

@GTPlanet I like you too!

Thank you all very much for joining. Please look forward to November!

While it is unfortunate that questions remain about the status of interiors for standard cars, I am very thankful to Yamauchi-san for the GTPlanet shout out in his second to last tweet – we are definitely looking forward to November!

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  1. Jun. 17, 4:35pm

    why is black frame such a big issue? gt1-4 didn’t even have interior views yet were still considered the best. the crappy games people compare gt with only have a few hundered cars total. the 200 + premium cars will have way better detail than anything ever seen. this could be a game in itself and I suspect most people will be driving these cars anyway. the 800 standard cars are from previous series. people should quit their bitching since interior views suck anyway

    • Jun. 17, 4:51pm

      SPM, the only thing obvious is that you suck by not respecting other peoples view.

      PD screwed up if there won’t be cockpits on all cars, it’s really as simple as that. The whole premise of GT5P was to give a glimps what GT5 is going to be like. All cars in GT5P have cockpits except the GTR Black Mask as far as I know. I’d say that’s a pretty mighty fail on PD’s part to compe up with GT5 now and having to take a step back on the cockpit side of things :(

      I only drive with cockpit since it’s the closest thing to driving in real life.

    • Jun. 17, 5:01pm
      S3 Racer

      Thumbs up

    • Jun. 17, 5:02pm
      S3 Racer

      sorry you get thums up not theguy

    • Jun. 17, 5:03pm

      @ guy: The only thing it can be argued that PD has screwed up on is the marketing around Prologue for not saying that the cars in Prologue won’t represent all content in the actual game. You can’t say that they screwed up on making the game, because modelling 1000 cockpits would probably take ten years and the only way they could screw that up would be to take ten years for modelling and then fail to produce after that.

    • Jun. 17, 11:07pm

      @Guy: Thats the pot calling the kettle black.

  2. Jun. 17, 4:34pm

    a racing game without a cockpit view these days falls behind i just hope they dont let us down and feature cockpit views on all cars, because imo most of the special cars in the game are actually the ones they call standard…

  3. Jun. 17, 4:33pm

    find it hard to believe some things from KY. its always a game to keep the fans guessing.

    Regarding interior view…do you mean you would want a black frame interior view?

    By blackframe, I meant same as in PSP (re: cockpit view).

    the answer to this would be NO.

    this is neither a confirmation nor deny kinda thing.

    gt psp is scaled back not just black but with mirrors. the interiors will be in, some shape or form. just wont be as detailed as premium, or there will be a generic setup to carry over to each manufacturer.

    id say get on gt5 prologue check for standard cars carried over. only one car has no interior…. and that was because it was the concept…i think.

    • Jun. 17, 4:48pm

      to KY, proper cockpit view on all cars is a given. this is not a justturned10 game like flopza 3, where all cars have tinted windows.

      you can see in his reply that KY was just confused as to why would you want a black interior view when you already have a proper cockpit view. but KY listens to us, gamers. he’ll look into putting a blackframe view because he thinks that’s what the fans want.

    • Jun. 17, 5:03pm
      S3 Racer

      GTR black mask exactly

  4. Jun. 17, 4:30pm

    Man, I wish they hadn’t bothered with the blacked out interior view. That’s gonna look pretty generic. I couldn’t stand how cheap it looked in the PSP version. Kinda weird they went with that.

  5. Jun. 17, 4:30pm

    you can all go here- http://www.operationsports.com/newspost.php?id=420269 and read what KAZ has said, and has planned. More news will be available in august. But from this site a few things worth noting.

    More F1 teams. Bernie won’t have a problem with it. Nascar insisted ALL their cars be available to play, on ALL circuits- they want to get their name out! ALL cars will accumulate dirt and have functional horns. All cars will have REVERSE LIGHTS! Option to synchronize games time of day with the track’s local time!

  6. Jun. 17, 4:29pm

    The only 200 with cockpits are extremely detailed….

    Thats when perfectionism comes back to take a chomp of that ass. Even Forza had 410 @ retail cockpits, shitty cockpits u might argue, but cockpits nonetheless… in 2 and a half years.

    Polyphony needs to start taking resumes… YESTERDAY

    PS thats the longest sentence i had written with a whole lot of “cocks” squeezed in…. what?

  7. Jun. 17, 4:26pm

    If he does give us a very simple psp like cockpit view for all the cars that are not suppose to have any cockpit view.
    I could live with that, but still very disappointed.

    • Jun. 17, 4:33pm

      If it in fact is the case that only premium cars will have cockpit view, I fully understand that 1000 cars is a lot to model cockpits for. On the other hand I also understand why a lot of fans as disappointed. When we got the Prologue it was assumed to be a demo of what the full game would be like, and since all Prologue cars have cockpit view (and there is no indication that the Prologue cars are premium cars) we were led to believe that all 1000 cars would have cockpit view. To release Prologue without any further explanation on what it represents in the final game was not the best way of marketing as it seems.

  8. Jun. 17, 4:22pm

    To me, it is and has been abundantly clear that we are not getting any interior view for the 800 standard models.

    I am curious to know what is going to happen when you roll a standard car? What will the under-carriage look like?

    Also, are they just going to tint the windows on the standard cars? What about looking through the front windshield?

    Seems to me that they should have just left a bunch of cars out from previous GTs and focused on getting the most important and sought after cars up to the same premium quality.

    • Jun. 17, 4:26pm

      What made it “abundantly clear” for you? I would say that’s a pretty strong conviction with the current evidence.

  9. Jun. 17, 4:20pm

    I’m buying the game regardless. I honestly don’t even use the cockpit view when racing. I treat as sort of an interesting feature. So no biggie to me. I really hope they get weather in there though, I love racing in different weather conditions.

  10. Jun. 17, 4:17pm

    I am extremely satisfied so far, no game is without fault even the infallable gt series. But as of now, I still consider a hammer blow to all other racing games and cannot wait to get my hands on it, cockpits and reverse light and skidmarks or not

    • Jun. 17, 4:20pm

      i think the cockpit view was .. really important.. for many people .. and a basic feature … is it me or he had already confirmed that all cars will have a cockpit view ??

    • Jun. 17, 4:28pm

      @Elie: Cockpit view has as far as I know never been confirmed other than for premium cars. We were hoping though that “interior” meant “under the bonnet” etc. but it looks like we were wrong.

  11. Jun. 17, 4:15pm

    I also thought it was interesting he gave a “maybe” to weather effects. Obviously they are having trouble getting the game to run optimally with rain effects – I hope they manage to figure out a way to make that happen.

    • Jun. 17, 4:18pm

      because if he say no … it looks bad .. and he cant say yes because theres not !

  12. Jun. 17, 4:15pm

    To make a quick analysis I think that the game Gran Turismo 5 is mainly about the 200 Premium cars. That is what they have been working on trying to set the bar for future games to come. The 800 standard cars “are classics brought in from previous games”, with a little touch-up to match the rest of the game. It’s quality versus quantity and it seems like if we’re not willing to wait another five years for the game (modelling 800 cockpits with the Prologue quality seems to be a rather time consuming business) this is the only reasonable way to go. HD definition unfortunately demands a lot of work on part of game producers and to combine the quantities of previous games with the quality of PS3 is some heavy business. All creds to Polyphony for what we have seen so far and keep up the spirit!

    • Jun. 17, 5:18pm

      Makes perfect sense. They could easily rush through crap and make everything look unpolished, but that is not PD’s way. As hard as waiting for the game is, it’s always worth it in my opinion.

  13. Jun. 17, 4:14pm

    Please (if the questions have not finished), if somebody is kind enough, could you ask about the chase cam? to see if it will stay really stiff or will it change?!

  14. Jun. 17, 4:13pm

    He does hear us…

  15. Jun. 17, 4:10pm

    well deathcabdan I am with you there… I never saw anything categorically confirming or denying it… so they are either trying to shield the “bad news” or are suddenly going to charm us in the next 6 months by telling us “oh by the way, all cars have proper interiors”

    • Jun. 17, 4:13pm

      lets hope its the latter

  16. Jun. 17, 4:09pm

    People what is the GT5 new E3 trailer Song?!!!?

  17. Jun. 17, 4:09pm

    It would be a shame if all 800 cars didn’t have a cockpit view but with all new add features I’ll be happy. I’m especially pleased we get day and night cycle, and if they can add weather that would be really nice added feature. OH, if tuning as been further improved then I can live no cockpit view on every car.

  18. Jun. 17, 4:08pm

    I’m confused. When I was following along I did not see anything that for sure was a confirmation about the cockpit view…he seemed to not answer it directly. Did I miss something?

  19. Jun. 17, 4:07pm

    I won’t buy unless an interview says ‘ yes and all cars will have a detailled cockpit’

    • Jun. 17, 4:14pm

      OK. Hopefully that means people like you will not be on this site any longer.

    • Jun. 17, 4:24pm

      You can just pretend that the other 800 cars aren’t there. Noone is forcing you to drive the standard cars…

    • Jun. 17, 10:59pm

      Hopefully more cry babies like you wont buy the game then so there wont be a shortage of supplies of GT5 on release day.

    • Jun. 18, 8:04am

      Well Marcus, why don’t you make a better game with 1000 highly detailed cars with super-realistic interiors and true-to-life tracks and hyper-real physics. Then you can complain. Until then, shut up and grow up.

  20. Jun. 17, 4:06pm

    blackframe is a bit of a disappointment… it’s better than no cockpit view at all and being left riding bumper-cam, but please people don’t try to justify this as being a minor issue. I’d be happy if the interiors were somewhat “generic” but if you are introducing interior view for the first time in the series, surely it’s important to have continuity across all the cars otherwise the concept is meaningless.

    Once again I can’t help but feel that damage and NASCAR has wasted valuable development time that could have been directed towards more important endevours.

    I know they need the US to buy into this game, but is US even on the radar as far as motorsport goes… categorically no.

    • Jun. 17, 4:10pm

      you damn right .. for a perfectionist like kaz , the priorities was not there … .. premium and standard cars … it was never there in gt series .. they never split all cars in two big categories .. its damn not good .. and because of damage and nascar !! because he wanted too much thnig in it .. he had to split the more important …. cockpit and no cockpit …. i really dont understand that … its a FAIL

    • Jun. 17, 4:13pm

      Don’t forgot all the time they spent designing a super car for Citroen and the time they spent designing the computer system for the Nissan GT’R

    • Jun. 17, 4:18pm

      Oh, and not mention the 3D stuff and the eye cam stuff they’ve been working on. If they just concentrated on modeling cars and interiors I’m sure they could have made many more than 200 have full interiors – of course it would have probably taken more than the blu-ray disk to hold the game. But with hard drives you could have used downloads as a way to increase the available space for the game.

    • Jun. 17, 4:51pm

      @ Brett: So you think that every employee at PD does everything? I’m pretty sure that the people modelling interiors are not the same people who were designing the GTR computer or the Citroën… But maybe you also think that the entire PD staff follows Kaz around the world whenever he is racing somewhere or visits a game show etc.

    • Jun. 17, 6:10pm

      I didn’t say anything about game shows, but I guarantee it took more than 1 programmer to program the innovative LCD display inside the Nissan GT’R and it took more than one programmer to work in the Citroen design and it definitely took more than 1 to do the 3D implementation and eye cam stuff. Think if all the resources devoted to those causes were instead devoted to interior design – how many more cars could have it?

      The 3D technology is just a strategic marketing push by Sony. They know that GT5 in 3D will sell 3D televisions so they probably pushed Kaz to make it happen for the game. I’m sure the eye cam stuff will be neat, but someone should have polled GT fans and see if they wanted that or if they wanted more than 200 premium cars. I’m guessing a poll of fans would say screw 3D, screw eye cam – work more on car design.

    • Jun. 25, 8:39am

      DrTrouserPlank and Brett, you are absolutely right! add the GPS kinda possibility to load your real speed on som track into the game. The waste of time!

  21. Jun. 17, 4:06pm

    One thing I don’t get – the 1000 cars – a lot of these cars are just slightly different versions of the same car. There are probably going to be 50 skylines in the game, 30 different civics, etc. Why not create one modeled interior for these different cars and put the same dashboard in all of them? Changing the color would make each of them looks slightly different, giving variety. Then for the premium cars you can go all out and make them exactly perfect, but for everything else, especially the cars that are copied repeatedly in the game – why not just have a generic dashboard?

    • Jun. 17, 4:10pm

      Make this guy do the ”Standard” cockpits…

    • Jun. 17, 8:01pm

      @Brett I think thats going to be the case for months everyone on here has been crying over the release date and now they have one they have found something new to cry about. Boo hoo not buying it, get over yourselves you know you will and it will be everybit what you expect, ALL CARS WILL HAVE COCKPIT VIEW SOME JUST MORE DETAILED AND PRECISE THAN OTHERS. NOW SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

  22. Jun. 17, 4:05pm

    we can now substract 70 cockpit views from the prologue to the 200 premium … so well have just 130 new cars from gt4 ??? lol in 5 years ?? with 30 nascar .. 100 new cars aiaiai no cockpit view no buying damn seriously … !!

    • Jun. 18, 8:01am

      No. Wrong. Say 70 cockpit views from prologue, and maybe 50 from GT4. There are still 80 new cockpit views that are highly detailed, and 800 with a GTPSP-like view, simply do to the fact that he ran out of space on the disk by making everything else perfect to make you happy. Instead you cry like a baby. Grow up.

  23. Jun. 17, 4:04pm

    damm missed it did anyone ask and get an answer about EU release? please

    • Jun. 17, 4:04pm

      Lots, but no reply :P

    • Jun. 17, 4:10pm

      thats too bad pedz we might get it before US :P

  24. Jun. 17, 4:03pm

    but KZ is a perfectionist right?

  25. Jun. 17, 4:02pm

    So I return to GTPlanet after about a year for E3 and I find the site overrun with spoiled children. I’d like to say I’m surprised, but that’s not really the case. :/

    Seriously, people, hyper-detailed cockpits aren’t the most important aspect of the game. Would you be happy if every car had such a cockpit if the physics hadn’t been improved? I would think, especially, with the hood view available, that people would realize this isn’t a top priority when it comes to improving the quality of the game.

    • Jun. 17, 4:06pm

      i bought a steering wheel for the cockpit view ..

    • Jun. 17, 4:14pm

      Look at the big guy on the high horse :P

    • Jun. 17, 6:06pm

      This is actually the first time they’ve come crawling out of the woodwork in a while… I thought the GTPlanet community was more mature than this.

    • Jun. 17, 10:54pm

      Nah most of the spoiled children came out to play. From a lot of the comments I say some of the people commenting on here arent even 18 yet (Especially those who call forza Flopza).

  26. Jun. 17, 4:02pm

    The interior/cockpit views question isn’t really answered. According to KZ’s tweets via Honda, it seemed like he misinterpreted the cockpit questions and thought we wanted the black-fame like in the PSP GT – to which he said it could be done.

  27. Jun. 17, 4:00pm


    The cockpit in GT:PSP looks like this:

    That is, very generic and almost pitch black.

    Can’t say I’m not a bit disappointed myself, but yea, nothing to do about it now I guess.

  28. Jun. 17, 3:59pm

    Actually I wouldn’t mind a blackframe. It’s of course nice to have all the gauges, the wheel and driver arms, but but if it would take too much time to model for standard cars I’d be more than happy to have blackframes, it’s better than the bumper cam.

    • Jun. 17, 4:03pm

      Given the number of questions he got about cockpit view I think it’s a safe bet to assume that GT6 will have cockpit view for all cars :P

    • Jun. 17, 4:05pm

      yes i can’t wait till 2015 when gt6 comes out (sarcasm)

    • Jun. 17, 10:51pm

      2015? Your a bit optomistic about GT6 being released in five years.

  29. Jun. 17, 3:58pm

    haha I meant car*

  30. Jun. 17, 3:56pm

    wtf im confused as hell… will there be a COCKpit view for standard cars or not… lets get clear once and for all… god damn it they had a lot of time to implent them… I really do not want to see that blackish patent same as PSP :S:S

    • Jun. 17, 3:57pm

      yes there will be

    • Jun. 17, 4:01pm

      tough that s what your gettin’

  31. Jun. 17, 3:56pm

    All games may now have cockpits, but they don’t have 1000 cars in it

    • Jun. 17, 4:00pm

      not all games claim to be the ultimate driving sim

    • Jun. 17, 4:00pm
      [The Stig]

      sometimes its better less and quality than more an NO quality

    • Jun. 17, 4:45pm

      @ Stig: Well, this is quality AND quantity at the same time. If you don’t like the quantity part, don’t drive a standard car. It’s not like the 200 Premium cars won’t be there anymore…

    • Jun. 17, 7:57pm

      @[the stig]

      stop talking crap

  32. Jun. 17, 3:56pm

    Gahh, i don’t get twitter, would anyone like to gather all the information in one nice package please? It would make it a lot easier for spazz’s like me to understand :)

    • Jun. 17, 4:02pm

      CR-Z included
      Customization included
      maybe whether
      possibility of bikes in future
      cockpit from gt psp

  33. Jun. 17, 3:55pm

    I really don’t find the cockpit view that bothering
    I mean as long as every cock HAS a cockpit view I’m fine with it.
    and all cockpits look semi-real so I wouldn’t mind

    • Jun. 17, 3:56pm

      and plus guys, there can always be DLC addons
      as he mentioned, the Blu ray disc is full in size so he really couldn’t do much more
      time to start being realistic now

    • Jun. 17, 3:57pm

      “Every cock HAS a cockpit view”
      Different game mate…

    • Jun. 17, 3:59pm

      dlc means paying money. WHat the hell is 800 cars going to cost????

    • Jun. 17, 4:10pm

      LOOOOL @ Strikey182 XD

  34. Jun. 17, 3:55pm

    right, for the people like me who don’t know what the PSP interior is… what is it?

    Interiors as we know them from GT5P are only on 200 cars….. do the other 800 cars not have “drivers eye view”???..

    If so that’s a real cock-up.

    • Jun. 17, 3:58pm

      in gtpsp they are inside the cokpit, but you cannot see the hands or the steering wheel or anything, its all blacked out

  35. Jun. 17, 3:54pm
    [The Stig]

    no cockpit view for standard cars :(
    wish they better have only 400 cars and all the same quality,all premium,all with cockpit.
    but now we have 200 cars and 800 TRASH.
    I mean come on…. now all racing games have cockpit :(

    • Jun. 17, 3:55pm
      [The Stig]

      I’m not buying it.
      and its sad that I bought prologue.

    • Jun. 17, 3:57pm

      exactly even nfs has cockpit. WE DON’T NEED 350 DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF THE SAME CAR KAZ. That is what has taken up all the space. Stupid little cars have taken up the space we needed for proper cars and interiors

    • Jun. 17, 4:00pm

      yeah for me what i was waiting for … without a doubt .. was all interior views(cockpit) … so its really a 200 cars gt5 game for me and like you said 800 trash just scaled up from gt4

    • Jun. 17, 4:00pm

      They have filled up a BluRay disc already. Be realistic!
      Of course PD will have wanted to get everything 100% correct and accurate but its simply not possible and if you think they have done such a bad job, please feel free to try do a better job!

    • Jun. 17, 4:04pm

      Filled it up with crap that doesn’t matter. Could have had a 2 disc pack like was speculated

    • Jun. 17, 4:10pm

      LMAO Regarding interior view…do you mean you would want a black frame interior view?

      he was just messing with you, crybabies. of course, there is cockpit view for all 1000 cars. it’s like asking him whether the sky is blue. he cannot comprehend why sane person would ask that question. he had a similar reaction when some dumb journalist asked if the e3 09 gt5 trailer as cgi.

      but yeah, flopza fanboys, we all know you don’t have a ps3.. go play flopza with kinect.. only problem is you can’t sit down while using kinect.

    • Jun. 17, 4:14pm

      Yeah but then that would have pushed back the release date, thus making even more people complain!
      It must suck being PD, no matter what they do, somebody is there critising!
      And besides, 200 Premium cars is still more cars than NFS have in total, and these are modelled so amazingly well!

      But i don’t care if you don’t plan on getting it, because i do, im not gonna throw a fit over the fact that it doesn’t have super detailed interiors for all 1000 cars. As i said before, if you think you can do better, nobody is stopping you!

    • Jun. 17, 4:22pm
      [The Stig]

      @jBat17 , you are talking too much

    • Jun. 17, 4:43pm

      All racing games have cockpits, but most of those games looks like **** compared to GT5.

    • Jun. 17, 7:55pm

      @[The Stig] heh you wish.
      I think jbat17 has a point its you thats talking rubbish, if its going to be trash pop over to the forza forum grab yourself a new xbox and enjoy.

    • Jun. 17, 10:48pm

      @Jbat: Quit talking rubbish about Forza. You dont have the game and I am sure you havent played either it because you are a childish fanboy and if you did play the game you wouldnt be so critical about it.

      I own Forza 3 and I also own a PS3. I am waiting patiently for GT5. Not everybody is a one console owner you know.

    • Jun. 18, 7:53am

      IF YOU ARE SAYING THAT YOU THINK THIS GAME IS TRASH WITH 800 CARS WITHOUT A PROPER INTERIOR VIEW, PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE. A Blu-ray disk can only handle so much memory. The 800 cars without interior view is because PD did such a good job making everything else perfect. To be honest, we’re lucky we get 200 interior views. On the official GT website, they show side-by-side comparisons of the cars interiors. I could hardly tell the difference. 200 is A LOT for the amount of detail in it. If you don’t like it, I challenge you to make a better game with more detail and more interior views. Grow up princess.

    • Jun. 18, 3:13pm
      [The Stig]

      first of all,READ!
      I think 800 blackened window cars are trash,not the game.

  36. Jun. 17, 3:54pm

    this is the blackframe he talks about


  37. Jun. 17, 3:54pm

    no cockpit views for 800 cars … sorry kaz I’m not buying a 200 gt5 cars five years in development game

    • Jun. 17, 3:57pm

      Oh yes you are, and you know it.

      See, that’s the (only) problem with GT fans, myself included. We can complain as much as we want and even go play Forza, but at the end of the day, 95 % of the people commenting on here will buy GT5 when it gets released…

    • Jun. 17, 3:57pm

      better to be black framed than nothing !!! shame on that feature !! really bad news … better to have the cockpit views than damage !!! how the hell we are supposed to drive a simulator without a cockpit view ….. the fooled us with the prologue because they all were inside cockpit view :S aiiaai baddd

    • Jun. 17, 4:04pm

      Many of us aren’t concerned; if I have 200 interior views to piddle with and go sightseeing, fine. But I race from bumper or hood view, so no big loss AFAIC.

    • Jun. 17, 4:39pm

      Well, that is obviously the time it takes to model 200 cockpits in GT5 quality, wether you like or not.

  38. Jun. 17, 3:53pm

    People what is the GT5 new E3 trailer?

  39. Jun. 17, 3:53pm

    Bad news. Why did he waste time asking about hondas. I might hit something. Horribly dissapointing. Jordan can you get sage to drive a standard car just to clear up. Also he said ‘ technically possible’ suggests no cockpits yet. Balls

  40. Jun. 17, 3:53pm

    Interesting, shame I have no idea on how to use Twitter!!

    Rollbon Nov :D

  41. Jun. 17, 3:52pm

    did i miss something? when did he confirm the psp like interior part?
    “do you mean you would want a black frame interior view?” it could mean either things…

    • Jun. 17, 3:53pm
      S3 Racer

      you missed 2 statments

      one was it is technicable possible

    • Jun. 17, 3:54pm

      wasn’t he talking about bikes or something?

  42. Jun. 17, 3:51pm

    this is what he means by blackframe


    • Jun. 17, 4:00pm

      I think that’s not bad – better than nothing. I guess modeling the interiors takes too long.

  43. Jun. 17, 3:51pm

    Anyone have a picture of cockpit view of Gran Turismo PSP? I’ve never played it.

    • Jun. 17, 3:52pm
      S3 Racer

      google is your best friend

    • Jun. 17, 3:54pm

      imagine being in a car bathed in black light. ie not even the steering wheel is visible. Far as i am concerned gt5 p is better

    • Jun. 17, 3:57pm

      I did google it, and now I’m asking you guys who are quite knowledgeable because I didn’t find anything immediately revealing. Quite unnecessary comment on your part.

    • Jun. 17, 4:06pm

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzcVXzrUH9A It shows you it in theree

  44. Jun. 17, 3:49pm
    S3 Racer

    Finally the big ??? about interior is solved. But not like hoped.

    Pfff either way i race hood view

  45. Jun. 17, 3:49pm

    I love Kaz but if he were my boss it would drive me nuts! Never a straight answer. Oh well, here’s hoping GT6 will have cockpit views in all cars.

  46. Jun. 17, 3:48pm

    most interesting part: What kind of things did the last part of the movie trailer with Red Bull make you imagine? ^KY

  47. Jun. 17, 3:48pm

    So I guess we get the plain black interior like on GTpsp on the other 800 cars?

    • Jun. 18, 7:46am


  48. Jun. 17, 3:48pm

    Hey what does blackframe cockpit mean?

  49. Jun. 17, 3:47pm

    @GTPlanet I like you too! ^KY #Honda #E3


  50. Jun. 17, 3:47pm

    Customization should be better than gt4, with nascar now in it you need to be able to adjust each corner of the car individually something that wasn’t allowed so far

  51. Jun. 17, 3:47pm

    I don’t get this… is he actually answering questions or is this just a stream of submissions that’ll be answered at a later date?

    Saw this..

    GTPlanetNews @Honda Just to confirm, standard cars will not have cockpit view of any kind in GT5? #Honda #E3

    I’d love to see that answered for certain. My understanding is there are cockpit views for racing, but the interior is more “generic” than the premium models.

  52. Jun. 17, 3:43pm

    Dang, not every car will have detailed interior view.

  53. Jun. 17, 3:43pm

    What kind of things did the last part of the movie trailer with Red Bull make you imagine? ^KY

    CONCEPT F1 CAR… pls pls pls pls pls

  54. Jun. 17, 3:42pm

    Ask if GT6 will have BBQ smell, jk. No but really which race courses are in it

  55. Jun. 17, 3:42pm
    S3 Racer

    wow now kaz is asking questions coool

    • Jun. 17, 3:44pm
      S3 Racer

      Wow thanks Kaz, we love you too

  56. Jun. 17, 3:42pm

    no cockpits for us unless u liked the shite psp ones

    • Jun. 17, 7:48pm

      I don’t think thats the case don’t be to quick to jump on that. I don’t think PD will let us down i see it that only the premiums will have very detailed exact interiors and standards will just have generic interiors there will be cockpit view for all and besides are you going to buy all 800 standard cars cos on gt1 through to 4 i only had 20 – 30 cars at any one time.

    • Jun. 18, 3:43am

      well on gt psp i had 253 cars and also generic interiors are the stupid black frames from gt psp

    • Jun. 18, 7:44am

      They ran out of space on the disk. A Blu-ray disk. That means they only have enough memory to have a black GTPSP-like interior with no detail.

    • Jun. 21, 12:26am

      Why do so many people think that because one disk (or three) get filled up, you can’t add another disk?
      Krikes, one of my flight sims comes on 8 or 9 disks. It’s not like PS3 has a disk number cuttoff. You could have has many bluerays has you want has long has the HD has room for the install.

  57. Jun. 17, 3:42pm

    Ask about Drag Mode PLEASE!

    • Jun. 21, 12:28am

      Yes, you can dress in drag while you play….J/K ;)

  58. Jun. 17, 3:42pm

    My interpretation is there will be no cockpit views in 800 cars.

  59. Jun. 17, 3:41pm

    that is it. no PROPER cockpit view. crap stick

  60. Jun. 17, 3:41pm

    Sounds like interior view is just for the premium cars…

  61. Jun. 17, 3:38pm
    S3 Racer

    Will daiki kasho will be back in the OST??

  62. Jun. 17, 3:38pm

    weather maybe? answer yes or no

  63. Jun. 17, 3:37pm

    Rain , maybe :( lol

    • Jun. 17, 3:39pm

      Don’t worry. He wouldn’t say maybe if he didn’t mean yes. That’d be pretty mean.

    • Jun. 17, 7:06pm

      I was reading this the other day… japanese people never say no, they often say words to that effect but will never say it outright as they don’t want to spark conflict. it’s a business book btw.

    • Jun. 21, 12:21am

      I’ve lived it when stationed in Japan, lol, it’s true. They do quite a few things that would be considered dishonest in the west, but it’s not malicious. It’s more like “Little white lies” and such. Save face, avoid conflict are more or less the main goals. Just better hope the guy your asking for directions actually knows how to get there, or you might end up getting sent the long way round the block rather than getting an “I don’t know.” lol.

  64. Jun. 17, 3:37pm

    oh bikes. Never thought of that might be nice

  65. Jun. 17, 3:35pm

    Regarding interior view…do you mean you would want a black frame interior view? ^KY #Honda #E3


  66. Jun. 17, 3:35pm

    civics? who cares ask about lfa

  67. Jun. 17, 3:35pm

    ” Regarding interior view…do you mean you would want a black frame interior view?”


    • Jun. 18, 7:42am

      Like the PSP version.
      Black with no interior detail. Just all black.

  68. Jun. 17, 3:34pm

    What is a black frame interior. is it the same as the stupid gt psp.

    • Jun. 17, 3:35pm
      S3 Racer

      probably yes. :(

  69. Jun. 17, 3:33pm

    ask if road america is in!!!!!!!

  70. Jun. 17, 3:33pm

    “I don’t think Bernie Echolstone won’t allow F1”


    • Jun. 17, 3:49pm

      I think someone asked if every F1 car in this season would be included.

    • Jun. 17, 5:11pm

      Double negative probably means negative… think about it…

    • Jun. 17, 5:44pm

      Double negative = positive :)

    • Jun. 17, 7:30pm

      double negative usually means a positive.

    • Jun. 18, 7:41am

      Won’t not means he will.
      For example:
      I won’t (negative) not (negative) eat that cookie.
      I will eat that cookie.
      So he means he WILL allow F1.

    • Jun. 21, 12:14am

      LOL, I just wasted time posting the double neg = pos about four posts up, then I read this and (smack forehead here) realize I’m late to the class again.
      Dang, gotta learn to read ahead and come back to stuff….

  71. Jun. 17, 3:32pm

    dammit bernie it should be up to the teams whether they allow their cars in the game.

  72. Jun. 17, 3:32pm

    Why not asking about Honda F1 old cars…?

    • Jun. 17, 4:38pm

      i ask him about old honda f1 cars but he dosent answeret

  73. Jun. 17, 3:32pm

    bernie echolstone hehe

  74. Jun. 17, 3:32pm

    “I don’t think Bernie Echolstone won’t allow F1”

    That makes no sense.

    • Jun. 17, 3:34pm
      S3 Racer

      This guy contols everything in F1. It belongs to him

    • Jun. 17, 4:20pm

      Double negative there, most likely means there won’t be official F1, as Formula 1 is very protective and it is currently licensed to codemasters for a new F1 game.

    • Jun. 21, 12:10am

      I think it means exactly what it says. To put it another way: I think Bernie E. will allow F1, Or I don’t think B.E. will prevent the use of F1 in GT5…
      Reason I get that from the qoute is that expressing a positive through a double negative, though bad grammer, is actually a fairly common practice. Most people don’t even notice it when it’s spoken that way, but for some reason or another get confused when it’s put into print.

  75. Jun. 17, 3:30pm

    please ask if there will be a demo coming out soon

  76. Jun. 17, 3:30pm

    Jordan, thanks for setting up the dual incoming/outgoing text windows – very helpful!

  77. Jun. 17, 3:29pm
    S3 Racer

    European release date

    • Jun. 17, 6:50pm

      november 2 for the whole world

  78. Jun. 17, 3:28pm

    The final number of tracks hasn’t been fixed yet.

    VERY VERY interesting.

  79. Jun. 17, 3:28pm

    no one cares about honda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Jun. 17, 6:23pm

      At least it’s not Nissan; out of the 700 cars they had in GT4, 100 were all Nissans (and don’t forget the OVER 9000 versions of the GT-R, seriously, Midnight purple edition?)

    • Jun. 18, 6:16am

      I care ALOT!

  80. Jun. 17, 3:27pm
    S3 Racer

    Can someone here ask the questions that are in this thread??

  81. Jun. 17, 3:25pm
  82. Jun. 17, 3:24pm

    someone ask about new cars. Will mp4-12c and lf-a be in it

  83. Jun. 17, 3:24pm

    Please ask about tuning.

  84. Jun. 17, 3:22pm

    seriously enough about the cockpits

    how hard is it to realize interior modeling put in the same sentence as ‘undercarriage modeling’ obviously means to engines etc rather than cockpit view or not

    if you have 200 cockpit views, you dont focus on dynamic crowd or reverse lights trust me

    • Jun. 17, 3:25pm
      S3 Racer

      and not all cars from GT5P are premium in GT5 an still have interior…

  85. Jun. 17, 3:21pm

    Milt. screen has been confirmed a long time ago.

  86. Jun. 17, 3:20pm
    Mr Latte

    Someone PLEASE ask about LAN and MULTISCEEN support…

  87. Jun. 17, 3:19pm

    EXTENT OF CUSTOMIZATION AND LIVERY! I have no idea how to work twitter, so someone please ask about this! :)

  88. Jun. 17, 3:16pm

    I’ve sent in questions about standard vs. premium models, and in particular whether standard models would lack a “dashboard view,” and also asked him to clarify what the terms “location” and “layout” mean, precisely.

  89. Jun. 17, 3:16pm

    i don’t have a twitteracc too. Could someone ask him about the carsounds? They are realy bad and i hope they change something befor the release.

  90. Jun. 17, 3:15pm

    If its honda they’re only gonna ask him honda related questions :(

    • Jun. 18, 12:22pm

      Then just ask if all the Hondas will have cockpit views))))) if yes – then it`s almost 100% that all cars will have it!

  91. Jun. 17, 3:13pm
    S3 Racer

    i don´t have twitter. Can we go through here Jordan??

    If yes ask :

    Next year again at the 24 on the nürburgring??

    Will he post his laps on Gt5 as reference so we can compete with him and maybe other drivers? (Loeb, Acadamy winners,…)

    Can we race against the celebs on the top gear track??

    Can 24 hours (endurance) races be paused to not harm our beloved ps3??

    And a big thank you, from me and surly the whole Gt community

    In Kaz we trust

    • Jun. 17, 3:22pm
      S3 Racer

      What views are possible, Bumper, hood (with hood or without)

      Thanks Kaz for 10 years in automotive entertaining us

  92. Jun. 17, 3:13pm

    So do I just go to the twitter site and read, or must I become a member there?

  93. Jun. 17, 3:11pm

    I’ve asked for Cockpits now !

  94. Jun. 17, 3:11pm

    Yeah man IGN showed nothing new.
    Atlteast there is a better chance of getting new information. :D

  95. Jun. 17, 3:10pm
    Ben Comana


    • Jun. 17, 3:13pm

      Cockpit issue please

      Oh and by the way… Track editor anyone

  96. Jun. 17, 3:10pm

    Damn it, its times like these i think i should get twitter…

  97. Jun. 17, 3:10pm

    I’ve asked for him to clear up his interior comments, and if there will be dynamic weather.

  98. Jun. 17, 3:09pm

    Have you watched the IGN feed it is crap and still no confirmation on cockpits.

    • Jun. 17, 3:11pm

      Yeah it was rubbish wasnt it! I learnt absolutely nothing new from that.

    • Jun. 17, 3:12pm
      [The Stig]

      yes,I almost smashed my laptop :(
      another strange question/answer…..

  99. Jun. 17, 3:09pm
    [The Stig]

    please ask about cockpits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jun. 17, 5:23pm
      Name (not required)

      YES!!!! Why is everyone abandoning this question!!!!!!

  100. Jun. 17, 3:09pm

    I’m on it.

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