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GT series creator Kazunori Yamauchi is taking your questions live, right now, via Honda’s official Twitter account! If you’re on Twitter, submit your questions by including the “#Honda” and “#E3” hash-tags in your tweets. I’ll be following the interview closely and will update this post accordingly. The interview starts right now, at 12:00 PM Pacific Time!

For those of you not on Twitter, I’ve embedded these two live streams of tweets, which should update automatically – just sit back and watch! Of course, if you are on Twitter, now would be a great time to follow @GTPlanetNews as well.

Here’s a quick transcript of all of Yamauchi’s tweets from the interview:

We’re making Honda HSV now but may not be in time for GT5.

CR-Z will be in GT5 and performance is accurately recreated.

The CR-Z is a car that is really interesting once you tune it. And I’m considering buying one myself just to tune it.

Might be fun to add a turbo or something like that.

Because you can make a really fast car if you take off from low speed off of electric motor then have turbo take over on top.

Game will simulate hybrid braking on CR-Z.

The final number of tracks hasn’t been fixed yet.

The VTEC sound had been reproduced ever since GT1, it switches at proper range according to cam profile.

There might be something from LMS or ALMS could be added.

I don’t think Bernie Ecclestone won’t allow F1.

Regarding interior view…do you mean you would want a black frame interior view?

Can’t talk about details on customization but yes, you’ll be able to customize.

Customization in GT5 will be better than GT4.

Most of the Civis from the 90’s and on should make it into the game.

I drove the Honda CR-Z on the Honda test course in Japan and it handles really well.

If you go into a corner with good amount of load on the front tires the rear slides at a very controllable rate.

Technically it is possible to have bikes in the game but haven’t really thought about it yet.

Regarding weather effects…rain, etc… Maybe.

There will be a lot of cool lounge and jazz music in the game.

Unique music for ea manufactuer would be something cool to do.

By blackframe, I meant same as in PSP (re: cockpit view)

In that case, it would be technically possible.

What kind of things did the last part of the movie trailer with Red Bull make you imagine?

@GTPlanet I like you too!

Thank you all very much for joining. Please look forward to November!

While it is unfortunate that questions remain about the status of interiors for standard cars, I am very thankful to Yamauchi-san for the GTPlanet shout out in his second to last tweet – we are definitely looking forward to November!

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