GTPlanet Live Stream: GT Academy 2014 Practice Races

June 29th, 2014 by Jordan Greer

The live stream is now over; watch the replay above. Thanks to all who participated!

Every year, the top drivers who qualify for GT Academy jump into our forums to organize practice races with each other to prepare for regional finals, where they’ll be fighting for those precious few spots in Race Camp at Silverstone.

As you might expect, these practice events can be pretty competitive and a lot of fun to watch, so we’ve decided to get a few of the top guys from around the world together for a live streaming event. It’ll be hosted by myself and former GT Academy Race Camp finalist, Edward Gomez (better known as Wardez around here).

gtpedia-squareOur live stream starts at approximately 19:00 GMT/UTC today (the broadcast is now over), and will consist of a four-race championship, with each race lasting approximately 15 minutes. Only one point will separate each position, so the standings should be tight all the way to the end.

To keep things interesting, the overall winner gets a free copy of GTPlanet’s book, GTPEDIA.

This is really all about having fun, though, so I hope you’ll have a chance to join us!

GT6 Photomode image by ScotteDawg.

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  1. Jun. 30, 4:21pm

    I totally agree specter

  2. Jun. 30, 10:40am

    With all the FIA safety concerns and the desire of the FIA to get young people involved in their brand of motor sport, I hope a racing rules patch hits GT6 very soon, and if not in GT6, the certainly in GT7.

    Then apply those rules to the licensing part of the game. Before you know it we’ll have an entire tear of racers who respect racing rules. I suspect on-line play will benefit from that sort of education.

    Better yet, I hope PD applies rules to each class of FIA racing they have car category for.
    The whole game will benefit from having cars that fit into actual real world categories.
    Makes for better organized on-line rooms and create an environment for proper racing without childish stunts and driving the wrong car in on-line rooms.

    Hopefully, PD insures we have expanded car categories and that the current categories have the proper cars belonging to each. This will stop the frustration of being barred from races because cars are not in the proper category for the race. There are a large amount of cars in Grand Turismo that are not in correct categories. And there are plenty of categories that have not been put into the game. Adding FIA should help this and many other aspects of GT6/7.

  3. Jun. 30, 9:10am

    Just finished watching the replay, that was great! Very entertaining and the race commentary was thoroughly enjoyable. The Red Bull Ring in the rain was nuts! Good luck to all of those great drivers!

  4. Jun. 30, 8:05am

    Go Canada! Lloydz

    • Jun. 30, 12:05pm

      Thank you :)

  5. Jun. 30, 2:03am

    I wish I could have joined in on the fun guys, but I was working :/ I’ll be seeing you in a couple weeks though!

  6. Jun. 29, 9:06pm

    Darn I missed this. The last one I watched was awesome!! Looking forward to the recorded version.

    • Jun. 29, 9:12pm

      You’ll love it :)

  7. Jun. 29, 6:26pm

    Great racing everyone! It was a blast! Made it difficult on my self in the rain haha :)

    • Jun. 30, 2:49am

      From a spectators perspective, the rain session was fantastic. Lots of hilarity as people got used to the conditions and a properly tense finish once they had. I thought you were going to reel the front boys in, congratulations on the rest of the races, you showed great speed, Sir…

  8. Jun. 29, 6:14pm

    That was awesome! Well aside from my horrible rain performance. Lol. Huge thanks to Wardez and Jordan for putting on a good show!

  9. Jun. 29, 6:06pm

    I enjoyed that, thanks for laying it on. I’ll certainly tune in again…

  10. Jun. 29, 5:59pm

    Nice job Wardez, Jordan and racers. You guys are the pioneers of virtual online racing and a prequel to what is to come with the FIA online championship. I enjoyed watching, it felt like watching a real race, with two commentators like they do for real. You guys should definitely do this more often. Just imagine in the future getting sponsors and getting on live tv like Velocity or Fox Sports with Jordan and Wardez being the commentators. Possibilities are endless. But I guess it would all boil down to that one thing, money. They definitely need to get the bugs ironed out for the big stage tho, you could see some in this race, the disconnects, track loading etc…

  11. Jun. 29, 5:49pm

    “Please stand by, we are experiencing technical difficulties”

    Sounds about right.

  12. Jun. 29, 4:37pm
    The Stig Farmer

    Another livestream?? I need to think up another drinking game lol

    • Jun. 29, 5:38pm

      …With more stupid and funny rules…

    • Jun. 30, 2:51am

      Taking a shot every time someone left the track or spun … during a rain session … classic!! I’ll be looking forward to the new and improved rules, Absolute ;)

  13. Jun. 29, 3:26pm

    The Livestream is on.

  14. Jun. 29, 11:23am

    Live Streaming ist wegen Rechteproblemen in Deutschland leider nicht möglich.
    Das tut uns leid.

    Due to legal issues stream not available in Germany? WHAT?

    • Jun. 29, 11:51am

      Yes, unfortunately live YouTube streams cannot be viewed in Germany, I believe due to broadcasting laws in your country. I presume you’ll be able to view the recorded broadcast later, though.

  15. Jun. 29, 9:48am
    Mini Stiggy

    Good luck to all.

  16. Jun. 29, 9:15am

    Thanks for using my photo. I’m sure there were plenty of similar pics to choose from, but I am grateful that you chose mine!

  17. Jun. 29, 8:57am

    Academy is a joke , there pods at goodwood were setup totally wrong I walked off in disgust I could have had 5 more runs. But whats the point when they used a thrustmaster wheel with less forcefeed back than my dfgt wheel , how can pd not setup a driving rig for there own game. It’s absolutely ridiculous and shoddy

    • Jun. 29, 9:47am
      Mini Stiggy

      It’s clearly not “a joke” if it has produced successful racing drivers

    • Jun. 29, 10:41am

      … those guys are fast – independent of GT … not because ;) r.

    • Jun. 29, 3:37pm

      I thought the pods were awesome. When I left today at 630PM, I was still 10th with a time from my first run this morning. Oh, and I use a DFGT at home too. I found it to be a much better experience at Goodwood than sitting in my living room. Best GT experience of the weekend was on the Mini stand, sat inside a real mini with triple screens mounted on the bonnet!

    • Jun. 29, 3:42pm

      @vasiliflame so what you’re saying is that you were slow compared to the competition and therefore GT Academy sucks?

    • Jun. 29, 3:49pm

      Oh, and that Thrustmaster wheel was the T500 RS, which is the tits!

  18. Jun. 29, 6:20am

    Good luck to everyone going thru

    • Jul. 2, 10:51am

      comon RC !

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