Mazda Roadster/MX-5 Featured in Latest GT6 Seasonal Events

Gran Turismo 6 27 May 6, 2015 by

A new batch of seasonal events are now available in Gran Turismo 6, featuring beginner, intermediate, and expert level challenges involving Mazda’s MX-5 roadster, classic sports cars, and karts. This week’s challenges are as follows, and remember to stop by our GT6 Seasonal Events forum for in-depth analysis and discussion, and tips and tricks.

All events will be available through May 20th, 2015 at 23:00 GMT/UTC.

Beginner Level Classic Sports Car Race

  • Brands Hatch Indy Circuit, 5 Laps
  • Normal cars, 450PP max, Sports/Hard compounds or less
  • Year: 1979 or earlier
  • Gold: 85,000cr; Silver: 51,000cr, Bronze: 42,500cr
  • Gift: GT JAPANESE 004-W

Intermediate Level Kart Race 100

  • Kart Space 1, 6 Laps
  • Sports/Soft compounds or less
  • Gold: 120,000cr; Silver: 72,000cr, Bronze: 60,000cr
  • Gift: GT POLARIZED 004-P

Expert Level Roadster/MX-5: Tsukuba 6 Laps

  • Tsukuba Circuit, 6 Laps
  • Normal cars, 450PP max, Comfort/Soft compounds or less
  • Gold: 260,000cr; Silver: 156,000cr; Bronze: 130,000cr
  • Gift: GT METALLIC 003-C

GT6 Photomode image by ProjectWHaT.

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