Menu Reveals Expansion Pass for Forza Horizon 3

New Zealand, anyone?

If you thought Porsche tuner RWB, in addition to several other never-before-seen names, being mentioned in the credits for Horizon 3 was something to hold on to your seat for, consider this: an Expansion Pass for the upcoming open world racer has been outed – by the game itself no less.

Originally seen in a 33-minute gameplay video on Xbox Legion’s YouTube channel just over a week ago, there’s no concrete information on the contents of the expansion, leaving one to assume the expansions will be along the same lines of the Rally Expansion for the original game, and Storm Island for Horizon 2, if not more.

Interestingly enough, after doing some detective work and searching around the Australian Xbox Games Store page to confirm things further, we came across this:

While currently only appearing on the Australian store, the possible contents of the expansion are intriguing.

This is where things get a little hairy: the expansion pass doesn’t appear to be included with all the bells of whistles of the Ultimate Edition and must be purchased separately, leaving that group in the dark. Priced at $52.45 AUD, season pass owners may be in for a treat, if the $15 discount is anything to go by. Also noteworthy is the description, outlining a discounted price for two expansions.

It will be interesting to see whether or not this remains in the game for early access players to see for themselves now that the game is available to them. Stay tuned to GTPlanet for more on the Expansion Pass as it becomes available.

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  1. LaBounti

    It’s been a DLC cash cow since Forza 4, it’s getting worse but no one is taking noticed because they make quality games.

    Some have even said they felt stupid for getting the early version for $100, that goes to show they are in it for the $$$ more so than before.

    1. ImaRobot

      The general consensus for the Ultimate edition for the past game was really well recieved, especially with the quality that came with it. How is it a bad thi g if you yourself acknowledge the quality to it. Seems like an odd complaint. Packs are 1$ a car, which is market standard, the thing that makes it sound bad is the sheer amount of content they release.

      Either way, its optional. Dont buy it now, and you’d usually get it in the next game.

  2. GBalao888

    I’m predicting either Porsches or a heavy rally/hillclimb pack with well, several cars (another prediction of 15 Porsches and a combination of over 50+ WRC, Group B, modern rallycross and hillclimb cars) plus new events, Bucket Lists and probably even New Zealand or another part of Australia to access.

  3. dualshock

    There is a picture of the whole continent with directional arrows on it, so maybe they are literal expansions and more of the country opens up? I have the Ultimate Disc version and the in game link takes me to the shop and the pass is £29.24 with no offer price shown? (I have installed the VIP membership) I’m also noticing that the game stutters a bit…and even locked up and quit itself (Disc Ultimate version) , maybe this, and the offer price, will be resolved when it is released to Standard version players though?

  4. wallpaper42

    Forza is getting way too expensive man. I bought the Ultimate edition of Forza 6 and don’t feel like I got my $100 worth. I’ll just buy the base game for Horizon 3.

    1. ImaRobot

      I was generally pleased with the ultimate edition of FM6, even considering I’m not much on race cars.

      The issue is less of a price issue, as 1$ car seems to be the market standard, but it’s an issue of them releasing so much content lol.

    2. dualshock

      It seems a lot at first but if you think, for instance how much you spend on one night up the pub, then times that by how many times you’ve played, and will play, the game, then it seems like good value.

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