Misleading GT6 Release Date, Box Art Floods the Web

Beware, GT fans – the Internet has been overflowing with inaccurate information on Gran Turismo 6’s release date and box art this week.

quick Google News search offers up a sampling of the dozens – if not hundreds – of such articles, many of which have been posted on some of the largest and most popular automotive and gaming news sites.

They all basically say the same thing, suggesting a November 28th release date for the game while assuming fan-made covers are “leaked”, legitimate box art.

One offers what appears to be a stock photograph of a curb on a desert race track (it’s taken from this McLaren P1 photo set – thanks for the tip, Fyshokid!), while the other can be traced back to Porsche’s 2014 911 GT3 press photo pack. Fan box-art is fun to look at it, but none of these images are the actual cover for GT6.

Although the game could certainly be released sometime in November, it will certainly not be released in the U.S. on November 28, 2013. That is Thanksgiving Day – one of the largest and most widely celebrated holidays in the country, when most stores are closed for business.

We’ve been through this before: GT5 saw the same abuse by retailers, eager to score early pre-orders by offering release dates which were nothing more than speculation. These dates are then picked up by websites and often reported as fact. As always, be suspicious – even the largest retailers won’t learn the game’s official release date until we all do.

Until then, stay tuned for official information about the next GT game, which is expected to emerge soon.

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  1. JackC8

    Us Gran Turismo fans are very used to misleading advertising by now. Though usually it comes from Kaz.

  2. KilzoneStrife

    Hey guys, I see Sony says they have many game announcements this week.
    Gameinformer has been teasing a HUGE +20page reveal for a game tomorrow, so the guys on Neogaf seem pretty sure its Gran Turismo 6 as GameInformer has stated its going to be the biggest reveal since the GTA V reveal.
    What do you guys think?
    Are we going to (unfortunately) see GT6 tomorrow as a PS3 title (I hope not) *sigh*

    1. TokoTurismo

      ^ Agreed. And it would seem we will see GT6 (on PS3 only) announced tomorrow I hope, but it seems very likely to happen. *Hyped*

    2. researchALLwars

      yeah I was thinking that even a full discolsure of a GT game would never take up 20+ pages. Either way it would be nice to hear something about the Sixth installment of our console sim. It’s full redemtion or bust on this one. They better bring the heat!

  3. kollosson

    Just looked at the link below posted by Quakebass, that looks like a PS3 screenshot of one of the tracks from GT4 which is not present in GT5……

  4. kollosson

    Polyphony Digital is “aiming for the latest technology” for the inevitable Gran Turismo 6, series chief Kazunori Yamauchi has said.

    At the China Joy event in Beijing, Yamauchi said (via Andriasang) work began on GT6 immediately after work on GT5, which launched in November 2010, finished.

    On GT6 he added: “We’re always aiming for the latest technology and the latest expression.” A hint that the simulation racer is speeding towards PlayStation 4, rumoured to be set for a 2013 launch.

    The above article says it all really, GT6 for PS4, of course this does not mean it won’t be out for PS3 as well, we will get the answer to our questions at E3.

    1. Pit Crew

      Kollosson you do realise the information you posted has already been seen by 90 percent of GTPlanets Veteran members right?

  5. Quakebass

    I think some people beat me to it, but:


    May be GT6, may not… But considering that it’s widely expected that GT6 will be seen at E3 and released sometime in or before the holiday season, I’ve got my hopes up…

    Also, there was an announcement made (at least on the U.S. site) that the GT website will re-launch with a new design on may 8th… Could be completely unrelated, though.


    1. gtrx251

      Have you ever seen one screenshot or trailer of GT6. No? well. GT website re-launch for GTacademy I think.

    2. Pit Crew

      Dont understand the critique of Quakes OP. Seems hes only giving a synopsis of this weeks upcoming Sony announcements. Good Job as usual QB. :tup:

      Why would PD need to update the website to announce the start of GTAcademy?

  6. euros only

    That’s funny, I bought GT5 on Thanksgiving day….The store was wide open and worked the usual hours, as I was told by the employee there. The store, by the way, was WalMart

  7. Whistle Snap

    PS Blog teasing new game announcements: “We’ve a busy week in the offing, with some intriguing game announcements planned.”

    MAY 10TH

    1. sk8er913

      Couldn’t find the edit button. :| but I wanted to add this quote.

      “In previous years Sony has made several announcements in the weeks before E3 (which is next month) – titles revealed this way include LittleBigPlanet 2, MotorStorm Apocalypse and Infamous 2.”

  8. AndeMoog

    Anybody who knows the GT series knows that one manufacturer has been missing all these years – Porsche. That’s because Microsoft and EA paid a nice hefty sum to have exclusive virtual rights to Porsche. Knew it was a fake right off the bat.

    1. Pit Crew

      Not sure about Microsoft unless its something recent, but EA and Porsche go back to PS1 (no Xbox then) Road & Track presents Need 4 Speed, almosr 20yrs

    2. swynder

      I think you are refering to Forza when you say Microsoft, but they did have the rights for Porsche untill Forza 3, thenPorsche only appeared in June or so in Forza 4, now it is no longer present in Horizon.

    1. Pit Crew

      Who is this “He” your talking about?

      In the immortal words of one time Public Enemy member Flava Flav: “Don’t believe the Hype”

  9. JeremiahTB

    Places open Thursday evening to get a jump on Black Friday, so a Thanksgiving release is not that strange.

    1. LarryL

      Exactly. As I was reading this piece, I was thinking that this author must have a pretty short memory. Nearly every big store in the US was open on Thanksgiving at 8pm.

      Though that is not to say that’s the day I think GT6 will release. It would be a kind of odd day to release……..but maybe not. I’m just saying it’s not impossible for the reason the author gives (Thanksgiving in the US). In fact it’s quickly become a bit of a tradition for people to go out shopping that night. Some people bash the thought, but I actually like the idea. Spend the day with family and friends eating good food, then at night go shopping for good deals. If you’ve got the next day off, it’s an awesome night.,,,,,if a little stressfull.

    2. Jordan

      My memory is just fine, LarryL, thanks. While I can see many of you want to argue about retailers being closed on Thanksgiving day while attempting to discredit the article (ignoring the fact many game shops and malls will still be closed and even the largest retailers won’t be open all day long – you’d really want to launch your new product on a day when many of your potential customers find their preferred retailer’s doors are shut?), the point remains: launching a major new product in the U.S. on Thanksgiving would be ridiculous and totally unprecedented.

      Of course, the debate is redundant, anyway: retailer release date estimates are just that – estimates – and they mean absolutely nothing.

    3. KilzoneStrife

      Agreed, Jordan..
      If GT6 is a PS4 bound game though… there is a rumor both PS4 and Xbox Infinity will both launch Black Friday in the U.S (yes, both consoles the same day) … but still, its a placeholder date. Nothing more.

    4. LarryL

      I was NOT trying to discredit the article. I was just commenting on it. I even said that would indeed be an odd day to launch, but I don’t think it’s totally impossible. We’ve seen quite a few times this gen games launching on a Friday instead of Tuesday or Wednsday. When they do, the retailers usually get them monday or tuesday like they normally do, so they’d be in the store stock that week, and further, it COULD go on sale instead of Thursday night/Friday at Midnight, it could officially go on sale whenever stores decide to open for Black Friday.

      It doesn’t sound like some crazy idea. It’s a possibility, and also remember, Sony is going to have to do some strange date staggering this year anyway with not only big PS3 games this Fall, but also PS4 and it’s launch window line-up. Again, I’m not trying to discredit anything, so there’s no need to get too defensive over the article. It’s just with all these proverbial stars lining up in the gaming industry this Fall, I wouldn’t find it strange if a big game or two launch on Black Friday.

    5. tpark103

      I wasn’t trying to discredit you. I am not a marketing expert nor do I pretend to be. We all expect the release to be somewhere around the Xmas season however, like yourself I have absolutely no idea when it will be released. It never hurts to strike up a good debate to an article every now and then. Don’t take it personal.

  10. GTHEAD87

    Along as we have more premium cars and some original tracks would keep me happy. Maybe the gt4 wheel choices. Im still happy with gt5.

  11. KilzoneStrife

    For those who are have technical knowledge on PS3/PS4 I suggest reading the article on Eurogamer regarding the optimisation work Sony Santa Monica did to get God Of War 3 running, CELL opmisation and ofloading GPU tasks to the SPUs. They ask them in the interview how much work it would be to take the engine from PS3 to PS4, they say none at all. The PS4 (10 times more powerful than PS3) would not even need optimisation to run the games at 1080P and solid 60FPS.
    so granted PS4 is GPGPU any way, it wont take long to get the GT5 engine next gen.
    Mark my words,
    Kaz at E3 10 June 2013 at 6PM PT(in US) on stage with GT6 on PS4 :)
    Thats 2AM UK time 14 June 2013 for the PS4 unveiling, price and package reveal at E3 :)
    Well, I hope to see Kaz there ;) lol

    1. KilzoneStrife

      I agree, gtrx251
      Msft are rumored to have Lucid working on PGR 5 and Turn 10 on Forza 5.
      Sony got Drive Club to take down PGR5, their prepping GT6 to take on Forza 5.

    2. gtrx251

      I’m sorry but I think Forza has never been a competitor for GT. The problem lies elsewhere.

    3. Quakebass

      Why GT6 PROLOGUE…?

      PD wouldn’t take this long JUST to make a prologue game, if it’s on PS3 OR 4.

  12. KilzoneStrife

    People believe Everything they read these days.
    Contrary to popular belief,
    Google, is NOT always your friend.

    1. lspredator

      There want be eany proluge if They still use the same Engine in gt6 as They used in gt5

  13. tube chaser

    Fellas we’re being played by ’em all. Sony is laughing as their google traffic shows a lead over MS, the retailers are enjoying free advertising, and PD’s brand identity grows stronger in software & automotive circles. At least our click revenues are buying text books for these bloggers’ kids.

  14. kollosson

    I would be very suprised if GT6 was released on PS3. I remember reading Kaz stating that the premium cars in GT5 were made with the next gen in mind and the fact Polyphony had GT5 running in some crazy resolution using 4 ps3’s stitched together? Those facts alone point to a next gen release for GT6 to me. I understand the economical reasoning for a current gen release but with GT being Sony’s flagship title and the PS4 almost upon us i can’t see it. Possibly GT6 prologue on PS3 and 4 ? What is annoying is, why don’t Sony just tell us outright, which console ? i can’t see the point of keeping us in the dark?

    1. KiroKai

      Herro Kaz!

      Please speak English here. The site rules say all messages must be posted in English.

    2. Mr Nerv

      Google translate had this answer:

      “More than once, valuable blog, the first collection to”

  15. Hentis

    I think this is the major pain in the rear question that in all honesty only Kaz knows himself. When and on what console will GT6 be released.
    Personally I’ve said this a couple of times. I think it will be the PS4 and in 2014. As the the Box Art fans wet dreams may e but we Ll know PD are dry abstract in their box art design. NIce try though.

  16. Quakebass

    What got me most was actually the text used – the “6” on the box art just looks… odd… Like is curved slightly wrong, or it’s slanted not quite the right way. There’s just something the isn’t quite right about it.

    As for the Porsche – if PD was able to get a hold of the Porsche license, it would be a good way to build hype by putting it on the cover – but if they HAD gotten the license, they DEFINITELY wouldn’t have been so careless as to let it leak like this.

    Then comes the actual picture – it doesn’t look like something PD would do for box art. It’s too colorful, and has too much going on. What I’d imagine seeing (even if it WAS a Porsche), would be a small to medium portion of a car shown, with a vague or blank background – similar to GT4, 5P, 5, and PSP’s art. Maybe with some of the components open – hood, doors, etc., but likely not driving, as it hasn’t been that way.

    This art actually looks a bit more Forza-esque, at least to me.

    1. KilzoneStrife

      But we already know Drive Club got RUF licenses..
      Sony paid for it, so it will be avalible for Kaz and PD to use also. Both 1st party studios.

    2. Quakebass

      Yes, and GT5 has RUF as well…

      But still, a focus on a Porsche-esque car on the cover would NOT be leaked like this, I guarantee you.

    3. LarryL

      Besides, I don’t think you could legally have a RUF on the cover of a game without having the actual Porche license. While technically yeah, it’s a RUF in the game…..it’s the likeness of a Porche. And having a Porche tuning shop’s cars in a game as a workaround to having Porches in a game, sounds like a totally different story to me *LEGALLY* than actually selling your product with the likeness of a Porche on the cover. Especially when you’re talking Gran Turismo levels of money. That kind of dough gets people feeling real litigious, real quick.

      You’ll never see a RUF on the cover of a GT game that’s for sale. There WILL however be a Porche on the cover of GT if/when PD/Sony ever get the rights to have Porches in GT. They WILL get the cover if that happens, I guarantee it.

    4. Quakebass

      RUF isn’t a “Porsche Tuning Shop”, it’s it’s own brand. It uses unmarked Porsche bodies and chassis, but everything else is RUF-made – the engine, drivetrain, all that. They don’t take existing Porsches and “customize” them, which is what a tuning shop does. It is perfectly legal to use the RUF brand.

      But, as you said, an ACTUAL tuning group of Porsche may be questionable. And, it is a bit of an odd car to choose – usually the cover car is one that either has deeper meaning to PD or Kaz, is from a manufacturer that has good standing with PD (GM, Mercedes, Nissan, etc.), or is something PD helped build (like the Nissan GT-R or X1 Prototype).

      So unless PD get’s really good standings with RUF or helps design one of their cars in some way, I’d agree – it’s unlikely that an RUF would be a cover car.

  17. JohnyPiston

    Well there you go …I am not surprised! This, my friends, is the result of PD’s “F-U” approach to Marketing and Communication. You leave gaps …people will take them. You say nothing, others will …for the hope of 5 minutes of fame. Do you think they will see this and decide to end the uncertainty? The most I would be willing to bet on that would be a Chocolate Muffin …

    1. Tenacious D

      I know! Why, we know all the details of the next unannounced Metal Gear Solid game, and the Ratchet & Clank, and the Uncharted, and the Final Fantasy, and…

      Oh wait, no we don’t.

    2. JohnyPiston

      LOL …I get your point …but its not quite the same. In this case a Sony Executive already let something slip. What is now needed is an official denial or confirmation. That is all. I am not asking for car lists, what manufacturers are in, whether there will be more American cars …etc. Just clarification. You reckon that is too much?

    3. researchALLwars

      I don’t think it was a ‘slip’. These corporate execs spend entire workdays (about 2 hours) in board meetings discussing subjects such as where they could squeeze more sweat out of employees, more dollars from consumers, and how to use imagery, media, and suggestion to guide your thoughts. (youtube anything on Edward Bernays, who was Freud’s nephew)

      The desired result is being achieved. Just look around. When Racesimcentral and Autoblog are biting, you know you cast the right lure.

    4. Pit Crew

      ^Remind me never to play Darts with you researchALLwars (rAw) you hit a straight bullseye with that point.^

    5. JohnyPiston

      Highly unusual. I work for a multi-national …on Sony levels and trust me, PR is TIGHTLY controlled. Still, at this point further discussion becomes a little pointless since there is no way of definitively proving whether it was or was not a slip I guess …which is the position GTPlanet seems to have taken up. This site is run by some seriously sober people ….I am with them on this one. No Official statement or clarification has been released so we have to assume it was a slip. But then this is it is it not? No one knows for sure. Am I really asking too much when I ask for clarification? I seriously cannot see why you guys think its unreasonable?

    6. researchALLwars

      @JohnyP, I agree with your original post 120%, and your second one is well above reasonable- I’m with you there as well. I just had to speak my mind on the ‘slip’ reference. Chances are much higher that Michael Denny measured his words, in order to throw a llittle gas on a small fire (which is now quite large), as opposed to making a buffoonish mistake. Neither of which is very nice to us, for sure- but it makes sense in the bizzare, soulless world of marketing. (if anyone fails to appreciate the ‘soulless’ remark, just go looking into what the word ‘corporation’ truly means.)

      @PittyC- thanks BROAH!

  18. syjones1

    I think for GT6 the design will have moved on a bit These look like concepts, and not great ones, for gt1.

    1. ZedMan1996

      You are correct. He also said its one of his most favourite cars. And added on saying that he cant get them into previous/current Gran Turismo games due to licensing issues.

    1. researchALLwars

      quickly? 3 years? I dispute your ‘damn obvious’ claim, sir. It is getting more obvious by the day that GT6 is going to be for ps3. Kaz’s old statement about GT5 being the Operating System, and 6 being the supplemental Software- might actually be true.

      This all points towards a 2013 release.

    2. TokoTurismo

      ^ Excatly. It’s just to bad some people like FiftyBelowZero believes 3 years is to quick to make games… *chuckles* That’s damn sad.

      Don’t worry I’ll rub it in his face when GT6 arrives, on PS3 this year. >:)

    3. Pit Crew

      Im thinking they get this GT6 will take 3, 4, 10, year crap from GT5s longer then anticipated release date, which is a pretty stupid principle to stand on. Only GT series game that took a long time to complete but oddly enuff the haters always fall back on that criticism when discussing future GT release windows.

    4. Quakebass

      …There is amounting evidence for a PS3 release, but there IS still a chance for a PS4 launch title.

      I’m going to clear this up right now – GT games not being launch titles in the past has NOTHING to do with the future. There is no evidence against GT6 being able to be a launch title otherwise.

      I’ve mentioned this a few times; PD helped out with deciding on the PS4’s hardware, so they definitely could’ve known early on, before PS4 dev kits existed, the environment to develop GT6 in. They could start working on at least SOMETHING for that environment, like assets, something that wouldn’t be wasted if the environment being used slightly changed. This would give PD about the amount of time since Kaz stated that GT6 had already started development before GT5 was even released.

      Am I saying GT6 will be on PS4? No. I am not. But I’m not throwing the idea away completely, either. There’s a lot of retailers now pointing to GT6 being a PS3 title, but NONE of it is official. As stated in the article, we’d know at the same time if not BEFORE the retailers when GT6 would be coming out. Very rarely is a release date snuck through a retailer. And, again, as stated by the article, the same thing happened with GT5.

      I’m thinking GT6 WILL be a PS3 game, but I’m not throwing the PS4 idea out the window. The idea I HAVE thrown out the window is the idea that it will be on BOTH platforms. I don’t think PD would’ve made the game in both the PS3 AND PS4 environment – it’s either one or the other for them.

  19. blackjack

    I’m waiting from the low-down from Kaz himself. If it is coming out this year then it won’t be too long before we get an official announcement. I highly doubt the first real piece of the GT6 reveal will be the box art. At least these phonies could try and doctor a few GT5 screenshots into what they think GT6 could be.

  20. biftizmo

    I’m sure Kaz said in an american interview that the cover art of all the GT series was of a car that he has owned himself.also it was suggested by the interviewer that GT could be used as a introduction to learner drivers in the real world as the physics were so life like…early days of GT

    1. Halcyon925

      That may not be entirely true. GT5 Prolouge had a Nissan GT-R ’07 on the cover, and Kaz didn’t own one yet because it wasn’t being sold at the time. And it goes the same with the Mercedes SLS AMG ’10 being on GT5’s box.

  21. tpark103

    Just more evidence that PlayStation, Sony, and Gran Turismo fans are desperate for and long over do for something new.

  22. imn2gsus

    This whole desire for gt6 to be on ps4 is not a good thing, new hardware is not always going to make a great leap in a game series. Just remember the jump in the metal gear series MGS to MGS2 was moderate, but MGS2 to MGS3 was pretty large, granted MGS3 to MGS 4 was rather large as well. But I also remember the team that worked on God of War series making a statement to the effect that games that come out close to the end of a systems life cycle are always the classics while the launch titles are not as great because developers don’t have a great handle on the system in the early years of a system hence God of War 2 on PS2… just something to think about.

  23. 2012GT325

    If that Porsche cover was true/turns out to be true, I would buy GT6, even if it comes to PS3. My dream, though, would be a game on the next gen system (PS4), with all cars premium, including cars from Porsche, Cadillac, AMG (we need more AMG models like the E and S-class), etc.

  24. Wanderlust2000

    Im playing GT6 right now. I have all the cars too.
    The online sux tho, cause Im the only one there. But I do great in the Seasonal Time Trials!

  25. TokoTurismo

    Well duh, Porsche? Yeah right Porsche will never be in GT, and other one was just pure fake of course… But what about the other one? Well guess that’s fake too. lol

    1. TokoTurismo

      But either way, STOP hoping GT6 is going on PS4. Like others said in the forums, there never has been a GT launch title…

    2. MrSkyline

      GT boxart has always shown part of a car, this will be no different this time. It will not be a Porsche unless every parent in the world is wrong and fairy tales actually do exist.
      GT6 will also not be a PS4 launch title because it would harm the sales unless they introduce the game for both PS3 and PS4, but that’s not going to happen since they already have a hard time producing a game for only one platform. GT5 was proof of that since it was far from finished.
      Also the engine needs to be completely rewritten for the PS4 since it’s x86 architecture instead of PS3’s Cell architecture.
      This would probably also make PS3 and PS4 versions incompatible.
      GT6 –> PS3
      GT7 –> PS4
      GT6 can become one of three things, either it’s going to be GT5 but then how it should have been, or it’s another half finished game, or it’s a lame ass GT7 prologue-ish kind of game and GT7 will follow november 2016, two years to late.

  26. SigmaViper11

    The one of the desert could have fooled me, but a Porsche in Gran Turismo. . . No chance. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but a Porsche on the cover of a GT game and no one reported a Porsche featured in the game, dead giveaway.

  27. GT911

    Damn the one of the Porsche!!! If only that cover was real I’d have bought the game on day one!

    1. samuelesm

      Yeah, I was surprised to see it on Motorauthority. I knew it wasn’t real because Gran Turismo always has the car that Kaz thinks is the latest and greatest, and that Kaz never said a thing about it. Also, GTPlanet’s the most reliable resource for GT news.

    1. kekke2000

      Exactly, it’s not the GT fans who should beware… GT fans can see a mile away that this is fake.

  28. japlkofk69

    We all know how Kazunori picks his cover car and in no way it would be a Porsche, it would be Japanese or a Ford GT XD

  29. tpark103

    Actually November 29, (also known as Black Friday) is the largest shopping day in the US where we spend almost as much money in one weekend as we do in the intire year shopping. Retailors spend large amounts of money in advertising and preparation treating this as if it is an event within itself. Consumers have been known to sleep outside of stores for several days waiting to be the first inline for the best deals which, can actually be on the 28th of November.

    1. Dekropttiv

      Black Friday is where huge sales happen though. Releasing a brand new game at 70% offer would be a horrible move.

    2. tpark103

      So true but, if the game is for PS3 not the necessarily the game. Idk not for me to say…

  30. m8h3r

    The Gran Turismo games tend to be high detail close ups of cars. Why a blank track or half a car would be one I don’t know. Find it funny how badly someone can screw up doing stuff like this. Like someone below said. European Age Rating. USA dates.

  31. disinfected

    Also those cases have European ratings, which makes it an even easier to spot fake when advertised with a US release date.

  32. evilKnoxville

    Their personal gain manifests in threads or news like this one right here. True Story ;) in the wise words of Metallica: Sad but true…

  33. rjcraft16

    well if gran turismo 6 is in the works i hope its not another screw up, i dont think kaz is supporting the gt5 dlc anymore honestly (prove me wrong please) but at least the seasonal events are updated regularly, but yes porsche would be nice in gt for once

  34. Amac500

    I never understood people who make up fake news releases like this. Like seriously, what’s the personal gain from that? Some people need a hobby, perhaps model making?

  35. FallenPhoenix1

    It’s funny how quickly gaming and automotive news sites will post an article without doing any actual research sometimes. What’s worse is the fact that many of the sites are calling the images “official leaked box art”. Really? *facepalm*

    Since we’re on the topic of fan-created box art, I kind of like this one:


    I like how the “V6” can stand for Version 6.

  36. Madman Apex

    PUT $100 DOWN ON MY PRE-ORDER on some chinnese website ships Feb. 31st!!! cant wait to race the carrera gt on the talladega inner circuit!!!

    1. Amac500

      Your a fool and you just lost $100. Even if the news release wasn’t fake, it says the game would have been released in November. You paid extra to get the game 3 months late! There aren’t even a car and track list in the rumors. If your going to sell a fake story in the comment section of an artical disproving it, then at least get the fake facts right. Lol, some people.

  37. Pit Crew

    First the youtube videos, claiming to be GT6 but weren’t, now Box Art.

    E3 June 10th 2013.

  38. Nuuj

    I highly doubt we’ll even see GT6 in 2013, there isn’t many Game Franchises out there that stick to their Original Release Projections, and Polyphony hasn’t even given us that yet..

    Furthermore Studios try to give a date several months ahead of time (generally around a year or less) in order to build up hype and anticipation, Polyphony won’t make their 1st Announcement about GT6 a mere handfull of months before it releases, they like to build anticipation (a little bit too much, if you ask me)..

    This is also why I question whether GT6 will be PS3 Exclusive–they haven’t even announced it Officially yet or shown any Screens, I think the PS4 will be on shelves before GT6; and I don’t see Polyphony doing a PS3 Exclusive release, if the PS3 does see GT6 it won’t be the “Premium” Edition (no pun intended) the best version will be on the Next Gen System..

    1. PepeMickey

      A dual release is just not possible for PD so stop thinking about 2 versions of GT6, that won’t happen. It WILL come out on a single console, choose your side.

    2. Nuuj

      I’m sure you have the same amount of information on this issue as anyone else, which is to say you don’t know WHAT Polyphony is doing (or could do) with GT6 period..

      Your theory is just as relevant and presumptuous as mine until you have an Official Statement you can share here..

    3. Nurburgthing.

      @ Nuuj – I doubt GT6 will be a dual release.

      Ever heard the term ‘Not Economically Viable’ ?

      IF GT6 is on the PS3, I will eat my hat. Its quite a big hat too.

    4. Nuuj

      Either way they take a huge Financial Risk, which is why I’m still in the middle on it, if they release on PS3 it’ll get the most sales (though GT7 would be a long long ways off if they’ve been putting all effort into PS3 development), if it’s on the PS4 they risk lower sales because there simply won’t be as many PS4 Owners out there as PS3 Owners (and may not be for a good while), a Dual release splits resources/personel/marketability and also increases Production Costs and Time and Labor, but they’d get the full breadth of sales possible because their would be a New GT available for all Consumers..

      I see it being a PS4 Title because for all intents and purposes one could reason that releasing on the New System is smarter in the long-run, because eventually everyone will be moving to the PS4–even though I feel that the PS3 is still full of life and is serving me just fine, the Business World will pretty much try herding us toward the Next Gen, development for the PS3 won’t drop dead, but all the best Titles will surely be released on the PS4 to entice us to buy it..

  39. KYD302

    Another thing to note Thanksgiving is a Thursday PS3 Games in the USA release on Tuesday’s which is why the PS Store Updates on Tuesdays so If this game is Released the final week of November it would be the 26th. But it never occurred to me that the date was set on Turkey Day until i read the article an Don’t we Usually get the Game Before Europe does? Not sure if this works on all games but i’ve noticed with alot of games Europe usually follows the US by a week.

  40. HuskyGT

    As soon as I saw the Porsche I knew it was fake. The other one simply doesn’t look like something PD would choose for a cover. I honestly don’t think there are people out there that might’ve believed this for a second.

    Awesome article, by the way. These news are always welcome unlike all that GT Academy crap.

    1. Giygas

      What he means, i believe, is the non-GT5 news that a good portion of people probably don’t care for.

      It’s good stuff, don’t get me wrong, but some people don’t really care whether the middle east gets its own GT Academy TV show or not.

      On topic, the left cover stands out as fake probably due to the lack of any cars on the cover. Thats what did it for me.

    2. HuskyGT

      Yeah, I didn’t really mean GT Academy was crap. Is just that personally, I don’t care for it. I’m not a professional car driver, nor I have what it takes to be one. Even if I did, there is very little chance to win that competition. I have other things to care for.

      I guess the number of comments in GT Academy news versus the game related articles is a rough evidence of how very little people care for GT Academy.

  41. Chikane

    will all know when gt6 is coming out on

    Sony E3 2013 Press Conference to be Held on Monday, June 10th

    so till then not falling for all this fake rumors about gt6 .

  42. blksentra2

    I figured it was a fake and if we’re to be released this soon after GT5 it would have possibly been just as disappointing as GT5 ended up being.
    However, the current trend here in the U.S. is that stores now open on Thanksgiving evening to start their “Black Friday” brawl early. So a release date that falls on a Thanksgiving Thursday is quite plausible.

  43. evilKnoxville

    GT6 on the PS3 exclusively is nothing more that could have been established in a reasonable Spec update. They should release it as a PS4 launch title – not that I would not buy the PS3 version ;) but Kaz already said enough about GT5 and its restrictions relating to the power of the PS3…

  44. ZedMan1996

    If Gran Turismo 6 would be released. REMEMBER that there is always a Prologue and some other ideas for a runner-up to GT6. I cannot believe nobody has even thought of this! Like DUHHH Isn’t it completely obvious?

    1. Streeto

      GT5 was the only game that had a “prologue”, probably because they were moving platforms and wanted people to have a taste of what it would be like on the ps3.

      It doesn’t at all mean there will be a GT6 prologue, but there’s a chance.

      I would rather just have the full game, personally.

    2. RandomCarGuy17

      Actually Streeto, Gran Turismo 4 had a prologue counterpart. Of course, you have a point; it doesn’t mean that every GT game will have a prologue. I’m going to wait around a bit before making anymore assumptions. I want to see PD make a trailer or something first.

    3. StiggyGT

      Soo, if GT6 really is to be a recent release, we would have at least seen a small clip of some kind, not necessarily a prologue (but you can bet your bottom dollar that there’ll be one, like we’ve seen in the past), but we haven’t seen any of this…? I sure hope something is revealed at E3, just a small snippet of footage, please..

  45. StiggyGT

    I agree, cover art is rather nice to see. However, I don’t think Polyphony would feature Porsche, it hasn’t featured in any other GT games due to licensing. Some of this fan-made art amazes me though!

  46. ICallShotgun

    Just to fuel the fire a bit, but Thanksgiving day in US isn’t the “stores are closed” holiday it was even a few years ago. The trend over the last 5 or so years has been to start “Black Friday” shopping earlier and earlier. It started with stores opening at midnight, then 10p, then 8p.

    Now some stores (Walmart, Target, etc) don’t even close for Thanksgiving day and start the shopping extravagance at an arbitrary time in the day. Last year (2012) it was 5p I think, but you could line up in front of popular items and when 5p hit the employees ran for the hills as bargain-crazed hunters decended.

    I don’t really believe it is going to happen, but to be honest, Thursday, Nov 28 isn’t that far-fetched an idea to release a game as popular and in-demand as GT6 will be.

    1. Zuel

      Very correct, I went Black Friday shoppinh Thanks Giving morning last year. And they say this year will be larger.

    2. Amac500

      Yup, Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving night. So after having a few drinks to get through your stressful family gathering, you can go fight a savage crowd of people over toaster waffles and a set of new meat cleavers. Maybe you’ll even be able to get 1 of 5 discontented TVs out of the store before it gets broken. Now thats how you celebrate a traditional American holiday! Isn’t America great?

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