Motul Nissan GTR, Toyota FT-86 Video from CES 2010

Here’s the first “real” video of the CES 2010 GT5 demo – replay footage of the Motul Nissan GTR, and in-car game-play of the Toyota FT-86 Concept. Unfortunately, the editors from GameTrailers who captured the video don’t read GTPlanet, and they filmed both cars on the Tokyo R246 circuit. Oh well, I suppose beggars can’t be choosers, right?

Thanks to “Canadian STIG” for sending this in!

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  1. Mad Mike

    Nothing new and only 8 cars on track? what the…Hope the in game race got 16cars on track like in Online mode,bcuz 8not satisfying me and not only me,right?

  2. Ads

    The cars bounce off the walls like they’re made of rubber!


  3. Maximou


    That is what I thought first, but in previous GT games it use to appear a lot with racing cars and a lot more easier. I hope do it more realistic for GT5.

    Backfires aren’t there either. I think we should witness it on racing cars even on the Tokyo track.

  4. tyl0r_r

    @ Gar: A couple random gaming site editors suck at sim driving and you lose faith in a generation. This is the most absurdly overblown reaction I can imagine. You have no idea that these people will be doing the reviews. I used to do reviews for a website like 7 years ago and got copies in the mail. I never went to any such events. Sites with even more professionalism (IGN/Gamespot whatever) have dedicated review staff — a good review staff is composed of gamers with varied skills and interests to assure that all games can be well reviewed. There are many sites who take such a model and implement it well, which means that getting a good GT5 review will be no more difficult than getting a good review of any other niche genre game i.e. sports or jrpg.

    I see people judging the handling model based on these vids. That’s plain stupid. For all we know these people haven’t played a Gran Turismo game in years, if ever, they’re in a crowded arena where you can’t exactly take your time and get comfortable with the controls, we have no idea what settings the physics or the driving aids are on, and we are watching video of sometimes questionable quality. You can tell a few things from the vid, sure, but can you get a good enough grasp on the handling to make such definitive comments? No. Chill out, damnit.

  5. ICANT55

    These people drive like the brakes dont exist!!!! they drive like every the wheels are made of velcro. jesus use the F**kn brakes!

  6. Gar

    It’s sad to think the people making these captures are the same people that will review games such as this…. and to see they can’t even drive worth saving their lives.

    The generation today are the ones that will be taking care of us in the future. I gasp thinking I can take care of myself better and that maybe they should be wearing their dunce hat now.

  7. LordVonPS3

    Those guys really can’t drive. Clearly it’s necessary to apply steady pressure to the accelerator rather than just stamp on it!

    At 2m on the first (GTR) video, you can hear someone ask “What’s it like?” while the other person complains about hitting the wall and not being able to steer in a straight line. The first guy again bellows out “That’s the problem with it!”


    There’s a difference between sitting in a real sports car and being careful as you get to grips with it against driving flat out in a race (albeit on a GT driving simulator). These drivers are being thrown in to a situation they don’t know how to handle.

    That being said, I don’t think it’s entirely their fault. Maybe the CES 2010 demo should be limited to a VW Golf or something else that’s easy to drive so these guys can just have some fun with it. Good thing they’re not playing with a Dual Shock 3, but I fear we’ll hear these same things about GT5 when it gets released and let me point out, we’ll hear those things – for the wrong reasons. Gran Turismo is the Real Driving Simulator.

  8. maxitsu

    i don’t like the new wircuit maps on the left of the screen. they try to do to much whit it. keep it simple like in GT5P.

    the sounds of the cars are alot better :)

  9. A_Spec

    The white car driving behind and then infront of the GTR appears to be an SLS with a racing widebidy kit if i’m not mistaken. Anybody else noticed this?

  10. juanchocolombia


    “did anyones else notice he changed the camera distance in the cockpit as if you could move the seat forward and back. adjustable drivers seat FTW!!!”

    lol.. actually, that was just a zoom in from the real cam; check out the hud and the tv frame.

  11. Watevaman


    “-no redhot brakes”

    The point at which most brakes heat up enough to glow is so high that it wouldn’t be reached on tracks like these except maybe the first turn. Even then, the quick acceleration up to the second turn would dissipate the heat and cool them down very fast.

  12. soLid

    Yet another stationary watch on the FT-86 cockpit.I bet they will fix this in the final product. More videos please!

  13. Flagmo-T

    The dead Tokyo Track ( City of the dead ) LOL Boring track, with no spectators at all, not even a single Dog sniffing around .. LOL Blademask. SO a sim should just be Race cars and a OK track ? COme On Dude..

  14. christoforo

    everyone complains that there is no new videos or info but we only have the people filming the demo because they never use cars people actually want to see. we need lp560-4

  15. slaphappygunner

    did anyones else notice he changed the camera distance in the cockpit as if you could move the seat forward and back. adjustable drivers seat FTW!!!

  16. blademask

    Awww Maximo, guess We will miss you in game then! None of your complaints have anything to do with the game simulating driving, and the key is to not ram into walls.

    and oh yeah, the tires move in that first subaru video.

    I dont get how people like you even play sims. No people? Really?

  17. jay gatsby

    were the gametrailer’s guys driving…? Guess they played too many acardy racing games.

    In the 2nd video ,I saw “pit entry at 0:15. So we have a pit on tokyo track?

  18. Maximou

    Beside moving track map like GT5 Time Trial demo, nothing seemed to have evolved since Gamescom and TGS demo.

    -no people around
    -tire walls seem to be made of concrete
    -no redhot brakes
    -trees are OK but nothing lifelike (at least, they look better than Prologue)
    -weird shades
    -incomplete grid

  19. Turbo_3800

    STIG I don’t see you online to much anymore..I wanna get a few races in with u lol. Atleast there’s finally a cockpit view!

  20. Blademask

    I cant help but to think of how Gametrailers & Kotaku would be falling all over themselves to get HD captures of Forza3.

    *Sigh* Same shit. Good job media!

  21. Webbo

    I like how the track map is displayed on the Toyota’s dashboard, nice touch. Still waiting for something new though.

  22. Paulo

    Unfortunately nothing new, other than cockpit for FT-86 concept, unless I missed something… and these guys suck!

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