New Online Features & Aerodynamics in Gran Turismo 6


When Gran Turismo 6 was first announced, one of the most exciting announcements for the GTPlanet community was the addition and expansion of the game’s online racing features.

Today, with a major update to the official website, a few more details and screenshots have been revealed, noting that GT6’s features have undergone a “major evolution, after having analyzed how our fans play and their feedback throughout the years.”

lounge_eventsetting_english“In Gran Turismo 6, features that were not supported officially in the previous title will now be included: online lobby time trials, drift trials and races with qualifying rounds are just a few examples. Users will also be able to create customised rooms tailored to their favourite play-style and these settings can be saved and shared with others.”

The “Online” page re-iterates the frequency and scale of updates to the game post-release, noting:

“In the previous Gran Turismo 5 title, four new locations with 10 tracks layouts were added in the form of DLCs after the game went on sale, including tracks like the Twin Ring Motegi and Spa Francorchamps Circuit.Gran Turismo 6 will continue the tradition and new tracks will be added after the game initial release: there will be more “first-in-the-world” events that will write new pages to the history of the game. Please look forward to reading the details when we’ll make the announcements later on.”


New cars will also be released within the game using an updated system, which will see them available within GT6 car dealerships to purchase immediately after game updates have been issued. Polyphony has also published a complete list of all cars “carried over from Gran Turismo 5” which will appear in GT6.

“Gran Turismo 6 will contain approximately 1200 cars at time of release, and more and more cars are planned to be added thereafter. Unlike the previous title, the added cars will appear directly in the dealerships after an update, and will be available to purchase in game. You will be able to enjoy driving the newest cars right after they are released in the market.”


The “Technology” page also makes an interesting comment on the new aerodynamics processing introduced in the new game:

“The down force, lift and air resistance – which continually changes according to the shape of the car – changes in vehicle attitude and its relationship with the ground surface, have all been recreated to a level of precision never seen before. Keen players will probably start to feel the airflow around the car as they drive.”

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  1. joetruckv8

    Omg I have been posting that same thing over and over again! We need splits from driver to driver. There are more drivers racing for important position then 1st and 2nd place!

  2. BlindZenDriver

    Please, please, please let them have added diff times to the HUD. I mean not just showing the time behind the leader as now but also showing at least the time behind car in front and the time ahead of the car behind.

    Adding a display showing that will make especially on-line racing so much more fun because at it is now doing longer multi-lap races it becomes a guesswork to do pit strategy and knowing when to push or drive conservative.

  3. Logoncal21

    Oh god, pagani huayra.
    Apricot Hill is back? OK, THAT’S IT, PD. I WANT TO SKIP THIS DAY TO 2013 XMAS

  4. Strop

    I wonder if they asked any of the WRS admins or racers for suggestions because the current online architecture seems almost designed to preclude the type of racing we do. My wish list.

    – Make the network reliable, after getting disconnected and evicted from the race several weeks in a row most people just give up (I did). Imagine you’re halfway through an Amazon purchase, or a YouTube video … and suddenly a message pops up with ‘You have been disconnected’ and you have to start all over again. In racing it’s worse because you can’t even rejoin the race in last position. If Sony can’t do better than that they should hand the job off to someone who knows what they’re doing in this area.
    – One car races. I’m so tired of joining a 400pp race only to find that my 400pp car is 10% slower than anything else on the track. I don’t pretend to have any tuning or tweaking ability, I just want to race in a competitive car. If there is a list of cars for the event, let me choose from the list. This whole BYO car thing is just a complete waste of time and prevents me from entering about 90% of the online races.
    – Allow creation of groups. The current system of friends only works until we change rooms and find that a bunch of people got dropped because they’re not friends with the owner. The host should have control but be able to select a group that can race (i.e. qualified members of the WRS with GTP_ handles), rather than rely on friends list.
    – Get rid of stupid oil changes. I’ve wasted so much time in TT events before realizing my car needed another oil change and was 5% down on horsepower. There’s no point to it, it’s just annoying.

    – For TT events like the WRS there are some key features missing.
    * Can we please view the best lap replay(s) without having to leave the event and go to replay theatre.
    * Autosave the last five best laps and let us edit them. Only thing more annoying than forgetting to save your best lap is beating it with dirty lap (dirty by our standards, not necessary flagged by GT5/6 itself).
    * Show full info like splits in a table without having to sit through the whole replace.
    * Show deltas relative to best sectors as an option so we can see where we’re gaining/losing time.
    * The ghost is important as a means to see where we are relative to best lap but do we really need to render the whole car and block the view of the track so that I crash as soon as I get close to it. It must be possible to do better than that.
    * Part of the problem with the ghost is determining if it is on or off. Can we please have an icon or something on the screen that lets us know if it is on or off (instead of letting us assume it is on top of us when it’s actually three car lengths ahead but turned off).

    What’s the bet that after their extensive research from real users they fix none of the above issues.

    1. MeanElf

      Yeah, it’s been noted a couple of times in this thread and at an earlier one too on the forum (I think GT6 images and vids)

  5. Joshy195

    I doubt the Top Gear Test Track will be in GT6 due to it having the exclusive Hill Climb track at Goodwood. :D Can’t wait to give this hill climb a go. ;)

    1. forzaturismo

      Very sad that PD take out Top Gear test track!!!!!!!
      We can have both,,,, top gear and goodwood!!!!!

  6. turbolefty78

    PD could have left the entire online aspect of the game alone and simply added the ability to change oil whilst in a friends lounge or online room. I would have been satisfied with that and only that.
    How many times have you lost your place in a decent room because the car you’re currently driving needs an oil change in order to be competitive with the rest of the field, only to exit and not be able to get back in again? Major frustration comes close to describing it.

    1. IceMan PJN

      We should never have needed oil changes in the first place. It didn’t add anything to the game other than tedium. It didn’t really simulate much of anything since it’s not as though you had to do some sort of oil-change mini game, but rather just simply navigated to a menu and chose to change oil, so it was just a boring chore and nothing more.

    2. Pit Crew

      Though I never used the same car twice in online rooms, unless I was breaking it in at Daytona SSW, I feel your angst turbolefty.

      If we continue to constructively suggest Online lobby Oil Changes, maybe an update will add this feature.

    3. turbolefty78

      @ IceMan
      “should never have needed oil changes” does not negate the fact that it’s here and it does indeed affect the performance of a car. I frequently race FGT’s. Their top HP is 936. When the oil begins to get dirty, it drops. If that happens mid race, you begin to fall off pace and lap times suffer. I too wish it weren’t an aspect of the game, but since it is, we have to deal with it. It’s the chore of having to exit a room in order to go to the shop to have it done that get’s me. Real world race tracks have garages at them, so why can’t we perform oil changes while at our virtual ones?

      @ Pit
      I have from time to time dropped subtle hints about PD adding this to the online lounge rooms. Wait and see I guess?

  7. Blood*Specter


    All of this and we’re still on the PS3 platform. By the time 7 comes around the driving experience in GT will be really close to real. And any advancement in seats and wheels will represent the closest thing to actually driving these cars we’ve ever seen/felt. I cannot wait way to go Kaz and PD. Thank you.

    1. IceMan PJN

      You made it sound as though some details here made it impressive that it’s still running on PS3 hardware, but I’m not sure how you came to this conclusion. The article basically talked about some online options and DLC, neither of which demands anything more of the hardware.

  8. dacc10

    Will we get the DLC cars free or you can just buy (with real Money) the DLCs in game? For me is a bit confusing what they really meant.

    1. IceMan PJN

      I was under the impression that it’s sort of like Forza, wherewith you can see the DLC cars in the dealership and, should you choose to get one, have the option of buying that DLC with money (to download the file) and then purchasing the car in-game with credits.

      Now, at this point I know there’s folks who would cry about spending real-world dollars on a DLC car and then having to buy it with in-game credits, but that’s how all the other cars worked. When you buy the game at retail, you’re paying real-world dollars for cars, and then have to buy them in-game with credits, and paid DLC works just the same except that this time it isn’t bought at retail.

  9. AcenSpades

    ooooooook, so i see that the GT5 car list will carry over right, right. Soooooo that means that MY garage can carry over to GT6 or do i have to build my collection all over again?? and i still would like to see the Cita Di Aria course.

    1. GTAndy36

      Are you kidding me? Of course you’ll have to start building your collection again… that’s the whole point of playing through the game…

    2. Streeto

      It’s a different game fool, even if for some reason they allowed that (they would have to be crazy) I expect it would be very hard to convert the GT5 save data into GT6 data, and definitely not worth it.

      When people ask that question it makes me laugh, it’s usually asked by some whiny teenager that has no sense of achievement, and stretches his words like “oooooooook”.

      Nut up or shut up, kid.

    3. AcenSpades

      I dont mind startin over and I’ve played every GT since day one, just a matter of curiosity. A simple “no” answer wouldve been just fine. Thanks anyway friend.

    4. biftizmo

      I’m with you Ace…i suspect now that the GT5 network delivery system is fine tuned…it will be the same.. and the only way to get some versions of cars will be to complete GT5… sure online lobby’s will be shared with GT5 and GT6 players…and trading cars will become a lot more interesting…as was with standard and premiums cars before..the differences were cosmetic only…the physics we’re equal….count CT6 cars as Premium plus cars…same for tracks…it is the system that is great here….not the game….buy it bust it,new game has gone..GT6 is here for ages..and its just gonna get bigger mainly…improvements to the game will come more slowly…also I’ve spent money on paint chips i would like to get use out of them….gifting and sharing will continue in the same way to…


    “online lobby time trials, drift trials and races with qualifying rounds” I know how the races with qualifying rounds work, but I’m confused on how online time trials work and drift trials work. Does anyone have any idea how those 2 work?

    1. SavageEvil

      I’m guessing that you set a time and then let others attempt to beat it. This is all time trials actually are anyway. You probably have the ability to set limitations on car, tyre type, power output and other things.

    2. TH137Z

      i would then guess that the drift trials would instead use their flag system (or whatever they decide to use) as a judging system over our race judged room we have now.

    3. SZRT Ice

      Likely a timed limit on track with fastest lap from first to last listed on side or @ the events finished. Drift trials are likely the same as the seasonals, except, online, with multiple people competing either simultaneously or in sequence.

  11. oneloops

    Hoping we’ll have tomorrow some gameplay videos with a huge improvement in AI and sound. That’s the best new thing i want for GT6.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Someone in the forums saids the new demo is a huge improvement over the other demos and GT5. So we’ll see. :)

  12. GTP_Versatile

    There are going to be two(2) XJR9 LM ’88 race cars? I know there are a standard and premium version in GT5 but why would they keep both if they are exactly the same?

    1. SavageEvil

      Honestly it took nothing to include the car since it’s already there(you can ignore it, since you have an issue with it). If they wasted time redoing the model then of course that is a problem, but we have yet to see a single “standard” car in GT6 yet. I’m still waiting to see how well Pd cleaned them up, I know that the “standard” cars that came from the PSP game were very detailed compared to the GT4 carry overs by a hell of a margin. Just look at the Audi R8 LMS ’09 it’s lines are crisp and smooth and not jagged and ugly and looking like it was painted on. Hurry up TGS so we can see more.

    2. forzaturismo

      of course , its strange (or a mistake??) to see on the Jaguar list car TWO ” XJR-9 LM Race Car ’88”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. KM964

    Great…the Red Bulls are back. Hopefully PD doesn’t hand them outagain. Those things plagued the GT5 lobbies.

    1. SavageEvil

      Goodness, did you miss the part about better online lobbies that you can tailor to keep the play field sensible? You’re complaining about people using X2010’s in rooms, why the hell are you even in there at all? Only cars remotely close to that monster are the FGT and Ferrari F1 cars a simple PP setting and no more Red Bull cars. Complaints about easily remedied issues are a dime a dozen and you seeing rooms with them, just avoid them. It’s your prerogative unless you are compelled to always want to join a room without rules and allow those Redbull’s to run wild. i have never actually been a room without some sort of PP limit and have never raced a Redbull ever online.

  14. Hentis

    Hmm disappointed.

    No mention of the Top Gear Track being carried over to GT6 – Not Happy
    Bathurst – Urban Legend / Scottish Myth to be honest!
    Seattle – would expect that to be DLC as if I recall the seven tracks ave been revealed!

    Also as to races you have to have the option to for grid or rolling double file or single file start!

    1. traind

      If TG goes missing that will be unfortunate. Brands Hatch is a great addition– one of my personal favorite road courses with several fantastic corners.

    2. MeanElf

      I think you mean Scotch mist Hentis.

      Nice that Apricot Hill is back with time change and weather this time :)

    3. SavageEvil

      TGTT was borderline useless as a race course and would only serve as a proving ground for newbies as you had no pits, no you couldn’t change tires, or add fuel what’s the point? Useless course if I ever did see one, nice to drive but ultimately useless for anything, although PD should have used the runway for a drag course…Oh well. good riddance to under used rubbish.
      Perhaps the course editor will allow us to create our own drag courses to fill the void should there be none included in the game.

    4. TokoTurismo

      I say who cares about TGTT anyway, track was boring IMO. I’ll rather build a new track using GT6’s new Course Maker and tracks that are actually fun.

    5. Streeto

      Let’s be honest that track is borderline kill-me-now kinda boring.

      We love the show but the track itself is bland, and it’s only used in noob lobbies with kids messing around, “drag” racing from each end and slamming into the tires like it’s nothing.

  15. trustjab

    By “shape of the car” this may be talking about the aerodynamic parts we can add to our cars (wings, splitters, side skirts etc.)?

    1. Tenacious D

      I think what the aerodynamics “continually changes according to the shape of the car” means is how the air flows over the complex curves of a car’s body. But this would also apply directly to aero kits, splitters, rear wings and other aerodynamic parts.

    2. sangdude82

      It’s not my preferred choice but a lot of people would like to remove the rear spoiler/wing from the cars. So it would be nice if PD includes that option as well.

  16. Swagger897

    Okay… So I still don’t have any help on the Pre order answer… Great.. Now I think I wasted 70 dollars on a game…

    1. Swagger897

      Well I said I’d pay for it right now, rather than go there every week and give this 6 dollars… So because I already paid and got my receipt, I have a feeling I scammed myself…

  17. Foxiol

    In the main site there is a full list with all the cars that were carried from GT5 to GT6…a FULL COMPLETE LIST. To those who are interested.

  18. Amac500

    I can’t even process this. I open up the website today…. I can’t even process this. Such a flood of information, each an individual thing that would make me happy, and 2 of them would really get me excited… But I can’t even count. I have no way of processing this all. So for once, I have no feedback, I have no response, I have no way of thinking about this… This is crazy…

  19. Quakebass

    Saw the car list.

    Saw the Nissan section.

    Kept scrolling.

    Then the Nissan section ended.

    Ok, there’s STILL quite a large Japanese bias… But hopefully mostly non-japanese cars are being upgraded to Premium. I would be miffed if there’s 40-50 PREMIUM Skylines.

  20. Gogga

    All I want in GT6 is the E30 BMW ///M3. A purpose built race car that was put into production. Not the other way around where production cars are converted into race spec! The E30 ///M3 dominted its era! Please let it be included.. We shall know on December 6th

  21. acedition333

    Has been an exciting day for us GT fans today! Been waiting awhile for the release date. Soon, there will be late nights again!

  22. Craze63AMG


    Only two annoying things are the amount of Skylines on the GT5 carryover list. Also, it would be nice to know if there are any GT5 cars on that list being upgraded to premium (Surely some of them are!)

    1. sangdude82

      Yeah, that’s a good idea. We wanna know how many of the standard cars have converted into premium. Like premium Supra & Veyron.

  23. Swagger897

    I have a question…. If I preordered already AT a GameStop STORE, Will I receive the same benefits as I will by doing it online?

    I think I preordered it at least a month ago, but there is no code on the bottom (only a battlefield 4 preorder code).

    .. Am I to get this the day I go back to the store and pick it up?

    1. BobbyBRAKEaNek

      Just call your GameStop, they should be able to tell you. They want let you go without the DLC. My GameStop is the ish. ;-)

    1. neema_t

      The list of cars returning from GT5, a game which – as literally all of us know – featured a lot of Skylines.

    2. sangdude82

      Yeah, they are carrying over a lot of Skylines onto GT6 yet there are no news for the original Skyline GT-R nor R34 Skyline GT-R Z Tune getting included…

  24. fishard517

    the models of the new cars just look fantastic! idk if it’s just me, but the new cars make the gt5 premiums look like they are “standard”

  25. Ittybitty Stigy

    In the top screenshot you can see the temperature. Mabey we will be able to chose between hot cold etc.

  26. Boosted_01_R

    Rain weather needs to change….. the whole track doesn’t need to get wet at the same time….. partial dry, and wet at the beginning of rain fall would be great, and different drying rates at different part of the track would be great……. COME ON GT6…… for the most part (yeah yeah, tire model, and new aero) its just GT5 with DLC’s

    1. Streeto

      Wow, never played the other GT’s huh?

      The leap between GT5 and GT6 is probably greater than the leaps between the other games.

      With one exception, GT3, but that was because of the new platform allowing much greater graphics.

      Other than that, a few new tracks and cars and that’s it.

      We’re getting a host of new and upgraded features in GT6, not just “yeah yeah, tire model, and new aero derpherp”.

      I guess you’re one of those people who always wants more no matter what they get given to them.

  27. z71L28

    I’ am guessing time trials are going to be an online time attack session. Everyone driveing on track at the same time for a number of laps, once laps finish whoever got lowest time wins. Happy about time trial and qualifying being added nice move PD.

  28. GTP_ADE

    Vice chat quality may put me off my driving. Unless there’s a dogging mode we havnt been told about yet. Hmmm, flash lights, sound horn, etc.

  29. Kobooi

    “Probably start to feel the airflow around the car”? That makes absolutely no sense. And the rest of the ‘announcements’ don’t really mean much either, I can’t understand why some of you here are drooling over this. Did they fix the frame rate already, so players can start feeling that airflow at a steady 60fps?

    1. Kobooi

      I’m the last one who wants to spoil your feeling of the airflow around the car, or you driving the newest cars immediately after they are released in the market. Enjoy!

    2. Swagger897

      Apparently your not a “keen” player…

      I could notice it in the demo. After driving the GTR for the last event, I immediately went to Gran Turismo 5 and you can feel a HUGE difference. It’s not just that the extension rates felt so high at (I’m going to butcher it) beckets, but going that fast the air felt as if it was pushing up. Then you have the right hander after the straight which you feel roll, but the aero kept it on the ground…

      So if your a keen player, you better cool it because I felt it already

  30. HuskyGT

    Very impressive. I think I’ll be playing online more often on GT6. Hope we have qualifying in GT Mode too. Also, it would be a good idea if we could adjust the A.I difficulty, which would affect the prize that we get and so the game adjusts to different skill types.

    And LOL at the fake names. They are all wines XD


    After looking all the screenshots after gamescom, I feel like I never want to go back to GT5. Fixes my addiction problem right there.

  32. Kristus

    qualifying is great news.. also i hope that now the game supports better all the lightweight cars and in high speed circuits more slicker cars for better top speed etc.. in gt5 it was all about power

  33. Youngun

    Lets just hope they’ll be adding most cars after release and not each model and facelift. Guess in game purchase is not with in game cash but an in game PSN store page.

    but all in all, sounds good.

  34. Since80three

    Dope. Pretty much confirms time change and weather effects for Autumn Ring. Should be for all track I’m assuming.

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