More New Paint Colors in This Week’s GT Sport Mileage Exchange

Gran Turismo Sport 40 February 13, 2018 by

It’s that time of week again when Polyphony Digital updates the GT Sport Mileage Exchange.

This week is a minor update, with a refresh of the wheel, paint, sticker, pose and helmet options, while the car choice remains the same as last week.

As with recent weeks, the pose, helmet and sticker choices bring nothing brand new. There’s a refresh of the two or three items in each category, but the selection contains the same few familiar items.

It also seems that the wheel choices are reaching the end of their variety. If you’ve bought every wheel so far, most of the selection this week is old hat.

The paint options are mostly new though. It’s more of a mix than last week, with at least one option from every available paint code. Along with one colorshift, you’ll find manufacturer paints from BMW (Mineral Grey) and Chevrolet (Laguna Blue Tintcoat).

Curiously, although there’s one repeat color, we’ve previously also seen a second — but only in name. The R1 Dark Candy Met. chip was also available five weeks ago, but this week’s chip is a different color and generates a new entry in the Livery Editor. It’s the first paint color to behave this way.

The next update will arrive at 0900 UTC on February 20, so make sure you pick up this week’s new items while you can. If you’re struggling for Mi points, check out our tips and tricks on how to get quick points via the Achievements.

GT Sport Mileage Exchange – February 13 – February 20

Special Cars

  • BMW M4 Safety Car – Gr.X – 4000 Mi
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Final Edition Gr.B Road Car – N500 – 2500 Mi


  • ADVAN Racing RSII (Black) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RSII (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • ADVAN Racing RSII (Gunmetal) – 100 Mi
  • RAYS 57XV (White) – 100 Mi
  • RAYS 57XV (Black) – 100 Mi
  • RAYS 57Transcend (Black) – 100 Mi
  • BBS RI-S (Chrome) – 100 Mi
  • BBS RI-S (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • BBS RI-S (Black, Silver rim) – 100 Mi
  • MOTEGI RACING MR126 (White) – 100 Mi
  • MOTEGI RACING MR126 (Black) – 100 Mi
  • XD series XD125 (Black, Silver rim) – 100 Mi
  • KMC KM681 (Silver, Black rim) – 100 Mi
  • American Racing VN427 (Gray, silver rim) – 100 Mi
  • American Racing VN427 (Silver) – 100 Mi
  • ENKEI RA030 (Silver) – 100 Mi


  • Extinguisher Switch 02 – 100 Mi
  • Kill Switch 02 – 100 Mi
  • TOW 06 – 100 Mi


  • Arai GP-6 Metallic GT – 2000 Mi
  • Arai GP-6 Metallic – 2000 Mi

Profile Poses

  • Driver Pose 6 – 500 Mi
  • Driver Pose 7 – 500 Mi

Special Colors

  • Mineral Grey – 500 Mi
  • Laguna Blue Tintcoat – 500 Mi
  • B3 Chrome (Blue) – 1,000 Mi
  • BW Colorshift – 500 Mi
  • W2 Half Matte (White) – 500 Mi
  • R1 Dark Candy Met. (Red) – 500 Mi
  • O1 Matte Metallic (Orange) – 500 Mi
  • O2 Large Flakes (Orange) – 500 Mi
  • G5 Dark Candy Met. (Green) – 500 Mi
  • G4 Matte Fluorescent (Green) – 500 Mi
  • Y2 Half Matte (Yellow) – 500 Mi
  • P8 Small Flakes (Pink) – 500 Mi
  • P1 Half Matte (Purple) – 500 Mi
  • B7 Matte Fluorescent (Blue) – 500 Mi

Featured image courtesy of adb.

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