No FH3 Car Pack this Week, Second Expansion Details Coming this Month

Even Godzilla needs a visit to the beach every now and again. Image courtesy of Craze63AMG.

Today is the first Tuesday of the month. For Forza players, that typically means a new car pack. The bad news is that you shouldn’t hold your breath for one. The good news: something else is in store for the month of April.

The confirmation comes care of community manager Brian Ekberg. “There will be FH3 news and content in April and we’ll have more to say about that soon,” said Ekberg in last week’s community Week In Review, while specifically referencing the second expansion for the game.

This mysterious second expansion will follow last December’s Blizzard Mountain. After the debug leaks in January confirmed the existence of Porsches in the game, many Forza players are expecting the expansion to focus on the Stuttgart manufacturer, in much the same way the brand was featured post-release in FH2 and FM6.

With the recent explosion in Porsche availability across the genre, it will be disappointing to see a lot of the same models fans have already been asked to shell out for twice this generation. Hopefully, if the second expansion does indeed focus on Porsche, some surprises are peppered throughout the roster.

Regardless of what the contents of the second expansion will be, players should expect the pack to retail for the typical $20 USD. The Expansion Pass offers a package deal of this and Blizzard Mountain for a discounted rate.

Looking past the current title, Forza Motorsport 7 is expected to show up as part of Project Scorpio’s unveiling on Thursday. Stay tuned to GTPlanet for more Forza news as it arrives.


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