No “Indy Cars” for Gran Turismo 5

February 4th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Remember the PlayStation: The Official Magazine article which announced the Indy Racing League would be coming to GT5? That was wrong, according to a correction listed in their latest issue as found by our own RAZORBACK2015:

In our February 2010 cover story on Gran Turismo 5, we incorrectly stated that Indy (IRL) racing cars and tracks would appear in the game. While the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will indeed appear in GT5, Indy cars currently will not.

It would be interesting to know the full story on how this happened, given how confidently it was written in the original article:

For the first time ever in the series, both NASCAR and – as exclusively revealed to PTOM – Indy (IRL) cars and tracks will be included in Gran Turismo 5.

While this obviously hurts our confidence in everything else they “announced” (most notably the confirmation of “weather” and “night racing on all tracks”), we can at least be thankful neither of those two important features were mentioned in this “Gran Update”.

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  1. Feb. 5, 3:47pm

    ^ thats because all magazines are a month ahead. For advertising purposes….(face palm)

  2. Feb. 5, 3:34pm

    @Mickle Pickle

    The Long Beach race is still happening, April 16-18 2010. It no longer is Champ Car which went bankrupt last year and bought by IRL, but IRL is fully committed to going there as it’s one of the Crown Jewels of racing in the USA. I wish they would include Long Beach as it’s my local track and I’ve gone several times to see the races.

    Tony George may want too much money for the IRL cars, but it’s his loss if that’s the case. If more people see them in the game more people may watch the races. IRL isn’t watched much and only a couple of races (Long Beach not one of them) that’s are on the local channels. The rest are on the cable channel VS. which I understand isn’t on may cable operator’s lineup.

    I for one would rather see more tracks than more cars. The PSP version has 35 tracks but GT5 from what I’ve read only has around 20.

  3. Feb. 5, 3:02pm
    Gt Fan

    Did anyone noticed its from March 2010(we are still in Febraury 2010)!!!!!STRANGE

  4. Feb. 5, 2:59pm

    I would be willing to guess that PSM had it wrong the whole time. The probably saw the F1 car and thought it was an IRL car. I could be very wrong because I didn’t read the article in question and don’t know if they were quoting PD or just assuming. I’m pretty sure GT5 will still have at least one F1 car which is fine with me. I’m more into the tuning street cars like somebody said and if I want to get ridiculous I’ll just go race one of the JGTC or DTM cars. Plus the Le Mans prototype’s, which I don’t really care for are pretty dang quick

  5. Feb. 5, 2:51pm
    Gt Fan

    Can’t they just do the Ferrari F2007 and the the F1 car from GT4 !!!!

  6. Feb. 5, 2:36pm

    Sure you guys don’t care for IRL cars not being included, but what else will be left out? I don’t even know what to expect anymore. I don’t even know if I should be excited for the inclusion of weather ’causeThat might even be left out…who knows what to believe anymore.

  7. Feb. 5, 1:42pm

    well this is not a good sign at all this game seems its either nit going to ever launch or stuff might just keep dropping lets hope this the only thing they made a mistake with

  8. Feb. 5, 1:18pm
    Mickle Pickle

    @ Drug

    I would love to have the Long Beach track too, especially now that there will be no more race there :(

    So i highly doubt it… I dont think i ever heard of them (PD) going to Long Beach to get the location data… so i am not sure how they would include it in the game without the measurements and track info…

  9. Feb. 5, 1:17pm

    Actually, I didn`t want them much))) I more like stock cars)))

  10. Feb. 5, 1:12pm

    Well that’s not so big thing… We just want the game…

  11. Feb. 5, 1:11pm

    i really really dont care if PD doesnt release this game until christmas 2010, as long as they include more cars or make it possible to have d/l updates with more car packages, they should do extensive list of ferraris, now that they have the licence as well as more variety from the german car makers!!! Would love to see E30 M3, and Ferrari 355 (as my name suggests)!!!!

  12. Feb. 5, 12:50pm

    This is bad news again. Long Beach and other great tracks would have been nice, as well as modern monoposti cars, not to mention the whole IRL series as a brand, inside GT5.

    Even with full weather, I’m having my doubts. I don’t think it will be “rain” as most of us have hoped for.

  13. Feb. 5, 12:49pm

    More Great News still to come .Stay tuned with us . Yours Sony and PD

  14. Feb. 5, 12:18pm

    Oh before all you Supreme Citizens of Socialist Europe come barging in and talking me down because I’m all for America and their racing organizations you can all suck on it. I don’t talk down on other racing leagues becuase I have a open mind and do enjoy F1/WRC/Semi-Truck Racing when it’s available on TeeVee (YouTube doesn’t cut it mmmkay?), I love DTM, BTCC, Supercars V8 etc. etc. and pretty sure in all your own native European motherlands your neighbors secretly admire NASCAR/IRL since they is nothing else like it anywhere else on earth except America and it is a HUGE moneymaker, while you yungins fap fap (*wink wink*) over WRC/F1 as the only racing available and nothing else can top them.

  15. Feb. 5, 12:11pm

    @ Berlino Bear

    Ha! guessed you’ve never watched IRL have ya? have ya? hmmmm? nope nadda, IRL is faster than F1 and actually takes skill because we PASS drivers and not just do a parade behind Ferrari/Mercedes for 2 hours or pull out of the entire race just because of some tire manufacturing mishap when they had a alternative handed to them by the track officials to put a chicane around Turn 1 (looks at Indy 2006 fiasco) IRL is not only oval races but also road races as well! even NASCAR has road races! such as Infineon Raceway and Watkins Glen!

  16. Feb. 5, 12:06pm

    @ S3 Racer: I’m not hating on anything, I’m just stating the obvious, Gran Turismo 1 focused almost entirely on Japanese automakers and races, GT2 expanded to other areas and so forth they have expanded even more, But not enough with American focused races so far, I welcome to expanding more into American style races.

    @ J.P.

    Ummmmm are you even from America? or even seen any American races or read about racing in general AT ALL? How ignorant can you be? so rank in Amateur? did you go to school? that does not make sense at all. America has one of the toughest safety standards in ALL of racing! all our race tracks are outfitted with safety barriers that absorb impact better and we all use the HANS device in almost all racing leagues, hence why those 2 very important advances in auto racing came from…you guessed it AMERICA. I can pretty much say that America is more race orientated than any other place on the planet, but all the other people in Europe and Japan get so self-absorbed into only 1 or 2 racing organizations that they become oblivious to anything around them or take the time to become real auto enthusiasts and enjoy other types of racing entertainment.

  17. Feb. 5, 11:12am

    I can’t see them making that big of a mistake. I bet they will be in GT5 but you’ll need to pay for them via DLC.

  18. Feb. 5, 10:47am

    Delayed and now this… bummer.

  19. Feb. 5, 10:31am

    Confused F1 with IRL maybe?

  20. Feb. 5, 9:49am

    this is really turning into a joke….

  21. Feb. 5, 9:09am

    Why the hell are you talking about nationalitys? Where is the point? It has nothing to do with GT!

    It definitily is another (big) disappointment for every GT fan. A Feature was confirmed and now the confirmation is cancelled. Nothing less or more.
    And if they really cancelled the confirmation just to reconfirm it in a few weeks/months…it would just be the definition of ‘stupid’.

    If it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger^^

  22. Feb. 5, 9:07am

    Downloadable Content.. :P

    Come On – It’s SONY we are talking about!! They are just like the Girls you can’t get, But likes your attention anyways.. Just friends M8.. Sony is on the road of romantic tales.. with in 1 year or so, PSN will cost Money, PS3 playing on-line Will cost Money, 2-5 years a game is just a box with the basics, and then all other interesting stuff for it, is for downloading as Extra Content (£$£$£) That is what we are facing for the Future Gamers..

    Remember !! To tell about the ideas of a game isn’t wrong, but to let people think that it’s in the game and it isn’t is plain Wrong, and should be prosecute by the people..

    Soon friends we need a lawyer.. If sony was under Danish Law, they would have been prosecuted long time ago, for false Marketing and several times :O) (this goes back to 2005 )( The game industry is all most as big as prostitution/sex industry – Easy Money :o)

    I just need my own Bitch (GT5)

  23. Feb. 5, 9:02am

    The amount of xenophobia and ignorance in here is astounding.

  24. Feb. 5, 8:58am
    Berlino Bear

    @ mk1992 you missed a bit.

    IRL is just Ugly F1 for people who can´t do right hand corners.

  25. Feb. 5, 8:42am

    …can´t be bothered, IRL is just F1 for people who can´t do right hand corners

  26. Feb. 5, 8:40am
    Walsall Fc

    Its not really a huge loss

  27. Feb. 5, 8:21am

    Well, for me the essence of GT is getting an ordinary car you could drive in real life. Then tune it to the point you could not in real life.. Race against other ordinary cars… Time attack a class of ordinary cars and see driving differences.. Then buy an exotic and just drive it… Then classics.. Drive a 60’s alfa romeo or a gullwing at citta di aria or nurburgring on N1 tires and try to push to the limit or just enjoy the ride.. I really hope that they will include a Citroen DS this time… really my favorite car.. I would also LOVE to see hillclimbs on tarmac or gravel.. (where was the pikes peak in GT4?) And special stages in general..
    Anyway, the release date is not in the near future so i am not getting too excited just yet. As for the Indy cars or the NASCAR cars, at the moment I find it kind of boring to compete in such races with all cars being identical to each other in oval tracks or ugly concrete and steel tracks like Daytona and Indy… I do not know, maybe if i was American (like many GT fans) i would be used to it and like it, if i would live it the way they do.. But there are definately many Americans that wanted these races to be included so these are bad news.. There was the possibility that even I would get to like these events, if i was given the chance to compete.. Imo, this is worse than the delay of the game.. They announce a feature, then they say it will not be included.. This is no good for PD…
    For the record, I had also bought PS3 (as well as PSX and PS2) because of GT5 but i later discovered that there were other decent games for someone to play if they wanted.. So no mourning about delays from me :-)

  28. Feb. 5, 8:01am

    Well, I gave up on this, cancelled my pre order and bought an XBox and Forza 3.. seriously I have..since I have a fanatec wheel it was an option, It’s not GT5 but then what is??

    So I’ll leave this fiasco until the suits finally decide to ship it.. Who knows Forza4 may come sooner, or Rfactor 2 or any other number of Games which attract my cash ( interesting had gt5 shipped sooner I’d have bought another ps3 as well to give me 2 of them!!!)


    Stop deluding yourselves.. send a message and cancel your pre order..

    It just might make the suits think.

  29. Feb. 5, 7:54am
    That Dude

    @J.P. – It sounds like you haven’t been exposed to American culture in quite awhile, what with thinking that drivers in our series don’t wear clothes when they race; it may shock you to know that our women can vote, too.

  30. Feb. 5, 7:54am

    I dont care about indycar but its sad to get a confirmation again that not any piece of news concerning GT can be trusted till the game hits the shops.

  31. Feb. 5, 7:40am

    Yes many in America may like NASCAR and IRL, but America is not the world funnily enough so why would PD focus on American “championships”. Besides alot are so rank amateur the only safety gear drivers wear is a helmet! No fire suit, no HANS device, not even any RACING OVERALLS!?!

  32. Feb. 5, 7:38am

    not really fussed, the news of the inclusion in the first place didnt really interest me

  33. Feb. 5, 7:35am
    S3 Racer

    @Alex: Euro-Competitions are larger than WRC/F1/Semi-Truck …

    In fact, I don’t understand people who say it’s good it’s gone because of the nationality.

    What a bullshit, every race class is welcome. I don’t love nascar, but maybe pd can make me like it. i have also no relation to asian races, but there nobody complains.

    We all have different perferences , so accept it. How lame would Gt be with only one nation cars??

    Stop beeing xenophobic idiots!!

  34. Feb. 5, 7:30am


    “Really, look at it this way, they might just be planing to surprise the fans when the official game comes out…”

    But thats the problem, the game doesnt come out.

  35. Feb. 5, 7:21am

    Not bad at all, I won’t miss Indy.

    @Berlino Bear : ^^ , I think they may handle more like harvesters, buses can take corners. :D

  36. Feb. 5, 7:20am

    i’ve lost my trust to Sony and PD. Next time i see some good news for GT5, i won’t believe them. A month later they just announce that it was a mistake.

  37. Feb. 5, 7:12am
    Berlino Bear

    Couldnt there just be an option to make the F1 cars handle like busses. There you go… Indy Cars.

  38. Feb. 5, 6:56am

    OOO YEEES i was hoping for more Bad News ..
    Yes yes yes Thank you Sony and PD THANK YOU

  39. Feb. 5, 6:38am

    @ uzz30_driver:

    Actually, a lot of people in America like Indy/NASCAR and I’m a diehard Indy fan, I actually prefer it to F1 since F1 has been garbage since Aryton Senna died and Bernie took over, he has driven F1 into the gutter and with Mercedes/Ferrari threatening to pull out late last year further reinforces that perception along with losing Indy in the schedule since it was the LARGEST event in the ENTIRE F1 season.

    @ Riph:

    Why pay favors to US? Maybe because we have real racing besides WRC/F1/Semi-Truck Racing which are all owned by the same damn organization “FIA”. We have NASCAR, IRL, SCCA, American Le Mans Series, Grand Am, NHRA and a slew of other “underground” racing leagues that Polyphony could choose from and make Gran Turismo blow everything out of the water.

  40. Feb. 5, 6:10am

    Why do people always want to have it all at once ? Maybe, they hold’em back for GT6
    Some will never be satisfied, tsk tsk

  41. Feb. 5, 5:53am

    Really, look at it this way, they might just be planing to surprise the fans when the official game comes out, because if the hype continues they know that the game will not really live up to it so they are trying to lower the hype

  42. Feb. 5, 5:48am
    Paul Mc

    They needed more room on the disc for all those Skyline variants. Indy had to go! :)

  43. Feb. 5, 4:58am
    VNAF Ace

    How can you put Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the game without putting in the IndyCars that made the track famous? Get your act together IRL, PD, and Sony! I was going to buy a PS3 and GT5 just to drive IndyCars in GT5!

  44. Feb. 5, 4:40am
    [UK] ANDYW

    I’d be suprised if OPM made this kind of mistake, they will have been given a list of approved features to announce by PD and printed them.

    Specifying an entire racing series will be in GT5 is far too significant to be a mistake.

    This will be some licensing issue between IRL & PD that hasnt been resolved before GT5 goes ‘gold’ / ready for production..

    Very sucky indeed.

    You watch, WRC will go next..

  45. Feb. 5, 4:30am

    i kill waiting time for GT5 in Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Pretty fun game :)

    Zycze Ci szczescia,bo dla mnie ta gra ssie.Za bardzo frustrujaca.Sam zobaczysz dlaczego
    (Wish you luck,bcuz for me this game sucks.Its too much frustrating.U gonna see why)

    brackets for ppl who wants to learn Polish;-) Greetings

  46. Feb. 5, 4:26am

    Im getting bored of this game now. Its like a cheesy pantomime. “IRL is behind you!”…”Oh no it isnt”.

    The way I see GT5 is that its the best racing game ever made. It does everything I want it to do, cause the game is entirely in my head. Its perfect, I dont even need a playstation to play this game!

    Shame that one day in the far future it will be ruined by the release of the actual game

  47. Feb. 5, 4:15am

    Sure, I’m dissapointed it won’t be there. But I sure as hell wouldn’t care if it was!

  48. Feb. 5, 3:58am

    Don´t really care for IRL, or any other US “race” series where for that matter. However would prefer Indy to oval racing crappy Nascar any day. Most disturbingly though are the endless postponements from PD/Sony. I own all the previous games in the series but I´ve just about had it with all the delays. Their project managers must be totally useless!

  49. Feb. 5, 3:46am
    Darn thing

    Just give me some god damn release info!!!

  50. Feb. 5, 3:43am

    No IRL!!

    Good, American motor racing series are terrible at best!! It’s bad enough that PD put NASCAR in, we don’t want anymore American shite!!

  51. Feb. 5, 3:29am

    NBH Says: “… but will it really be one smash into a barrier and the wheel and suspension go meaning your race is over?”

    Ohh yes… so should it be!!! – this is REAListic everything else is not simulation wise … for practice and fun races you simply deactivate damage

  52. Feb. 5, 3:16am


    No INDY???

    Well … I even don’t know what indy cars are so actually … I don’t give a F!

  53. Feb. 5, 2:33am

    Hopefully it’s just no official Indy series and we will still get similar cars and events like the previous F1 events in GT games.

    I’m still interested to see how PD does damage for F1 type cars. They are racing cars so should have full damage but will it really be one smash into a barrier and the wheel and suspension go meaning your race is over?

  54. Feb. 5, 1:27am

    sorry its late

  55. Feb. 5, 1:25am

    you smoke’m piece pipe

  56. Feb. 5, 1:21am

    why too much favour to USA? had enough for Crapcar.thank god they not put it..i would prefer 70’s F1 cars

  57. Feb. 5, 12:57am

    Getting frustrating more and more with all this bad news. Im starting to not want this game anymore, But the problem is that I bought my ps3 system September 2009 just for this game itself. Should have kept my $300 plus the other $400 in games that I bought over the last 6 months to be honest with you.

  58. Feb. 5, 12:40am

    Why the hell are we keep getting crappy GT5 news lately? This is a really bad situation for PD. I hope who ever wrote the magazine got fired.

  59. Feb. 5, 12:11am

    Hey please put in some old F1 cars from the 60’s 70’s and so on

  60. Feb. 4, 11:42pm

    Man maybe licensing problems???And THIS is a reason for delay???

  61. Feb. 4, 11:21pm

    Well this SUCKS i was really looking forward to that,so far I’m getting really disappointed with all this news that ‘s been coming out,Hey at least put the Long Beach track in the game,its second to Indy in the IRL

  62. Feb. 4, 11:20pm

    So, if they never had Indy cars planned, is that a picture of a real life IRL car or is it a computer-generated model? (too hard to tell from the pic) If someone could answer that, it makes the story a bit more interesting.

  63. Feb. 4, 10:45pm

    Who give a f*ck about Indy cars anyways?

  64. Feb. 4, 10:13pm

    Is there any possibility that PD thought IRL was going to be in and then some licensing deal fell through and they had to remove them, similar to the Lambo that got taken out of the EU release at the last minute in a previous GT? This could be considered a production delay?

  65. Feb. 4, 9:42pm

    This in no way is a typo in the Playstation Official Mag — nor could it have been incorrectly stated. It sure sounds like Sony and Polyphony went back to the mag and asked them to be the patsy here and take the fall…and the only reason this would happen is due to whatever issues are transpiring behind the scenes with finishing the game.

    I like IndyCars and want them in the game but it doesn’t make/break it for me personally, BUT, it is further credence that there are problems behind the scenes. Considering IndyCars are essentially spec cars, you mean to tell me that Polyphony cannot build or model “one” car and then have multiples of that with different paint schemes? C’mon….

    This pattern of constant press releases, news clips here and there, and the non-stop teasing of the gaming public is very much like GT4. That game was delayed over and over and it was about 1.5 yrs in total. Ultimately it disappointed — and it was apparent that the extra time was strictly to make it into total eye candy while lacking in gameplay. I fear GT5 will be the best looking game of all time, but will fail on gameplay — and with the non-stop delays and continued teasing, will lose a large portion of the fans.

  66. Feb. 4, 9:41pm

    lmao its just thursday and i think pd/sony has epicly failed with … whats next ??? pd is going to say this” since we r not happy with how the game came out we r going to start over fresh and u guys might get to play the game sonetime before the ps4 comes out” this is going to be said at e3 then where alll going to go on some rampage and give up on gt5 the game that was SUPPOSE TO BE A LAUNCHE TITLE or gt5 THAT WILL BE OUT 4THQT 2009

  67. Feb. 4, 9:25pm
    Big Rom

    Oh oh……

  68. Feb. 4, 9:25pm

    who cares? I want the game the last year!

  69. Feb. 4, 9:21pm

    i kill waiting time for GT5 in Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Pretty fun game :)

  70. Feb. 4, 8:58pm

    Really, all we need is one F1 racer with different paint schemes to fulfill our Indy/F1 appetite

  71. Feb. 4, 8:28pm

    I feel like things were going downhill sine the first delay. Then they were going good with the Nascar, rally and indy announcements. Now with the delay and this I just feel it’s back downhill again.

    I don’t know if PD bites off more than they can chew or just has development problems, but they really need to get it together.

  72. Feb. 4, 8:27pm

    I shall not whine…I will get 1000 cars…This is just a minor setback…I shall not whine…I JUST WANT THE GAME OUT NOW!!! IT’S ALREADY FINISHED AND POLISHED SONY, WHY NOT RELEASING IT? AFRAID OF NOT SELLING IT??? If you can manage to make “Greatest Hits” out of a darned demo GT5 is sure to be a sales monster release it whenever you release it.

  73. Feb. 4, 8:15pm

    This bothers me none lol far as I see it, there’s more room for more street cars or LMPs

  74. Feb. 4, 8:10pm

    Guess sony couldn’t come to terms with the IRL??????

  75. Feb. 4, 8:10pm

    Whoever wrote that is now fired I guess.

  76. Feb. 4, 7:55pm

    LOL gawd more negative news….only worse than negative news is no news from PD and we’ve been getting plenty of those. I hate the fact that SONY/PD are so secretive about this damn game. You’d think they would reveal some official tidbids on the game considering it’s coming out in a few months, yet still NOTHING! What’s the record for longest development cycle in a game? I’m sure GT5 is creeping very close to it.

  77. Feb. 4, 7:48pm

    They mixed the track up with the race series…..

  78. Feb. 4, 7:46pm

    This is horrible. Considering I’m from Indianapolis, this was huge for me, I told a few friends about it, and those who didn’t even like GT were pumped for it. WTF AM I GOING TO DO NOW!? >=[ I want to kick OPSM in the face.


  79. Feb. 4, 7:44pm

    Good. I couldn’t be less interested in Indy.

  80. Feb. 4, 7:21pm

    Dont blame PD, they didnt make the mistake, the magazine did… They saw an indy track so they assumed that indy cars would be in the game

  81. Feb. 4, 7:15pm

    don’t care about GT5 anymore … too many bad news and feelings with this title until now … no more wishing and waiting … stop whining and looking for GT6 now. :) hope with this game i will connect good feelings. :)

    life could be so easy …..

  82. Feb. 4, 7:14pm

    I`m begining to aproach the line where I dont even care anymore..I`m wondering for how long I`ll bother searching for news..or even make comments. Well well

  83. Feb. 4, 7:08pm

    A magazine as big and reputable as ‘PlayStation: The Official Magazine’ should not make big mistakes like that. To be honest, that is disgraceful. That lowers my faith in them quite drastically..The only place I’ll ever believe the truth is Yamauchi san himself or here on GT Planet….Ultimately though, I’m still being patient for the eventual release of GT5. It’ll all be well worth it in the end(especially online)…;-))…

  84. Feb. 4, 7:00pm

    5+ years lol

    But to be honest last 2 years i just couldn’t care and am too patient now

    Wife and a house keeps me busy.. But still enjoy checking back and seeing what sooky babies write lol. All for a good ol’ laugh.

  85. Feb. 4, 6:56pm

    troll after troll after troll! whats next OH wemiscalculated the number of vehicles in the game
    there will only be 250 cars in the game none of which have damage?
    damn PD! SHIT! But i bet i will still buy the game lol u gotta love PD u just have too regardless of what they put us long awaiting fans thru

  86. Feb. 4, 6:54pm

    Couldn’t care less to be honest. I prefer F1

    And with NASCAR and WRC and 1000 Exotic & Standard cars why get too greedy?

    It’s far from a big deal

  87. Feb. 4, 6:48pm
    Mickle Pickle

    Does anybody know anything at all about what’s going at PD? Or has everyone left the building already…

    anyways… it’s seems that with every news, we get less and less feature from the game…

    Next thing you know, you will have to pedal to actually control the PS3 steering wheel and make GT5 work…

    j/k seriously… i almost dont want to read any news anymore…
    i wont believe or waste my time until the game comes out…
    Pathetic how we hold ourselves hostage and how Sony/PD could let that happen.

  88. Feb. 4, 6:41pm

    Are we supposed to be disappointed? A race series is not being included in a game that we cannot even play yet! And have no idea when we might ever get to play it. This sounds more and more like Sony/PD dampening our expectations due to serious problems with GT5. I think this is unfortunately going to end up being a PS4 launch title. Kaz will not accept mediocraty and if he can’t produce the game he wants (with all the features we have been demanding) he would rather hold it back or not make it at all on the current console. Hope I’m wrong!

  89. Feb. 4, 6:40pm

    what?! First a giant delay, and now this?? This is NOT ok!

    Im a pissed GT fan now ;/

    Oh well, the online play SEEMS to be better than anything else i’ve seen.. if its not just as fake as indy cars.

  90. Feb. 4, 6:40pm

    Well not that i care. GT isn`t the game where i want to drive indy or formula cars. Those racing cars have their own games with more realistic setup options, pit stops and malfunction system.
    GT (for me) is driving and tuning street cars. But of course very disappointing for the people who were looking forward to the Indy series.
    I surely hope the other announcements are correct.

  91. Feb. 4, 6:32pm

    when gt5 coming out they might have hey game package upgrade to buy on the ps store for indy cars? maybe

  92. Feb. 4, 6:31pm
    John Marine

    Wow. Very shocking stuff. I’m not going to go on some kind of tirade or something or boycott PD for falsely getting our hopes up. But you have to admit (and I even blogged about the possibilities of Indy Cars in GT5), it would be cool to see these cars be featured.

    On a different scale, I noticed “Indy Cars.” No, read again- Indy Cars in quotes. I’m okay even if we get a bunch of generic paint scheme Indy cars. I’ll be sure to follow this story closer in the coming months.

  93. Feb. 4, 6:30pm

    I love how they put a cool picture of an IRL car as if to say “heres what you don’t get to drive”. Thanks for rubbing it in lol

  94. Feb. 4, 6:30pm

    I am curious to know how this error was made. It’s not a huge deal to me, but interesting nonetheless.

  95. Feb. 4, 6:29pm

    pretty disappointing that they published a magazine with that big of a mistake. I wonder if PD said it would and changed their mind, or if someone just took really bad notes to begin with. Hopefully all else is still true.

  96. Feb. 4, 6:26pm

    Probably just a few F1’s like in gt4. I’m not gonna complain.

  97. Feb. 4, 6:25pm

    damn it!

  98. Feb. 4, 6:25pm

    Well, that bites. I was hoping to see Indy in GT5. Woulda been cool. Ah well, just goes to show… you can’t jump to conclusions. Let’s cross our fingers that night racing and weather are still there.

  99. Feb. 4, 6:23pm

    That blows, that means we will get 1 indy car… again. Or will Ferrari allow them to use more of their models?

  100. Feb. 4, 6:21pm

    no comment … arghhhhhhhhhhhh …….

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