PlayStation Store DLC Issue Hits GT Sport Players in USA and Canada

While we’re still getting our teeth into the latest GT Sport update, it’s not all been plain-sailing for some players.

As you may be aware, GT Sport introduced a microtransaction system back in July 2018. This allows players to buy cars for the game from the PlayStation Store rather than spending in-game credits on them, saving up for the high value unicorn cars.

Only cars valued at under two million credits in the game are available this way. Indeed the Store update for January revealed the identity of seven of the game’s cars ahead of the game update, as they appeared ready for purchase. However, these seven cars seem to have an unknown issue:

  • BMW Z8 2001 (N400)
  • Ferrari Dino 246 GT 1971
  • Honda Integra Type R (DC2) 1998
  • Nissan Fairlady Z Version S (Z33) 2007
  • Porsche 356 A/1500 GS GT Carrera Speedster 1956
  • Shelby G.T.350 1965
  • TVR Tuscan Speed 6 2000

The result is that, despite the purchase registering as usual, the cars do not appear within the game. This is leaving players out of pocket, with no vehicles to redeem. Other cars, including the original complement and other DLCs, seem to function normally.

Several users across GTPlanet’s forums reported that they are affected by this glitch. Notably though, all are in the North America region, with members in both Canada and the USA experiencing the issue. Other players in Asia and Europe are able to buy the cars as usual.

At present, there appears to be no fix within the players’ control. Those who have called PlayStation support have gone through all the usual steps, including a completely fresh game install, console reactivation and license refresh, without any positive results.

We’ve approached PlayStation for comment, but for now there is no further information. We’ll bring you updates as we get them.

In-game DLC image courtesy of ProjectF. Featured image from sebmugi.

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