“Racer X” Recap Video Includes Gran Turismo 6 Gameplay

June 15th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

In case you missed the U.S. GT Academy Racer X competition final’s live broadcast from E3 last week, Sony has uploaded all of the day’s footage to their YouTube channel.

In addition to the competitive drama, the video offers a healthy dose of direct-capture, high-quality gameplay footage of Gran Turismo 6‘s new Silverstone Circuit. The player’s steering inputs are also visible.

Of course, you’ll be able to try out the new physics for yourself when GT Academy 2013 launches with the Gran Turismo 6 demo on July 2.

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  1. Jun. 17, 11:17am

    posted below by Chris Hill (one of the competitors) and I find it quite relevant:

    ◦June 16th, 2013 at 6:42 pm – #
    “On another note, to anyone wondering about the physics I can say that they are awesome. The car does what it should do and punishes the same mistakes it would in real life. After driving GT6 and coming back to race some GT5 races I really miss GT6. There’s such a big difference in the way the car feels and acts. As far as the sounds yea they weren’t any better but it sounds like they are just filler till the real sounds show up later.”

    Hmmm. Nice.

    • Jun. 19, 3:35pm

      hey Chris I’m stalkin you bro!

      “I think to say it’s more difficult would depend on the person and their ability to drive. For me I found that it was easier for me to find speed in GT6 than in GT5. I have a reasonable amount of real world experience and found that if I looked at what would make sense in real life to find more speed in that section that it worked in GT6. For me in GT5 it’s usually a guessing game and usually the thing that doesn’t make sense finds me more speed.

      As far as curbs they affect the car differently depending on how you hit them. Some curbs were avoid at all cost and some you’d abuse. If you brake on the curb you lose traction on that side. Bumps while cornering can upset the car but not more than it would in real life. Smooth wheel movements pay off a lot. You can carry slides with ease with the wheel and not spin the other way when they come back straight. The list can go on for a while but in short they got it right. If you know how to find speed in real life you will be fast in GT6. If you are a gamer who doesn’t understand driving I think you will struggle more with GT6 than GT5. Time will tell but I don’t think fast laps will have the car sliding around like crazy anymore just like it should be. ”


    • Jun. 19, 3:35pm

      ^ posted in the GT6 forum in the big E3 thread..

  2. Jun. 16, 9:31pm

    Congratulations to whomever won. Too boring to watch the entire video. I would have thought they have placed the contenders into the cockpit view, give them a 30min practice, qualify them in the order of their practice times, have them race on track together for 3 15min heats with stewards officiating… IMO.

  3. Jun. 16, 4:54pm

    Their lines were awful. And on Patrick’s last lap he was only put a wheel off. Clearly a glitch that we have previously seen on GT5. Hopefully they get that worked out before the game releases.

    • Jun. 16, 5:05pm

      I’m hoping for the same thing you are.

  4. Jun. 16, 12:11pm


    Yeah, the MC was a NFL linebacker. But the dude has done some pretty rad stuff. He had a show on TLC for a while.
    Still he was pitching the Academy too hard. Sometimes the action speaks for its self. Also, was it just the video, or did I see some glitching going on in some of the frames? Seems to happen mostly in turns.

    • Jun. 16, 12:27pm

      I just noticed one glitch with weird shadows on the hood – on the first round. The ghosts obviously weren’t glitches – you can only turn off the ghost when it appears after the first lap – which they did quickly. The ghost reappeared for one o two seconds once in the last run but I think he just checked if the ghost is in front or not.

    • Jun. 16, 1:25pm

      You guys actually think Dhani (the MC) is repeating that crap because he wants to? C’mon fellas- that specific direction comes from the marketers. Either Nissan’s, Sony’s, or a combination of the two. They tell him the cues (like when he talks to the loser of each round) and he does his awful job.

      There are then those of us who succomb to the relentless pounding of repeated phrases and images, and those who get infuriated by it. There’s not much in between, lol.

  5. Jun. 16, 11:51am

    Was that the new pre-race music?

    • Jun. 16, 2:25pm

      I think you are right researchALLwars. Jones sounded like he was forcing himself to say those lines. I get it.

    • Jun. 16, 9:04pm

      Yeah that’s already a given for a publicity event for Nissan, Playstation and E3 itself. What they could’ve done was make the pounding of the key points more bearable and better delivered. Even the female host at the end of the video was getting sick of Dhani and I’m willing to bet that given the preparation any of the E3 presenters would’ve done a better job than he did. Just as a point of reference I really enjoyed the first GT Academy US TV series because of the overall quality of the show, judges and competitors. It’s what I expect from a top line TV production. Season 2 may have had some reduction on budget due to the move to Spike TV but the key elements of a good series was there – minus a good and knowledgable (or at least knowledgable sounding) presenter.

  6. Jun. 16, 11:22am

    Thank you for uploading this. Very interesting to watch – the guy that won deserved it – he did the most valid laps and he was consistently fast. Impressive when think that they were on that track the first time.
    The announcer was annoying – repeating everything all over again – did anybody count how many times he mentioned that the demo would be available on july 2nd?

  7. Jun. 16, 11:18am

    I think last years GT Academy was a preview of GT6. Speaking for only myself, I found the handling, car sounds and general feel of the on-line Academy to be way better than what the game offered at that time. Kaz and PD have done a ton of Ninja edits since that time. The have played with almost every aspect of the driving model even tire ware.
    That will all go into the help they now have from Yokohama and KW. The game should really be super once released.

    Kaz has stated that they are still working on engine sound and time/weather changes. I think one of things that puts a driver in a car is the driving feel, followed closely by the engine sound. Just try driving any course without sound. Kaz said they are looking for a breakthrough in the sound and weather areas. I think both areas will be vastly improved over GT5, but the programming freedom he needs to perfect these areas most likely will only be had in the PS4 environment.

    What I like the most is the statement that they have gone back to basics. I see practice joined to the pre-race routine that a throw back to GT1,2 and 3. So expect every aspect of the game to be either better, or have good enough left alone.
    I expect the physics engine/driving dynamics to make better drivers in the long run. Some really alien quick drivers will have to re-learn the driving model. And some real world drivers both racing and normal will be really good.
    Just my opinion we’ll just have to wait and see. No matter what happens, it’s going to be fun for all of us.

    • Jun. 16, 7:13pm

      that’s an excellent post. Heavy on substance AND positivity, which has to be a real b**** for the whiny hate-bags up in here LOL.

    • Jun. 17, 1:31am

      If it was an early look at GT6, it DEFINITELY had NOTHING to do with the engine’s they’re running now. It may have been GT5 optimized, but NOTHING compared to what we’re seeing here. We’d have noticed the more reactive suspension if that was the case…

  8. Jun. 16, 10:35am

    Nice driving, I notice that almost nobody uses the interior camera, maybe makes you faster since you see better the track but is not realistic, at least every time I play GT5 I use the interior view. I’ll check if I can improve my records with the hood view.

    • Jun. 16, 12:39pm

      Personally, I find bumper view to be the best. I keep all the onscreen info on so I can use the mirror if need be, but I find it better than “hood”/”roof” view! Interior view is my second choice (for realism) and I flat out refuse to use “angel” view!

      “Angel” view, in case you’re wondering, is where you are behind and above the car, where the whole car is in front of you! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never driven a car in real life like that!!!

    • Jun. 16, 6:07pm


      So you’ve driven a car whilst being strapped to the bumper?

    • Jun. 16, 8:12pm

      I use the hood view when in competitive events also. The reason is, unlike the cockpit view, you get a much better sense of the car’s position on the track and the car’s surroundings. It also has far less obstruction in your view. Also that sense of the cockpit view being the most realistic is relative. They are playing with the TV as being thier windshield. So the cockpit is not the most realistic option.

    • Jun. 16, 9:35pm

      @terminator363 – Not saying that bumper view is realistic, just that I personally get a better feel for the track when I use it than “angel” view! The thing with bumper view is that you have a connection with the car! Even with hood/roof view there is a connection… This angel view thing doesn’t give that – you are totally disconnected from the car and, IMO, lose all track awareness and have no feeling for the handling of the car!
      As I said, interior view is my second choice and I use it in offline races and in clean racing rooms online. However, I mostly race in a dirty racing room playing a game called Cat & Mouse, which is where I use bumper view!

    • Jun. 16, 10:53pm

      I find interior view silly if you have a rig. It’s like having 2 interiors.

  9. Jun. 16, 10:21am

    Whats that bloke got his marigolds on for?

  10. Jun. 16, 9:24am

    Can we please have an automatic performance point system for GT6

    • Jun. 17, 4:05am

      I honesty hope they abandon any pp system and go back to hp/kg. The pp system leads people to think they are compatible, no matter what they
      choose. Like a race car with the same rating as a road car or a 90’s chassis vs a 21st century car.

    • Jun. 17, 10:13am

      Age old formula of mine’s…
      Once you’ve got them sorted, then it’s just a matter of identifying the”era” or decade the car was built.

    • Jun. 17, 10:17am

      @infamous, hey you gotta be ready for the evolution.Now if you didn’t have the pp system you see people with nothing but high powered cars and that’s not fun.when they didn’t have it..there were nothing but drag racing rooms. I guess they had to add some substance with all the cars on the game and nobody really racing them,i know that’s how it was when it first came out, I wasn’t even paying low powered cars any mind until the pp system came out,it’s all about tuning.Some people don’t like it because it might be to advanced.but practice and trial and error and you’ll get better at tuning.with out it GT5 is even boring than with out it.keep trying infamous you will understand the beauty of performance point system.

    • Jun. 18, 1:57am

      That evolution is 4 years too old now, Grip. I’m in many more pp rooms than hp/kg. However, there are cats out there that get it. More and more they visit HighPerformanceStreet and we have great battles.

      A more competitive room is what keeps me interested. I’ve tired of those pp rooms where the light weight runs away with the spoils. I dont mind driving an Evora and enjoy variety. But, prefer a more varied field where more different types of cars are equally competitive.

  11. Jun. 16, 7:35am

    To all the people that are complaining about the sounds:

    Gt6 will have whole new sounds. The demo uses gt5 sounds.

    • Jun. 16, 8:04am


    • Jun. 16, 9:29am

      @Mubble, this was literally just confirmed in the last article…

    • Jun. 16, 10:45am

      It was also said that, Its not sure whether they will make it into the GT6 or leave GT5 sounds in GT6..

    • Jun. 16, 4:13pm

      The title of the interview is terribly misleading. Kaz didn’t confirm anything will be improved about GT6’s sounds, he said they ‘research’. Greeeeat.

      So, they try (and struggle) to improve the sound, but if they will really be successful until GT6 is released may be doubted.

    • Jun. 16, 7:14pm

      hey now KiroKai, ain’t nothin wrong with a lil research…

      ; )

    • Jun. 16, 8:28pm

      As long as the sounds are good like the HSV-010, I’m good. If Kaz said he isn’t sure the sounds will make it into GT6, than no problem PD could attempt to update them. Big deal, really…

    • Jun. 16, 9:12pm

      Guys, it was literally mentioned in the article that the engine sounds will be improved from GT5, that’s all that Kaz can say for now.

    • Jun. 17, 1:37am

      He didn’t say improved, he just said different. That includes better AND worse as a possibility. I’d expect better, but we don’t know.

      C’mon, guys, reading isn’t hard.

    • Jun. 17, 4:19am

      @Mubble – It might be time to give up – you’re getting owned with every comment you make!

  12. Jun. 16, 7:10am

    Are they driving a Hoover or Eureka?

    • Jun. 16, 10:44am


    • Jun. 16, 11:28am


    • Jun. 16, 12:05pm
      Pit Crew

      They’re driving 370Z s…. The Vaccum cleaner sounds jokes are “PlayedOut” at this point, but quickly defines the user of said Joke as a “Troll”.

    • Jun. 16, 12:16pm

      Who cares. Let people have their fun.

    • Jun. 16, 12:46pm

      Wanna have fun? Go elsewhere!

      As Pit Crew said, the vacuum jokes have played out!

      Either get a new line or get out!

    • Jun. 16, 12:47pm

      And who are you to tell me to go elsewhere?

    • Jun. 16, 2:22pm

      Let people have their fun, HarVee.

  13. Jun. 16, 4:31am

    I want a “sled”!

    I would also like one of those GT Academy T-shirts!

  14. Jun. 16, 3:15am

    It’s good to see some in game footage. Really people complaing about the sounds, move on in life for crying out loud., its a game.
    Did anyone notice the tyre indcators under load were changing from Blue, through to yellow, Orange and red. Nice touch.
    Obviously the guy was repeating him self about the demo being available as that’s part of the spiel you Americans put on things and not everyone in the crowd would have known before going there.mstill I enjoyed it and look forward to the full games release on Later this year and the demo in 3 weeks.

  15. Jun. 16, 2:32am

    10:18 LOL random ghost

    • Jun. 16, 12:50pm

      Not random – the driver was checking to see if the lap he was on was better than the last.

    • Jun. 17, 6:59pm

      Ahh.. didn’t know you could toggle ghost on the fly

  16. Jun. 16, 2:31am

    Can’t wait to check it out but, its Saturday night in Vegas so D-: I’m just saying.

  17. Jun. 16, 2:20am

    the guys competing for racer X suck at driving sooo bad

    • Jun. 16, 4:15am

      Yea you’re right. These guys suck. Did you see how slow they drove. Especially that Chris Hill guy. LOL

      In all seriousness we got told what track we were going to run 5 mins before we went on stage. These were the first laps we ever drove on that track which is why they were so bad. I drove some of the worst laps I’ve drove in anything and somehow found the boundaries that Nick missed while driving a similar line. After the show I went to one of the other rigs at the show and beat the best time by over a second in 4 laps. I’m sure any of the others could have done the same. None of the guys on stage were slow by any means.

    • Jun. 16, 5:57am

      It probably would have been good for them to try Silverstone in some other sims but even if they did, GT6 physics seem very different from GT5s so it’s easy to get thrown off.

      Plus the penalties really seemed a bit harsh too lol

    • Jun. 16, 1:16pm

      @TomBrady – Spot on with the penalties! Even in real life racing, when a corner is cut with two or even four wheels, there is no black flag! In GT5, the “penalty” system gave me the irrits! Seriously, when a car bumps into you and you get penalised? What’s with that?? I really hope they fix that too!

      @IGNAI – Can you do any better? I’d like to see you try!

      @hillracing – Seriously man, I thought you were going to win… As Tom said, those penalties were too harsh!

    • Jun. 16, 2:24pm


      Good luck, sir. And thanks for posting that.

    • Jun. 16, 6:42pm

      @TomBrady – I’ve been kicking myself for not practicing the other tracks in the game at the show but nothing I can do now. The bummer is we originally were told we were running the same track we had done outside. Then we were told it would be different. When we first got to the stage they had Willow Springs as the track but Patrick complained that 2 of us were from CA and could have run there. In the end what they gave us was the most fair but I wish they had turned off penalties and just had someone judge the laps. It’s impossible to find where the boundaries of a new track are in 3 laps. It’s just out of luck that the others didn’t find it.

      @ScotteDawg and anouther_jakhole – Thanks. It’s been awesome the support I’ve gotten from people on GTP. My fellow SNAILs have been awesome and everyone I met at the competition were really nice. Looking forward to the time trial and hopefully the finals.

      On another note, to anyone wondering about the physics I can say that they are awesome. The car does what it should do and punishes the same mistakes it would in real life. After driving GT6 and coming back to race some GT5 races I really miss GT6. There’s such a big difference in the way the car feels and acts. As far as the sounds yea they weren’t any better but it sounds like they are just filler till the real sounds show up later.

    • Jun. 19, 1:23am

      Chris, I’m sorry but you suffer from the same thing as many people would in your situation – you overdrove the car – if it was a new track, and the first “lap” doesn’t even count as it isn’t a flyer? Sighting lap. No hate or smash here, but that is what I would have done. And if you only had 3 laps to get acclimated to that, that is certainly rough. But lines as we all know are usually superior to car control; I can’t say I’d have done any better, but I’d like to think so. Anyway, I’ll see you on July 2nd :)

  18. Jun. 16, 1:30am

    good to know the demo. a free try to see if it’s worth or not. i might love it if the AI finishes behind me with a maximum of 5 seconds. maybe i’m being too kind.

  19. Jun. 16, 12:16am

    I hated that commentator, he just said the same things over and over.
    We know the demo is being released July 2nd. We know they’re going as fast as they can. And FYI, it’s not called “Silverstone Racetrack.”

    • Jun. 16, 1:30am

      Yeah Dhani Jones is $#!+. I don’t get why they didn’t just keep Kristin Adams since she actually has a whole lot more film/t.v. credentials than this footballer does…

    • Jun. 16, 1:45am

      Hey, he’s got to eat too! In saying that, he needs to be more hype. No doubt hes repeating his words. Throw some performance numbers of the GT-R and 370Z in there. All these gamers already know there are ” more opportunities” to get to the finals.

  20. Jun. 15, 11:01pm

    The crowds are so boring, serious… I actually missed this but glad it’s upload. I enjoyed it. :)

    Now about that demo, I want it now. O_O

    • Jun. 16, 1:57am

      This just further tells me how many people give a crap about racing games (or about this competition). I guarantee the majority of that crowd was NOT here for GT or GT Academy.

      As for the demo, I’m hoping my PS3 is repaired in time when It comes. I’m more & more pleased with what I hear about the physics and as someone who has spent an enormous amount of time behind on rFactor (Because I can’t run anything else on my Acer laptop) with my wheel, I’m hoping to actually compete this time.

    • Jun. 16, 2:55am

      Yeah I agree with you on that. Who knows what those crowds were expecting. :\

      The physics are sounding really promising, can’t wait to it out. :)

  21. Jun. 15, 10:56pm

    Excellent watch. Can’t wait for the demo.

  22. Jun. 15, 10:53pm

    Nice Vacuum Cleaner presentation. :)

    • Jun. 16, 1:29am

      ok, now this is getting dumb! isn’t it enough to say that the “sounds aren’t great”? just say that it’s bad, the vacuum cleaner joke was funny just like the first second they done it. geez, it’s not because of the game, it’s because it’s a terrible joke.

    • Jun. 16, 5:59am

      If you think vacuum cleaners sound like that you must be on some very hardcore drugs

    • Jun. 16, 12:59pm

      To be honest, I had a vacuum that sounded like a GT5 car! Mind you, it stopped working within 2 minutes…


    • Jun. 16, 4:21pm

      lol Nice one, ScotteDawg.

  23. Jun. 15, 10:52pm

    I’m suprised they have not said anything about the GT5 maintenance

  24. Jun. 15, 10:28pm

    I watched it live. Yeah, that’s right. :D

    I liked it, but the “audience” looked like a bunch of confused ants.

    • Jun. 15, 10:33pm

      Word, no excitement in the crowd what so ever.

    • Jun. 15, 10:36pm

      Gran Turismo’s the most popular outcast in the gaming world. It’s strange, yet satisfying in more ways than 5.

    • Jun. 16, 1:31am

      I don’t think it’s because GT bored the crowd. More of a case of Dhani Jones not making too much sense of what’s happening between the final four…

    • Jun. 16, 4:19am

      More to the point, Dhani Jones was just not pumped up enough!

      As a former MC, I can say that if you’re not excited the crowd’s not excited…

    • Jun. 16, 6:51am

      He tried to pump the crowd up but it wasn’t exactly working. I don’t know if someone who has football credentials to his name is the right choice for this type of thing.

  25. Jun. 15, 10:23pm


  26. Jun. 15, 10:11pm

    Cool video

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