Round 3 of ISR’s Hands-On Preview of F1 2016 Heads to China

The clock is ticking; four days remain until the release of this year’s title, and InsideSimRacing’s hands-on impressions of a pre-release build of F1 2016 continues with yet another detailed look at the much-talked-about career mode.

While the video begins with a quick lap around Bahrain International Circuit behind the wheel of the Mercedes W07 seen in round 2, the career action continues at the helm of Manor Racing’s MRT05 and ventures to the home of the Chinese Grand Prix. The 5-lap event takes place on a rain-soaked circuit, and with caution taken into every corner it legitimizes the earlier opinion of this year’s game striking a convincing balance between being approachable and challenging.

F1 2016 Previews 08

If you’ve missed any of the gameplay videos in ISR’s hands-on impressions, or you simply want to run through them again leading up to the game’s release later this week, here’s a quick recap:

ISR Hands-On Preview of F1 2016 Shows off Career Mode, Compares PC and PS4 Builds
Round 2 of ISR’s Hands-On Preview of F1 2016 Career Mode

The original article that accompanies the third round of the preview can be found on ISR’s website here.

F1 2016 will be releasing in 4 days on August 19th and will be available for all platforms. Pre-orders are still available if you haven’t reserved your copy yet, and remember to swing by our F1 games forum for more in-depth analysis and discussion.

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Comments (6)

  1. Leggacy

    Codemasters never get the steering right. At the start of the vid he takes the first three corners of Sepang at full lock which would probably spin the car. When I say full lock I mean the 360deg that codemasters give you, that is a little short of real life. looking a vids of real drivers taking those corners, they use much less. It looks the same as f1 2015 Where feel like I’m having to use more steering lock than I really should. :( probably going to get it anyway.

    1. letdown427

      Low speed = no aero
      Going slightly too fast = understeer
      Lack of skill / feel = pile on more lock because it’s understeering

      Real drivers (especially in F1 cars) can drive quite well, generally don’t mess up and pile in too fast, and then if they do don’t tend to just wind on full lock and ride it out moaning that ‘it doesn’t turn’

    2. Leggacy

      Err.. Are you taking a stab at the driving in the vid or mine?
      There’s no way you’d use full lock on all of those corners, have a look at this vid of Alonso at Monaco and you’ll see that the only place he uses hits the stops is a the hairpin, which is damn sharp!
      F1 2012 was the only game that had a proper saturation control, you could use the full 900/1080 if you wanted. In every other version it’s just worked within whatever Codemasters have seen fit to have as maximum. if the steering lock and ratio are not as in real life, it’s not a simulation, more of an approximation. I do realise that on PCs external drivers could sort this out but on console you’re stuck.

    1. Leggacy

      They’ve always had the most convincing dynamic weather and drying track effects. I don’t think this will be any different.

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