Six Drivers Remain for GT Academy 2012 European Finals

August 24th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

This is it for the European GT Academy 2012 finalists; only six remain, one from each region of the competition. Their names are below, listed from left-to-right in order of the picture above.

  • Sebastien Bertrand (France)
  • Rolf Ueltschi (Switzerland / Austria / Poland)
  • Wolfgang Reip (BeNeLux)
  • Des Foley (UK / Ireland)
  • Andrea Cosaro (Italy)
  • Hugo Gonçalves (Spain / Portugal)

The ultimate European GT Academy 2012 champion will be determined after a race tomorrow. Practice and qualifying were held today, with Belgium’s Wolfgang Reip on pole position, followed by Goncalves, Bertrand, Ueltschi, Foley, and Cosaro. You can listen to the race live on Saturday at 14.00 GMT/UTC at Radio Le Mans, with commentary by John Hindhaugh and 2011 GT Academy winner Jann Mardenborough.

Good luck, guys!

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  1. Aug. 26, 7:54pm

    I recognize former Formula One driver (1978 – 1989) René Arnoux on the left of the third square pic (next to three french GTA drivers). What did i win?

  2. Aug. 25, 3:47pm

    Wolfgang Reip (BeNeLux) won

  3. Aug. 25, 8:47am

    yes the drive later real races in real leagues, but the pick up of the GTA drivers is an SHOW!

    how can it be that of 16 finalists from every region only one driver is picked up for this last final race of the best 6 ??
    why are there not for example: 3france, 2spain, 1 beNeLux if it was a group of 16 finalist !

    or are really these 6 different regions drivers the best in this GTA final of these 16 guys ??? i dont thinks so, cause they wanted only 1 driver from every region, and that is SHOW !!!!

    an other point is; the driver/gamer there, has not the same practice with realcars, some of them has much trackdays on racetracks, some drives karting leagues and other havent this practice!!! its an unfair thing !!

    practice is everything !! in game and in real !!!

    the best gamer should became the schooling to real racedriver!!!
    cause the best gamer will be after the 6 months practice also the best real racing driver!

    good luck Wolfeke, cause ur the best gamer in this group!

  4. Aug. 25, 6:43am

    this are not the fastest gamer in the finale? only one of them is in the top 20 of GTA Qualy!
    the ohter not in the top50/top100 ??

    GTA dont care about the fastest gamer!(fastest driver)

    GTA is only a SHOW

    • Aug. 25, 7:58am

      Speed is not the only important factor in a good racing driver. They need to prove they have stamina, both mental and physical, and consistency while under pressure. If it were just a show the drivers from previous competitions wouldn’t be racing real cars now.

    • Aug. 25, 9:18am

      u have a point titech

  5. Aug. 25, 6:27am

    Does anyone know their psn names ? I only know Des ? I just wanted to see where they qualified in their countries ?

  6. Aug. 25, 5:54am


  7. Aug. 25, 4:33am

    Go the Aussie’s…no,wait…..

  8. Aug. 25, 3:48am

    Go Hugo !!! Show them how we do it…. no pressure have fun

  9. Aug. 24, 9:15pm

    Go USA! Oh wait.

    • Aug. 24, 9:18pm


  10. Aug. 24, 6:15pm

    Go SpeedRacer Go! AHA!

  11. Aug. 24, 6:09pm

    the last screen of Nismo GT Academy car is definitely NOT real…but from the game !!!!!!

    • Aug. 24, 6:36pm

      I’m sure I’m not the only who wishes that were true!

  12. Aug. 24, 4:32pm
    Scuderia Paul

    Best of luck Des! It would be great to see a bit if Irish success. All the best.

  13. Aug. 24, 3:55pm

    ☼_ o

    • Aug. 24, 5:32pm


  14. Aug. 24, 3:46pm

    what are there psn ids?

    • Aug. 24, 7:29pm

      These are just guesses,

      Wolfgang Reip: Wolfeke
      Des Foley: GTP_Dessy
      Andrea Cosaro: GTClub_Andrea87
      Hugo Gonçalves: taboaamassa

      The others I have no idea.

  15. Aug. 24, 3:20pm

    Go Hugo !!!! You know you can do it!!!!

  16. Aug. 24, 1:27pm

    Let’s go Hugo!!! Portugal is counting on you.

  17. Aug. 24, 1:26pm

    Go on Des!

  18. Aug. 24, 1:21pm

    GO HUGO!!!!!!

    We’re conting on you!


  19. Aug. 24, 1:09pm

    Vai Hugo!!! Carrega neles!

    Go Hugo! Pressure ’em hard!



  20. Aug. 24, 12:57pm


  21. Aug. 24, 12:53pm
    Mac K

    Good luck guys! :)

  22. Aug. 24, 12:48pm

    Did Canada only have an online GT academy?

    • Aug. 24, 12:54pm

      This news post is only about the European academy.

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